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Taking The Thompson Women 1 by loyalsock

mastrubation loyalsock 2018-09-21

Ella had two daughters, Odetta and Mya. The mother stood at about average height and possessed the curvy figure that draws male attention. "Fine!" I said, straining, I was close, Miko was moving faster and her mouth felt like soft warm velvet. She keeps talking about how good he is in bed, and how big his cock is." Mya trialed off wistfully, thinking that she need to get home to reflect a little more about Billy Barrows big cock. We opened the books just in time as Ella opened her daughter's door, and saw the two of us on the bed, quietly working side by side on math problems.

closet surprise

mastrubation motherof2 2018-09-01

Let me tell you about Jess a little. "Should we lock the door Jess?" Chrissy asked. frequently and asking if Jess could play. "Okay, the first thing you have to do is find your clit!" Jess said "Look!" Jess said. "See that little ball there?" Asked Jess. "I start rubbing it and it feels real nice." my daughter said. "I will help you, wait" said Jess Kneeling in front of her friend, Jess pushed her legs slightly apart. Jess reached out and started rubbing her friends little bud. "Can I try something Chris?" Jess asked Jess lowered her face clear down to Chriss's slit and begin to lick her Chriss merely had this glazed look on her face and spread her legs even

The daughter

mastrubation 2018-08-27

But she has a daughter that is 22 and dropped out of collage cause she couldn't stand being away from home,anyhow I went to see my friend and we had drinks and dinner together while the evening lasted. During the night I got horny,but moms didn't so we both went to sl**p to sl**p off the effects of the drinks. I beleave she left the door half open for a reason cause she was at it again,but she had a dildo and was going to town with it I looked around for her mother before I pulled my shorts down and begain to jerkoff. I got back in bed like nothing happened,when we both awoke later we had lunch and I left after kissing her and I'll always have the image of her 22 year old daughter playing with that pussy.

Daddy Gives daughter a Facial

mastrubation 2018-08-05

'Show her', I said feeling titillated by the thought of a father 'Painting his young daughter' with the same sperm that helped to created her, my husband went white. My daughter knelt down in front of her father, who had striped off and stood there with a boner, 'Just keep your face close to the end of his dick and be prepared for it to hit you in the face', as I went to get my S4 cam, when I looked back, she was sitting inches from his cock head, now bouncing up and down as my husband jerked off.

Teacher seduced by lesbian schoolgirls, part 5

mastrubation timbo101 2018-06-28

Fuck, I thought to myself, I need to cum, I couldn't remember needing release as much as I did now, and as soon as I got home, I slammed the front door shut, and just sat straight down on the stairs in front of me, opened my legs, pulled my panties down and off one ankle, and immediately began to masturbate, first teasing my aroused wet slit until it throbbed, then fucking myself with my fingers. Jenny dropped her hands down between her legs and started rubbing her own pussy which obviously in need of attention by now, a sight that young Amy spotted immediately, dropping one of her own hands down to join her mothers fingers in the older woman's sopping wet cunt.

Worshipping at the Porcelain Alter

mastrubation 2018-06-09

In the past year she had filled out nice, making her legs a secret obsession of his. “Hot fucken slut.” Moments away from shooting his load, discretion faded away. Look at me shoot a load sexy bitch. When his daughter looked up towards his stiff cock hanging out of his pants, he quickly pulled the towel from around his neck, wrapping it around his crotch. Please come up the stairs slut, he thought. The sound of his daughter making her way towards the stairs made him grip his cock tighter, to jerk it stronger. As she stood half-frozen in the doorway, he turned directly soak in the sight of her gorgeous tanned legs.

My Daughter's Best Friend

mastrubation Acebottom 2018-06-09

My daughter Kayla grew into a beautiful young woman with dark black hair like her mother's. I know Kayla caught me a few times when she would sneak into the house by my room and heard me moaning. She began to relate to me the deal they made a while ago that while my not so innocent Kayla went out on her conquests, Sandra would pretend to be her and sneak into her room where she would hide out until I fell asl**p to allow Kayla to enter. I quietly went behind her and began to whisper in her ear how much of a bad girl she was to hide my daughter's motives from me and how much of a slut she was dressed like.

the toga party

mastrubation 2018-06-07

My eyes had fallen onto his hard cock; the red bulbous head glistened with his pre-cum, the ache between my chubby legs becoming unbearable again as he started to stroke himself in front of her, tiny goblets of his young sperm appeared as my daughter licked her lips in anticipation, curling her hand around him she fed him into her waiting mouth, first just the head, then releasing her fingers one by one as she deep throated him taking more and more of him into that wet warm cavern until she had him in up to his hairy balls, she cupped both his tentacles in her hands as if weighing them before gently squeezing, Paul stiffened slightly as his penis must have started to throb, she sucked harder, her head bobbing up and down like a chicken pecking at corn on the farmyard floor, her eyes closed as he fucked her mouth which encompassed his thick member, she waited for the explosion of his hot warm sperm to hit the back of her throat.

