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The Interview

mastrubation ScarlettJ 2018-12-03

Christian Lawson-Smith couldn’t take his eyes off her patent black stiletto shoes. Naomi Lawson-Smith didn’t care what tempting, risqué lingerie Saskia may, or may not, be wearing, nor was she the least bit interested in her choice of footwear or hairstyle. Naomi Lawson-Smith could weep for the love of that pretty pussy under the skirt; she was so full of longing for a taste of the delicious sweet nectar, aching to insert her tongue inside, as far as it would go. Christian Lawson-Smith twitched at the sight of plump breasts and went on to imagine her painted ruby lips around the base of his rock hard cock. Christian Lawson-Smith peaked and shot splurge after splurge over his hand, trousers and clipboard, roaring like a proud lion until the pleasure subsided.

Naughty Naughty Babysitter

mastrubation FeliciaGreene 2018-12-02

So, so much more fun to slip into Mr and Mrs Carson's bedroom, lock the door, stand in front of their full-length mirror, and slowly peel off her dress. Then Abbie's hands on her clit had been replaced with Mr Jacob's hot, wet tongue, and before long they'd been splayed across the locker room floor, fucking like two animals in heat. With one eye on Mr Carson's photograph, Abbie parted the smooth folds of her outer lips, lightly brushing her clit. It's a damn good job I remembered my key today, Mr Carson thought as he opened the door of the house, or I'd be well and truly stuck.

Coffee Shop Orgasm

mastrubation affengeil 2018-11-30

Miranda's face flushed a deep shade of crimson, and her embarrassment deepened further when she realized she was grinding her hips slightly under the table in response to the vibrator still buzzing away in her pussy. I didn't recognize you without your are you?" Heather pulled another chair up next to Miranda and continued to make inane small talk just loud enough to be heard nearby. Heather hit the second-highest setting on the remote, causing Miranda to twitch suddenly in her chair and let out another little squeak. "I want you to cum while I sit here with you, and with all of these people around." Heather paused for a moment and increased the intensity of the vibrations by one level.

The Benefits of Plasma Televison

mastrubation kitkat103 2018-11-28

Then Marla would trace little circles on her small thighs as she made her way into her moist area, rubbing her engorged clit until she came in waves. Sharon moaned deeply as she dragged her fingertips along her inner thigh, thinking of all the dirty things Marla could do to her. Sharon dipped her right fingers in her sweet little honey pot and rubbed the juices over her swollen clit. She stopped squeezing her small breasts with her left hand and furiously rubbed her clit as she stimulated her g-spot. Sharon returned to rubbing her clit with that moist hand and then slowly guided two of her fingers back into her pussy with her thumb against her clit.

Paint Job

mastrubation HannahVanderbyl 2018-11-27

Karly thought it would be a great idea to have Nicole come by and help her with this, plus she knew absolutely nothing about anything. Though Nicole had a boyfriend and seemed totally straight, Karly could not help to be extremely attracted to her. The thought of Nicole even brushing her hands against her legs was getting Karly quite worked up. Hesitating for awhile, so that she didn't seem eager, she opened the door and there Nicole was."Hey Karly, sorry I'm late. Karly smiled, "Why thank you." she said in a british accent, which made Nicole laugh. As they rested there, Karly thought this would be the perfect opportunity to ask Nicole about her feelings, or try to seduce her.

A Very Special Club of Jerk Offs

mastrubation Green_Man 2018-11-26

I had started with the girls I met who loved playing with themselves, and, inevitably some of them had friends, either male or female, who loved rubbing their cocks or pussies as much as I. In another corner two young 18 year-old gays were exploring each others bodies, finally homing in on the cocks and jerking each other off. Over by the oriel was a straight couple, obviously familiar to each other, probably married, but this scene brought the old sexual vibes back and she was jacking as hard as she could and he had rammed a whole fist into her cunt. The young girl started playing with her titties and pussy, the old codger started jerking his wrinkled dick.

Working Overtime

mastrubation JessiChaos 2018-11-26

There was a picture of Kathleen, the girl who sat at the desk next to her in the nude, spread eagle with those sweet pink pussy lips, Toni had been dying to kiss. Darcy sat at the desk just behind Kathleen, and she too was eye candy for Toni. She licked her the finger from her free hand and dragged it between her breasts, down her stomach, passed her belly button until she found her tight hole. All she could imagine was Kathleen's lips between her legs and Darcy's sweet pussy riding her tongue. Her body shivered delightfully as she pulled her fingers away and pressed them to her lips.

Giving To Charity

mastrubation Simmerdownchick 2018-11-25

“I’m going to play with myself if you don’t talk to me before you open your car door.” Her fingers were sneaking up on her sideways smile, and she could feel her aching need beginning to build. “Yes, I am, and my tits are getting so hard, I need you to suck them and run your tongue down my body.” Bailey stood holding her phone to her ear and stroked her clit, to her stomach and feeling her firm bosoms. I want to fill your hole with my fingers and hold you like a bowling ball, filling you tight and hard,” she was getting ready to thrust her fingers inside her swollen sex, and her little pink lady was hard and juicy as she stroked her.

