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Lonely Housewife

mastrubation DCUK 2018-03-05

“Imagine that, shoving my lover into the body of that great thing just when Adam is turning the key to the front door!” Hannah enjoyed shouting out her thoughts into the open spaces of her grand house. And like a scorned child, Hannah charged up the stairs, two at a time, flying into her bedroom and throwing herself onto the bed, landing with her face in the pillow. He brushed his hand over the cool work surface and thought, ‘next time Annie.’ Each room on the lower floor was the same, clean, tidy and no sign of his wife. Annie took his cock and pushed him inside her, instantly filling her, their four hands were all over her exposed sex.

My Fantasy

mastrubation zammzamm 2018-03-04

This thought redirected the blood in my body from one head to another and I soon found my hand sliding down my body and slowly into my pants. My dick was rising and my hand, which no longer seemed to be in my control began, to slowly slide up my shaft and as it reached the head I could feel the blood rushing away from the brain that gave me self-control and rushing to head that would could force my toes to curl and my entire body to spasm in agony and Ecstasy. As my hands got closer and closer to touching the only drenched piece of fabric that separated her body from the air my heart beat faster and faster.

The Truth Will Set You Free

mastrubation Ms_Marvelous 2018-03-04

The wind and rain on my bare 36C breasts feel amazing and my nipples react instantly. I know I am a slut but it would be nice if the whole world knew it too, that way I could be free and live how I want to live. He calls me slut over and over; his hands are on my head, pushing me down harder onto his cock. The wet grass feels great on my hard nipples and my hand slips down to my ass. They are all watching my every move and though I don’t know how long they have been there I can tell by the look on their faces they have been there long enough. Once on my knees I feel her hands on the back of my head pulling me home.

Are you still watching?

mastrubation Skarletta 2018-03-04

 Still feeling relaxed by the effects of my favorite herb and now lightheaded from an intense orgasm, I barely brushed the towel over my damp skin as I headed for my waiting bed. Feeling the music flow through me, I welcome the way my muscles burn as they bunch and stretch, twisting and turning my body. I feel like it’s my first time with a new lover as my hands explore the soft skin that covers every dip and curve of my body. As my fingers wonder dangerously close to the delicate skin begging to be touched, the air is thickened by my short, hot breaths of felicity. I drive my fingers into the depths of my body and rub my swollen, begging clit.


mastrubation deviant1 2018-03-04

I have a high sex drive and the last few months of being single have been hell on my poor cock. I select the option that I would prefer to play with a female and in no time I am talking to “Bitch.” This don't sound good, but what the hell. I am soon butt naked in front of the web-cam talking to Bitch. I simply aim the camera to the correct angle and begin stroking my cock for her. I tinker with the frame rate and resume the task at hand (no pun intended) my cock is now fully erect and I am hornier than ever. I begin stroking my still hard cock ensuring I am over the towel.

For My Neighbor - Her Side

mastrubation el_henke 2018-03-03

I know you can keep these secrets, so dark I wouldn't even entrust them to my best friends, let alone my slutty little sister Larissa. Sure, I know (because he told me) he doesn't think much of sluts like Larissa and prefers girls – or better: women – who are more reasonable or innocent-ish or whatever you wanna call it, but what would he ever find in me? That night after getting naked, just like every time I was about to play with my little snatch, I pictured how he'd be kissing me while he'd squeeze my perky breasts. While picturing his touches, kisses, bites and licks, I was using my own hands and fingers, trying to give myself all those sensations Mr. Joules would give me in my lewd fantasy.

The Awful Truth

mastrubation aussiescribbler 2018-03-03

"Like the way I keep thinking about your friend Roger's dick," she explained, sitting up in bed. "Anyway, there's nothing illegal about pulling a guy's pants down to have a look at his cock," she said. "And I think Roger would love to have me pull his cock out of his pants. Don't tell me you weren't thinking about how much you'd like to reach into her top and pull one of her boobs out and suck on her nipple." "I think you like having a wife with a really filthy mind. "How do you know about those kinds of things?" I asked as I began to slowly stroke my cock. You with your cock hanging out of your pants dripping cum on the carpet, and me with jism all over my face.

Pleasure For You

mastrubation MissMimi 2018-03-03

I squeeze my thighs together hard and caress the fullness of my breasts for a while, just imagining that you were here watching me, wanting me in the same way that I want you right now. I pinch my nipples harder, imagining your lips caressing my body as my fingers circle my clit. I imagine pleasuring you, my mouth tasting you, my tongue bringing you to an exquisite edge, my pussy enveloping your delicious cock, clenching around you and causing you to cum hard for me. I need this now, my fingers are so slick and my body begins to tremble hard, my arousal is at a high.

