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Your own private show

mastrubation EvelynLi 2018-11-13

My finger slowly stroking over the front of my panties, feeling the wetness from my pussy, pushing the satin fabric a little inside my pussy, making myself even wetter. It turns me on to see you holding and smelling my lingerie like that – we girls are so lucky to have such sexy things to wear, and most of the time you boys have no idea what's under our shirts and dresses. I'm going to take pity on you now, baby – you can take your cock out and hold it, maybe stroke it a little, maybe use my bra to wrap round it – yes, masturbate with my bra, imagine you're putting that hard cock between my pretty little tits.

Bad girl??

mastrubation used_slut 2018-10-01

After about 5 minutes of doing what i do best i begin to wonder, "Why waste all this sweet cum?", so i took out my phone and called my favorite fuck buddy who has the sweetest dick i have ever seen. Then after about 5 minutes of pleasing his dick he pulls me up hard and says "I can't wait, come ride this dick." Which hole do u want?" i ask, "give me the ass first he says." I then align myself on his dick and start riding that thing like a jockey on a horse.

Another amazing girl on Omegle

mastrubation itboy0722 2018-09-24

You: i've got a hard cock, wish it could slip into a nice wet pussy Stranger: slide me onto ur amazing dick Stranger: lick my pussy baby You: run my tongue to your clit and slip my finger in your pussy You: fuck thats good I want to fuck you baby Stranger: my pussy needs u You: i need it, sit on it baby, nice and slowly Stranger: I feel every bit, fuck You: slamming my cock into that amazing pussy You: i want to fuck you hard Stranger: grab my big tits as u fuck me Stranger: fuck my pussy tightens around u You: i can feel it clamping down as your pussy juice runs down my balls

sex with ex fantast first fuck

mastrubation getready69 2018-09-11

i'm screaming your name and pulling your hair, then i tell you to lay down...i jump on top and start rubbing my pussy against your hard cock while i'm sucking your neck and biting your lips, youre smacking my ass, and making me scream. you bend me over and push mjy head into the pillow and thrust your cock so deep in my throbbing pussy i then begin to scream, you grab my hair and bring me back up to you while fucking me from behind, holding me up by my tits, my ass is bouncing off your stomach

Steve, Janice, & Demetrius

mastrubation DickLover59 2018-08-09

Having said that, I'd like to ask Steve how he feels at this moment setting here with the surrogate father of he and his wife's baby. Q. How do you feel, Demetrius, setting here today with Janice and Steve? So, tell me, Demetrius, what was it like for you, as a black man, to have this white married couple seek out your help in this quest Janice mentioned? You are the actual, biological, 'father' of Janice and Steve's baby; so, how do you handle knowing this? Q. Do you have any idea how many other babies have you fathered in this way---with other couples like Steve and Janice, that is? Q.(Turning to Demetrius) If Steve and Janice should ask you to father them another baby, would you do it?

Me and my boyfriend

mastrubation aaaa13 2018-08-01

He just keep doing that then he went back kissing my lips we kissed like there are no more days to come then he remove the buttons of my jeans and he inserted his hand as he bit his looking in his eyes I can see right through him that he wanted me so bad plus I can feel his penis being hard under his jeans. Then he pushed me under his bed "Baby I want you so bad please baby I love you so much" .I kissed him then he removed my shirt after that he played with my breast I was moaning again then he licked me then remove my pants then lick my vagina " yea..lick me lick me more baby!" I shouted he smiled "sure baby.

Me And My Fuck Buddy

mastrubation kharizmatits 2018-07-31

so one day my ex botfriend who was my boyfriend at the time came over and asked me who was home and i said nobody and he said have you fucked before and i lied and said nope baby do you want to be my first he said hell yeah i want my big cock in your pussy right now so he shut the door removed my bra and started playing with my hard nipples. then started going so fast that i had the best orgasm ever then i guess my orgasm must have triggered something because he was cumming all over my face and tits and screaming my just like this " kkkkhhhhaaaarrrrriiiizzzzmmmmaaaaa" then i started sucking his cock which i love doing and he stiffned a came in my mouth i swallowed it all and then we took a shower together then we kissed call his mom and.