Masturbating To Girls

mastrubation leoalxnder 2018-11-24

I got to the point of almost cumin when I realized I didn't want to blow my load in the shower, I wanted to cum while watching porn.  The other girl's name was Amy. I overheard the name from Mia's moans. Mia started playing with her nipples as Amy was fingering her. As Amy was fingering Mia I heard a huge screech and saw Amy squirt all over the place. Amy stood up and opened the cum-soaked door and screamed. Amy got on my dick and started riding cowgirl style. Mia got on top of me with her butt in Amy's face and started kissing me. I loved how Mia forced her tongue into my mouth as Amy was fucking my cock. 

Wine Bar Date

mastrubation affengeil 2018-11-24

A few minutes later, she found herself standing outside a neat little wine bar tucked between a two larger establishments, looking around for her new friend, and wondering what the night would bring. As the wine continued to work its magic on Miranda, she failed to notice Heather discreetly scooting closer to her in the booth until their thighs were brushing together as they talked. Miranda felt like she was being pulled into an insulated bubble where Heather's touch was the only thing she wanted, yet remained just out of reach. Heather drew back to take in the sight of Miranda's milky thighs contrasting with the dark booth and blue panties.

A Getaway to Remember

mastrubation elude 2018-11-23

There I watched enthralled as Jessica continued to caress her body sensuously, obviously enjoying the sensation of the sun lotion on her as her hands moved across her skin. I felt that familiar sensation in my own sensitive nipples as I watched her run a hand up and down her stomach and then down her right thigh. I know my mouth was still open when I saw Jessica slip her right hand inside her bikini bottoms and begin to gently rub her pussy. It didn't take long for my legs to part and my fingers to run up and down my moist pussy lips as I watched her hand moving inside her bikini.

The Professional

mastrubation Gloria 2018-11-23

Dawn just smiled at him, and ran her hands over her high, pert breasts, tweaking her own hard nipples before provocatively wetting a finger in her mouth and rubbing her own clit. I joined in the fun, kissing both of them in turn and running my cunning fingers over Dawn's prominent hard clit. With a devilish flash in her green eyes and sensing the desire going on between my legs, Dawn then knelt and began licking my hard clit and working her fingers deep inside my pussy. Finally, with a firm slap from him and further finger fucking from Dawn I came big, feeling waves of ecstasy overcome my whole body and pass into my drenched pussy.

En Vacances 3: Grant

mastrubation CumGirl 2018-11-22

Yet now here was someone to save me from that; lovely Anita with her cascading hair, starring eyes and fulsome lips, who perhaps desires the caress of my fingers over her ample breasts, who wants to feel my lips kissing their way across her glowing skin, who needs my tongue lapping at the slippery wetness of her pussy as the soft squidgy flesh of her thighs closes around my trapped head.

Angela Gets Transferred– (Part 14 of the Angela series)

mastrubation adele 2018-11-21

Angela recited her day, leaving out the details about Michael and the men in the show, and telling the story she had repeated in her head numerous times about shopping at the mall. There were already a few customers in the store, and it looked like most of the sales people were occupied, so when the next customer walked in, Angela went up to her and introduced herself. Tomorrow, she would stop at the grocery store and pick up some cleaning supplies and rubber gloves as well as a small cooler, a padlock, a package of large garbage bags a can of air freshener and some ice packs. Angela went out to the sales floor and worked her ass off the entire day.

A Getaway to Remember - Part Five

mastrubation elude 2018-11-20

Alessandra gasped softly; she had to cover her mouth with her hand to prevent being heard and she felt her heart beat a little faster as if she was nervous or excited. Alessandra smiled as she watched the tall dark-haired girl move her legs apart slightly and begin to spread lotion all over her almost naked body. Alessandra's hands went up to her breasts to press her fingers against her hard nipples as she saw Jessica reach up to take her bikini top off and caress her nipples, before sliding one hand down her flat tummy and slipping her fingers underneath the material of her bikini pants. Her body trembled with feelings that she had never experienced before as she watched, mesmerized.

She Masturbates too Much She Thinks

mastrubation myself 2018-11-19

Holding on tight, I suck harder as the woman's fingers turn in to a hard fuck in the ass. Holding the young one in my arms, the woman enters the girl's ass with a finger. Reaching down and fingering the girl, I work my hand in to a hard thing and begin to fuck her pussy as the woman fingers her ass. The woman fingers the ass as I fuck the swollen cunt. I kiss the woman's tits and watch her work her cunt in the girl's face. Reaching in with the other hand I begin to double fuck the woman, pulling her up and off the girl. They are kissing sweetly as I open the woman's legs and taste the fucked cunt and ass.

