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Laura's leisure time

mastrubation fischer_mike 2018-12-04

Yes, there were parts of her body that started to show her forty three years, but she reckoned she could still pass for late twenties in good light. Laura turned off the water, and covered every inch of her body in a soft layer of foam. Laura put her hands under her head to stop them from wandering. She took Laura’s hands, and kissed her on the lips. Laura felt Dawn’s fingers in her bush. She used the fingers of both hands to massage the outer lips. Leaving one hand between her legs, she picked up the vibrator and licked it. Laura wished it was a real cock of flesh and blood, and that the finger in her pussy was the tongue of a second lover.

Nap Time

mastrubation Gillianleeeza 2018-11-24

But, I freely admit that some days I have awoken some time later with my hands in my pants, fingers around my clit or in my pussy, having not achieved orgasm. By now, I have let my hand wander down into my shorts and I have two fingers resting on either side of my clit. As my fingers slide in and out of my soaking wet pussy and I rub my clit, I turn my head and see a man a short distance away. While I am in the middle of this fantasy, the only thing moving has been my two fingers, silently rubbing my clit between them.

A Private Pleasure

mastrubation Milik_the_Red 2018-11-20

Either way, such moments are usually very enjoyable, but they never come close to those rare times when I can truly relax and allow myself to slowly build up into the full bodied arousal that makes stroking myself to orgasm an art of its own. I already had one powerful orgasm that morning and between that memory and building desire to feel another hot load of cum travel up my cock, I was aroused enough to look forward to what lay ahead. I know many men enjoy masturbating in the shower, but as nice as the soapy water feels as I use it to lubricate my shaft, I prefer to be laying down when I stroke my cock.

Overtime Fantasies (Part 1)

mastrubation WickedShads 2018-11-15

Being forced to look past her throughout the course of the meeting to outwardly pay attention to the meeting coordinator at the head of the table had given me more than ample opportunity to survey her (even more?) open blouse and admire the full swell of her breasts barely contained in the very sexy black lace demi-bra she wore. She leans forward in her chair to scribble some notes onto the tablet in front of her, allowing the weight of her breast to pull an erect nipple free of her bra to tantalize to my enthralled vision, and sending thrills through my body. I spin my chair around and open the bag I keep in my office for those lunch time visits to the gym.

Star Crossed Neighbors

mastrubation kinkitten 2018-11-03

"Fuck," she thought, "of all the days, I have to bump into him when I look like hell." He looked at Anna with some amusement and curiosity and saw her face turn beet red as she nudged her friend a little harshly and told her to shut up. "Well if you aren’t fucking him then I want to," her friend said petulantly and half threw herself, half stumbled at him. "What'd'ya say big guy, wanna go to your place?" the girl asked as he caught her so she wouldn’t land face first on the floor. His fingers pinching her nipples as he looks into her eyes, making her push her hips forward with need and want.

A Letter to L.

mastrubation sprite 2018-11-03

I had an image of my pulling off my jeans and pumping my fingers in and out of my drenched cunt, my moans echoing off the bathroom walls or, even better, you pushing your entire hand into me while I screamed in ecstasy. The thrill that went through me as I thought of someone having witnessed my little escapade, perhaps standing just outside my window, looking in while I abused myself, eyes flying open just as I climaxed, a strangers face filling my vision… I thought about leaving my panties in the car so I could enjoy them on the way home, but thought better of it.

Beat-Off Buddies Ch. 03

mastrubation Carnevil9 2018-09-23

Finally, she was stroking my cock from behind with both hands, getting me good and hard. Jane's hips were rocking slightly; I imagined that she was thinking about stroking her boyfriend's cock from behind. The bubbles continued to tickle my feet and ankles, and the splashing sounds made it feel like we were on some exotic beach in the Caribbean." I kept sliding my hands up and down my shaft, slowly and gently, not in a hurry. "She could tell I was almost ready to cum, just like I am now, so she stopped and squeezed my cock until things calmed down a bit. My breathing was getting heavy, too, as imagined myself brutally fucking her pussy, and felt the cum boiling in my balls.

Jayne and Jeffrey 2

mastrubation slave_ariana 2018-06-12

It took Jayne a few weeks to get used to the idea that Jeffrey had been watching porn with images of transvestites being dominated by pretty, strong women. However, after a couple of weeks she got bored of making up fantasies and masturbating, and decided it was time to put her plans in to action. It delighted her as it meant she could put step 2 of her plan in to action, but saddened her as he had plainly been keeping his fantasy a secret from her for a very long time. Jayne spent the rest of the time whilst Jeffrey was away in a state of bliss with the plug up her bottom, filling her nice and tightly, watching porn and using the small, but powerful vibe on her engorged clit.

My Fantasies

mastrubation 2018-03-01

When I found out that he was not my real father and since my mother and he never have sex I tried to seduce him many times. I know one day my two daughters will also love sex and I will teach them young. If you ever want to see how it feels to have sex with a bi-sexual man and his daughter, contact me. My NOT father loves to suck a hard cock and I love to feel the balls when the guy is having an orgasm. My fantasy is to have another man for me – who can share me with my father and maybe soon, my two daughters.

My masturbation diary, commencing 11th January 201

mastrubation hartlepoolman 2018-02-24

One day I noticed some of them were longer than my inert cock; out with the scissors to trim that lot back a bit. Most of the time I lose my nerve and roll out of the position as I come to end up with a cupped hand full of semen - why do they make hair conditioner look like a handful of come? - Sometimes I spunk whilst in position, often hitting my face, hair or chest, or bed, on a few occasions I spunk into my mouth, then I usually spit (why do I find it a disgusting taste?), but on four occasions I have actually swallowed, and it is not really so bad. I think I'm more likely to receive the load in my mouth when I have already come earlier in the day, and my come is smaller, fresher and strangely sweeter.