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A Hidden Lesson

mastrubation NancyAllbright 2018-11-24

It was at his mother’s birthday party when Mandy had surpassed her self in Simon’s eyes and it was the first time Simon had really noticed Mandy’s figure. Later, Mandy had instigated a game of Twister and Simon had been unable to take his eyes off her as she bent over in front of him and ended up in such a position that it looked like her face was pressing into his father’s crotch. Rhythmically, Simon pulled on his cock as he saw himself turning Miss Duval round, picking her up and putting her on top of the desk, her legs wide open, her tongue licking her lips as he leant forward and hooked her legs over his arms before resuming fucking her, much deeper this time.

The Cumming of the Dolls

mastrubation snafubaby 2018-09-20

When i saw her everyday at my aunt's house, i wanted to play with doll, creaming her beautiful face, making it a gooey mess. I wanted to sex the doll up all weekend! I squeezed the doll's head, and it felt so wet head of my dick against the doll's face, seeing the creamy wetness on the doll's face this time, as i saw quite a drip of cock into the doll's face, a little bit faster this time. I pushed up and down on the doll again, as more of my manjuice wet I wanted to keep cumming on the doll! boink her dolls into submission again, and for a long time, i did

Cousin Sue

mastrubation thejoker376 2018-08-20

As I pulled a pop out of the fridge, I heard her say “Okay Peg, he just walked in, I'll let him know, and we can be off in the morning.” Peg was my aunt, she was a widow (uncle Dave died when I was young) and lived about a block away with my cousins Sue(17) & Davy(14). 'Shit!', I thought, 'there goes those plans...' I hid my disappointment as I said, “Oh okay, cool” Truthfully, I didn't mind my cousins, we got along pretty well. As I saw the screen door open, I had a quick thought, I lifted Sue up out of the water slightly, and threw her away, hoping Davy would think we were just goofing off.


The Aunt, and her friend. (part two).

mastrubation SFS 2018-08-04

Fiona sat on the sofa, her legs spread wide, rubbing her clit, Tony watched as she masturbated. Ellie looked surprised, as Fiona took over from Tony between her legs. Satisfied she had not only made her friend come, but also demonstrated how to do it to Tony, Fiona took her place on the sofa, next to a still heavy breathing Ellie. “Now, put two fingers inside me, but don’t stop what you are doing.” Fiona told him. She was coming again, Tony’s tongue was inside her wet pussy, Ellie’s in her mouth. Fiona turned her face to Ellie, and kissed her on the mouth. Fiona sat astride Tony’s face, his tongue busy in her cunt.

home help...

mastrubation nightlore 2018-08-04

When I was about 16, my aunty used to do home help for a guy who was about 40 to 50, he was in a wheelchair, she would clean n cook every tuesday afternoon for him, and I used to meet her from school and go with her and wait, have a chat with the guy who lived alone..

My First Lesbian Threesome Expereince

mastrubation 2018-07-25

The I told her to wait and brought a cloth wiped nail polish from her nighty but still dirt was their and I asked her to go washroom and wash off those… She too went after few minutes I went behind her and poured water above her nighty and washed off the nail polish dirt from her breast at this instance I touched, squeezed, massaged her boobs, and she said thanks den I got mood there itself, so held her shoulder.. Den after few days she bought a dildo from her friends and we used it, she was loud with pain wen I inserted dildo in her pussy, later she got adjusted with tat and bl**d came from her pussy breaking the hymn and she too made me bleeding out and we kissed each other like husband and wife..

More than a WET dream...

mastrubation papi_alone 2018-07-13

As she was going upstairs, I could see her sexy black lace panties from behine, as she made it to the top, she turn around, saw me satnding there, staring at her from view of her panties now, where her pussy lips had shaped. As I was walking towards my room, i saw my aunts door room, kinda open, I walked by it, the light of the moon and the outside light, gave me a clear view of her, laying in bed, her back towards the door, her pj half way up her back and a clear view on her sexy ass in those black lace panties.

first time with a toy

mastrubation 2018-04-20

Moving the box of condoms there was a porno dvd under it and i picked that up looking at the cover of a woman kneeling a penis in her mouth her face dripping cum. I fliped the dvd over looking at different pics on the back of the sext acts in the movie i could feel my self getting wet and turned on. I eased the head in slowly feeling it open my body I pushed more slowly and felt the sharp pinch as I took my virginity. I eased back down on it watching the movie and started to bounce on it slowly lifting and lowering.I rode my toy lust growing feeling my legs and thighs quivering.

Living with my aunt

mastrubation rooneystar 2018-04-11

After this day i was allowed to do what i wanted when i wanted.I would make her youngest daughter suck my cock while she breast fed her baby and i would fuck her oldest daughter when she overslept into the day.Now i volunteer to shovel snow but i tell my aunt meet me in the back with a big glass of hot chocolate and she can blow me and swallow. he tried video taping me in the shower but i stumbled upon to find his camera and after i took the shower i went to his room closed the door behind me and i gave him the camera and i f***ed him to suck my cock which he loved and begs for more up too this day and i plugged his butt and opened him up real good.

