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A Polaroid of Kristina, part 6

mastrubation oceanrunner 2018-03-04

So if I got back to my apartment from Kristina’s after my parents came home from work, and I was wearing long pants and a shirt with a collar, there would be inevitable questions that I would have no reasonable answer for. My cock continued to harden, the cool air feeling crisp and pleasant on the wetness the cloth had left behind, and she looked at my erection thoughtfully. On the one hand she told me that she would have a hard time getting through the next day, but she also wanted to not see me on the following morning when we had an available chance.

Straight Camp

mastrubation PristineP 2018-03-03

I picked at my shepherds pie just hoping that one day they’ll listen to me when I say I’m a vegetarian. “Is this seat taken?” A small, shy looking girl asks; indicating the chair opposite me. She drained her cup of water quickly and smiled “sorry, I’ve got a big appetite…are you gunna eat that?” As she shoved even more food into her mouth I couldn’t help but wonder how she stayed so thin. I leaned forward and took hold of her cheek and kissed her lips. I pressed two fingers inside my sex, continuing to rub my clit with my palm. I couldn’t help but beam as I let my orgasm wash over me. My tenth orgasm thinking about Violet.

Mind Orgasm

mastrubation Cнїcα 2018-03-01

He is always telling us that if we need to know something which our friends do not want to explain, we should feel free to ask him. Now that I have embarrassed myself with this little bit of history, I feel I can tell you my experience here on Lush without hesitation. One day, seemingly out of nowhere, he started talking to me with ease, as if we are sitting in the same room and he's a life-long friend. I will help you set your mind at ease of all the burdens we have talked about in our chats." I can almost feel his voice and his breath on my ear. "Close your eyes and listen to the music." Again the caress and breath on my ear as I do as he says.

My Sexy Brit and Me - Part One

mastrubation MsDirtyLittleSecret 2018-02-27

The heat between my legs returned and I couldn't help but lay back and slide my hands down my body and over my breasts. I was so close to orgasm so I moved my fingers to tease and rub my clit a bit more thinking all the while of my man's pants and groans filling my ears as he loved me with his glorious length. The thought of my man gripping one hand to the headboard as he spurt his cum inside me made my body tense and finally release. In the last bit of my fantasy, he would place a kiss on my temple and whisper in that beautiful accent, "Sleep well, your majesty." I smiled before my eyes grew too heavy to keep open.


mastrubation alexmarch 2018-02-21

The cool air in the living room touched his damp body and he was transported back to the last time he lay naked in the darkness. He could feel the sweat on his body, nestled in his pubic hair and covering his buttocks, as he lay naked on the sofa, his mind many miles away in a cool and darkened bedroom where he had last made love with Daphne. He closed his eyes again momentarily, and he imagined that Daphne was lying beside him, perhaps asleep and naked, and that he was getting up to go to her bathroom, in her apartment, in the place where they had made love together so many times and always with such intimacy and passion.

Skype - Masturbate With Me

mastrubation Poppet 2018-02-18

It is not helping, thinking like this, watching the stupid cursor blinking at me. I just know I woke up this morning feeling the need to be fucked like a ragdoll, and that is exactly what I need and want from you. “I need you to come take care of all these aches and hurts, baby. You begin to stroke yourself a little faster, as I work my fingers down into my panties. Giggling, I turn slightly giving you a view of my ass, fingering at my clit still with my free hand. I finally feel the deep ache I’ve had all day vanish. One day he’ll be able to properly fuck me just like we both want.

My Wife's Panties

mastrubation tcg 2018-02-17

I got to admit it does get me hard to know another man wants to play with her dirty panties, and I love hearing him tell me how much he loves her scent. We chatted for a while, and he would tell me how he planned to fuck my wife with his big cock, an as she would be begging for it, he would have me stand in the corner jerking my cock with her panties. Another man, with a nice big cock was sniffing my wife's pussy and telling me how much he wanted to fuck her. He took a pair of her pink panties and d****d it over his cock, telling me how silky they felt.

My Pleasure Is You

mastrubation Trainman2k 2018-02-16

You glance back down and see me still slowly stroking and rubbing my finger over the fat flange of my rock hard pole and know that I am working myself very near to orgasm. As you listen to me coax my balls closer and closer to forcing their load out in what you know will be several forceful and massive gushes, you slip your finger into your wetness and tease your hard clit. Seeing the load of cum I had discharged made you wish it was at least going in your throat, but you were pleased as you looked again at the monitor and saw the cum covered picture displayed there.

