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Chanel 17

mastrubation tangerinesky 2018-12-04

Of course Eugene pleased me, I’m not completely biased, but the connection I felt with Ethan was more pronounced, I can’t deny. I stand up and walk to my door, and when Ethan’s eyes meet mine, I see a flash of surprise before he gives me a neat, easy smile. “Do you want to join?” Ethan ask, looking up to me and pulling out a sandwich bag filled with bud. Two days later --after my new pad is thoroughly cleaned to my standards-- I invite Aaliyah, Dylan, Eugene and Taniyah over for a 'housewarming party'. Thinking of his lips on my skin, the lust in his eyes, the way he groaned every time he was deep inside me.

Renee's Internship

mastrubation _O2_ 2018-12-04

I'm sure we can dream up some yummy experiments for us both to try.” Lauren had a gleam in her eye as she said that, knowing Renee didn't have a clue what she was alluding to. Lauren took her time getting ready for bed, the thoughts she'd had all day about Renee raced through her mind. It wasn't long before Renee's light was extinguished and Lauren heard faint snoring coming from the young woman's room. In her mind, Renee would at first be shocked by Lauren writhing on the bed, the blue toy working its magic between her legs, then a smile would replace the shocked expression as she walked towards Lauren to join her in achieving that blissful state.

Getting Married Tomorrow - Chapter 1

mastrubation mingemuncher 2018-12-04

A girl I work with said this was a good place to find some action, parties etcetera." Ivan and I had become good friends with Trixie, and we had been going up there at least once a week since the first night. When we got to the top of the stairs, Trixie was very happy to see me but quickly got one of her girls to take Joy through to the changing rooms and get her a towel and a robe. Anyway, Joy and I wandered back through the lounge and into what Trixie called the wet area, set our drinks on the edge of the spa and stripped out of our robes.

Home Alone?

mastrubation Lupus 2018-12-04

Abbey felt her thighs moisten a little to even see herself so turned on already, crossing her legs desperately and mauling her bottom lip. Abbey's hands gently stroked her nipples for a few seconds, until he responded. That one line sent a throb straight to Abbey’s groin and she moaned for the camera, squeezing her breasts harder as her eyes closed. She pressed her mounds together, rolling her nipples for her own pleasure, and leaned forward towards the camera; she bounced them in her hands a little and squeezed teasingly. Her fingers rubbed it and she moaned for the camera, squeezing her nipples with her other hand. Abbey felt the cool air circle her wet lips as they were spread wide for her viewer, her fingers still buried inside.

A Chat With Maxine Part 2

mastrubation bikerbear600 2018-12-04

None of them were particularly kinky although Ben, the guy I went out with, did like it when I sat on him and played with my clit and boobs as I shagged him.’ Max said. I wrapped my fingers around my cock and began to slowly wank myself off watching Max play with her nipples with one hand and rub her pussy through her thong with the other. I slowly wanked myself, shuddering a couple of times as the dildo in my bum gave me what I think of as small orgasms, but taking my time so I could watch Max. ‘Wow!’ I said softly as Max came for a second time, again thrusting her bum off the bed and giving me a lovely view of her clenched butt cheeks!

How to Softly Kill Time Before Work

mastrubation maldragon666 2018-12-04

I slipped the blanket off my body and put an extra pillow under my head grabbed my tools and began by rubbing my hands over my voluptuous body, feeling all my curves and my 40D breasts and how my tank top and lacy panties laid nicely against body. I concentrated my hands on my panties and I could feel my freshly shaved slit already oozed through silky material, probably from all my steamy dreams. I started to massage my mound through my panties and I let out a slight moan and then entered under the lace. I grabbed them with both of my hands and lightly pinched and squeezed, slowing my breaths, while my orgasms still made me twitch.

Being Naughty Alone

mastrubation rrwdc 2018-12-04

As I feel it heating up, wanting to explode with come, I probe my index and middle fingers deeper and deeper inside, moving them in and out faster and faster, each time letting out a groan of pleasure as I slowly undulate my hips as I f—k myself with my fingers. I imagine that it is your big hard cock inside of me instead of my own fingers, which makes me get even more excited, I slip my fingers out of my pussy, and rub my clit fast and harder. The pounding water feels so good on my pussy like a pulsating force that makes me get all excited again…as if I could come once more.

Laura's leisure time

mastrubation fischer_mike 2018-12-04

Yes, there were parts of her body that started to show her forty three years, but she reckoned she could still pass for late twenties in good light. Laura turned off the water, and covered every inch of her body in a soft layer of foam. Laura put her hands under her head to stop them from wandering. She took Laura’s hands, and kissed her on the lips. Laura felt Dawn’s fingers in her bush. She used the fingers of both hands to massage the outer lips. Leaving one hand between her legs, she picked up the vibrator and licked it. Laura wished it was a real cock of flesh and blood, and that the finger in her pussy was the tongue of a second lover.


mastrubation Dirty_D 2018-12-04

Rather I am feeling the way your breath is like little fingers against my skin. I trail my fingers across your skin, drawing them slowly, wishing that you would wake up, and knowing you should not. I can almost feel your tongue as it takes over for my fingers, stroking me, driving the need. I see our sixty nine as my face is still between your legs, my tongue and lips working to make you need me as much as I want you. I want that penetration, but I cannot while entangled with you, and so I press harder with my fingers against my aching needy clit.

