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Quick, Slick Wank

mastrubation Shylass 2018-11-26

Walk your fingers around the base of your cock, just feeling the tiny, tiny little fingertips... Okay, so if you've got your lube over your hands, now it's time to start touching your cock. Feathery little strokes, maybe, ever so gently, enough to tickle, enough to make you want to ram your cock in somewhere, hard. I want you to use your other hand, and make a little circle with your thumb and your forefinger. And slowly, and gently, I want you to push that little circle just over the head of your cock. And your other hand should be encasing the top of your cock, trying to run little circles over your palm, with your other fingers down the shaft.

Danger Wank

mastrubation clum 2018-11-07

To his right was a brand new box of man-sized tissues and a small bottle of baby oil, Harry's favourite lubricant. It would take Oscar at least four minutes to reach the dorm, probably more like six, and that was all the time that Harry had. Less than a minute remained until Oscar's expected arrival when Harry heard footsteps in the corridor outside. In break-neck speed, Harry slung the bottle of baby oil into a desk drawer, the slam drowning out the rattle of the handle, and dived onto the bed, just managing to pick up a car magazine and pretend to be reading it before Oscar walked in.

Cumsquirter and girls stepdad

mastrubation cumsquirter 2018-08-01

I was over her house one evening, and she said that her parents went out to dinner, so we were watching some hot porn, she was masturbating her sweet pussy, and i was jacking off my 7 inch shemale cock, rubbing eachothers bare tits as we jacked off. well, i could not help myself, i went in and said "I caught you jacking your cock", to which he just smiled, kept on jacking, and asked me to join him, not knowing that i was a shemale with a 7 inch cock. what an evening, and her stepdad and i got together a few times after that, he finally let me fuck him in his asshole, and i shot a huge jizz load.

My New Dildo

mastrubation smalldickluvr 2018-03-27

Last night, I was headed to the shower when i thought "This would be a great time to test out my new dildo". So I got it, and my lube, and got naked as fast as i could. I stuck the dildo to the side of the tub, got and my hands and knees, and started sucking it for about 5 minutes as i jerked myself off. I pressed it slowly into my tight hole, a little at a time. This was the first time i had something this big in my tight little ass, and I loved the feeling of it stretching me out. I just wish it could have been a real man fucking me and shooting his hot cum all over my naked writhing body!!!

Finally meet up again with my "straight"

mastrubation beert 2018-02-13

OUr meeting were very soft at the beginning but got more intense, i think we met about 5 times, first encounters with guys for him but I didnt have a lot of experience myself. He left the bathroom again to grab something from his back, it was a new bottle of lube, he took a lot of lube and got over his body and inside his briefs, i was a little suprised but excited in the same time. I love this and i was so happy we were kissing, we hold this position for a long time bodies tight and kissing, of course our cocks got nice and hard now and we added more lube.

Daddies Friends.... part one.

mastrubation bttmblw 2017-11-23

I looked good, I thought, but not good enough for Daddy.So I put on my pigtailed blonde wig and a little pink lipstick. I got my toy and some lube out of the closet and went to the living room. After I unlocked the front door I went to the center of the living room floor and stuck the large, 13.5 inch rubber cock on the hard wood floor. I eased myself down, spreading my ass apart with one hand and taking hold of the toy with the other. I eased down a little further, feeling the pleasurable pain of every inch going inside of me. I opened my eyes and saw Daddy sitting on the couch.

The last 36 hours... poppers and dildos

mastrubation 2017-10-16

I've just spent the last 36 hours fucking my brains out with 2 big black dildos, while getting high on poppers. As I laid on my back, and reached for the dildo, the poppers started to hit- BOOM! As my head spun, and my body filled with warmth, I started easing the dildo into my hole. I moaned, and squirmed as I stroked my cock, and fed the dildo to my ass. For the first time I didn't need to ease the cock in and I felt the slightly painful "pop" of the head sliding over the inner muscle. As the rush overcame my body again, I eased down on the big black cock underneath me.