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Allie's Birthday Present, Part 3

mastrubation WorkAlone 2018-11-06

This is the one perk to the later shifts you’ve been working: the leisurely morning wake-ups. You tear the ribbon off the silver box, excited to open your first present of the day. Playing along with both scenes back-to-back like this is intense, it was hard enough going through them with a day in between the first time. “Hmmm, I’ll bet those’d feel amazing inside,” you think as you look at the finials on your curtain rods, the knobs on the stair handrail, the wooden spoon in the dish rack, and any one of a hundred items that never struck you as being sexual before.

Birthday Sex

mastrubation LustyVirgin 2018-11-02

When the bubbles start to dissipate and the bath starts to cool, I shave my legs and my pussy. My hands drift lower and I skim my fingertips over my pussy, enjoying the silky smoothness of my freshly shorn lips. I stroke the soft mound before dipping my fingers between the folds and slide them through the growing moisture. I pump my fingers slowly, pushing them deep into my aching pussy. I continue to slowly fuck myself, while the fingers of my other hand continue their dance on my clit. I gasp as my body bucks and shudders and I press my fingers deeper inside myself as my pussy tightens and flexes.

birthday treat

mastrubation 2018-06-27

“they’re gorgeous!” she says hugging her boyfriend Tom. She had truly been spoilt for her birthday. She gets ready and meets her smartly dressed boyfriend by the front door before setting off for her birthday night out. He sits her at the table before sitting down himself, they order and start eating and suddenly this buzz rises from Lisa’s knickers into her clit. Tom ordered for the both of them as Lisa was working up a bit of a sweat. Shortly after he goes Lisa has a massive orgasm, legs trembling under the table, stifling her moans so they’re virtually non existent, a damp patch grows in her naughty panties and she loves every minute of it.

House of Feathers Ch. 05: Tribute

mastrubation TarnishedPenny 2018-02-21

I took another handful of gel and, my eyes closed, started on his chest as he did my face. He was leaning against the copper shower frame, his eyes closed, erect cock standing proudly under the warm water beating on its shaft and head. "Yes, sire!" Dropping my boobs, I produced the tube, holding it up with two hands and my head bowed. Dropping the eagle feather, I put one hand on either side of the tube and rolled the feather-filled cylinder between them, propelling it both around and up and down his pulsing organ, hundreds of feather-tips rotating around every millimetre of his throbbing member at any given second.