A good start

mastrubation Ariane 2018-03-03

For a moment she is tempted just to pull the covers up over her head and shut the world out until she feels like facing it again. Her hand brushes against her nipple, the touch feeling like an electric jolt running through her. She watches her hand slip down her stomach, caressing slowly, moving on to the mound between her legs. A feeling of anticipation filling her as she watches her hand slowly moves down to caress her clit. Watching intensely, as her hands moves across her body, caressing and pleasuring herself. With a smile and now shaky legs she finishes up in the shower, getting out and wrapping her slender body in a warm towel.

Sleeping Pill

mastrubation littlelibrarian 2018-03-02

In real life I flutter my fingers over my vulva, feeling it slowly open. Then he starts back from the bottom, curling upwards slowly, making sure I feel every single sensation as he makes his way up. He goes back to slowly circling my clit, changing directions when he can feel himself wanting to speed up. Then he starts back from the bottom this time going just a little faster and flicking at the end instead of circling. I’m here in my bed, hand soaked, legs spread, hips almost bouncing, and finger circling fast. I wipe my hand on the end of my t-shirt and eye lids start to become heavy.

Self indulgence

mastrubation BlueEyedBelle 2018-02-27

I let my hands wander, stroking down my body, feeling the curves of my full breasts and gently pinching my nipples. I slipped my hand inside my underwear, feeling the growing wetness of my soft, smooth pussy. I reached down and slid a finger inside myself, just enough to spread my juices over my now swollen clit. I could feel the familiar tingling sensation building up already as I gently traced my fingers around my pussy. My left hand held the vibrator on my clit, my right hand reached down and I slid two fingers inside, slowly moving them in and out. 

A Smooth Operator

mastrubation bigdaddy515 2018-02-27

first I only heard soft breathing on the line … great I think yet another call where I have to do all the work & guess what this fucker wants. it’s a little cold tonight though mmmm you like perky nipples baby?” My nipples were actually cold and were in taunt little pink points … I absent mindedly caressed my breasts while I waited for the guy to speak but I was NOT prepared for what happened when he did. As I rolled my eyes & pinched my right nipple I finally heard him speak … “Hi” … fucking HI was all he said but that VOICE! OMG For the love of god I had never heard a voice that sexy … I actually felt myself get a little aroused and damn from FUCKING HI!

Dream Master

mastrubation Master_Jonathan 2018-02-26

Slowly Jenny's mind began to wander back to Jonathan's story once more and her hands gently meandered over her soft, smooth shoulder, feeling for the curve of her neck, that corner that adores a gentle kiss. With each movement, Jenny's hands moved closer and closer to her pussy lips, at first just skimming by, then brushing them gently, slowly increasing the contact little by little, and allowing her body to adjust to the new sensation. Moving her hand in slow circular movements, matching the speed of his imaginary tongue, flicking and caressing as light as a butterfly touch but with intense effect, she felt the sensation inside her loins intensifying, nearing the moment when the distraction would become too much and she would need to be filled completely.

Stranger on a bench

mastrubation DB5 2018-02-26

She thought she would walk to the shop across the park, for fresh air more than anything desperately needed. Empty save for birdsong and the distant hum of traffic, she walked along the top path, stopping when she reached a bench. 'No need to rush' she thought and in doing so sat herself down on the wooden slats, she could feel them pressing against her, through her coat. She thought 'I feel quite chilled', and immediately shivered, making her smile at the humour of it. The woman on the bench pulled her coat more tightly around her, as if protecting herself from the slight chill in the morning air. In doing so, she pressed her breasts with her hands, feeling their weight and fullness beneath the coat.

Chelle's Secrets: A Prelude

mastrubation lemanruss 2018-02-26

Still, there were times that she imagined she was with the young lifeguard again instead of her boyfriend, and when he left her Sunday afternoon, her usual thoughts of sadness about the lonely week ahead were quickly assuaged by a fantasy that continued to progress in her mind. Throughout the sporadic work week, the fantasy had gone farther and farther in the times that she found to be alone (of which there were several) until finally her dirty mind had pictured a day when the lifeguard had come over and brought two of his friends, all of whom were going to fuck the hot brunette at the same time.

Shower Alone

mastrubation sweetconcubine 2018-02-26

I imagine our naked bodies touching, yours hard and long, mine soft and petite. Moaning softly in the steam of the shower, I imagine your hands on my breasts. What would it feel like for our mouths to touch, open and hot, water streaming between us? I grind against my hand and feel the heat of my pussy against my fingers. The pleasure travels inside my body, down from my hard nipple directly to my aching clit. I cum with your image in my head, imagining your body and mine joined, fucking wildly in the steam of the shower. My finger has stilled and I feel the strong contractions of my orgasm inside my pussy slow.

