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A Stealth Climax

mastrubation intimate_insight 2018-11-16

One of them was to pinch tight the tip of the foreskin while sitting on the toilet and letting my pee fill and expand my foreskin capacity until the pressure exploded through my hand. And so it was on that particular morning, standing in front of the bathroom mirror, already empty of pee and with a stretched foreskin. I don't know why I did it, but I pushed the tip of my foreskin so that my penis went back against my testicles. But not this time. Instead, I playfully pushed my finger inside my foreskin, delicately exploring the wide opening of the wet lips at the tip of my penis. I stood for a while, letting my love juice flow out of my foreskin and across my fingers.

Foreskin play caught in the act

mastrubation Dakotabob15 2018-08-31

Well this story is about being caught out , my wife and I have a good sex life having sex 3 / 4 times a week , but I have a very high sex drive so give my self a handjob up too 4 times most days , could say im addicted too it , I work from home so its very easy , my wife works 4 days a week , one day not so long a go she went off too work and I was so horny the second she left the door so got on hamster tube and started watching a clip about a guy who was giving him self a handjob with an amazing foreskin , now I have a foreskin and love watching guys play with them selfs or women playing with them , its so erotic .

My Doctor, a Nurse & My Cock

mastrubation seanhi5 2018-07-31

I looking through the window blinds to see what was going on outside when the same nurse who brought me in entered the room. She had brought in a tray with some disposable cloths, cotton balls, and a few applicators that looked like overgrown Q-Tips, a small dish of water, and a tube of the cream. She told me that before applying the cream I was to carefully wash and dry my foreskin both inside and out. The nurse looked at me and said my penis had to be completely clean and dry before the cream could be applied, but it seemed I was having some trouble cooperating. The nurse squeezed a small ribbon of cream onto her forefinger and gingerly applied it over the whole outside of the foreskin.

The bi-curious professor in the sauna Part 4

mastrubation tim3196 2018-07-29

I move my index finger in a clockwise motion around the professor’s belly button opening as I slowly lower my finger into the hairy hole. As my hand reaches the tip of his cock I increase the opening between my thumb and the rest of my hand. As my move my hand further down his cock the pressure from my thumb pulls the professor’s foreskin down revealing the head in all its glory. As my hand reaches the base of the professor’s cock I release the pressure from my thumb and the foreskin returns to cover the head. The professor contracts his kegel muscles a few times and some pre-cum comes out. I use my finger to spread the pre-cum between the head of his cock and the foreskin.


mastrubation bobapple 2018-05-07

By now my hand has turned around and my fingers are fondling and caressing his cock and balls. I could stand there all day enjoying myself and him but after 15 seconds or so I pull away and whisper "very nice, thanks". He is standing at the left urinal with his pants open and his cock and balls pulled over the waistband of his underwear. His cock is thicker at the base and the middle of his shaft than the tip but his glans has thickened somewhat in its erectness. I continue to milk his cock, stroking from base to tip and back again. I fondle his nuts for a brief moment and give his cock a final stroke.

Future Father In-Law Examination

mastrubation john1195 2018-04-27

“Come on Gary, let’s hit the steam room,” said the Doc as we returned to the locker area. Doc was undressing next to me, grabbed the towel from the attendant and said, “follow me,” as we headed to the steam room. “Not necessarily,” replied the Doc, “It depends on the thickness of the skin and shaft of the penis.” Another question, as my dick is now fully erect, foreskin still attached over my mushroom head. “Notice the patient now has an erection, and as to the first question, the foreskin has remained in tact over the head of the penis,” said the Doc. “I want each of you to step forward and examine this young man’s foreskin,” the Doc ordered the class.