My Ultimate Fantasy...

mastrubation reddyforyou 2018-07-27

I can't help but want some hole in the wall to reveal a huge limp dick that I can just work till it laces me with cum. There I was, hammered from the booze, barely able to stand, with my knees ready to buckle as I prepared to shoot hot white cum all over her sexy little face...but right as I opened my mouth, "Ohh god baby I'm gonna cum on your face." She started milking my throbbing hard cock right above me as cum showered my face. She kept working, unbelievably see-sawing between shoving my slippery cock down her throat and aiming it back at my face in anticipation for my next strand of thick warm juice. I couldn't help it, hey I didn't plan for this but my shaft stood straight up the second her cock touched my lips.

Chapter 3 - Cotton Candy

mastrubation ejax 2018-07-26

You are going to take my hand; and you're going to lead me over there nice an slow, as if I am your own little private sex toy (which I am); and you are going to very innocently say the words: "We like cotton candy". When you're with a woman you have no way of knowing, apart from a some weird body language, whether or not she truly likes you; whether she wants to have sex with you. When it comes right down to it, the thing we take away most from sex is knowing that our partner also enjoyed the experience (that's assuming we're not psychopaths).


mastrubation ladytrucka42 2018-07-26

u smile at me and tell me how beautiful that i am, making me blush like a little girl...u part my legs and begin to kiss my inner thighs..u kiss the top part of my clit, jus enough to make me moan...finally u start sucking and licking on my clit making it stand up and salute, man it feels so hips start moving and thrusting at ever lick that u do...ur tongue make its way between my aching pussy lips and u lick them and suck on them...u dart ur tongue in and out of my pussy, jus like u r making love to me wit ur and out of my pussy ur tongue goes, making me thrust up and down to it...u say thats it my baby cum on my tongue, fuck it like u want to...

Paying Off The Debt

mastrubation xerosheartx 2018-06-19

She then left and went back across the hallway, the next day my friend explained how they were selling some things, how good it was I had chosen not to fuck her and I found out she hadn't told him. I pulled out my dick which was hard and started pumping it as I said are you sure you don't want a top up which made her giggle as she nervously pulled her pants around he her ass enough to expose her pussy and leaned against the door. As my friend and there parents moved things out to the van me and Jenna were complete naked on the other side of the door making a baby as I was deep between her legs with her on her back quietly moaning and kissing.


mastrubation SweetLilKitten 2018-06-03

---im petting my kittie, wet lippingy nips...just waiting to cum off with my sweet whipped cream,splurky cum juice.--- "my baby i wanna please you till your body shakes and squirms for me. i wanna eat that sweetness of a pussy cat.. my desirous desprate little kitty, allow me to service your bottled up- precious pink with my caressing lips,intimate love- nips(bites),flickering of my in-tune&inventive tongue..the coolness of the metal coarsely delicate stimulating barbell. again she pleads withe me to "push,put,& shove it inside" she insists.."please ,oh baby please just give it to me..stick it to me.. ...captivating,dominating yet subissively loving and uninhibited. naked in eachothers love juices. we love the smell of our union.

At work....

mastrubation 2018-04-26

I spread my legs and let my finger run up and down the wet cotton crotch of my pink panties before I pressed my fingertip firmly against my clit. Would I let him watch me as I spread my pussy open and fingered my clit while moaning and whimpering at the delicious naughty things my girlfriend whispered in my ear? Imagine I’m there, licking, sucking those gorgeous little pink nipples of yours.” My soft husky voice was just above a whisper as I slipped my fingertip inside. I could hear how wet she was and I pictured her kneeling on her bed, her fingers pushed deep inside her and the image of her riding her own hand drove me mad.

Mr. Egyptian

mastrubation REDnMIST 2018-03-27

He looks at my caramel-skin ample bosom and say “I would love to grab a handful of your tits, push them together and suck both nipples at the same time.” Now it is my turn to show a little moistness and I respond “hmmm here you go baby suck” as I lift my bosom still packaged in the bra up and squeeze them together putting them directly into the camera. We both put spread our legs over the arms of our chairs and as the film got into some high-gear fucking he strokes his massive cock while I play with my pussy. I lick my lips and said “hmmm dickalicious.” I play with my pussy frantically while I watch him stroke.

Good little boy..

mastrubation Iposenude 2018-03-14

She speaks softly, " Will you do something for me baby?" I shake my head without speaking. "MMM your such a good boy," she says lovingly, " let me see that cock of yours." "So nice baby"," she says with a seductive look, "now make it hard for me." I grip the base of my cock and start to stroke. Gripping my hard cock, pumping my hand up and down the shaft. I stroke my rock hard cock slowly, feeling it fill up by the second. She pulls the blanket off her lap and parts her legs, exposing her lace panties. One hand is caressing her exposed breasts, the other rubbing her pussy under the lace panties.

