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Quid Pro Quo - Part 1: I Do Her

mastrubation Tummywarmer 2018-03-04

Let me love you right here on the beach, in the warm sunshine." Trailing kisses down her neck to her throat, shoulder and finally to her bare breast, I part my lips and gently suck the distended, brown nipple into my mouth. I raise my head from her breast and gaze at my gorgeous girl; lying nearly naked under the blue sky and blazing sun; tits bare to the world and glistening with oil and saliva; her naked tummy fluttering and quivering; sweat pouring off her pretty face, eyes tightly shut, her sweet lips murmuring wordlessly; her hands clawing and gripping the blanket beneath her; her hips pumping upward to grind her crotch into my hand; and her spasming pussy gulping at my fingers.

Self Discovery 2

mastrubation Kati_N_Bob 2018-03-04

When the cool water reaches my hot mound, it is like electricity, a shock wave runs through my body. I continue to eat as if nothing is happening when I feel his hand start to glide very slowly almost like he is testing me. Ken gets up and I slide in close to Andy and put my hand on his for a second to let him know I am okay. I feel Peggy’s hand move my short skirt up so her hand can reach my hot wet mound where she finds my swollen lips and clit. As our bodies come down from such an erotic high I feel Ken holding me but I am still staring at Andy as he is holding Peggy.

The Infamous Pool Incident

mastrubation relaxandrelease 2018-03-04

                I stayed at the pool, carefully positioned in a lounge chair, as everybody else went to their rooms to prepare for the night to come, while I had a problem. So, I decided, after the condo emptied, I would douse myself in the cool waters of the pool. Good, I thought, I’ll wait here a while, letting the water rid me of my erection, and go back to my room, change, and have a night on the town. Since, of course, I knew the building was empty, and the pool being in a secluded area, I would let the jets solve my arousal problem by strategically using them to give myself an orgasm, releasing all the built up tension.

Caught at the Beach

mastrubation 18andjackin 2018-03-04

After a long day of swimming, sight seeing, and extremely hot women in bikinis, I went back to my hotel to relax. And my favorite way of relaxing is, you guessed it, to masturbate. Always one to never pass up a chance to get the high of jerking off in a public place, I turned the shower on, got on my knees, and leaned back on the wall to where my upper part of my back and my head was resting on the wall. I closed my eyes and started to remember some of those g-stringed and thonged bikinied women on the beach. I slowly opened my eyes and saw a woman wrapped in a towel at the entrance to the showers.

Quid Pro Quo - Part 2: She Does Me

mastrubation Tummywarmer 2018-03-01

Her squeezing hands cause a measure of pre-cum to ooze up and out of my cock and undoubtedly she can taste it on her lips, as she softly moans, "Mmmmmmm." This beautiful, bikini-clad girl, kneeling on a carpet of soft moss in front of me, holding my stiff penis in a love embrace, again looks up at me and says in a soft whisper, "I'm going to masturbate this lovely cock for you. My cock loses some of it's stiffness but continues to throb and Erin leans forward and begins rubbing the swollen head round-and-round on her perky little tits, her hand wrapped around the thick shaft.

In The Heat Of The Night

mastrubation Cyndy 2018-02-26

Lying down on the lounger, I thought I might as well enjoy the cooler air and let my body dry off. Hearing myself groan out loud, I lifted my hand from my breasts and covered my mouth. Raising my right leg over the arm of the lounger gave more room for my fingers to maneuver. I briefly thought what I would look like if Carla, Jack or anybody else saw me like this. “I do some odd things in the middle of the night.” I tried to avoid looking at Jack, because I could sense he was grinning. “Yes, here’s to an even better night tonight than last night,” Jack toasted with his coffee cup, looking right at me.

What I think about when I masturbate - Part 1 Almost drowned

mastrubation Quiteshygirl 2018-02-19

I suddenly come to the surface, and gasp for breath, but then another wave pulls me under. I feel myself being dragged along the sea bed, and realise that my bikini panties are being pulled down by the motion. Eventually I find the strength to pull myself to me feet, and begin to slowly pick my way across the rocks, trying to get back to the beach. I get to my feet and begin walking, totally naked, past all the people on the beach. I hear a man call out, “Lovely tits.” I cover my breasts with my arms, but I know that all the men are staring at my private parts now, and can see my shaved pussy clearly as I walk past.

Nasty Fun on a Public Beach

mastrubation Toriblonde 2018-02-09

Soon enough I felt myself shuddering as my throbbing pussy gushed all inside the bathing suit. I stood up and took my towel and wiped the sand off of my legs and arms so that only my torso was covered, the same as if I was wearing my actual bathing suit. You couldn’t really see my nipples or pussy anymore, but I’m sure my butt was still totally visible despite the cheeks being covered with sand. I jumped in and was instantly turned on more, feeling my clay bathing suit erode away in the water. Now that I felt naked again I ran back to my blanket for the final time and put my real bathing suit back on.

