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In my wife's panties

mastrubation Ghost 2018-11-18

"Well," I thought, "I guess panties might work." Naked, I walked over to my wife's dresser and started looking through the drawers. "I'm going to be late for work," I thought as I quickly slid off the cum-filled panties and ran to wash up my still-erect member. I went back to my wife's panty drawer and grabbed a pair of lace red bikini panties to wear. This type of feminine distraction typically happens a few times a day and causes a pleasant, but only partial, erection that quickly subsides leaving just a nice male feeling of well being. I have not taken up wearing panties too often, but sometimes when my wife is away for a few days I'll slide them on with, typically, orgasmic consequences.

Quid Pro Quo - Part 1: I Do Her

mastrubation Tummywarmer 2018-11-11

Let me love you right here on the beach, in the warm sunshine." Trailing kisses down her neck to her throat, shoulder and finally to her bare breast, I part my lips and gently suck the distended, brown nipple into my mouth. I raise my head from her breast and gaze at my gorgeous girl; lying nearly naked under the blue sky and blazing sun; tits bare to the world and glistening with oil and saliva; her naked tummy fluttering and quivering; sweat pouring off her pretty face, eyes tightly shut, her sweet lips murmuring wordlessly; her hands clawing and gripping the blanket beneath her; her hips pumping upward to grind her crotch into my hand; and her spasming pussy gulping at my fingers.

New Experiences at the Gym

mastrubation Mercury23 2018-11-08

Kirsty felt her nipples stiffen under her top and she closed her eyes, picturing herself bent over the front of a car, a firm, anonymous body behind her, a hardness sliding into her, each thrust pushing her clit against the warm metal of the car hood. Despite the intense orgasm she had just had Kirsty was still aroused, memories of her friend’s stories crowding her mind as she walked back to the locker room; the image of Stacy lowering herself onto Rich’s hard penis came to her and she began to imagine what it was like, remembering that feeling of a man’s hardness entering her and filling her.

A Memorable Memorial Day.

mastrubation ThePhantom 2018-11-01

At the sight of the station wagon coming down the small dusty road, Mike flew out of the cottage calling to his parents that Uncle Hank and Aunt Flo had arrived. Mike didn't bother to change, he grabbed an inner tube and spent the morning floating and watching his little cousins and Loni dive off the dock. Her legs looked even silkier as the water ran down them and her nipples strained against her bikini top. Mike suddenly found himself fanatisizing about rubbing his hands all over them and he began to get hard again. The other families began to arrive and open their cottages. His youngest cousins left their lunches to greet them while Mike and Loni remained at the table.

Holiday fun with mum

mastrubation 24_m_uk2011 2018-09-30

I laughed and said yeah it looks red and tried my luck rubbing it. I start rubbing her shoulders again as from the movement of her body her bikini top fell down slightly revaling what looked to be a very hard nipple. I changed ends and said oh look you legs are red as I applied more lotion. I Said to mum to open her legs so ive got more room. I wasn't going to miss out i pulled my shorts down and rested the tip of my cock head on her bikini bottoms, i edge it to her pussy hole, she had felt it and she gasped. I held my hard cock with one hand and said shall i stop.

Woman Discovers Son's Girlfriend is Lesbian

mastrubation 2018-09-23

Britney immediately reaches down, grabs my left wrist and says, "Mrs Walker, don't be shy!", then guides my hand back to her breast. Britney takes my bikini top and throws it on the kitchen table, then puts her hands back on my tits and begins gently caressing them while she holds me close and kisses my neck. Suddenly, she pushes my cheeks apart and says, "Mrs Walker, your ass looks so inviting! Britney and I frantically put our bikinis on, and just fifteen seconds later Michael and Amber walk into the kitchen through the back door! I tell Michael and Amber to take a swim in the pool, then take hold of Britney's hand and lead her upstairs to my bedroom.

Masturbation Confession

mastrubation wasdeershlong 2018-07-22

I reached down and pulled the pant leg of my swim trunks up releasing my hard cock from its confined space and that’s all it took as the palm of my hand and fingers wrapped around my hard dick I locked eyes on my mom’s meaty hairy pussy area and shot what felt like the biggest load of cum right there in the water while struggling not to yell or even make an unusual sound as my body exploded into the hardest orgasm I think I have ever had! I looked down and could clearly see my cum in the water and quickly f***ed my still rock hard cock downward and pulled my shorts back down my leg and stated moving around to disperse all the cum I had just shot on behalf of my mother.

Masturbating to Angie

mastrubation Hangdog90 2018-05-04

This summer with the hot weather, Angie often wore her skimpy bikini around their backyard pool, I nodded when my Carolyn said that a teenager shouldn't be allowed to dress so immodestly. I lived for the days when Angie hung out at her parent's backyard pool and I loved nothing more than to lock the bathroom door and to spy at the teenager sunbathing as I stroked myself to completion. As I watched her walk back and forth between the car and the house I knew that the total bill for the packages would be more than I could hide from my wife. The eighteen year old turned to face my window and her lips formed a knowing smile as she lay back in the chair.

Hotel Work

mastrubation diver1uk2003 2018-04-07

Whilst working in a local hotel in the south of Tenerife i noticed a couple of women who had been in the pool every morning for the last 3 days and then again in the evenings. With every thrust she was screaming out obsenity´s "you dirty fucker, go on fill it up, screw my pussy hard" This too was another first for me but i was too far gone and told her a was going to cum, just fill me up you dirty fucker she screamed let me have your spunk. I was spent but her pussy wouldn´t let go, again she was cumming with her juices mingled with mine squirting out and down my legs.

Stories of Lizzy Chapter 1

mastrubation 2018-02-06

From the ball of her ankles, she will trace her fingers up her slender calves, indecisively making circles and going back and forth, making its way to the back of her knees, which always made her felt a little more ticklish than usual. "What a silly thought", she brushed it away casually and began thrusting her own hand into her mouth, imagining it was a cock; a nice hard one that smelt good and tasted great. Those tiny creases of skin hiding thousands of nerve endings below it came to life and began firing thousands of signals to her brain; confusing her at once and all she could let out was a long moan of relief, just then, there was a faint knock on the door.

Happy Holiday

mastrubation trindriver121 2017-11-22

As she exited the pool, she unclipped her bikini top and dropped it on her sun lounger, her husband passed her a towel, and as she began drying herself I slid back into the water to hide my bursting cock, the tip of which was straining against the waist band of my togs. Mom didn’t turn her head, her bikini slipped to the floor as I watched and she stepped into the shower as Becky came back out to the small sitting area. Becky poured a handful of lotion in to her hand and began massaging it into her skin, first her legs, then working her way up her belly, the tip of her finger slipping inside her panties as she rubbed the lotion in.