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Kinky b*****r and s****r

mastrubation tcg 2018-11-22

As I entered into the bathroom I noticed Michelle had left a pile of dirty towels on the bathroom floor, but sitting on top of the dirty pile was a pair of her power blue satin bikini string panties, which she had probably worn all day long. Just then the bathroom door flew open and Michelle stepped into the room mouthing the words… "I'm not looking, I just need to grab my panties, and I think I left them.” Fuck her I thought, she asked for it and I closed my eyes again and started rubbing my cock furiously. "Cleo says Dad loves this,” Michelle said and then I felt her warm breath against the head of my cock.

One Hand In My Knickers

mastrubation Shylass 2018-11-05

I want your tongue plunging into my hole, and your finger up my ass whilst you rub your nose over my clit and taste me deep. Slap me round the face like I deserve, your impatient little whore, and pull me under your arm so you can spank my ass until I'm blushing red through the wet, white cotton. Then drop me to the floor when I can't stand, and make me lick your legs and cock clean, sucking up all my juices and taking you so deep in my throat that I gag against you, and still come back for more. Big, fat, fucking cock in my tight, wet, tiny hole, and my cunt can feel your balls smooshing against it, and it's too fucking much to take...

Just a Quickie

mastrubation kitkat103 2018-11-04

As I make it past the DVDs I stop when I see Big Black Cocks 4: The Awakening of Dongasaurus Sex. As corny as the title sounds the screen shots look very promising. The sucking sounds and watching the dark skinned male slap her tits with his huge cock just made my wet pussy ache even harder. The sound of the light skinned male coaching her on as she sucks his cock makes my pussy tighten around my new silicone friend. I look at the DVD player, then turned around to see Dr. Jackson discarded on the seat next to the puddle I had created and decided to text Maurice back:

All For Julie

mastrubation NoahBody 2018-11-04

By the time I’ve gotten home I can feel a decent sized wet spot in my boxers caused by the pre-cum and all of those delicious thoughts of you. Massaging my balls and milking my cock, my balls begin their slow rise, closer to my body, as I know my orgasm is approaching. More pre-cum slowly dribbles from my throbbing cock; again it’s back to the picture. I go back and lie on the bed, thinking about what I had just done, as the remaining cum slowly dribbles from my cock on to my leg.

Getting caught, twice! [EDITED]

mastrubation xXshunikaXx 2018-11-02

"Hard not to when you're standing there like that in front of me babe." He started walking towards me and start kissing me, rubbing my pussy at the same time. He start inserting his index finger into the pussy, nice and gently, while playing with my clit with his thumb. I managed to moan out, "Fuck me now" to him, and he pushed me back on the bed and start rubbing the tip of his cock against my clit, teasing me. He lifted me up off him and lay me down on the bed and started licking it all away while playing with my clit again. We didn't hear his mother come home over my moans and now she was standing in the doorway looking right at him licking me out.

Disobeying Stepdads Orders

mastrubation chunkygoat 2018-10-04

I smiled and giggled while I rubbed my soaking wet pussy against his pulsing cock. He started thrusting as deep as he could into me, then slowly drawing his cock all the way out of my body. 10 minutes ago he hated the sight of me, now he couldn't stop telling me how badly he wanted to cover me in cum. When we stood head to head I grabbed his cock and circled it around my pussy, licking his tongue st the same time. When I felt the warmth of his cum on my face I stuck my middle finger deep into my pussy. We laid in my bed for hours after this, I played with his cock while he rubbed my pussy.

From my husbands diary in his Twen Years

mastrubation cloelia 2018-10-04

Nelly stood completely naked under the door on 5 inches red high heels, and enormous breasts - BH 95 E as I later saw - stood on her slender body. I don’t know how many hours we fucked, kissed, licked, masturbated, but as I came, she wished to be sprayed all over with sperm, and my loading was so voluminous, that I squirted in her black her, her eyes, the face, the melons, the navel, her cunt and her thighs. Then Nelly turned took my cock in her mouth and licked, and slurped and sucked, then she said: “Again the other holes please.”

The Reunion - Part 2

mastrubation 2018-10-04

He started to wank, his hand wrapped around his throbbing meat as she slid her manicured nails over her aching pussy lips. She couldn't stop herself, her nipples ached, her pussy throbbed, her hand on the back of his head gripped tight. Time seemed to stand still as his swollen cock pushed her apart, filled her, grazed every last milliliter of her pussy as it slid along inside her. She basked in that feeling for a moment, relaxing her grip she flopped her hands on the bed, above her head. He began fucking her, keeping deep inside her, feeling his cock pushing against her, his pelvic bone slamming against her exposed clit between them.

my Latina friend panties

mastrubation mickeyX 2018-10-02

She said Good Morning and call if I was off from work. I got her to talk a bit more I joked that she had time for the gym but no time for her "Baby" as she calls her Lexus. I held off jerking off to the many pics I have of her although I did get a bit hard when I though about her telling me of getting fucked on a one night stand years ago . The guy knew her name and called me Mr......., I said No, I'm just a friend. I joked, "forget the date, I just wanna fuck her good" " Yea, Me too" he replied.i asked where the restroom was and he pointed down the hall.

