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It's All About Me, I Tell Ya

mastrubation amber 2018-12-02

Yeah, I know, everyone says the brain is in charge (quite frankly I'm not so sure the brain isn't a myth) but, when I wake up, believe me, I run things, just like I am getting ready to do now. Now, I need to get to work, because things can go pretty fast at times like this. I just do what I am told and from the orders coming in to get all this stuff made, that Amber must really be getting worked up over something. But, yeah, things are getting pretty soppy and sticky around here. Hey try getting a lot of blood and really start throbbing or something to get her attentionand maybe she willshift around a little.

The Benefits of a Single

mastrubation typical_boy 2018-11-30

I remembered the girl again, and her hair flip and her round butt as I stroked. I wondered if her butt would look so round if she were naked too?  How would it feel to fuck her? To slide my dick right into her pussy, like a key fits into a lock? Or not quite like a key fits into a lock, since the walls of the vagina naturally touch, and it would have to expand to fit my dick. I’d have to work it in. Would her pussy be wet and warm and tight, like my hand was? I didn’t want to cum just yet. I could hear the shower running. The shower next to my room is the boys shower, but I imagined her again, hair slick and wet, water running over that round butt.

Solo Candi

mastrubation YouTurn 2018-11-29

I can’t help but let out a wanton whimper when I press my right hand firmly against my crotch, “Oh… yes.” So good, it feels so fucking good! Since she was only going to be away for an hour, I convinced Luke to wait for Becky at our dorm room. I didn’t think anything of it, because Luke and Becky are a solid item. Now, I don’t care who, it could be Luke, or Becky, or the girl currently walking down the sidewalk right outside of my dorm room. No. Maybe it is just me, but I can’t seem to thrust as hard and it just doesn’t feel as good. I place the pillow between my legs and squeeze and think of Luke.

Pool Shack Girl Part 1

mastrubation GreatGatsby 2018-11-28

She had looked so good all night and then knowing she was wearing a thong under her shorts, I wanted to jump her. When I got back in my car Tracy stared at me in amazement and said "who are you?" You know how there are moments when you know you have a girl? I started rubbing her legs, inching my way up until I was inside her shorts. I did this several times, and she started breathing very heavily, and then said "please." I plunged two fingers inside her, not believing how wet she was. We started to kiss some more and then she rubbed the outside of my shorts on my hard cock.

Mysterious Tease

mastrubation BabydollSlave 2018-11-28

Now, he was a few rows down from me, sitting at a table talking to a friend of mine about the way different wages and incomes work in different cultures. As I walked across the green, I decided a shower and some dinner would help me get into a better mind set to tackle those papers that were burning holes in my book bag. I ditched my bag immediately upon walking through the door and slowly pulled off my tee, not stopping a bit as I raced to the bathroom. I closed the curtain to the shower with one final look at the foggy mirror longing for the image to be real. I slowly slid my hand between my legs letting the foam run down my arm onto my slick pussy.

Masturbating To Girls

mastrubation leoalxnder 2018-11-24

I got to the point of almost cumin when I realized I didn't want to blow my load in the shower, I wanted to cum while watching porn.  The other girl's name was Amy. I overheard the name from Mia's moans. Mia started playing with her nipples as Amy was fingering her. As Amy was fingering Mia I heard a huge screech and saw Amy squirt all over the place. Amy stood up and opened the cum-soaked door and screamed. Amy got on my dick and started riding cowgirl style. Mia got on top of me with her butt in Amy's face and started kissing me. I loved how Mia forced her tongue into my mouth as Amy was fucking my cock. 

Alone Time

mastrubation desperatedamsel 2018-11-22

My pussy was quickly reminding me that it had been a long time since I last toyed with it. My pussy was dripping, causing dampness on my thighs and threatening to leave a wet spot on my sheets. My pussy was squeezing gently around the toy in anticipation and I eventually started to thrust. Soft moans slid past my lips, my hips arched and my pussy dripped around the toy onto my fingers. My pussy tightened, my clit pulsated and I came hard around the toy. I couldn't bring myself to pull the toy out of me, feeling so deliciously full while my pussy continued it's slow pleasurable pulsations as my orgasmic aftershocks finished.

Hot for Teacher - Part Two

mastrubation MsDirtyLittleSecret 2018-11-22

I just couldn't stop thinking about Ana. The look of her lush breasts in her too tight bra filled my mind and I couldn't stop myself from fantasizing about her, so I let the thoughts come. Thinking of Ana's luscious lips parting around the head of my cock and slowly taking all of my length into her mouth made my strokes faster and my grip tighter. I turned in my term paper during class today and...I wore a skirt just as you asked." The color red came over her already rosy cheeks and I tried to hold back smile.