Eric's Problem, Adult Friends, 1/1

mastrubation john1195 2018-04-24

feel of Eric's warm body against mine, and he felt the same way. warm fingers close around the end of my prick, gently sliding my foreskin I felt Eric's finger probing into the opening of my foreskin, Now I felt a tightness as Eric's warm fingers drew my foreskin head," Eric said as he stroked my foreskin up and then down again, this finger lightly around his corona, and I felt Eric's body tense against I felt Eric's fingers clamping around the base of my shaft, and began slipping it over his helmet, blanketing his glans until my foreskin finger probed deeper, now working around my helmet inside my foreskin. prick throb hard between my thighs as he grunted heavily, and I knew he

Naughty Noxzema

mastrubation pornodude32 2018-03-29

The third attempt, I used the magazine page to rub against my pee hole and it was starting to feel amazing. Upset, I continued to twist my shaft, this time pulling the skin up, then down enough to just see the pee hole (I stopped when I felt tightness). I did this for a while until my hand got greedy and pulled the skin further below the normal threshold, widening my foreskin, and revealing the ENTIRE head of my dick. I was scared yet again at the newness of the situation - I discovered TWO new parts of my body (at that age, my foreskin and dick head felt like two separate parts that worked together).

My first orgasm

mastrubation jack4fun 2018-03-11

She also retracted my foreskin during this procedure and washed my penis head, making half painful and half good feelings to me which I nearly couldn't stand. When I was alone then I tried to wash my penis head with the washcloth but stopped that immediately because it was too painful. After that, having closed my foreskin, I became curious about those strange feelings I had when my mother washed my penis. And then, being curious how far this could go I accelerated my stroking so much that I experienced my first orgasm, an intense hot feeling, of course without cum, only accompanied by an awesome twitching running through my whole lower part of body.

Solo Effort

mastrubation PurplePal 2018-03-02

And the next large globule of sperm seed, this time oozes out of the cum slit on the exposed cock head and runs down the upper side of the head and onto and over my thumb. And another emission and another; no power just warm, viscous, white lava cream flowing down my shaft over my thumb or dropping off my cock head, depending on the slant I’m holding my shaft at, forming an increasing pool of creamy seed cream. No spunk any more, just another height of the wonderful sensation embracing my body before spreading out from my cock head and returning to the nerves throughout the rest of my body, fading slowly, arse cheeks still clenched, until the sensation has gone.

My best buddy

mastrubation victorious87 2018-02-08

So as always he said sure as I knew he would my wife was working all night on a night shift and his was having a girls night. All the meanwhile I was thinking about all the times he would joke about sucking my dick or me sucking his or him fucking my ass or vice versa. He smirks, struggles to his feet, walks and stands in front of me by the couch, unzips his jeans, and pulls his semi hard now cock out an arms length from my face. Then he reached down and started pulling the foreskin back and started jerking his cock making it as hard as it could be.

My Wet Dream

mastrubation 2018-01-04

I could feel her breath on neck as her lips brushed me, Her fingers sought my penis It hardened as I felt the folds of my foreskin being touched, gently pulled, gently stretched out, then pulled back so that a bead of glans emerged from the tight ring of prepuce. I so wanted her to stretch it again , to feel that sensation again, She slid off me and now she gently cupped my penis in her hand, I was so wet, both hers and my precum, she moved my foreskin back and foreward a little further each time, more and more of the head emerged as the tight ring moved down to the rim of the glans.

Cock on the Beach

mastrubation keen2trybi 2017-12-19

Jeff lay beside me on the beach, we were exhaused from jogging, swimming & drinking to much alcohol. He slept soundly, but his cock, that i had watched flopping about in his speedos as he jogged on the beach earlier in the day, was now fully erect & stretching the thin, white nylon material. As his erection f***ed the head of his uncut cut to slip out the top of his speedos, what else could I do but slowly lick the foreskin, easing his cock gently out of his swimmers, puling the foreskin back to reveal a nice firm hard helmet, shinning with pre cum. I took one last look at this magnificent fat, uncut cock, licked the last few drops of cum from the tip, then placed it back into his speedos as he slept on.