A Letter to L.

mastrubation sprite 2018-02-13

I had an image of my pulling off my jeans and pumping my fingers in and out of my drenched cunt, my moans echoing off the bathroom walls or, even better, you pushing your entire hand into me while I screamed in ecstasy. The thrill that went through me as I thought of someone having witnessed my little escapade, perhaps standing just outside my window, looking in while I abused myself, eyes flying open just as I climaxed, a strangers face filling my vision… I thought about leaving my panties in the car so I could enjoy them on the way home, but thought better of it.

The Perfect Remedy

mastrubation Mazza 2018-02-13

She slid her hand inside the v-neck of her top, under her bra and onto the hot skin of her naked breast as she remembered the feel of his weight on her body, his face close to hers, the whispering of soothing romantic words in her ear as he gently bit and nibbled her lobe, asking her if she was sure, if this was okay, was she sure that she wanted to go through with it? Firstly, he had kissed her pert nipple, licked it and then he had opened his mouth and taken it inside completely, murmuring words of encouragement the whole time, making her feel safe, wanted.

Jennifer and Me

mastrubation LASARDaddy 2018-02-11

There was a black, female engineer friend that I'd known many years ago and sometimes, as I'm staring up into darkness waiting to fall asleep, she walks gently back into my consciousness, smiling and laughing. As I started slowly stroking my cock she smiled, then grinned and licked her lips, but her eyes never left my cock. "Do you want to watch me too?" she finally asked very softly, looking directly at my hand holding my cock. About 6 months after that incident Jen told me that she wanted to try another woman, a couple, and said, "Carol is my top pick right now so you would just kind of come with the package I guess."

My Sexy Brit and Me - Part Two

mastrubation MsDirtyLittleSecret 2018-02-10

I hit the button to go to the first floor and once the doors closed, I thought about what my first meeting with William would be like. I felt a tingle down my spine as I recalled watching William lick his lips in anticipation as I took my shirt off on the camera for the first time. After I finished breakfast, I still felt very nervous about the date that was only a few hours away and the only person I could think about talking to for a little confidence boost was my mom.  He pictured her sticky sex covering his cock and her clit rubbing teasingly against him each time he reached the hilt, causing Mona's body to shudder and screams to escape her lips.

Breathe Your Name

mastrubation Castamere77 2018-02-10

She glided her body across the sheets to where he had lain the night before, where the memory of his pulse and skin still resides and she inhaled the scent he left behind, one filled with the afterglow of his sweat and come, fused with the fragrance of her feminine contributions. She yelled his name over and over again in a litany of pleasure, her lithe body curved upwards as a surge of powerful orgasm rocked her and moments later, she lay spent on the bed, still breathing his name on her lips.

Early Morning Love

mastrubation IvansHoe 2018-02-07

My body reacted in unison through fantasy and reality when I released a soft moan of pleasure.  I rolled my fingers harder Around my clit, applying pressure the more I thought of his cock inside me and I knew my second wave was not far behind. The thought of him arching his back a bit as he closed his eyes and groaned was nearly enough to through me over the edge in both reality and fantasy, but I wanted to see this part all the way through. I imagined us cumming together and through the images playing like a movie inside I my head, is where I found my second release.

Collecting The Sample

mastrubation ClarkRoberts 2018-02-06

I smacked his hand and said, "Please, Mister White, let's keep this professional. Slowly, I ran my hand the length of my husband’s cock as if feeling for any abnormalities. Satisfied that I had sufficiently teased my husband I said, “Everything seems to be in working order, Mister White. “Your pussy feels so good, Lovey,” sighed Archie. Slowly, I glided back up his shaft until the head of his cock was ready to pop out of my pussy. Then I just as slowly slide back down his hard shaft until I had once again completely impaled myself on my husband’s cock. I drove my cunt down hard, impaling myself on Archie’s cock and burying it deep within me. Archie felt my cunt contract hard around his cock.

Phone Sex

mastrubation Poppet 2018-02-04

“Tell me what you’re doing, I want to hear you tell me,” I moan out. I want to see.” I can feel the familiar tingle building deep inside me, aching to the core. I want to feel my cock slip down into your throat. You’ll love to finally slip inside my velvet, soft, wet pussy.” I know you’re thinking the same, I’m such a filthy girl for you. Part those legs for me wide, I want to sink balls deep inside that tight pussy. “I’m so close, I’m close to feeling myself erupt around your cock now, baby. Please, baby, don’t, oh fuck, fuck!” I lose all thoughts, unable to speak properly, needing to feel you come inside me.

