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The Long Ride Home

mastrubation thatguy625 2018-11-24

I’m not sure if it was the dark, tight quarters, the faint smell of her hair, or just the fact that I was this close to a cute twenty year old girl for the first time since I had been that age, but I was suddenly getting distracted. As we talked, I felt myself getting a little stiff in my pants and I couldn’t help but steal a quick glance at her pretty face, lit up by the soft light of her computer screen. She didn’t quite grab my stiff cock through my jeans but there was no mistaking that she placed her hand directly on top of my hardness. I was getting close but was focusing very hard on making this last despite the fact that every passing second made it more likely that we would be caught.

Student Days: The Laundry Room

mastrubation llkop 2018-10-30

I took off my dress and threw it into the final washing machine leaving me in just my white flowery panties the darkness of the basement. I closed my eyes and crossed my legs, pressing my untouched lips against the hard surface of the washing machine. It began to violently rock back and forth so I clamped myself down as tightly as I could, pressing my crotch right on the edge and I rode that machine like it was the end of my life. But my legs got tighter and the plastic of the machine creaked underneath my hands. When my clothes were dry, I threw them back into my washing basket on top of my sex toys that I didn't even need in the end.

Marsha Succumbs Pt. 01

mastrubation dmsifter 2018-03-10

We can get the experiment done in less than half an hour and you'll have your class credits." Otto expected a lackluster acknowledgement but Marsha surprised him. I want to see what this Cephosage thing can do." Marsha hoped she might get some backstory; see more capabilities than the simple experiment she had signed up for would reveal. your device?" Marsha regretted something about the wording but she felt a chill run through her when she saw Otto's reaction. For massaging and such." Marsha's thought process exploded in a million directions at once but she suppressed her reaction, mirroring Otto's affectless patter, and felt a surge of frustration with the scientist.

Arabelle's Library Break

mastrubation myhiddendesire2769 2017-12-27

Master Chellie went round to Kara's ass. That's right," as Master Chellie spanked her again and again until Kara's ass was red and swollen. Master Chellie told Kara to stand with her hands behind her back and her legs spread apart. Then Master Chellie touched Kara's lovely breasts roughly and pulled on her nipples until they were standing at attention. Master Chellie slid two fingers into Kara's slit as her tongue continued to work her clit. Oh, ohhh," as Kara climaxed, her juices filling Master Chellie's mouth and running down her face. She felt her orgasm so close to her and she furiously pounded her pussy with her fingers and pulled on her tits until she screamed as her orgasm swept through her body.

Kira's Frustration

mastrubation Generalgums 2017-10-11

Kira rubbed at her clit for several seconds before using her right hand to spread her lips open and her left fingers poised to sink into her meaty entrance. After several minutes, Kira finally felt her juices begin to flow again and removed the now partially wet cucumber from her mouth. As Kira thought now she pushed hard and groaned as her pussy stretched wide around the green monster between her legs. After taking about four inches, Kira began to quickly pull the cucumber out, careful to keep a little bit inside herself. As Kira pushed more inside herself, she could feel her juices begin to be forced out to make room for the cucumber.