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My Wife's Past - part 1

mastrubation tcg 2018-11-20

They talked for a long time and, as I listened to Stacey’s end of the conversation, my mind conjured up images of Brian fucking Craig’ sexy young wife, Bethann, and I couldn’t help getting the beginnings of a hard-on. From there, it was a short step to replacing the image of Bethann with one, in my mind, of Stacey and, as I visualized her, naked and moaning, legs apart, with Brian’s cock plunging in and out of her sweet little pussy, the surge of arousal inside me was quite overwhelming, and I had to put my glass down, as my hand started to shake with excitement.

School for hung young boys: part one

mastrubation musclecock 2018-08-18

"See," Virna Sparks offered, "if may say so he's hung like a horse!!!" "Yes he is," Mr. Vickers replied softly, "he has a very fine penis, and from the looks of it, it's also very thick!!!" "I'll save you the trouble of measuring it," she retorted, "it's ten and a half inches long and seven and a quarter inches around when it's fully erect, and from the looks of things he's getting very close to his full tumescence right now!!!" "That he is," Mr. Vicker observed, "so tell me Brian, how often do you masturbate!?!" "At least twice a day," the young man whispered, "i-is that bad of me!?!" "See what those assholes have done to him," Virna Sparks retorted bitterly, "no matter how often his father and I tell him everyone masturbates, he still feels like he's doing something wrong!!!" "Well we're going to change all that," Jordan Vickers replied, gently, "in fact just to show Brian that he's not alone we're all going to masturbate right along with him!!!" Mr. And Mrs. Sparks both looked at each other a little bit nervously, but when prodded on by the head master they both exposed their genitals and began masturbating along with their son!!!

The Bank

mastrubation LoveCho 2018-07-15

Brian was seating in his room with TJ. First I will finish my paperwork, then I take my break and I will visit Brian in his room and try to help him out. Before he could finish his sentence Anna was in the room looking at his huge 8 inch cock...licking her lower lip. She got a bit closer, kissed him passionately and took his cock in her right hand stroking it slowly and going faster and faster....After a while she dropped on her knees and started sucking him off. Suck that cock......yeah that’s it. With that he took the little cup came inside the cum, what didn’t fit in there went into Anna’s mouth, sucking him dry.....

A day at the beach

mastrubation johnsinmarillion 2018-05-19

The first few days we walked through the marked route to the naturist beach to sunbathe and had some good nude time, swimming and sunbathing. My new friend said he would like to try the naturist beach the next day and asked his wife to go, knowing she would say no. I carried on wanking for about 10 minutes and shot my load as one of the couples reached orgasm, the guy splattering his partners face with a small amount of thick sperm. When we got to the nude beach we spread our towels and went for a swim, Brian in his shorts and t-shirt as he wanted to get the spunk washed off.

Crack In The Wall by loyalsock

mastrubation loyalsock 2018-03-08

The phone in Brian's dorm room rang three times before he picked it up the receiver and said, "Hello, who is it please!" "Oh, hi, Mitch, sure, okay, in fifteen minutes, good, meet you there!!!" After hanging up the phone, he said to himself, "Wow, I haven't heard from Mitch in over two months, and now he wants to play tennis, now, if I can only find my racket, we'll be all set!!!" It had to be in the closet, but it was so packed with junk it'd take a bulldozer to just to get to the bottom of it!!! Checking to make sure no one was milling around in the hall, Brian gingerly pushed open the door to the women's shower room and listened for the sound of running water, voices, or anything else for that matter, "Nothing," he said to himself, "okay, boy, it's now or never, let's go!!!" Quickly entering the shower, he passed the lavatory and made a turn towards the shower room itself!

neighbour brians pump

mastrubation eachwaybet 2018-03-01

brian called out as i quickly stuffed the pump and box into a garbage bag i had been storing my clothes in and put my cock away..."coming" i shouted as i headed towards the door trying to compose myself. it was too much for him as he filled his tube with spurt after spurt of cum.'wow "i said as he pulled his softening cock from the tube and rubbed it on my tube covered cock.he was still moaning as he slowly started to pump me again and he knew it wouldnt be long before i was filling my tube too.he started to jerk the tube as he pumped and i could feel his semi hard and wet cock on my ass as he knelt between my legs.

Sexual experiments while camping in my youth...PAR

mastrubation rocketstud 2018-02-25

Brian reached his other hand between his crack and brushed his fingers against his asshole, removing the left over sand. “I have a little,” I said defensively, looking down at my crotch and admiring the sparse hairs around my penis. I put the inside of my forearm up against my erection and moved it back and forth, feeling the soft skin rub against the front of my boner. My penis quivered with pleasure and instinctively I began to grind my hips slightly toward Brian, pushing my erection against his crack. I obeyed and rolled onto my stomach, imitating Brian and spreading my butt cheeks slightly as he straddled over me in the tent and lowered himself onto me…

A day at the beach 2

mastrubation johnsinmarillion 2018-01-03

Following on from my last post.................When we got to the nude beach we spread our towels and went for a swim, Brian in his shorts and t-shirt as he wanted to get the spunk washed off. As we started to pass them I started to slowly wank my hardening cock and Brian copied me. We walked slowly towards the hotel and met a couple in the next room To Brian and his wife. Brian said if he had not just cum he would have liked to shag the couple from the hotel and would have liked to watch me fucking the wife. I explained the encounter with the couple from the hotel and said Brian had been aroused by the thought of sex with a stranger.

My Son's Roommate

mastrubation john1195 2017-10-28

"What does that have to do with how you feel, Jef," Brian said as he got up "Jef, you came to me for advice," Brian said, "and you've now got to face know how Tom will feel about it, but it's time you found out. "You don't have to put a label on how you feel, Jef," said Brian, "You couldn't stand the thought of Tom staying and sl**ping in my house without Brian had told me to somehow give Tom a hint of and I still had no idea how I was going to give Tom that hint that Brian enjoy looking at Tom's naked body, and I don't hide that fact from him.