Just Lizzy

mastrubation Lilly 2018-01-30

Fingering myself, my thumb frantically rubbing my clit, I recalled making love in the college locker rooms after swim practice: not the most romantic environment unless you enjoy chlorine mixed with body odor. An intense orgasm rocked my body for the second time since I’d got home. I almost felt guilty for neglecting Bob. He was still packed in my luggage but the memories of Stone had supplied plenty of fuel for my second orgasm. I was up to three fingers in my pussy, Bob still in my unpacked luggage like a relic from another time. But, suddenly, just like he’d said, my body finally relaxed and I became used to the fullness of his amazing cock in my ass.

Curious things

mastrubation CandidFunk 2018-01-30

It was planning time for another six weeks of school and Jonathon sat in an early morning daze trying to bring himself to get started. The half term holiday had at least allowed for a little recuperation from the intense workload of school but, being only a week long, was not truly enough time to refresh and Jonathon still craved another week of late nights and long mornings. In the mornings, in the days, in the evenings of his week off, Jonathon found his mind turning to her. Jonathon veered wildly between blaming her for these feelings of confusion and bitterness to wanting to confess to her that he took full, gushing responsibility for everything.

Morning Masturbation

mastrubation myself 2018-01-30

I like that spot where my wrist rest on the inner thigh where the leg meets the wet. The fingers smacking wet in my bed now brought me back to the masturbation. He let me suck him and work myself wet before I placed the metal tube between my legs. With intent I focused on the swelled clit in my hand and drifted off to a picture of his face in my hands that forced him down on my wet openness and thought, Maybe we'll do that tonight. He pushed me down on his cock and watched me open myself with the thing. He wanted to know if I was comfy as he fucked my face harder loving the mirror picture of cranked pussy going down on the thing.

Gotta use what you've got...

mastrubation fmac 2018-01-18

‘You know I love to fuck you....I’m always happy to do it.But if you think I’m going in there after you’ve been round to visit that dirty cunt John then you are much mistaken.’ Her cunt must obviously be more sensitive than a baby’s head because she was arching her back and bucking with every stroke.An orgasm hit her out of the blue and she screamed a small scream.Had she been masturbating she would have stopped for a wee while to recover but he carried on fucking her with the brush and she got wetter and wetter and redder and redder as the bristles dragged her lips back and forth and gave a thousand tiny hits to her clit on the way both in and out.

Hopeless romantic...

mastrubation Killroy17 2018-01-16

There's really no sex or something hot on this article but I would love to share what I feel whenever I read the stories posted here. I may be reading something about wife sharing, i****t, IR sex and BDSM but trust me, it's the least thing that I want. Some of us might enjoy our wife or husband having sex with another person or sometimes a group but we must always make sure that they will never abuse her/him. It breaks my heart to read a story where the wife is being taken away by another person because their cock is huge or they claim that they can satisfy her.

I Caught Mother Masturbating

mastrubation _PussyManiac_ 2018-01-08

She looked up at me again and I thought she was going to start crying again as she said, "That was a beautiful thing to say, darling." I didn't need to talk about her relationship with father, the obvious was implied in what she had said, and in any case I knew that Constance was getting what mother had once got from him. I knew we were moving onto dangerous ground so I tried to sidetrack the talk by asking, "Wouldn't what, mother?" hoping she'd back off from what I thought were the way things were heading. I started to gently squeeze the long nipple and mother broke from our kiss and said, "I like my nipples sucked, darling."

From Pleasant to Pleasurable

mastrubation goinstrong 2018-01-07

Rather, she slid closer - placed her mouth to my ear - and said "I know this is forward of me, but you are a very handsome gentleman!" I smiled, put my lips to her ear, and said, "And, Donna, you are a very sensuous and lovely woman!" Now, since you love seeing me stroke my cock, I ask you to finger your cunt! I want a ringside seat to your self-pleasure!" She began to gasp, and said "I've dreamed of this all my life!" One hand worked her cunt while the other massaged one of her tits. I shouted to Donna "Pull your nipples - I'm going to cum!" She grabbed her tits, pulled hard, and I directed rope after rope to her cunt lips.

Niece's First Love

mastrubation paul606 2018-01-03

I couldn't help but visualize my nieces little body naked while I sucked her pussy as I stroked my cock to an intense hard-on. Her pussy was sooooo tight and just feeling her hot young body pressed against the shower wall as my cock slowly stroked in and out, was too much as I quickly pulled out and came so hard over her wet pussy, shooting hot cum up onto her belly. Elyse just panted and smiled, still looking into each other's eyes, as I began to slowly pull out, leaving just the head of my cock inside her, then I drove slow, hard and deep into her grinding my pelvic bone into her pussy mound sending shock waves of pleasure through her hard clit.