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Masturbating after exercise

mastrubation Patrik3838 2018-05-14

I need to drink again but I'm feeling such great, yes, I'm bad boy, I'm sweating so much but my cock is such hard and I feel such pressure, getting aroused more and more , now imagine kissing Denise and then press to her chest, love personal scent of girl sweating her body and Denise is sweating like waterfall. I cannot believe how intense I'm sweating but I feel like in heaven, I'm wiping iff my sweaty face and drink some water and now I will fuck Denise to the end, And Adrian is smart boy he knows I love to smell his body.

Cyber Queen

mastrubation Mysteria27 2018-03-04

The vibrator is listed as a massager and it is a plug-in but feels so amazing when you play with it on your pussy. I am going so fast now and my pussy is feeling so good and it doesn't take long to see the wetness building and then it happens, I squirt all my love juices out. With all of this attention to my clitoris, I feel my body tensing again and I just keep playing and then again I start to cum from the vibrations on my clitoris. I then fuck myself It feels so amazing, the vibrations are so strong, and I love to rub it on my clitoris and almost always I will squirt.

The Benefits of a Single

mastrubation typical_boy 2018-03-04

I remembered the girl again, and her hair flip and her round butt as I stroked. I wondered if her butt would look so round if she were naked too?  How would it feel to fuck her? To slide my dick right into her pussy, like a key fits into a lock? Or not quite like a key fits into a lock, since the walls of the vagina naturally touch, and it would have to expand to fit my dick. I’d have to work it in. Would her pussy be wet and warm and tight, like my hand was? I didn’t want to cum just yet. I could hear the shower running. The shower next to my room is the boys shower, but I imagined her again, hair slick and wet, water running over that round butt.

The Drive

mastrubation BlackLeatherSkirt28 2018-03-04

Sensing her opportunity Chloe released one of her breasts to reach over and lightly stroke my cock with her finger tips as she began to move her other hand down across the black material over her belly and to the slit that was now up to her waist. Her finger emerged wet with her own juice as she brought it up to her lips and began to lick it slowly running her long pink tongue along her slender finger before guiding it into her mouth so suck it like it was a nice hard cock. She turned slightly towards me as her orgasm rolled from her fingers inside her up through her milky white tits and then to her warm wet mouth as she moaned deeply and continued to allow her inner pornstar to emerge.

Missy's time alone

mastrubation fetishdoll 2018-03-02

Missy popped open the two top buttons of her jeans and eyed the slightly lighter skin just where her soft little cotton pink and white panties began. Standing erect in front of the mirror she could see two things, the mound of pubic hair pressing out and creating a perfect triangle in her little soft panties and a small wet spot just where her pink little bud touched. She ran her hands all around her soft skin and then let her fingers dig through the curly pubic hairs before lightly tapping at the soft little bud of pink flesh hiding within. Jeffery got his little dick out of his pants just as Missy was screaming her first moans. Jeffery jerked himself off under the bed thinking about her and looking at the wetness still covering the mirror.

The Au Pair - Part 2

mastrubation DanielleX 2018-03-01

Martina looked up as she heard the door click open, and Ben came through still looking rather sleepy wearing just a pair of combat shorts and a bare torso. She turned over and bent one leg, as she looked at Ben. He wanted not to ogle, but his gaze went straight to her white panties, which were impossible to miss, in the way that she was now lying on her bed. “You don’t change you, Ben. You are… pohledný...” Martina paused thinking for the English word. Martina looked at Ben thoughtfully and twisted a finger around the end of one of the ends of her shirt.

I Want to Watch You Wank

mastrubation Shylass 2018-03-01

Grab the base of your cock with your other hand, and stare into the camera, right into my eyes. Think of my deep pink, velvet lips between my strong thighs, and wank hard, base to tip, as you taste your own lube on your finger and tell me what you taste of. Wank harder and faster as you think of running your head up and down my plump, swollen lips, poking your hardness into my wet, slippery cunt. Just your cock head inside me, and I'm in your soul, staring at you down the camera as you wank for me, you hot fucker. Wank your cock for me like you'd fuck me, hard and deep, all the way in, and just the edge so my pussy screams for more.

Confession of a virtual cumslut

mastrubation Alexandra_A 2018-03-01

Yes, all the fucking world to choose from and we were twenty miles apart. We stayed and chatted till I began to feel the night's chill, then I reluctantly said goodnight, drove back to my holiday cottage and made myself cum again, imagining his firm athletic body riding me, pressing my sweating silhouette into the mattress. Fuck, I'm...and if he'd seen me convulse, thrust my hips, squirt... The virtual world is similar to real life but speeded up a thousand times. Seems I write poems every time I don't get fucked.

