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In The Heat Of The Night

mastrubation Cyndy 2018-12-02

Lying down on the lounger, I thought I might as well enjoy the cooler air and let my body dry off. Hearing myself groan out loud, I lifted my hand from my breasts and covered my mouth. Raising my right leg over the arm of the lounger gave more room for my fingers to maneuver. I briefly thought what I would look like if Carla, Jack or anybody else saw me like this. “I do some odd things in the middle of the night.” I tried to avoid looking at Jack, because I could sense he was grinning. “Yes, here’s to an even better night tonight than last night,” Jack toasted with his coffee cup, looking right at me.

Self Discovery 2

mastrubation Kati_N_Bob 2018-11-22

When the cool water reaches my hot mound, it is like electricity, a shock wave runs through my body. I continue to eat as if nothing is happening when I feel his hand start to glide very slowly almost like he is testing me. Ken gets up and I slide in close to Andy and put my hand on his for a second to let him know I am okay. I feel Peggy’s hand move my short skirt up so her hand can reach my hot wet mound where she finds my swollen lips and clit. As our bodies come down from such an erotic high I feel Ken holding me but I am still staring at Andy as he is holding Peggy.

Self discovery

mastrubation Kati_N_Bob 2018-11-09

I get Ken completely naked freeing his hard wanting cock. I take a step back and he reaches for me and I take his hand and guide it to his own erection and tell him it is for him and all he gets to do is watch me, no touching. I looked at Ken, he had warm precum dripping from the head of his cock. Standing on the balcony I found myself swaying to the music, enjoying the sun when the needs of last night took over again. When I opened my eyes and looked around I noticed on the balcony across from ours a man was watching me, and he was enjoying his hard cock in his hand.