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Baby Girl

mastrubation Lauradj 2018-11-25

"I like your dream sweetheart," he replied, his cock growing harder by the second.  "I can't exactly remember what it was, but you called me little girl or baby girl, I can't remember which but it was something along those lines, and well, I liked it," she said in a small voice.  "Next time I see you I'll take that fine ass of yours and watch as it turns from milky white to light pink and then red, the imprint of my hand on each cheek, and all you'll be able to do is squirm and cause a fuss as I lay you over my knee." Then I want your pussy, then that little ass of yours," he explained, rubbing himself slightly faster and squeezing.  She closed her eyes and moaned softly on her end, her hand finding it's way further down her body.

Hemerrhoids and hand jobs

mastrubation twistedtraveltales 2018-11-24

I went in there, all confidence chewed up like cows cud, and with a held back tear said, ‘Haemorrhoid cream please.’ She knew the word, I wasn’t the only man to ever ask for haemorrhoid cream. She glanced back out through the curtain, and satisfied we were alone, ‘You like I massage here too?’ She reached down through the top of my pants and took my cock in her hand. Like nothing had happened, I thanked the Ol’ boy down at reception and nodded to a Thai looking businessman with his shoes off and feet in the bowl on my way out the door.

Webcam Strangers

mastrubation JustTK 2018-11-23

Most of the time you hit the button and you see a random guy jerking off before you close it, so it might start to lose interest for you guys (maybe not you girls), but stick around for a while and scan through. Maybe then it would be a lot easier to find what I wanted, since I have been seeing cocks for most of my Chat Swap experience. I see an attractive blonde girl, but just as I am trying to type out the word 'hey' the chat closes. Nice tits sexy!" I lick my lips on the webcam, making me look like a total jackass. "I know," she replies, "I play with them a lot!" She starts caressing them on the webcam while blowing smiling kisses my way.

Good Morning

mastrubation hopp3r 2018-11-15

Micheal began to use both hands to massage her muscles in the way he had learned she liked most after dozens of similar mornings. After working out a few knots at the bottom of her shoulder blades he moved his focus lower and lower until his fingers tipped just on the edge of her panties. Although they were no where near her sexiest pair, they flattered the shape of her ass just fine. As Micheal massaged, Melissa bit her lip and began to lightly buck her hips in rhythm with his work. Micheal could feel his balls tighten and his ass muscles flex inward as his cock made a few point-of-no-return twitches underneath his blur of a fist. Micheal gave her ass a wet smack, stamping his cum across the cheek.

Wank Fiction

mastrubation Shylass 2018-11-05

I pump you harder now, feeling your hips begin to thrust with me, rising so you get my hand as far down your shaft as it can go, beginning to slap your flesh gently, and then lowering so just your throbbing head is squeezed in my palm. Do you want to hold onto these large hips as I thrust, sliding you in and out as I bounce my ass in your face and fuck your steaming cock with everything I have? You're almost screaming with the agony and the ecstasy now, hips well off the chair and sliding back on the wheels if I don't hold you tight round the waist as I hand-fuck you tightly with my other arm.

Gazebos and Vermouth - Part 2

mastrubation Adagio 2018-11-03

Between the cover and first page was a small business card belonging to the motel Beachside, the one and only motel in the village. Walked into the house and placed the book on the kitchen table, making sure the business card was still between the cover. I went to the hall closet and reached for 'old-smokey' a dildo with a suction cup and with a girth to choke the average ass-hole. I took a deep breath and let the head come to my ass-hole. As I raised and lowered my ass on 'old-smokey' the pre-cum went in all different directions. The lounge happen to be in the motel where Cali's card came from.