In the dark

mastrubation alexmarch 2018-12-03

I touch myself and think about words written solely to arouse and to excite, to get you wet or to make me hard. In the dark, the words I conjure up are not words of anything else besides a hard cock, a wet pussy, yielding lips, grasping and stroking hands, penetrating fingers, a tongue, an ass grasped by reaching hands, smooth skin and hair, sweat and saliva and semen and your fluids all mixed, taste and smell, tightness and tautness, legs spread, and guttural sounds instead of poetry.

Runner and Lilah

mastrubation Frank_Lee 2018-12-03

At six-one, with a solid, defined body, he could’ve spent half the day running up and down those stairs barely getting winded, but following Lilah in those tight shorts made him breathless. She kept rubbing her lotion-slick fingers over a naked breast until it started looking like a nervous gesture. Lilah sat on one of the mats and watched him squirt lotion on his hand and spread it over the white of his hips and groin. For a moment, he didn’t think he was ever going to stop spuming that thick froth, but the spasms finally subsided, leaving his body and Lilah’s hand spattered with cum. Then her smooth thighs parted and his body filled the space between, his cock pressing against the heated lips he’d smeared with his own cum just moments before.

The Benghazi Zig-Zig That Wasn’t

mastrubation PhilAnders 2018-12-03

A few months later, an opportunity to have my tour of duty shortened by a few months arose if I would transfer to a remote AC&W site of our unit that was situated in the desert a few miles outside of Benghazi. I got in a cab driven by a guy named Mahmood and went to a restaurant/bar in town that catered to we Americans and the Brits, hoping to be able to hook up with one of the British army nurses….but none were there that night. Mahmood was outside and I got back into his taxi with my hard cock clearly visible through my trousers. Mahmood just smiled, then started his engine and drove back to the gate to our site.

My Friends Introduce Me to the Joys of the Pool Jet (Part 1)

mastrubation Mei92 2018-12-03

It was around closing time, and I saw a girl from my class, a German girl with kind of light red hair named Angie, standing near the edge of the pool, not really moving. The girl, I didn't know her name, then walked over and positioned herself in front of the pool jet-but before she did, removed her bikini bottom completely and threw it on the edge of the pool. She was obviously less inhibited than Angie, with short blonde hair and a neatly trimmed, beautifully shaped pubic hair triangle that was darker than her hair, she scooted up to the jet and instantly closed her eyes and said "AAHHHHH!!!" Hilda, who had been touching me on the shoulder the whole time we were watching the girl masturbate herself, stood up and said "Ok, you're next."

All by myself

mastrubation SadisticIntentons28 2018-12-03

These were the thoughts going through Pricilla's mind right at this moment. She had a body very much like Pricilla's, small but curvy in all the right places. They began to kiss quite feverishly and Pricilla noticed she was feeling a familiar tingle in her pussy. Pricilla, unbuttoned her trousers and slowly slid a hand towards her wetness. She took off her shirt and unfastened her bra, then she slid her trousers slowly down her legs, the entire time watching the increasing heat of the action on the screen. Pricilla laid back on the couch and crossed her legs, she kept a hand in between them and started moving it in large circles over her vulva.

The Deep of Night

mastrubation LadyoftheRavens 2018-12-03

Settling back in the chair I look around, the empty silence outside my little circle of light reminds me that I'm alone, aroused and have hours 'til anyone is expected home. My focus moves slowly from one picture to the next my imagination bringing her to life as I see her move from one position to the next as each piece of clothing falls away. My hand moves more smoothly as pre-cum lubricates the condom, the chair creaking softly as I try to settle back relaxing. My hand moves faster, my foreskin sliding forwards and back over and across the sensitive tip which swells with each labored beat of my heart.

My Next Step with my Step-Brother, David… Chapter 2

mastrubation KJessica 2018-12-03

He wasn't the same as the other day and I started to feel awkward the longer we sat there, especially with our mom close by. “I was just wondering if you’d like … well you know, like the other night; but um, maybe this time – if you would join me.” He asked, not looking me in the eye.   Oh yeah, it’s, it’s just great, Pam,” he said licking his lips and letting his hand wander down to his hard, stiff, throbbing cock and started to stroke on it.   I opened my eyes and watched David as he continued stroking his own cock with one hand while playing with his balls with the other, his eyes glued to my actions.  