My first blowjob from a guy

mastrubation gizmo18 2018-10-02

She ordered a strap on without me knowing asked if she could try a finger up my ass, well I do that to myself so I thought oh yeah and said do what ever you like but if I say stop then that's it. It hurt at first but then it was amazing, she started fucking me hard and deep dressed in her stockings and thong, it was after that I decided I needed to feel real cock in my ass but I'm so nervous, I'd have preferred a mmf 3sum as my first cock experience and held back for so long.

masturbation over pics

mastrubation AS21 2018-10-02

So every chance she gets she goes on my profile, go on my pics, and would undress herself, and when she was naked she would rub her pussy with her fingers, feel her tits, and keep fingering that juicy cunt of hers, cause she would always fantasize about me fucking her. When she dreams about her sucking my cock, she would go down her shorts and start rubbing her pussy, she would breathe heavily but softly, she would take her shirt off and feel her tits, like if it were me carressing them and licking them. She screamed so much in her dream when she told me that she wanted my dick in her ass, she would say, "FUCK ME BABY!

My wife, her Mum and me {1}

mastrubation maytoseptember 2018-09-30

“Of course I would Kath, I'd love to see you have sex with another woman, but like I have said I wouldn't mind seeing you have sex with another guy.” In our fantasises Kath had her fun first which usually meant wetting her knickers profusely, then putting them on a pillow and licking them pretending the other woman was cumming in her mouth but we always finished with me fucking her but pretending it was the other woman. So I lay on the bed naked, my cock hard in anticipation of which pretend woman or women I might be having sex with tonight, when Kath came in and said, “Mmmmm that's nice, you obviously like thinking about Mum. Maybe I will let you fuck her, but only if all three of us do it together.”

69 or bust

mastrubation frederick00714 2018-09-30

What can I say, i just love to eat pussy, and when i do eat the pussy i eat untile im full and then i like to be layed on my back by a nice jucy women and be face fuck real real good just long enough too make your pussy squirtthat sweet pussy juice down my mouth....damm im horny... I have a nice size cock and I like to fuck I love a women thats always in the mood like me meaning I'm horny and want some fun,just get streight down too it, but its not that many out there so the pickings are slim, shit if you horny and waana fuck dont beat around the bush, just fuck damm..

Blackmailed into having his c***dren

mastrubation 2018-09-30

I normally don't answer guests, as they could be anyone, so I answered, and not surprisingly, it was a guy wanking himself, 'Hi Love', he said, and I burst out laughing, it was my husband, 'You horny baby, I am hard for your cunt', he asked. My husband knew my love of dirty pillow talk, 'Only if you go all the way with me baby, I love to fuck men with hard cocks', I replied, as I got up and peeled everything off, and started to stimulate myself, twisting my nipples and putting the cam between my legs and spreading my cunt.

Discovering My Mom's Stash

mastrubation coconeko 2018-09-30

I knew how to pinch and rub my nipples and I knew how to play with my clit and little pink pussy, but there was something missing. I was so addicted to watching people fuck that I would look at my class mates and put on a show in my little, twisted mind. As I flipped through the pages and fingures my little cunt I looked over and say a dvd with a woman with big titties and riding a dick. My sweet & little pink pussy dripped on my mother's carpet & my nipples were hard as fuck. To this day, I watch that dvd & now I use alittle vibrating ball to help my juices flow & make me cum harder & squirt out on to the floor.

The Waitress ( part 2 )

mastrubation captnspank 2018-09-30

“ chef fancy a walk round to the shops for lunch “ she whispered in my ear as her free hand grabbed my hard cock through my chef whites. Grabbing her by the hand I e****ted her into the large store room and locked the door from the inside. “ please fuck me doggy so I can feel your hot spunk Daddy !”As I placed her back on the ground her legs were visibly shaking after that strong orgasm she just had. Grabbing at her head pulling her up to me I interlocked her arms behind her back as I fucked her so hard that her juices exploded all over the tiles below. As I unlocked the door to the stock room there stood the K.P ( thank fuck I thought ) he winked and said...