Classroom fun

mastrubation CandySkulls122 2018-11-20

So I unzipped my jeans and stuck my hand down my pants and started to rub my clit ever so gently. I started to gently caress my tight little pussy hole and stick the tips of my fingers in it. I then slowly removed my hand from my pants and licked all of my pussy juices off my fingers. So I took off my jeans and spread my legs wide and started to massage my g-spot with one hand and rub my clit with the other. It was making me so hot to be half naked during class fingering my tight little pussy. As she watched, I could barely see that a wet spot was starting to appear on her dress pants, I knew she needed some release too.

Study Break, Pt.1

mastrubation zibster 2018-11-17

Thankfully it appeared that no one was there, so I dared to slide my hand into my underwear and work my fingers over my outer lips, massaging the wetness just a little bit. A deep breath in and my hand slowly started to work that one finger in and out, while my thumb massaged my slippery little clit. I could feel myself throbbing around the intrusion, moaning again I began to curl my fingers towards my belly button, moaning out again, eyes shut tight. As my hand moved faster, I started to thrust my fingers against my g-spot, making me squirm. "No no, look what you started." Professor Nelson mentioned back down to his pants, and a smirk formed on his lips, erection straining.

College A's-Chapter 5

mastrubation clonjon 2018-11-15

Megan brought the toy to her mouth and began sucking on it, remembering what it was like when only hours ago a man she didn’t even know had his real cock in her mouth. She freshened up and decided that she would walk around campus as she needed some fresh air and she knew that if she didn’t leave the room she would fuck her self crazy with her new toy. When Megan walked out of her room she made a left down the hall which unknown to her took her the opposite direction from where Erin was standing watching the door. After she felt like she had cleaned any remaining juice Megan may have left on the toy off, she brought it down to her cunt.

It's just touching...

mastrubation hardnhot18 2018-11-14

Jake stroked his hard cock in the shower as his eyes glazed over. As soon as the name popped into his head (as did her lovely face and beautiful, tanned body), Jake felt his balls tighten up just a little more, his cock swell even harder in his hand. His hand went straight to his stiff cock and he started stroking, but now taking his time, finding that he loved being on display. “Why don’t you drop that towel and join me?” Jake said, trying to match Tiffany’s original matter-of-fact tone as best he could. Tiffany this time let out a longer, almost pained moan, which Jake matched. On fire now, Jake stood, approaching Tiffany with his hand still locked onto his hard dick.

Coed in the Corner Part One

mastrubation TXtabber 2018-11-07

So every evening, Joni would walk past the library and enter the General Education building and make her way upstairs to her corner. "So let's get right down to it then," Tabber responded, "have you been a good girl today?" Joni giggled to herself. I want you to walk to the nearest classroom and push your breasts against the door. She gave a quick look around, and then, grabbing the bottom of the sweater where it had risen above her breasts, she quickly pulled it over her head. Joni stammered, "Uh, no...I mean, yes, I'm fine." She quickly went down the stairs past the group and headed toward the exit doors. Joni could have died right there, but the girl just blew her a kiss and let the panties fall.

Prof. Davis gets a new job 4

mastrubation TXtabber 2018-11-05

I slowly pulled forward toward the cheer room door, planning to check in with Kacey to see if she needed anything before I left for home. I’ll wait here with you, but I am not sitting on the sidewalk.” I walked over to my truck and dropped the tailgate. I’m sitting next to a gorgeous college girl and trying not to stare at the tightly stretched crotch of her cheer shorts. “I guess if I wasn’t a nice guy, I’d have left your hot little ass sitting on the sidewalk waiting for a ride.” I told her with a smile. “Kyla, you’d better come now or I’m going to pull out my cock and fuck that sweet little pussy.”

Have Fun

mastrubation jjustjenny 2018-11-04

One of my friends, reached to pour out the last of the bottle of wine and paused just before picking it up. She turned to me in the doorway, a small smile on her face, her eyes darted to the bottle on the floor then to me. As I brought the glass into me, my eyes closed bringing the image of Red fucking herself sharper into focus. My cunt lips stretched around the bottle neck as it set my lust free. My mind on fire, fingertip less than an inch away from my star, as I envisioned Red moving the bottle from the tightness of her pussy to the impossibly small opening of her ass.

Sara Learns Something New

mastrubation TheUprightMan 2018-11-01

Sara's right hand returned, going to her other breast, while the left slipped inside the lace panties she had worn on a whim that morning. Long years of experience let her know just how and where to touch herself, and as her two fingers slid between her inner lips, her thumb covered her clit and started to move in a gentle circular motion. “Not a problem tonight, though,” she thought, as she started to move her fingers inside herself, each stroke changing the angle at which her thumb rubbed her clit. Sara realized that she still had her hand in her panties, and Jake's penis was still on display, although markedly less erect now.