Barbaria Act 1 Chapter 8

mastrubation Victor-Bruno 2018-05-31

Personal Narrative of Leo, Warrior of Cipri given as slave to Karena, 16-year-old Daughter of Lady Helvetia So am I truly to be blamed if I so quickly abandoned my warrior status and came grovelling forward to kiss the golden boots of the ruler of Barbaria? If Flavia, as proud daughter of our Chief – now dead, alas – capitulated so quickly, why shloud not I? Once back in Nexos, we small group of warriors were put in chains and led naked to the streets... I entered alongside the guard and saw a black leather clad figure behind the desk. I stood up and saw that the woman had got up from her desk and come round to the front of it.

Busted and blackmailed for porn

mastrubation flakman 2018-05-23

I knew her mom was going to be a hypocrite about what I found, since she herself likes to look at porn and cams online but makes a huge effort to hide the fact, so I let the daughter know what I was doing and the porn I had found. She said if I told her mom about finding her porn then she's gonna tell her mom that I was the one who approached her to look at my cock online. She told me she really liked the sex stories I wrote and wanted me to write a fantasy about how I first met her, through her mom, and how I seduced her and eventually bent her over the hood of her car, fucked her hard and finally took her anal virginity.

me my wife and her daughter

mastrubation david040444 2018-05-20

When we got the Sam went to the bathroom to get changed while Jill and me undressed in the bedroom. Looking at Jills 38dd tits gave me an instant hard on which poked out of my boxers when Sam came out of the bathroom in her short nighty that did'nt leave much to the imagination. Jill looked at Sam and whistled at her daughter before gently running her fingertips over her own nipples trying to make them stand out just as proud. By now i felt my cock was going to explode in my boxers so I pulled it out, went behind Jill and started rubbing my cock against her arse.

How I met my GF, her daughter and stepson...Pt2 Li

mastrubation querico44 2018-04-26

My cock was throbbing hard as I pulled my shorts down and began to masturbate conjuring a vision of her hairy pussy in my head. I walked out to the yard handing Lisa the phone, she sat up and crossed her legs as she talked to her friend. Walking out to the bed, naked with my cock in one hand and towel in the other I look over to the open door at the very moment Lisa walks by on her way to her room. On her way back to her room she paused at the door and said "You must feel a lot better now, after your shower." Lookin up I see a sly little grin on her face, I replied "Yes, much better.

A weekend without my husband

mastrubation lauren003 2018-03-27

While in the bath I received a message from Frans saying, "thanks for the day, it was really wonderful chatting to a sexy smart mother as you, I really had a good time, and hope to see you again, maybe for a play date with our two c***dren." Very hot and sexy to look at and I could feel my pussy starting to get wet as I starred at his body while he slowly help both our daughters into the pool. My legs soon tensed up as I started moaning from the pleasure of making myself orgasm while thinking about Frans' handsome body.

Temptation 2! ...Borrowed daughter in laws tights/

mastrubation CockBoy1970 2018-03-16

I had a nice hard erection, i always seem to be more aroused with nylon than any other time, and never take long to cum so i slowly stroked my cock back and forth and knew that it wouldn`t be long until my cum started to make my way up my balls, so i increased my strokes to long and slow and got the gusset positioned under my cock head, the thought of her next working with my cum stain rubbing into her panties or maybe even her pussy was too much for me and i shot my load right into the tights silky gusset a nice big load as well.

My daughter and I caught my nephew Jacking.

mastrubation 2018-02-22

We both walked into the room without even thinking anyone was inside, but we both stopped, as he stood up and turned around to meet us, causing my daughter to half stifle an almost muted scream, and for myself to gasp, my nephew, her cousin stood stark naked, a boy with a handsome face and good physique, but our eyes were fixed on his erect penis, all ten inches on the body of a boy so young, a freak of nature perhaps, but my daughter and I swallowed hard, and within minutes, I began lusting for my s****rs boy, I had to have him, and to fuck with the consequences.