Cum Orgy 2: Sexually Cleansed

mastrubation SensualDesires83 2018-02-03

Cheryl Lynn watched the girl use her hand to slowly beat a rhythm upon her hard pink clit, making her body twitch as she let the remaining droplets drip onto Cheryl Lynn's breasts. The clit was very hot and very hard and each time it touched, Cheryl Lynn felt the shiver of the body over her. Cheryl Lynn felt the clit contact her skin and heard the long sound of the orgasm exit the flat-chested body on her as the hot gush flowed out of the stimulated gash still on her brown triangle. Cheryl Lynn then watched the woman that had been feeling the flat-chested puffy-nippled body riding her now soaked brown triangle lower herself.

Polihale Beach

mastrubation Tummywarmer 2018-02-02

After walking a good twenty minutes or so, I found a spot at the base of a high rock cliff which looked perfect for what I had planned. The lubrication made my cock feel even better as my hand slid up and down its length. I was aware if I continued too long, eventually someone would discover me naked and jacking-off, and I didn't really want that to happen. Yet I also wanted this amazing feeling to last as long as possible. I leaned back against the rock cliff wall behind me and let the sun penetrate my naked skin and I enjoyed the afterglow of a mind-blowing orgasm.

Cum Orgy: Six Guys, One Girl

mastrubation SensualDesires83 2018-01-28

The last thing Cheryl Lynn thought that she would be doing at thirty-five years old was lying on a towel in the sand on a nude beach while six guys lined up around her naked body with their cocks hard, all of them at varying lengths, ready to splatter her already tanned body with their cum. Cheryl Lynn watched him tilt his head back, take his full rock hardness into his hand and once he felt the warm fluid enter his cock from the depths of his inner recess, she watched him look down and angle his long erection right in line with her wet seam. Cheryl Lynn watched him stroke his cock again and before she could react, another shot exited his erect cock, this time landing in her trimmed triangle.

01. My mother and me .- Introduction

mastrubation 2017-11-27

We spent next hour walking and searching for a lone beach suiting her needs :) I was so eager just to jump in the water after such a long time. While i was talking to her i didn't realize that my at that time 12cm long penis had gone into erection , and it was clearly noticeable because i was wearing a tight swimming panties. Next few days were similar , i still refused to undress totally but rushed home for a masturbation under a shower . I couldn't wait for her to finish , so i thought i can do a quick wank and i undressed and lay down on our bed and began masturbate quickly.


mastrubation sxstory 2017-11-19

To my surprise they stopped about three metres from where I was laying – with an almost deserted beach they decide to sit next to a naked man with an obviously erect penis – I suppose you can’t plan good luck. As the mother masturbated me her daughter looked on, she sat with her knees drawn up, I had a runway view between her slender young thighs of her labia lips opening to her virginal vagina, to my surprise she was wet – I would have loved to lick her sweet pussy. My cum poured out in three pumping bursts, the mother sucked my cock when the last one was done, the daughter sat back and sort of giggled a little and wiped her cummy hands across her nubile breasts.

House of Feathers Ch. 03: A Contest

mastrubation TarnishedPenny 2017-11-14

I took his half-erect cock in one hand and rubbed its head slowly against the palm of the other, as if I were polishing off a smudge on a glass Christmas tree ornament. I firmed up my strokes up and down his stiffness, feeling the softest skin on his body slide smoothly under my hand over the iron within. Fingers moved gently along my leg and I squeezed a hand in return. I began gently stroking his length again, my other hand gently but firmly stretching his nutsack away from his body. I could feel my soft flesh moving under his firm, loving hands. I shifted to my other hand to pump him, knowing it would alter the rhythm he was feeling.

s*s-in-law's white night shirt

mastrubation mark5air 2017-11-12

Every time we went to the beach I would sneek looks at her big beautiful tits straining under her bikini top. As I looked over I realized I could see her nipples and aerola's right through the shirt. I started getting hard right away and couldn't peel my eyes from her. Though i think she knew i was watching and was putting on a little show for me. After breakfast I went to take a shower and just couldn't hold back any more. When i got in I filled my hand with hair conditioner and started stroking faster and faster imagining Lynn standing there big gorgeous tits swaying and bobbing as her moved and seeing her erect nipples was too much. I still jack off thinking about.


mastrubation pussnbootz 2017-11-11

I was a little disappointed that the stream was only about a foot or so high and never reached my crotch, but it did splash on my legs and feet, but it had no power, it was like my own pee just splashing on me. I'd sit at the waters edge where the water would just lap up to my butt, lean back on my hands a let a nice stream arc...or dribble (I'm sure the ladies understand that plumbing issue!) But I would time it so it happens just as someone was walking past. “Well, go ahead, you look then” Gary said, “you would know more about lips than I would”…….Thinking about how Ed (my friend) would occasionally brush the back of his fingers up and down my vulva, and how good that felt without being sexual, flashed through my mind.