Wild Calls

mastrubation 2018-01-20

After the beep, I put on my best sultry voice and said, “Hey baby, I know you’re sl**ping, but I wanted you to know I’ve been thinking about you all night . “Are you stroking your cock?” I ask, my voice sultry with excitement, wanting to hear you say it. I’d hover at the top for a moment to circle my tongue around the head of your cock and then back down to the base of your shaft. With your hands all over my ass, I lean forward slightly so that you have a perfect view of your cock as I slide the head into my wet aching pussy.

Abby brings me a surprise

mastrubation djr84 2018-01-15

I'd seen Abby use her vibrator many times, sometimes I'd get home from work and she'd be moaning on the bed getting herself off and sometimes she'd pull it out after sex if I wasn't up for round 2. I came home from work a little late one night about 6 months into our relationship and smiled as I heard loud moaning coming from our room, quickly followed by the sound of Abby having an orgasm. Over time we started incorporating the idea of her fucking another guy into our playtime, as I'd slide her dildo in and out of her wet pussy she started to become more and more vocal about it belonging to a big cocked stud and would shout about how good it felt and how it was making her cum.

Deceitful Chocolates: FINAL Part.....

mastrubation 2017-12-26

"If Shawn and I can't figure things out, Dre is just going to have to be the father." After she said that, a "smart" idea popped in her head. "Shawn," Karen called as she opened the front door, "who was it?" When she saw Chelsey standing there, she was appalled. "So," Shawn said, "what's up?" He sat in between Karen and Chelsey then took a deep breath. "Shawn, she just found out that I'm pregnant with Dre's baby," Chelsey said. She was working out things with Shawn, she was still seeing and contemplating on having a future with Dre, and David was Chelsey's ex-fiancé' that broke her heart in fifty different places.

outside fuck!

mastrubation locoloco123 2017-11-10

"get up you filthy slut I said" I grabbed her and kissed her again only this time I put my hand in her soaking wet thong and touched her clit "oh baby" she moaned as I started rubbing her faster and harder. She knew what I wanted next, which she held her ass cheeks apart and I put my penis on her tiny little ass hole and whispered "are you ready yet" which she replied back "fuck my up the ass now hard and baby" so I slowly pulled my foreskin back and inserted the head on my penis into her ass, it felt amazing so tight, warm and crunchy and a whole lot tighter.


mastrubation ninja1961 2017-10-25

Moving my fingers in and out very fast and you rubbing your clit you let another load cry “oh Baby I’m Cummmmmmingggggggggg,” then your legs fly up into the air as you begin to squirt your love fluids all over my face and hand. You reach down and pick my head up and said “OMG baby you made me cum so hard.” Then you slide off the table and onto my lap facing me, you grip my cock and puts it between your wet pussy lips and slowly lowers yourself onto my hard cock letting out a soft moan as it hits the bottom of your hot wet pussy.

Marital Affair (Part 5)

mastrubation hornylioness 2017-10-18

Oblivious to our surroundings, I unzipped your jeans, slipping your swollen cock out,holding it in my hand, feeling the heat as I began to move my fingers up and down the swollen shaft, god how I had forgotten how good he felt. His fingers squeezed my nipple as I began to suck a little faster, my mouth a little tighter, using my tounge to caress his shaft as I moved up and down, up and down, up and down. his other hand slipped down beneath my knickers, sliding between my arse cheeks, finding my hole, with one finger he stroked, it responded opening and closing to his touch, then he began to push it in, ohhhhh it felt so good as he slipped it in deep, my mouth sucking and releasing his cock, matching my stroke with his.


mastrubation 2017-10-12

Now tonight, Chris prepared to head home from his long day at work. Chris had never told Tameka this but he loved the change in her body after the baby came. Chris looked at her thick thighs and her soft round ass there on the bed and his mouth started to water. Now Tameka started to arch her back to accomodate him and Chris hungrily eyed the smooth dark skin of her ass being revealed. "Chris, what the h----" she started in alarm but quickly forgot what she was going to say when she felt his warm wet tongue enter her soaking wet pussy. Chris sucked softly on the hood and flcked his tongue rapidly across it like a rattlesnake.