I laid claim to my daughters young boyfriend.

mastrubation 2018-02-05

We were both caught up in the hum of the machine, each of us experiencing sexual gratification from the vibration outpouring of the electric engine, my bare hand holding his warm cock against to top two feet from my own stimulated clitoris, 'Lets fuck', I screamed, but as I submitted to my lusting his hot semen spurted from between my manicured fingers, he was cumming and so much semen, sweet and salty, like some oriental sauce for the palate of a sexually frustrated female, my aching for him to be in my cunt was lost as his penis became flaccid in my fingers, 'Fuck Fuck Fuck', I chastised myself over and over again.

A fine f amily pt3

mastrubation vtevte 2017-12-14

Just then, Linda realized that her hand was quite high up her daughter's thigh, and though her first inclination was to pull it away, she wondered if there was some way she could help her daughter feel more comfortable about this issue that she was having trouble working through. Kelly's hands found their way to her mom's neck and she held her mother's face to hers, while Linda's hand continued pawing at her daughter's tit. Kevin just kept staring at his mother, Steve noticed, making him wonder if the boy had gotten into some kind of trouble that Linda was going to tell him about.

This one is for Dagworth. It includes caning and s

mastrubation jimwebley 2017-12-11

The mini-skirt had arrived, along with women's lib and the magical pill for girls. Alone, that is, except for one remaining girl, Wendy. We entered the living room and there was Wendy, in her pyjamas, which did nothing to hide her perky nipples. I watched Wendy as her mum d****d herself over my knee. "It's Wendy, same as my daughter". You are going to get what your daughter deserves, Wendy. I must have spanked her for at least 3 minutes when she said, "That's enough, I want you to fuck me now. Are you watching, Wendy? As I pulled out of Wendy's cunt and showed Wendy Jr. my still hard cock, I swear she came for the very first time.

So young and so cute

mastrubation gemma-longlegs 2017-11-30

I pretended I was still asl**p and through squinted eyes saw my daughters friend stef starring at my cock. I looked down and opened my eye slightly and saw her lips spread wide around my hard cock. she started to suck my cock to full hardness. Keep watch Stef said to Lisa and she lay on the bed. Do me the same she said and I fucked her hard until she came around my cock. Lsa walked over and said my turn and sucked on my cock. Stef was still in the door way watching and I cold see she wanted in on the action. I stood in the door way on guard for myself and both went to work on my cock.

Donna's Day

mastrubation 2017-11-19

Donna had d***k too much, that she knew, but ‘what the hell!’ her daughter had just got engaged and everyone was celebrating. She had a long-neck beer bottle in her right hand, and took a small sip from it. Donna sensed something penetrate her pussy, slowly sliding deeper as it also widened her opening. Reaching down, Donna felt something hard and cold. Donna took two full handfuls of the bedspread and held tight against the onslaught. Donna felt like she was back in university, the people today being no different than those that came before. She felt like the 20 year old girl she had been, laying naked on a dining room table at some frat party… letting everyone watch her fuck a wine bottle for a hundred dollars.

A daughter's homecumming!

mastrubation timbo101 2017-11-13

Mum had always told me that my dad liked heels and stockings, and I had often bought her a nice pair as a present, so this time I made sure that it was me that was wearing them, and I felt I was dressed more for going out for a night, than coming home, but I knew that these, together with a short tight skirt that hugged my bum, a top that accentuated my small but firm breasts, and a bra that somehow seemed to emphasise my nipples would undoubtedly please him, and maybe even make Mum a bit jealous!!!

My Sexy Daughter

mastrubation luke6112 2017-11-10

"Since you are so much bigger than Todd or any of those boys, I'm worried that a cock this big wouldn't fit inside of my tight little pussy, you know?" she said, moving her hips up until the head of my cock nestled at the entrance to her cunt. The guy in the mirror, despite looking somewhat guilty, smiled at me replied, "Hey, she came into my room and seduced me." I nodded and said, "Okay, well, I'm going back in there and telling her that we can't do this sort of thing." As I turned away from the mirror I heard him mutter, "Good luck with that."


mastrubation sxstory 2017-10-28

To my surprise they stopped about three metres from where I was laying – with an almost deserted beach they decide to sit next to a naked man with an obviously erect penis – I suppose you can’t plan good luck. As the mother masturbated me her daughter looked on, she sat with her knees drawn up, I had a runway view between her slender young thighs of her labia lips opening to her virginal vagina, to my surprise she was wet – I would have loved to lick her sweet pussy. My cum poured out in three pumping bursts, the mother sucked my cock when the last one was done, the daughter sat back and sort of giggled a little and wiped her cummy hands across her nubile breasts.