Libation to Aeolus

mastrubation Lauradj 2018-02-28

I saw your tanned, smooth thighs and the curve of your ass as you battled with the wind while walking past me. I gripped my cock at the base and thought of you, as you walked past, looking pretty and sweet in your skirt and cute little sweater, your dark hair tied back away from your face. The third time I played the incident over in my mind, I imagined that you completely naked and walking past me on the street, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. The thought of you naked gave me cause to shudder, and my cock pulsed in my hand, which was gaining speed as I stroked, much as the wind had down as you walked past me. 

The Notes - Part Three

mastrubation Jayne33 2018-02-28

It didn’t help that every time I looked up at the projector screen, instead of seeing the facts of my presentation, all my mind kept replacing them with was the notes instructing me to strip. Making matters worse was that my note sender had chosen that time to increase the power at which the egg buzzed deep inside me. I found the string and gently pulled it from my body, feeling the warm gush of juice and cum flow out from my pussy, as the toy was removed. True to his word, when I returned the box with my panties had gone, in its place was the remote for the egg and a new note.

Quick, Slick Wank

mastrubation Shylass 2018-02-27

Walk your fingers around the base of your cock, just feeling the tiny, tiny little fingertips... Okay, so if you've got your lube over your hands, now it's time to start touching your cock. Feathery little strokes, maybe, ever so gently, enough to tickle, enough to make you want to ram your cock in somewhere, hard. I want you to use your other hand, and make a little circle with your thumb and your forefinger. And slowly, and gently, I want you to push that little circle just over the head of your cock. And your other hand should be encasing the top of your cock, trying to run little circles over your palm, with your other fingers down the shaft.

My lovely masseuse

mastrubation stiffstick 2018-02-27

A lot of the ads referred to sensual massage, happy endings etc but hers was straight to the point regarding good massage services, waxing and other treatments. She smiled and in a sexy French accent asked if I would like to come in; she would be ready for my massage in a few minutes as she was preparing the table. She looked up at me, bent over and slowly licked the shaft from my balls to around the mushroom head flicking her tongue like a butterfly and licking my pre-cum. She started to slowly stroke me and whispered in my ear that she loved my big cock and wanted to see me cum all over her hands and tits.

Watching Football (or so you think)

mastrubation NoahBody 2018-02-26

I can actually sense my breathing changing as my finger and thumb continues it’s little tease. I begin again with almost the same method, only this time I keep my thumb just below the head, and I use my index finger to slowly stroke the underside. I slowly, tantalizingly, let the tip of my index finger stroke the underside of my cock once again. This time I just push and pull only the head of it, again between my thumb and index finger, ever so slowly. I turn on to my back briefly and pull my cock up, marveling at how close I am to coming and at the same time being able to hold hack.

A Good Favor...

mastrubation dirty_chop 2018-02-26

When I got home, I was sweaty, sore, tired, and the last thing I really wanted to do was write a paper for a class that I wasn’t in. Her legs were solid and firm, ending in a tight ass that was also just a little big for her height, but lean and plenty of fun to grab with two hands and play with. She kissed me deeply, wrestling my tongue with hers and she moved my hand between her legs placing my palm flat against her lips. She released on hand and placed it on my lips, where I sucked her fingers briefly before she moved them to her pussy, fingering herself while she humped on my chest.

Getting caught, twice! [EDITED]

mastrubation xXshunikaXx 2018-02-25

"Hard not to when you're standing there like that in front of me babe." He started walking towards me and start kissing me, rubbing my pussy at the same time. He start inserting his index finger into the pussy, nice and gently, while playing with my clit with his thumb. I managed to moan out, "Fuck me now" to him, and he pushed me back on the bed and start rubbing the tip of his cock against my clit, teasing me. He lifted me up off him and lay me down on the bed and started licking it all away while playing with my clit again. We didn't hear his mother come home over my moans and now she was standing in the doorway looking right at him licking me out.

Her Landscaper

mastrubation Stoneypoint 2018-02-25

She knew one thing and that was she’d like to be able to call him a very, very close “friend.” She’d tell her friends how she went and bought the bikinis and pranced around the poolside in one of them and he’s see her and then he’d smile once he did. She looked at him and said “Relax Tyler…I’m soooo horny right now and seeing as I’m going to put on a show for you honey.” She smiled at him and finally ran a hand over her colorful bra she wore beneath the dress she had on, watching his eyes as she did it in her fantasy.

