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Curious Kitten

mastrubation babygirlmindy 2018-12-04

Holding up a particularly naughty pair to her own hips, Melanie giggled at the thought of wearing such a thing to school, let alone to work. Her thoughts pressed further, imagining wearing the blindfold as well as the cuffs, and feeling as some strong lover’s body slid down hers.  Something inside her began to burn at the thought of how that must feel, and what exactly the beads were for.  Melanie laid back onto the bed and dipped her hand, along with the toy, into her panties, desperate for a more fulfilling sensation. Her moans and groans of pleasure filled the air, and her hips rocked as she worked the toy inside her fervently.

The Awful Truth

mastrubation aussiescribbler 2018-12-04

"Like the way I keep thinking about your friend Roger's dick," she explained, sitting up in bed. "Anyway, there's nothing illegal about pulling a guy's pants down to have a look at his cock," she said. "And I think Roger would love to have me pull his cock out of his pants. Don't tell me you weren't thinking about how much you'd like to reach into her top and pull one of her boobs out and suck on her nipple." "I think you like having a wife with a really filthy mind. "How do you know about those kinds of things?" I asked as I began to slowly stroke my cock. You with your cock hanging out of your pants dripping cum on the carpet, and me with jism all over my face.

The Brazilian Beauty Beguiles

mastrubation flytoomuch 2018-12-02

Poor John was still looking for an apartment to become his home base in Rio. Like a good friend Marcos asked his partner to relax at his hillside villa. “Hi I’d love to fuck your virgin pussy and hear you scream in orgasm.” Is perhaps not the best message to send to the shy young teen stepdaughter of your good friend and new business partner? Mariana seemed young and virgin like and yet something in her look, in her smoldering eyes, was disturbing John. Chocolate skin, white skin, small breasts, erect nipples, hot kisses, engorged cock, mews, whimpers, clawing, thrusting: John wished he could stop the images coming, but he felt helpless.

Naughty Naughty Babysitter

mastrubation FeliciaGreene 2018-12-02

So, so much more fun to slip into Mr and Mrs Carson's bedroom, lock the door, stand in front of their full-length mirror, and slowly peel off her dress. Then Abbie's hands on her clit had been replaced with Mr Jacob's hot, wet tongue, and before long they'd been splayed across the locker room floor, fucking like two animals in heat. With one eye on Mr Carson's photograph, Abbie parted the smooth folds of her outer lips, lightly brushing her clit. It's a damn good job I remembered my key today, Mr Carson thought as he opened the door of the house, or I'd be well and truly stuck.

My Girl's Best Friend

mastrubation Ads87 2018-11-30

She had called me, earlier that morning, to ask if I could be at her house and wait for the boilerman to fix her hot water, because work had called her in at the last minute. I walked into the bathroom, still with cock in hand, her knickers and her photo frame. I open my eyes to see the photo frame I'm holding of her, and I'm shaking as I begin to feel wave after wave of my orgasm rising and falling. I open my eyes to see the photo frame I'm holding of her, and I'm shaking as I begin to feel wave after wave of my orgasm rising and falling.

Disclosed Desires

mastrubation Lauradj 2018-11-30

He’d let her come up for air for a few moments, five or six seconds maximum, and then he would place his hands either side of her head and draw her back to his lap, giving her no choice but to open her mouth and take him. With the one hand on her head, he imagined pushing her down further on him and thrusting into her mouth before letting her come up for air for a few seconds, and then repeating the action. His hands slowly slipped away from her in the aftermath of the moment, and when he opened his eyes, the late afternoon sun streaming in through the bedroom window, he was well satisfied, and hoped that she would reappear to him in his fantasy sometime soon.

Pleasure For You

mastrubation MissMimi 2018-11-29

I squeeze my thighs together hard and caress the fullness of my breasts for a while, just imagining that you were here watching me, wanting me in the same way that I want you right now. I pinch my nipples harder, imagining your lips caressing my body as my fingers circle my clit. I imagine pleasuring you, my mouth tasting you, my tongue bringing you to an exquisite edge, my pussy enveloping your delicious cock, clenching around you and causing you to cum hard for me. I need this now, my fingers are so slick and my body begins to tremble hard, my arousal is at a high.

Karly’s Getaway Part 1: Fun With My little Vibe

mastrubation sexykarly 2018-11-28

A three-hour flight delay, a seven hour direct flight, and then the longest baggage claim line I’ve ever seen, but I’m here – London – for the start of a month-long Christmas celebration. As an added treat, I’m booked in a luxury hotel for my two days in London and when we meet up again at the end of the month, to spend Christmas and ring in the New Year together, it’ll be a week of luxury living. I want to lay down on a soft bed, naked, and relax. I have no doubt I can find all kinds of ways to have fun with it until Michael joins me at the end of the month.