I Got Caught: Again

mastrubation 2017-11-08

So when I got there, I started the search, park the car, walk over the dunes and see what or who was there. They were looking at me and it was making my cock get hard, I loved it, I hoped that they would watch longer so I could really get turned on. Then she said "look, we saw you in the dunes when you first came out here, this isn't the first time I've seen you do this, can you hear me?" The one talking said, "don't do that, if you want to expose yourself to us the least you can do is come up here so we can see better." The other three girls all asked for it too and Miranda said she would email them with it.

A day at the beach

mastrubation johnsinmarillion 2017-10-11

The first few days we walked through the marked route to the naturist beach to sunbathe and had some good nude time, swimming and sunbathing. My new friend said he would like to try the naturist beach the next day and asked his wife to go, knowing she would say no. I carried on wanking for about 10 minutes and shot my load as one of the couples reached orgasm, the guy splattering his partners face with a small amount of thick sperm. When we got to the nude beach we spread our towels and went for a swim, Brian in his shorts and t-shirt as he wanted to get the spunk washed off.

Cock on the Beach

mastrubation keen2trybi 2017-10-05

Jeff lay beside me on the beach, we were exhaused from jogging, swimming & drinking to much alcohol. He slept soundly, but his cock, that i had watched flopping about in his speedos as he jogged on the beach earlier in the day, was now fully erect & stretching the thin, white nylon material. As his erection f***ed the head of his uncut cut to slip out the top of his speedos, what else could I do but slowly lick the foreskin, easing his cock gently out of his swimmers, puling the foreskin back to reveal a nice firm hard helmet, shinning with pre cum. I took one last look at this magnificent fat, uncut cock, licked the last few drops of cum from the tip, then placed it back into his speedos as he slept on.

My story. The forth and final part….whewww

mastrubation pussnbootz 2017-10-02

Susan was a natural redhead (like my aunt) and had beautiful white breasts with raspberry colored nipples. She had milky white skin and beautiful white breasts and raspberry nipples and red hair and was perfectly ‘kempt’ with a perfect butt (at least to me) and she was loitering and bending and crouching now not twenty feet away. She told me how she watched me walk last year and where I sat and who I talked to and how she saw me pee and how she was fascinated with my free style and ,,,,and it just swarmed in my head. At the same time I felt a whoosh of warm liquid rush over my wrist and forearm from deep within Susan, She said nothing.

Our frist time on a nudist beach.

mastrubation 2017-09-30

My wife gave a little jump but then relaxed and let this other woman play with the ring in her clit. I got up and went over to her and sat beside her, as I did I heard a loud grunt and looked over to cum flying from the cock my wife was pulling, her hand a blur as she made him shoot high into the air.I thought now there's a happy man, now to see if I can make this shy rather beautiful woman happy too. We all relaxed and lay on the sand unwinding from something that started with a horny woman wanting to see my wife's clit ring.

The beach

mastrubation 2017-09-22

I could unzip you and start to lick and suck at your cock, and kiss and nibble at your balls, licking them and sucking them into my mouth one at a time. I could play with your hard cock, moving my hand up and down the shaft, slow at first and then faster and faster, until I feel that if I carry on you might cum, and that would be too soon. I feel that you want to cum and I just let myself drift away into the moment, allowing myself to have complete release and enjoy every bit of it, with your cum pulsing into me and dripping out of my pussy, and down my thighs.

My First Time On A Nude Beach

mastrubation PurplePal 2017-09-12

The boy smiled and picking up thr bottle again spread some white lotion on my legs and then poured three lengths running from the tip of my cock up my chest to my chin. He then picked up the bottle again, and smiling broadly, poured, no, drizzled, lotion along my cock and over my balls. Soon I felt and watched as the boy stiffened and his own powerfull cum bursts shot from his cock slit and landed on my body, mixing with my own cream. Then somewhat surprisingly he stood up, nipped the oozing cum from his cock end and said he had to go but would be back on the beach in two days time.

b*****r And s****r Visit A Nude Beach

mastrubation 2017-04-25

Pretty soon, his wife joined us and the three of us were talking about our trip and KU basketball when Stacey came out of the water and stood with us. Again, nothing sexual, but unbelievably hot watching her get that close to her pussy lips and rubbing it in all over just a couple of feet from Stacey and me. Stacey sat back down with her legs spread and, much like Kathy, applied the sun block to the area where her bikini had been only moments before. Stacey and I looked kind of awkward and more like b*****r and s****r the way we were standing and acting. Stacey moved over close to me and stood where her right breast was on my left arm.