My Aunt Caught Me Wearing Her Tights Pantyhose

mastrubation CockBoy1970 2018-02-12

He loved the slight pee smell especially if she had been wearing her tights all day and when this was mixed with her sexual juices when they had foreplay it made him super horny, sadly this made him cum too quick and after a few times of this happening as soon as he got turned on by her nylon pussy, she was started to get fed up with not getting a good old fashioned F**K she also she picked up on that if she was bare legged he really wasn`t interested, so in the end she broke it off and sent him a parcel with a few pairs in the post all smelly and worn with a letter telling him they were finished "Enjoy the tights" I'm gonna get me some real cock!


mastrubation 2018-02-07

I'm lucky that my dad works a lot because when I get home from school I normally go right to the computer, look at porn, and jack off. This week I didn't have to worry about my dad being home to catch me, so I freely whipped out my dick and started jacking off while watching he undress. When my aunt got home she was all wet as it had been raining that morning. She then noticed me staring and said, "I guess you like what you see huh John?" I quickly answered, "Sorry aunt Michelle I couldn't help it, your so beautiful though." She didn't act surprised at all.

massage from my aunt (true story)

mastrubation redsid 2018-02-06

I diodnt need a second invitation, i started slowly wanking my oily cock, wacthing her watch me wank was pretty much the most erotic feeling i had ever had....she let me do this for a couple of minutes then put one of her legs up on the bed and started to finger her pussy...straight away i could her how wet she was, she was moaning already..she leant over took my cock in her hand and guided it into her mouth, she must have known how close i was to cumming becasue she let my cock just hang on her lower lipe and circled the tip and back with her tongue...i came so hard, big thick spurts of white cum launching into her mouth and over her lips, i came twice in aboiut thirty seconds with her tongue and slow wanks to the base i didnt think i was going to the end she had cum dripping out of her mouth over her tits and thats not to mention the stuff she swallowed.

Aunt in Heat

mastrubation medicdave 2017-12-18

I slid my zipper down and pulled out my cock and started stroking it slowly as I watched Aunt Sarah fuck herself with the rubber cock. As I showered I couldn't get the image of my Aunt fucking herself with the dildo and the fact that she was thinking about me got my cock hard again. My Aunts tongue slid inside my mouth as she turned towards me and asked if I wanted to go to the bedroom with her. We got there and the rubber cock was still on the night stand (I think she was planning on using it again) I asked her why she needed that.

My Sweet Aunt

mastrubation 2017-12-05

Late at night, when my parents thought I was fast asl**p, I watched erotic shows on small black-and-white television set and jacked off like a maniac. “Come,” my aunt said and she dropped her nightgown on the floor, in doing so showing me her mature body in its full glory, “it’s about time you got to know the female body.” She sat back down on the couch, completely naked, and spread her legs. “Young boys,” aunt Ellen sighed in the dark, “you are simply insatiable.” She grabbed my dick and started jacking me off, while she pushed my head between her boobs.

Hair Salon Male Orgasm

mastrubation rain1976 2017-11-13

As she was washing my hair with a great teatree, shampoo she started to massage my head and neck. At first I thought she might not know what she was doing...then she started rubbing her pussy against my hand which was on the chair arm rest. She started cutting my hair and whenever she could, she would lean against my chair rubbing and grinding her pussy on me hands. I gently and slowly started playing with my dick. I'm not sure if the woman cutting my hair knew I was playing with myself but she knew she was rubbing her special place against me and I loved every bit of it.

My Aunt is a Lesbian - Part 1

mastrubation timbo101 2017-11-02

I could hardly believe the sight that met me when I went in – far from having gone downstairs, my mum was lying on the bed naked, her lags apart, one hand playing with one of her breasts, and the other hand holding a vibrator against her slit, and rubbing it over and around her clit. And I must admit I did have the occasional thought about seeing my mum naked, her legs apart, her cunt wide open, fingering her tits and playing with her nipples while rubbing her clit and using the toy on herself.

Sexy Mum and Aunt....

mastrubation dirtylittleboy 2017-10-21

A. Helen was quite turned on by it, which kinda shocked Mum. They related an experience both of them had many years ago, when they got flashed by an old Uncle. A. Helen and Mum were only very young at the time, and their very old Uncle Sid (their Mum's Uncle) had gone down to the stream for a pee, as the single stall was occupied. Mum had a side of her bikini pulled away, exposing a great set of flaps, along with ALL that fabulous hair. Mum and A.Helen looked on in shock as they were both covered by multiple shots of my streaming cum.