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One Hand In My Knickers

mastrubation Shylass 2018-11-05

I want your tongue plunging into my hole, and your finger up my ass whilst you rub your nose over my clit and taste me deep. Slap me round the face like I deserve, your impatient little whore, and pull me under your arm so you can spank my ass until I'm blushing red through the wet, white cotton. Then drop me to the floor when I can't stand, and make me lick your legs and cock clean, sucking up all my juices and taking you so deep in my throat that I gag against you, and still come back for more. Big, fat, fucking cock in my tight, wet, tiny hole, and my cunt can feel your balls smooshing against it, and it's too fucking much to take...

Stressful day for her.

mastrubation ramUdoggy 2018-10-01

"How does that feel?" You respond with a moan and a short of breath "amazing" he starts to work his way to the middle of your back he climbs onto the bed and sets his legs either side of your waist. Your so wet and your heart begins to race as he spreads your legs to do your inner thigh you feel his hand rub softly over your clit you let out a heavy breathed moan and bite your bottom lip. You lean forward and take his cock with one hand and start licking the tip you hear his breathing get deeper you slide his large cock into your mouth you feel it sliding down your throat you pull it out and gasp for air he grabs the back of your head and you start deep throating his cock going dater and faster until you hear him moan load and shoot his load all in your mouth.

Preparation for the date

mastrubation desirette 2018-06-23

Garter belt looks lovely, black&white with nice prints, I haven't been using it for long time, maybe that's the right choice? My hand immediately moves towards my legs and a bit further, to surprise me how wet and ready a pussy was.So thirsty for caressing. That was delightful - caressing my soft, wet, warm pussy and looking at myself in the mirror. When I only open my mouth for a blowjob he pushed his body towards my face, holding my hair even stronger and the whole cock got deep into my throat. Down on my knees I looked at his eyes with the greatest devotion, embracing his cock with my mouth, caressing with tongue, adapting tempo and deepness.


mastrubation Athena2 2018-02-07

She enjoyed when he would come home from work unexpectedly, push her hard against the wall, slide his fingers deep into her pussy, finger fucking her slowly as her nipples hardened, her moans muffled. His chest pressed deeply against her back, as he controls the pace, his hands making quick work of her bra, unclasping it, his fingers grasping her breasts as he slams into her deeper. She had wanted this all day as he continued to push more and more into her, stretching her completely as she mewled in contentment. His balls slapping her ass furiously until his cum squirts deep inside her, his head resting on her back, her juices coating him as his fingers gently caress her.

Learning Older Women's Tricks

mastrubation cowboy303up 2018-01-11

When Debbie Parker came out of the store after work we quickly walked to her car across the parking lot without talking. Once inside the car and out of sight of the store she put her hand behind my neck and pulled me to her giving me a wet tongue kiss. “I know I watched you wanking, and it made want to show off more,” she said smiling while starting the car. Pulling her legs apart to expose her wet, juicy slit I dropped to my knees, my tongue went deep inside her pink. Reaching out I grabbed a handful of hair and began pulling it, as I pumped harder and deeper inside her.

Cock on the Beach

mastrubation keen2trybi 2017-12-19

Jeff lay beside me on the beach, we were exhaused from jogging, swimming & drinking to much alcohol. He slept soundly, but his cock, that i had watched flopping about in his speedos as he jogged on the beach earlier in the day, was now fully erect & stretching the thin, white nylon material. As his erection f***ed the head of his uncut cut to slip out the top of his speedos, what else could I do but slowly lick the foreskin, easing his cock gently out of his swimmers, puling the foreskin back to reveal a nice firm hard helmet, shinning with pre cum. I took one last look at this magnificent fat, uncut cock, licked the last few drops of cum from the tip, then placed it back into his speedos as he slept on.