The Countess of Cum

mastrubation Digdog14 2018-11-27

A scant moment after I was pushed into my stall, the guard roughly placed my wrists and ankles in the manacles attached to the stall’s frame, leaving me unable to move. Once again, the large iron door to the chamber opened, and an honor guard of naked, armed women - including the one who’d taken me from my cell - filed in. When she reached the edge of the great onyx tub, she left the cloak slip from her shoulders, revealing the most incredibly delicious body I have ever set eyes on, even all these years later. This time I tried to enjoy it more, going slowly as I watched the Countess begin rubbing the cum flowing into her tub all over her body.

The Parking Lot

mastrubation MikaMinx 2018-11-27

Remembering his smooth voice saying, 'I want you to feel fantastic Little One, I want you to ache with need for me.' I pull my panties to one side, kick off my shoes, and place my feet on the dashboard, spread slightly apart. The cool air hits my wetness and I shiver - just a bit. I don't usually do this, but today I feel really hot with desire to truly play here in 'our spot.' I pinch my right nipple between the fingers of my left hand. I needed to cum badly, here, in our spot in the Parking Lot. I continued to fuck my pussy with my fingers and wildly buck up my hips.

A nurse's story Pt.1

mastrubation TLOTTL 2018-11-26

“Oh, what the fuck.” you say to yourself, and as you position so that the pulsing jet of water hits your left breast, your free hand starts to caress, pinch and tease your right breast. Turning the flow control from pulse to massage you once again aim the water directly onto your clit, the needle-like spray of water and your probing fingers start your juices flowing freely from your pussy. Your breathing starts to return to something like normal and you stoop down to retrieve the fallen shower-head, aiming the jet of water between your legs again, this time to get clean, not to bring yourself to arousal, but the memory of what has just happened lingers.

My Fantasy

mastrubation zammzamm 2018-11-26

This thought redirected the blood in my body from one head to another and I soon found my hand sliding down my body and slowly into my pants. My dick was rising and my hand, which no longer seemed to be in my control began, to slowly slide up my shaft and as it reached the head I could feel the blood rushing away from the brain that gave me self-control and rushing to head that would could force my toes to curl and my entire body to spasm in agony and Ecstasy. As my hands got closer and closer to touching the only drenched piece of fabric that separated her body from the air my heart beat faster and faster.

At work, working myself.

mastrubation Sheela 2018-11-25

I get so turned on and wet knowing you're going to cum down my throat. I love a dripping wet cunt that I can tongue fuck while I'm being double stuffed and pounded into oblivion. I'm sliding my fingers deep into my cunt slowly, imagining your cock thrusting into me. My hand under my skirt and in my panties is moving faster in my cunt, making a slapping sound against my outer folds, swimming freely in my arousal. She's slowly biting her lip while watching me pound away at my own pussy. I open my eyes and see her still standing there, but now her blouse is unbuttoned exposing her large, supple breasts held tightly by a lacy black bra.

Thoughts Of You (my friend/my fantasy)

mastrubation NoahBody 2018-11-25

Again my hand travels southward, this time I reach in to my shorts and pull on my semi-rigid cock a few more times before I finally settle in to simply massaging my swollen balls. My cock in my hand once again is practically working overtime, I want to cum in the worse possible way but still my thoughts are all of you. Again, I imagine reaching out to the sides of your panties and slowly lowering them down passed your hips, whereas just the very top of your neatly trimmed pubic hair is visible. I close my eyes tightly, knowing full well that I want you to feel me my cock pulse.

For My Neighbor II - His Side

mastrubation el_henke 2018-11-24

Let me briefly remind you of what they are and look like, although I know my descriptions of these two adolescent girls were rather vivid in my earlier scribblings – of Lucy, the elder of both sisters, especially. Now with this particular girl, things were to be different, for Lucy's beaming smile and her blooming body started to have my mind filled with images intense beyond my ability to suppress them and inappropriate for a married man my age. Yet, still I could sense that the before-mentioned set of affectionate emotions I felt for young Lucy gradually came to grow far beyond what the friendly relationship between neighbors allowed to be.

A good start

mastrubation Ariane 2018-11-23

For a moment she is tempted just to pull the covers up over her head and shut the world out until she feels like facing it again. Her hand brushes against her nipple, the touch feeling like an electric jolt running through her. She watches her hand slip down her stomach, caressing slowly, moving on to the mound between her legs. A feeling of anticipation filling her as she watches her hand slowly moves down to caress her clit. Watching intensely, as her hands moves across her body, caressing and pleasuring herself. With a smile and now shaky legs she finishes up in the shower, getting out and wrapping her slender body in a warm towel.


mastrubation hertysslut 2018-11-23

Tina shivered at the thought of cold ice on her breasts and then gasped as the thought of Phil with an ice cube teasing her labia and clit suddenly burst into her mind. She moaned a bit at the feel of Phil's hands working the soapy suds into her scalp, her body relaxing and melting into his grip. The soaping went without incident and she felt a little bit more calm as she reached for the razor to shave her legs. Her eyes closed as she stroked her feet and toes, scooting back a bit she felt the shampoo bottle nestle between her ass cheeks.