Fantasy Tit Wank

mastrubation seeks 2018-02-24

For all I know I could have been drooling like the bulldog in those old Tom and Jerry cartoons when you turned around. And then I wondered if I will ever be able to wrench my eyes away from the outline of your nipples peeking through that oh-so-tight t shirt long enough to see your face. Don’t want to sound like a wimp. Seeing you like that…I don’t know what to say. Just watching her dribble saliva on the tip of my cock makes me want to cum. If I don’t close my eyes I will cum straight away. Licking the head of my cock like that, and looking up at me while she does it.

Just another early morning

mastrubation Pancakez 2018-02-24

I was back at the café again, our faces mashed together in needy kisses, tongues exploring each others mouths, I was letting out little aroused moans as I felt your large powerful hands roaming over every inch of my smaller body, lightly squeezing and groping at the areas you enjoyed. I gasped as I felt your lips move up and your teeth biting lightly at my flesh, grabbing the tablecloth just out of reflex when I felt your kisses trailing up my naked back and to my ear, your heavy breathing loud against me as I felt your powerful body leaning over mine, and a little whimper escaped me when your rock hard cock nestled itself between my legs and started rubbing, back and forth, spreading apart my soaked pussy.

Under stall hand job

mastrubation bobapple 2018-02-24

Dropping my pants and underwear, my bum had hardly hit the toilet, when plop, my bowels moved. I had just finished cleaning my butt and was just starting to pull up my pants and underwear when I heard the door open. His cock was about five and half inches long and a very nice girthy handful. I didn’t want to neglect those nuts of his so I reached under his cock again and scratched and fondled them for a moment. I placed my left hand holding the toilet paper under and over his cock head as I jerked and it was flooded with his cum. After drying my hands with more toilet paper, I pulled up my pants and shorts, flushed, washed my hands and left.

How It All Began Ch.16

mastrubation TheTravellingMan 2018-02-22

Returning a lascivious smile, Fay's eyes narrowed as she felt the delicious tingling sensations in her cunt as her finger slid in and out. Jack stroked his cock more firmly, the visuals of Fay on all fours, taking a fucking from Karen and Zoe made his cock flex, his deep sense of arousal had tightened his balls. Jack was wanking his cock with all the vigour she wanted to see; the thought of his girlfriend fucking another man was always intensely arousing. She looked at Jack's cock avidly and he showed Fay his hard length again. Jack's own body careered towards his own climax and he felt his cock swell hard to that tell-tale point of release.

A Girl's Just Gotta

mastrubation greeneyedkitty 2018-02-22

Soon, I pressed the tip of my finger against the opening and slid it inside. At this point my pussy was dripping wet and the juices ran, coating my finger. At this point my nipples were as hard as diamonds and my clit ached. I grabbed the lube and poured some into my hand and then rubbed it over the remaining beads. Once they were well lubed, I pressed number six in, crying out as it slid in. Number nine pressed against my anal opening and I yelped as it slid in. After I caught my breath, I started rubbing my clit again, searching for orgasm number two as I pulled the remaining beads out.

Wank Fiction

mastrubation Shylass 2018-02-22

I pump you harder now, feeling your hips begin to thrust with me, rising so you get my hand as far down your shaft as it can go, beginning to slap your flesh gently, and then lowering so just your throbbing head is squeezed in my palm. Do you want to hold onto these large hips as I thrust, sliding you in and out as I bounce my ass in your face and fuck your steaming cock with everything I have? You're almost screaming with the agony and the ecstasy now, hips well off the chair and sliding back on the wheels if I don't hold you tight round the waist as I hand-fuck you tightly with my other arm.

Masturbating To Girls

mastrubation leoalxnder 2018-02-21

I got to the point of almost cumin when I realized I didn't want to blow my load in the shower, I wanted to cum while watching porn.  The other girl's name was Amy. I overheard the name from Mia's moans. Mia started playing with her nipples as Amy was fingering her. As Amy was fingering Mia I heard a huge screech and saw Amy squirt all over the place. Amy stood up and opened the cum-soaked door and screamed. Amy got on my dick and started riding cowgirl style. Mia got on top of me with her butt in Amy's face and started kissing me. I loved how Mia forced her tongue into my mouth as Amy was fucking my cock. 

Another check-up with the Doctor

mastrubation solabubbles 2018-02-21

Every time I thought of his sexy grin as his hand had slid down my thigh and his thick cock stretching me wide I felt a damp patch developing in my knickers. I slid my hand down between my legs and felt the familiar damp patch on my knickers and as I brushed my fingers over the wet spot my pussy tingled with pleasure. I pulled my legs up to tent the covers so Tom couldn’t hear my hand frigging my clit back and forth. ‘I want to taste you,’ he moaned and buried his head between my legs, I felt him pull my lacey knickers to the side of my slit and his tongue licked at my pussy lips.