Danielle's first exposure

mastrubation Jennyxxx 2018-12-03

Her eyes closed and she began to daydream, she ran a hand over her body gasping as she brushed over her nipples. It wasn't a conscious thought as she opened her legs a little; she barely gave it a thought as she let her hand wander down her body. She watched as her fingers pressed against her flesh, and then she felt the delicious feeling of her pussy being penetrated by a finger. She felt her orgasm build from deep inside her body, her hand thrusting the can in and out as she began to convulse on her bed. She felt the spreading dampness under her bottom, her fingers moving back down between her legs, rubbing over her dripping pussy.

A New World Part 1

mastrubation BadDog9 2018-12-03

The insistent tugging on my arm helped me to slowly gather my thoughts and, after waiting a moment for the excitement in my pants to subside, I picked up my beer and followed Brady to the stage. By the time Riley smiled and stepped down from the stage I was sort of glad she was gone, because it meant there might soon be some relief for my swollen, aching prick. I couldn’t focus on her though, as visions of Riley running her fingers up over her luscious body while mouthing “I want you” with her plump pink lips kept replaying in my head. “She said Riley wants to talk to me but can’t while I’m at the stage.

The Interview

mastrubation ScarlettJ 2018-12-03

Christian Lawson-Smith couldn’t take his eyes off her patent black stiletto shoes. Naomi Lawson-Smith didn’t care what tempting, risqué lingerie Saskia may, or may not, be wearing, nor was she the least bit interested in her choice of footwear or hairstyle. Naomi Lawson-Smith could weep for the love of that pretty pussy under the skirt; she was so full of longing for a taste of the delicious sweet nectar, aching to insert her tongue inside, as far as it would go. Christian Lawson-Smith twitched at the sight of plump breasts and went on to imagine her painted ruby lips around the base of his rock hard cock. Christian Lawson-Smith peaked and shot splurge after splurge over his hand, trousers and clipboard, roaring like a proud lion until the pleasure subsided.

Look, But Don't Touch

mastrubation ThinkKinkyThoughts 2018-12-03

She pulled open the dresser drawer, reached in, and removed a big black dildo cock I had watched her fuck herself with in some of our previous video sessions. I could see the base of the cock buried deep inside her, her legs held tight together holding it in place. Sliding the cock from between her legs, but leaving the plug firmly in place in her ass, she set it aside on the bed and sat up. She sat for a second, wiggled her ass with me inside her, gripping my cock tightly with her pussy muscles, then stood quickly, saying, "It'll do, but I think I'll play with mine a bit more first."

Yes, ThenTell Me About It

mastrubation Organplayer1 2018-12-03

During meetings, interacting with other coworkers, the tiny voice in the back of my mind was hers, and it was saying "tell me about it." She wanted to know details of the self pleasure that was yet to come. I slowly stroked the entire length as Nikki ran through my mind. My very slick fist was now slurping and sucking its way up and down the full length of my shaft lubed by the cum I had been milking "for Nikki." I was moaning Nikki's name out loud as one nasty scenario after another raced through my mind. I could have just had it hit my stomach or into a napkin but I was consumed with lust and the car represented my hot Nikki. It took several minutes to clean myself and the surrogate "Nikki." But what an intense orgasm.


Masturbating after exercise

mastrubation Patrik3838 2018-12-03

I need to drink again but I'm feeling such great, yes, I'm bad boy, I'm sweating so much but my cock is such hard and I feel such pressure, getting aroused more and more , now imagine kissing Denise and then press to her chest, love personal scent of girl sweating her body and Denise is sweating like waterfall. I cannot believe how intense I'm sweating but I feel like in heaven, I'm wiping iff my sweaty face and drink some water and now I will fuck Denise to the end, And Adrian is smart boy he knows I love to smell his body.

The Phone Call

mastrubation whotoldyouiwrite 2018-12-03

He knew every inch of Fiona's body like the back of his hand and he knew without a bra her breasts jiggled up and down in that tight boob tube and her love handles made her top ride up to her waist. You are going to watch me , but tonight that little devil is going to explode before you or I set hands on him.", she continued," I'm dancing for you now, to LAdy MArmalade, touching my breasts and rubbing my ass at all the right moments. Fiona obliged, "After squeezing my boobs I pinch my nipples till they are raw, then I slowly slide my skirt off to reveal my ass.

I Almost Got Caught

mastrubation KJessica 2018-12-03

The cool air not exactly welcomed, but when I lay back on the bed, after shutting my door spreading my legs, it felt amazing on my hot cunt. Taking a little bit of baby oil, smoothing it over the soft vibrating tip, I pushed it gently against my clit just started, feeling it buzz on the already sensitive nub. I lay back on the couch hung one leg off the side, pulled up a porn site I like looking through, read some new stories, I found one by a friend, my cravings grew stronger and stronger, as my soft fingers slid slowly down into my pants rubbing my clit through my panties. My eyes shut tight moaning loudly, my fingers working my pussy lips after pulling my panties down, diverting my fingers in slowly.