Jerky Boys

mastrubation virginblood 2018-09-29

As soon as she leaves I directly to my computer put on Xhamster and find the biggest cock so I can lay on my bed legs wide open with nothing on and get the vibrator that I hide from Dred. I watch as a BIG DICK Man rubs strokes and jerks his way into submission. One day I had a really really good cum and I slept rather passed out from cumin Dred came home I had the vibrator glued to my leg and the computer on BIG DICK MEN Jerking. I took it in my hand and moved my body closer to me so I can lick the head of his dick nice and slow.

Sex With Selena Gomez

mastrubation 2018-09-28

If I was caught I'd be dead meat but if I prepare myself I could cream her when she opened up the wardrobe and ran off, so just as she opened the wardrobe, a crapload of jizz flew all over her body, she looked shocked and shouted "WHAT THE FUCK!!!!" she looked down at my huge cock and said "What are you doing" I pointed down to my cock and said "please fuck me" she looked at me an said "will you tell anyone?", I smiled and said "of course not", she then said"well I might as well, ive always wanted to know what sex felt like, she knelt down and held my dick, she started to pull it back and forth before slobbering all over it and when it was time to cum I said "where do you want it baby?" she said, "Ive always wanted to taste cum so I guess in my mouth", I said "I want you to swallow baby" she replied with a nod and with a couple more strokes I blew my load all in her mouth and over her face, and she gobbled up everything.

A Working Day's Frustrations

mastrubation tallincanada 2018-09-25

I quickly grab the large flesh coloured suction-cup dildo, butt plug and the lube and make for the bathroom. I suction the dildo to the edge of the tub and begin to lube my ass; working a finger and then two in with the cool lube. My fullness causing me to gasp as I hit my clit on the dildo's hard rubber balls, and the butt plug clinked against the tub. I let out a primal grunt as I lean forward on my one hand and begin to work my hips around in a swirling motion, allowing the dildo and plug to dance around driving me wild.

Another amazing girl on Omegle

mastrubation itboy0722 2018-09-24

You: i've got a hard cock, wish it could slip into a nice wet pussy Stranger: slide me onto ur amazing dick Stranger: lick my pussy baby You: run my tongue to your clit and slip my finger in your pussy You: fuck thats good I want to fuck you baby Stranger: my pussy needs u You: i need it, sit on it baby, nice and slowly Stranger: I feel every bit, fuck You: slamming my cock into that amazing pussy You: i want to fuck you hard Stranger: grab my big tits as u fuck me Stranger: fuck my pussy tightens around u You: i can feel it clamping down as your pussy juice runs down my balls


mastrubation 2018-09-24

I cried to him - "don't stop baby, cum inside me", then as he groaned loudly I screamed "give it to me love, I want your sperm in me." I gasped as hubby's hot semen exploded from his cock - a most violent explosion of cum - and I reached down to the guy's hip for support and thrust my vagina upward to keep hubby's cock deep inside as it blasted a huge load up me and filled me with sperm. Hubby has told me that I cried out softly to begin then loudly when his cock began to explode and said "oh no he's going to cum...oh...OH...OOOOHH YES, OH GOSH, OOOOH, FUCK ME.

many years ago

mastrubation 2018-09-23

many years ago i was on a certaint social site and got talking to a eather funny and sexual lady on there, we had been laughing and joking for some time and eventualy after a few weeks we exchanged phone numbers, after a few more weeks steadly turning each other on i decided to meet her for real, and asked if she would like that. a large lady with sexy huge tities before long we kissed the real reason we were there... i undressed and we kissed more, i licked her neck and nipples as she wanked my cock, needless to sat it was not long before i was experiancingone of the best blowjobs i have ever had, she was so sexy and her mouth was so warm and soft.

handjob blowjob and a good hard fuck

mastrubation mrjager 2018-09-18

Later on were on the sofa just finished breakfast and she cuddles into me next think I know she is rubbing my cock through my pjs once more makes my rock hard she then pulls my cock out and starts sucking on it (this only really happens on my birthday) so I'm not complaining it felt so fucking good she does this for about 10 mins as she is dong it she takes my hand and makes me push her on it so she is taking it all I hear her gag it was so hot.

Mommy and I Pt. 1 - f****y Davey Series

mastrubation daveyg017 2018-09-17

Around the time the teacher was getting fucked I got hard enough to wank, so I pulled my pants and underwear down, took off my shirt and went to work. My mom hadn't expected this and I found her by the door, on the floor, rubbing her pussy with my lube bottle. I got dressed and went to my moms room. I still don't know why to this day, but I turned around and went back to my moms room, My mom stood up and I got a really good look at her body. I wildly began fucking my mom's pussy, sliding my cock in and out of her tight pussy. I still wasn't thinking clearly, but I felt my mom's pussy get really wet.