Hot for Teacher - Part One

mastrubation MsDirtyLittleSecret 2018-10-31

"Oh," he said and he looked up from his desk to smile at me, "Yes, please come in." "I wanted to make you aware that I may not have my term paper finished before classes start tomorrow." I bit my lip as I watched the Professor study me for a brief moment before sliding my hands under my skirt to take on off my red lace panties. "Very well, I'll consider it," he said as he took my panties, opened up his desk drawer and placed them inside. In the meantime, I expect that term paper to be handed in during class tomorrow, regardless of whether its finished or not.

Student Days: The Laundry Room

mastrubation llkop 2018-10-30

I took off my dress and threw it into the final washing machine leaving me in just my white flowery panties the darkness of the basement. I closed my eyes and crossed my legs, pressing my untouched lips against the hard surface of the washing machine. It began to violently rock back and forth so I clamped myself down as tightly as I could, pressing my crotch right on the edge and I rode that machine like it was the end of my life. But my legs got tighter and the plastic of the machine creaked underneath my hands. When my clothes were dry, I threw them back into my washing basket on top of my sex toys that I didn't even need in the end.

My Freshman Year of college

mastrubation dirtysinner 2018-07-15

My first week at university was confusing,frustrating and quite over whelming.I was so lost and very much alone so the student adviser assigned me a upper class man to help me and guide me through the next couple of weeks til I became accustomed to college life, I was told to meet "Sam" in front of the student union monday morning.I arrived dressed in some tight shorts that showed off my tanned legs and a tiny thin top that really highlighted my tiny 32A titties and rock hard pierced nipples,it also showed off my nice collection of sexy colorful tattoos that I had all over my petite body.I waited and looked at every guy that passed by and loved the way both the guys and girls devoured my body with their eyes,finally this really tall,athletic brunette walked up, and introduced herself as "Sam",she was dressed in some mid thigh shorts and a baggy school t-shirt, We chatted a bit and hit it off right away, and by lunch time we were like old friends. Since my class load was light, Sam invited me to her place to get the rest of the information I needed off her computer.

Alexandra the Great Ch. 02

mastrubation Mercurius 2018-05-19

And by weird, I mean that my Machiavellian little mind was slowly forming an evil plan to turn sweet Shanna completely to the dark side. I liked the rituals not because I thought they would have some kind of magical effect, but because I thought the repetition, precise movements and exotic verbalizations could be a form of active meditation, a way to open new pathways in the mind. Legs spread, left hands behind us to hold our weight, right hands pumping steadily, deeply thrusting two fingers into our pussies, hips rising and humping, breasts quaking gently with the motions, looking into each other's eyes. Our left hands no longer held us up, so we used them to finger our own pussies while our right hands worked our throbbing clits.

She Fucked him Good

mastrubation 2018-03-06

“Mr. McCaethy,” she said, “As you know at one time I was a prostitute and managed to work myself through three years of college using my shaved pussy and my voluptuous breasts. Using his mouth and his finger he played with her love orchid as Kareena sighed and moaned and called him Eddie for the first time. It didn’t seem long before the petals began to quiver and her body started to move up and down as she took deep breaths that culminated in those familiar words, “O Fuck I Cumming!” Giggling she played with his dick like a c***dren’s toy and as it started to firm up she took it in her mouth once more sucking it in an unusual way that made Eddie’s eyes almost pop out of his head.

Her Last Semester

mastrubation Lexi_White 2018-02-23

That morning as she sat in Professor Isaiah Benton's senior seminar on legal ethics, she found herself imagining what his genitals looked like. Her fantasy gave way as Isaiah looked towards her expectantly, knowing that she certainly disagreed with what a classmate had just said. Isaiah looked up as the last two other students approached to say good bye. Looking up at his eyes again, "Yes, I was imagining that it would feel incredible to have your hard cock inside of me, to make love to you." She turned one last time looking at him in the doorway, pressing her right palm into the crotch of her pants, staring at him, seeing his cock still straining at his clothing.

Are You Horny?

mastrubation Lexi_White 2018-02-01

You used the word 'feeling' not 'thinking.' I have heard other girls say it too and I have no clue what it means, what is happening in your body when you feel that way?" Josh wanted to point out that she was the one who had raised the subject, surely, he was within his rights to at least ask. We might tell each other when we are...I am getting tired of that word, but that is what are discussing, horny, we might say that but not how it feels." At this point, Delia had to admit to herself that Josh was not the only one whose body was responding to her descriptions.

Playing in Secret Ch. 01

mastrubation mast3rsurg3 2017-12-30

"Tell you what," I said, "I have to get going, but you did get me curious about these toys." I gave the display a cursory glance, and my eyes were drawn to a purple, bullet-shaped vibrator, and I pointed to it. I looked at the clock, and I saw it was a little after 8:30, so I decided I'd put away my clothes and if I had time, I'd check out the new toy. Jackie was turned away and getting all her toiletries before she left, which meant she wouldn't see my foot reaching for the remote. I pulled the remote towards me quickly when I saw Jackie begin open the door, which had the side effect of rubbing the carpet floor over the dial, turning the vibrations up to maximum.