Straight Camp

mastrubation PristineP 2018-11-19

I picked at my shepherds pie just hoping that one day they’ll listen to me when I say I’m a vegetarian. “Is this seat taken?” A small, shy looking girl asks; indicating the chair opposite me. She drained her cup of water quickly and smiled “sorry, I’ve got a big appetite…are you gunna eat that?” As she shoved even more food into her mouth I couldn’t help but wonder how she stayed so thin. I leaned forward and took hold of her cheek and kissed her lips. I pressed two fingers inside my sex, continuing to rub my clit with my palm. I couldn’t help but beam as I let my orgasm wash over me. My tenth orgasm thinking about Violet.

My New House

mastrubation zammzamm 2018-11-18

I was looking for any offers at this point and when I got an email from 2 girls that said that had a 2 bedroom place and needed a new roommate I was ecstatic. As I finished looking around the kitchen and dinning room Mindy was coming down the stairs with Sally. "Lets sit down and talk about it" Sally said trying to cover up Mindy's stall "The next part of this rule is, right now before you accept our offer, we are going to play a game of truth or dare. Truth or dare, Matt" Mindy said "Fine then, Matt truth or dare?" She said with a little bit of revenge in her voice. Mindy broke the silence with "Truth or dare?" looking directly at Sally.


mastrubation Jennyxxx 2018-11-18

I heard Victoria moan quietly, I watched her hand move under her towel, moving towards her pussy, as I rubbed my thighs together I could feel how wet I was, my lips sliding together. I continued to watch Victoria, her pace had quickened, the black dildo moving in and out of her pussy, I could hear the slurping of her juice every time she pulled it out of her hole, befor forcing it back into her delicate hole. I wanted to cum, I moved my other hand under my skirt and started to rub my hard clit, I could feel my climax fast approaching, my pussy started to spasm on my fingers, I pushed the two fingers deep inside me and curled the tips of my fingers up, trying to stimulate my sensitive spot, deep in my pussy.

Annie and Michelle: Part 1

mastrubation shaveitbare 2018-11-17

Looking at Annie's legs always made Michelle happy, because they reminded her of that one day after school, five years ago, when they were both 16, that had changed her life forever. "I bet you never knew a pussy could look like that." Annie said with a smile. In the bathroom, Annie was going through Michelle's shower, and she came out with a razor and a can of shaving cream. Annie teased the razor around the clit, but with an expert's nimble hands she slashed away every last hair without leaving a mark on Michelle's beautiful pussy. Just trust me." And, obeying Annie's silent command, Michelle too began to rub her soft, exposed pussy.


mastrubation Aust4casta 2018-11-17

Things had got a bit heated that day when the other women had left early in the afternoon to begin their Christmas break and Rana had offered to stay back and help Shania tie up some loose ends and close the office. Rana’s expert fingers had slowly worked her shoulders, then her bare upper back, alternating between the two problem areas, but Shania could have sworn that with each switch, her warm hands were straying a little further down her back and a little further down the front of her shoulders. Her thoughts kept returning to Rana and her beautiful eyes, the seductive looks, the touch of her hands on Shania’s shoulders and chest, and her legs.

Jenny's solo adventure with Ruby

mastrubation Jennyxxx 2018-11-17

As you continue to rub around your clit with your left hand you slip your right hand a little lower, your fingers pressing into and then running along your slit. I can't help but gasp as I push my fingers against myself, I raise them again to my mouth and coat them with my saliva and try again, I work them a little way inside and push and gasp again as my pussy yields and I push them slowly deep inside myself. With my eyes closed I can see you; a trickle of your juice runs from your pussy down to your bum; another climax, more powerful this time, your muscles spasm around your fingers.

Home Alone Ch.4

mastrubation Jennyxxx 2018-11-16

Sitting back down I let my legs fall apart slightly, allowing Danni to see my wet slit, I then brought my right hand up to my mouth and seductively licked my fingers before placing it back between my legs, I started to run my fingers along my slit, they easily parted my wet lips, my left hand now joined the right and spread my juicy lips wide apart. I watched as she started to massage her nipple, tugging at it, her other hand was rubbing at her damp mount, her pussy lips were parting as she got more and more turned on, her fingers massaging her juice all over her hot pussy.

The Club

mastrubation grayfoxxxy 2018-11-15

She takes a small sip, then slowly licks her lips with a sexy smile. She takes the butt plug and puts it in her mouth, while smiling and looking into my eyes. She turns the vibrations on, and a wave of pleasure runs through her entire body when the plug starts moving deep inside her. She is looking at my pussy, following movements of my vibrator with her widely opened eyes. I watch her pussy, dripping with her juices, her gaping asshole, her gorgeous tits, bouncing with every heavy breath she takes, and the look of complete relaxation in her eyes. I let out a loud, satisfied sigh; I open my eyes, and I look at my cat lady.