The Truth Will Set You Free

mastrubation Ms_Marvelous 2018-11-23

The wind and rain on my bare 36C breasts feel amazing and my nipples react instantly. I know I am a slut but it would be nice if the whole world knew it too, that way I could be free and live how I want to live. He calls me slut over and over; his hands are on my head, pushing me down harder onto his cock. The wet grass feels great on my hard nipples and my hand slips down to my ass. They are all watching my every move and though I don’t know how long they have been there I can tell by the look on their faces they have been there long enough. Once on my knees I feel her hands on the back of my head pulling me home.

The Lake

mastrubation TaylorM 2018-11-22

As usual, I play with my cock and caress my body whenever I’m not preoccupied, in this situation, I realize that I’m tickling my sac and ass crack as I look over the crowd of people on the shore. I get a wave of excitement through my body as I realize the opportunity I have to feel these cold waters against my cock as I play with myself. If you would have been swimming by at the time, or have come out of the cabin located directly behind where I now sat, you could have watched as I now lay sprawled out on a wet rock, legs spread to fit my finger in my ass and my cock standing straight up glistening in spit from the moonlight.

Want to watch?

mastrubation Skarletta 2018-11-22

Stepping deeper into the cascade of steaming hot water, my blond hair is saturated and begins clinging to my body. Though I can’t see his face, I know he’s smiling as he drives two long, thick fingers into my beckoning cock hole. Near mad with desire to have Tommy’s cock slamming into my cunt, I step from the shower leaving the water running. With water dripping from my naked body, sweet nectar saturating the satin lips between my legs, I withdraw an old friend from inside an old purse, in the top of the closet. Back in the shower, hot water warming my skin again, I wet the toy cock and secure it to the back wall of the shower.

A Smooth Operator

mastrubation bigdaddy515 2018-11-22

first I only heard soft breathing on the line … great I think yet another call where I have to do all the work & guess what this fucker wants. it’s a little cold tonight though mmmm you like perky nipples baby?” My nipples were actually cold and were in taunt little pink points … I absent mindedly caressed my breasts while I waited for the guy to speak but I was NOT prepared for what happened when he did. As I rolled my eyes & pinched my right nipple I finally heard him speak … “Hi” … fucking HI was all he said but that VOICE! OMG For the love of god I had never heard a voice that sexy … I actually felt myself get a little aroused and damn from FUCKING HI!

Silent Wank

mastrubation clum 2018-11-22

The tempo increased and Oscar's hand, of its own volition, glode beneath the duvet over his naked torso, down to the elastic waistband of his underwear and pausing on the taut fabric, his aching cock mere centimeters away. A rounded ass rose up like a mountain behind her and she began to crawl on all fours towards his lips, letting their young bodies touch each other; feel each other. She vanished as he opened his eyes to find his hand beating his hard cock furiously yet still, miraculously, silently. After a few seconds of waiting nervously, a loud snort was emitted from his sleeping roommate and Oscar breathed a heavy sigh of relief, full of self-satisfaction at having successfully pulled off the Silent Wank.

Mirror, Mirror

mastrubation alexmarch 2018-11-22

His mouth presses hard against my pussy - damn, it's only my hand, but I'm so into this now - and he is still, with his right hand, pinching my nipples and that is so wild the way it feels, like a direct connection between my tits and my pussy, skipping the brain completely. So I close my eyes again, and it is so easy to carry on where I left off for that moment, as I remember what it felt like when "he" held me, and I imagine that it is my fantasy stranger holding me now, his mouth kissing my pussy and mixing my wetness with his mouth's wetness, his tongue entering me, his fingers entering, his cock just waiting, in my hand.

The Open Door

mastrubation Cyndy 2018-11-22

Closing my eyes, I pictured in my mind some of the stories I had just read, while my fingers were enjoying exploring between my legs. I wondered what it would be like to be fucked by other guys, and I thought about each guy that was in our living room, and pictured them one at a time having their way with me. It was always good having him fuck me, but this time I pictured him sitting there watching me, encouraging me, and telling the guys what I liked so they could please me. Watching Jake, I thought about what he might look like naked, and pictured him, down on his knees in front of me, fucking my pussy with his tongue.