Oh Baby Where Were You Last Night

mastrubation SueEastwood 2018-02-26

Laying on my back spread open my legs and with my hands explored my body remembering in my head your words from previous chats. You were looking down between my open legs at the embers of my hot furnace as you tightly squeezed and slowly stroked your incredible tool. Crawling onto the bed your kisses reached inside my thigh while the other leg continued to enjoy the touch of your fingers. Pulling your head with my hands you kissed your way towards my chest keeping your hand playing in my nest and I was feeling the twitching of your cock against my knee as you crawled your way up. Kissing your way on to my neck your cock slides up the inside of my thigh where my fingers can reach.

Masturbating, Thinking About Haven And Inessa

mastrubation kornslayer1 2018-02-24

"Fuck, that was so hot though: Haven was eating Inessa's cherry like it was a giant pizza. Suddenly, I bit down on my bottom lip and my right hand calmly moved under my bag. No one has any idea what you did, or that you have your hand down your panties,' I thought, bitting down on my bottom lip. "Yes, Haven, eat Inessa's pussy until she cums all over your face again," I whispered, prior to licking my lips. "Fuck, I'm shivering a bit now, but that was so good," I muttered before I lazily brought my hand back out. "There is no reason a nerdy lady like you can't talk to two of the popular girls about sex," Haven mentioned, before she leaned towards me and smooched my cheek.

Young Lust

mastrubation Hakuna 2018-02-24

I had Miss Naude, the blonde Afrikaans teacher with the great bum and lovely full breasts, on her desk thrashing in pleasure as I pounded away at her, my little teenaged body looking far more manly in the fantasy than in real-life. I took it off and wrapped the silky, slippery lycra around my cock and I fucked Miss Lawrence until she screamed for mercy and climaxed with such force that her marvelous pussy was drenched with her juices. As she wrapped her long legs around my waist in the swimming pool and pressed my swollen cock into her warm pussy I would explode with excitement.

Getting Ready for a Spanking - Part One

mastrubation JustE89 2018-02-23

Elizabeth knew that Ricky always took long showers, and she figured that with him being nervous, he would be in there even longer and it would give her some time to have a quick orgasm, so she would not make a fool of herself in front of him as he was spanking her. Elizabeth closed her eyes, and thought about having one of her dominating male friends on top of her, sliding their cock deep into her love canal, fucking her into submission. The thought of a dominating man taking her hard, pulling her hair and spanking her, while fucking her like there was no tomorrow, was more than she could stand.

Silent Wank

mastrubation clum 2018-02-23

The tempo increased and Oscar's hand, of its own volition, glode beneath the duvet over his naked torso, down to the elastic waistband of his underwear and pausing on the taut fabric, his aching cock mere centimeters away. A rounded ass rose up like a mountain behind her and she began to crawl on all fours towards his lips, letting their young bodies touch each other; feel each other. She vanished as he opened his eyes to find his hand beating his hard cock furiously yet still, miraculously, silently. After a few seconds of waiting nervously, a loud snort was emitted from his sleeping roommate and Oscar breathed a heavy sigh of relief, full of self-satisfaction at having successfully pulled off the Silent Wank.

Fingers in the shower

mastrubation DanielleX 2018-02-23

Putting the shower nozzle back on its holder, I stand under it’s spray and squeeze a big drop of soap on to my sponge. It feels so good and I continue to massage my right breast as my right hand slips between my pussy lips and the wetness from the shower, quickly becomes the wetness inside my little love hole. I’m so worked up and I work my fingers, rubbing them around and round, making my sexy pink nodule tingle and begin to explode with fantastic feelings as my orgasm grows and yet it’s that delicious few seconds before I cum and I just want to keep it there - hold that moment.


mastrubation wjm 2018-02-22

I looked up from my trance-like concentration and immediately laid eyes upon 4 or 5 beautiful girls, with tight shirts and short skirts, showing just a little too much skin for any teenage boy to be able to keep a clean mind. I felt overwhelmed by lust as I imagined slowly sliding into the bustier girl’s mouth, as her friend looked on in awe. Still reeling from the embarrassment, I found that the two girls were still draped across each other and some skin revealed by the innocent slip of a shirt was enough to return my now slightly flaccid penis to full attention. Pleasuring yourself through thick school trousers is no easy task and I received a few funny glances from the girls to my left, as I desperately tried to put my embarrassment out of my head.

The Parking Lot

mastrubation MikaMinx 2018-02-22

Remembering his smooth voice saying, 'I want you to feel fantastic Little One, I want you to ache with need for me.' I pull my panties to one side, kick off my shoes, and place my feet on the dashboard, spread slightly apart. The cool air hits my wetness and I shiver - just a bit. I don't usually do this, but today I feel really hot with desire to truly play here in 'our spot.' I pinch my right nipple between the fingers of my left hand. I needed to cum badly, here, in our spot in the Parking Lot. I continued to fuck my pussy with my fingers and wildly buck up my hips.