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En Vacances 3: Grant

mastrubation CumGirl 2018-11-22

Yet now here was someone to save me from that; lovely Anita with her cascading hair, starring eyes and fulsome lips, who perhaps desires the caress of my fingers over her ample breasts, who wants to feel my lips kissing their way across her glowing skin, who needs my tongue lapping at the slippery wetness of her pussy as the soft squidgy flesh of her thighs closes around my trapped head.

I Think Someone Is Watching Me

mastrubation Cyndy 2018-11-05

Janice explained that they had someone come over and check on the house regularly, as well as gardeners and a pool maintenance company who looked after the yard. Knowing that I would need to see what I had started through to a climax, I thought it would be better to go to my room, just in case Janice came home. Sitting out on the deck having coffee, I was texting with my husband Jimmy, Rick was reading the newspaper and Janice was on her tablet. There, on my phone, was a picture from that afternoon of me, totally naked and legs spread wide on the bed using the vibrator! “Oh that’s right," she continued, "you guys saw each other last year back home at that party at our house."

En Vacances 1: Poolside

mastrubation CumGirl 2018-11-03

This is how I holiday; my body gently basting in finely applied suntan oil, reclining on a lounger, slightly out of sight of my fellow sun worshippers, invisible behind the dark lenses of my sunglasses, my eyes darting back and forth enraptured by the abundance of flesh on display, and my mind concocting fantasies about how my near, dear, neighbours will pleasure my little body. Low moans escape my mouth as fingers converge on the needy, soaked gash between my legs, my pubis rising and falling, muscles contracting as my pussy walls squeeze about my empty wetness, slithers of pleasure like firework rockets dart from my gently abraded clitoris to explode in my thighs, my stomach, my arse and my pussy.

A Memorable Memorial Day.

mastrubation ThePhantom 2018-11-01

At the sight of the station wagon coming down the small dusty road, Mike flew out of the cottage calling to his parents that Uncle Hank and Aunt Flo had arrived. Mike didn't bother to change, he grabbed an inner tube and spent the morning floating and watching his little cousins and Loni dive off the dock. Her legs looked even silkier as the water ran down them and her nipples strained against her bikini top. Mike suddenly found himself fanatisizing about rubbing his hands all over them and he began to get hard again. The other families began to arrive and open their cottages. His youngest cousins left their lunches to greet them while Mike and Loni remained at the table.

En Vacances 2: The Bar

mastrubation CumGirl 2018-10-30

Embarrassment consumes me; my entire being flushing crimson as her hungry eyes watch my little girl body quivering with pleasure, fixed on the twin digits that have slid so effortlessly into the soaking wetness of my pussy. I want to feel my nipples stiff against the tightly stretched fabric, to have the flesh of my breasts barely contained within a pre-pubescent cup, to be constantly aware of the elastic in my bikini briefs as it bites into my hips and leaves tram lines across my arse cheeks. The words stop as she studies me; her eyes inspecting my face, her hands sliding down my cheek, fingers running down the length of my swan-like neck as I hold my head as high as if I was constrained within a posture collar.

Holiday with a xhamster friend !

mastrubation kc76 2018-08-07

We had been chatting on xhamster for a couple of years and quickly realised we had similar interests in porn , girls ,cars etc, when we decided to go on a lads holiday together as we were both single . We persuaded them to come for a dance and there were a lot of d***k lads and girls getting dirty on the dance floor . I noticed a lad fingering a girl next to me and she also noticed , this made her horny and she began rubbing my rapidly growing bulge . I pumped his cock till no more cum was coming out then D wiped the spunk off his chest and told me it was my turn !

My s****r in law

mastrubation happytowatch 2018-06-11

Mine is a few years older than me but Jesus is she fit.whenever the two s****r mention going on holiday the only thing I can think about is her getting her tits out on the beach, and what a great pair they are too. I wear really dark sunglasses so I can sit and watch her topless and she watches me too as I found out last holiday as I was sitting opposite her i thought I would pull my cock to the side of my shorts so only she could see it. Last time we stayed at there house I borrowed a pair of here red panties whatch out that will be my next vidieo.the title will be s****r in laws red panties.