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Chanel 17

mastrubation tangerinesky 2018-12-04

Of course Eugene pleased me, I’m not completely biased, but the connection I felt with Ethan was more pronounced, I can’t deny. I stand up and walk to my door, and when Ethan’s eyes meet mine, I see a flash of surprise before he gives me a neat, easy smile. “Do you want to join?” Ethan ask, looking up to me and pulling out a sandwich bag filled with bud. Two days later --after my new pad is thoroughly cleaned to my standards-- I invite Aaliyah, Dylan, Eugene and Taniyah over for a 'housewarming party'. Thinking of his lips on my skin, the lust in his eyes, the way he groaned every time he was deep inside me.

Tending The Gardens - Part One

mastrubation MidKnightMan 2018-11-28

His conduct as to the task at hand was admirable, as he cut right to the crux of the needs before him, asking all the right questions to save them both time, yet maintaining a relaxed and confident poise, meeting her eyes often, that had a very comforting effect on her. She noticed a flush coming over his neck and cheeks, and with that acknowledgement, discovered her own, as she felt a tremble once again and a urgent desire to feel his touch, but this time to her bare flesh. After a pause and a careful long sweeping gaze up and down, in admiration of the woman seated next to him, he smiled broadly, cleared his throat in a teasing manner, and asked what she had in mind.

Chanel and Ethan 19

mastrubation tangerinesky 2018-11-26

But today..I don’t even know what happened,” I mumble, again, trying to get a grip on what the whole situation at Eugene’s house really means. “I found him fucking Taniyah at his house tonight,” I just say it, and the words don’t burn near as much as my thoughts had before Ethan arrived.  I had talked to him earlier today and he sounded upset, so...I wanted to surprise him, went over to his house, and I heard someone screaming inside, and I’m dead serious, I thought someone was in trouble.” I breathe a laugh of disbelief on my part. Forward and backward, Ethan keeps his fingers deep inside me, fucking me roughly with his hand. I keep my eyes on his face that’s half an inch from mine, and I don’t look away.

Chanel and Ethan 21

mastrubation tangerinesky 2018-11-25

Ethan pulls his face back and looks down at me with wide eyes. I tell Ethan I’m not very hungry, but he takes me to a restaurant anyways, claiming we have plenty of time before the movie starts. Ethan puts his mouth to my right ear, and his hot breath makes my heart beat falter. Ethan lightly flicks his finger against me and I pant harder into his mouth, my legs opening further for him. With two fingers, he angles his hand just right and presses them against the hood of my clit. “Ahhh,” I moan against his chest, his left arm now wrapped around me, his right hand milking my orgasm.