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Dave and Sugar ch 1

mastrubation Kandikiss51 2018-12-04

I love fucking myself and letting a man hear the wet sounds because I knew it went from his ear straight to his cock. Harder baby, I’m rubbing my clit hard oh don’t stop baby…I’m about to cum!” Sometimes I have trouble cumming, but hell love to stroke my dick anyways, especially when I have a hot, sexy, big beautiful gal on the other end of the phone. “Ooooh God, I love doing that, when a man plays with my tits like that my fingers or his are in my cunt, and I cum harder!” Then I want you to sleep naked, and call me when you wake up, let's say around 9:30 am , my cock is so hard in the morning it needs you, as the wife won’t do a damn thing anymore.”

Whatever I Say Goes

mastrubation barefootbeauty 2018-12-03

She moved it back and forth slowly, savoring the taste of herself on the plastic, the warmth from her cunt (her toes tingled just thinking the word and her satisfied pussy clenched), the way it made her feel so dirty and yet so right to be performing like this for him while he was completely under her control. She worked her hips up into the vibrator as he let out an explosion of breath and began stroking himself faster, his hand moving and twisting over his straining erection, the pressure firm and fluid. She gasped as his words hit her like a perfectly placed thrust and she flew over the edge, clenching and shaking, her hips pushing up to meet the pressure of the vibrator as she pushed two fingers inside her pussy.

Flying the friendly skies...

mastrubation brwnsugr 2018-12-01

The next time I saw him, he was walking down the aisle loaded down with things the wife had hoped they could carry on. The wife looked at me and said, “Sorry,” like she knew what I thought of her already but didn’t really care. And I saw, when I woke, that the husband was smiling quietly my way, swaddled in one of the blankets provided, as was I. But he kept his eyes closed, though I thought I heard his breathing get a wee bit louder. He started to slide his finger in and out of me in a way that stroked my clit as if it were a little cock going in and out of me.

The Volunteer: The First Visit

mastrubation TopGun 2018-11-29

We talked about me getting a little help from that wonderful little blue pill but our medical insurance didn’t cover that sort of thing and we couldn’t afford to pay for the doctors and scripts out of pocket. Reaching up, Diana took my long cock in her soft hands, working the foreskin back and forth over my knob. As Diana massaged my prostate, she slipped one hand under me to cup my cock knob in her gauze filled hand to catch my prostate fluid that would soon ooze out like pre-cum. She continued massaging my gland longer than she needed too because I felt the fluid oozing out, soaking into her gauze filled hand for several long minutes.

Overflow (Part 1)

mastrubation Wilful 2018-11-28

"You know, the thing about wine," Michael said, pouring Katie and himself a full glass from the second bottle, "is that it's all down to how much you enjoy it. Of course I went back in, only grabbing three of the four boxes in the end, before hip checking the rear door shut and heading for dry land, rolling my eyes the whole way. After zipping ourselves up inside, I got to work pumping up the inflatable mattress, while Katie hooked up a makeshift clothes line with the string from the cover of our last remaining sleeping bag. Katie's body rose and fell in time with mine, as we lay there quietly until the drum of the rain overtook my breath as the loudest sound in the tent.

The Pool

mastrubation NatashaTsarinaErotic 2018-11-28

Turning to me she said, “Well, maybe that’s what you need, an older man, none of those kids that don’t know what they want.” His other hand caressed my pussy and he said, “I think you need something more than just someone watching you.” His cock was already hard so I simply straddled him and slowly sank down until his cockhead met my pussy lips, which parted and he slid inside me. I wasn’t lying; having my pussy filled with Spanish cock and his finger in my ass, I was riding myself to the fastest orgasm of my life. When my body shook in orgasmic bliss I wanted to feel his man milk on me, so as I came I slid off him and took his cock in both of my hands.

The Commuter: Day 10

mastrubation seemywowzza 2018-11-27

Fucking prima dona doesn't want her 500 dress wet, I said under my breath as I barely looked you up and down before closing my eyes again. With your trench coat unbuttoned and draped to the sides of both thighs, you sat there with legs wide open, sunning yourself as the sunlight kissed nearly every square inch of your heavenly body. I watched as you crossed and uncrossed your legs several times, allowing the front of the coat to open at mid-thigh. I licked my lips several times as I thought about how nice it would be to suck on those nice hard nipples. With my raging hard on pulled out through the leg opening of my shorts, I began jacking off while watching you masturbate.

Not Yet

mastrubation elliotlacey31 2018-11-26

My hand begins to mimic your speed and force, unblinking as I watch your nectar drenched finger explore deeper. The spread lips releasing a steady wave of heat, rising higher at times as you change speeds and curl fingers in different ways. You have also tasted yourself countless times after my fingers have relentlessly pumped your depths. Fingers dip in between slippery velvet folds to the hilt, to the wet fiery core, thumb massaging your throbbing bud as I pump within you.  In that moment know nothing but the echo of your voice, the feel of your depths clamping as you reach release, and the overwhelming throb that makes me explode over and over. 

Telephone Reality

mastrubation the_lady_of_shalott 2018-11-26

“No however right now I will lick my finger and I will slide it carefully over its tender slit while I suck one of the cherries.” Divna put the phone on speaker so she would have two free hands and started implementing all she was describing to him. “Just like I would dry your hardened member that you are probably stroking now wishing it was in my mouth instead of that cherry?” She laughed and tossed her head back while she raised her delectable ass and caressed the hood of her clit. Divna pressed the cherry to her exposed clit and moaned out loudly. For Divna that sensation was a lot like sex in a dark room, with a tightly stretched blindfold on her eyes.

Hands on Training

mastrubation Etherus 2018-11-26

Her legs were tightly together and I began to wonder if she would let me continue when I felt her hand begin to rub my cock through my pants. I used my outside fingers to splay it open a bit and slowly worked the center back and forth and till the gentle folds wetted and sucked me inside. Using the two outside fingers I spread her open revealing the tender bud and began to work it quickly with my middle finger. When her nails finally released my forearm I reached down and gathered her panties and quickly wiped the soft leather seat between her legs.

Resolutions - Part 1 of 2

mastrubation Lisa 2018-11-23

Sending a glance over her shoulder, I notice Lucas is standing with some of the other guys, tipping his beer bottle and taking a long drink as he listens to the conversation going on around him. It’s as if he feels my gaze on him because his dark eyes shift to me and his lips form a smile around the mouth of the bottle. I remember being mesmerised by the scene and unable to look away, watching as Lucas smiled at me just before he dipped his head and took one of her nipples into his mouth. I want to look over her shoulder now to find out how he’s handling the situation and to see if anyone else is watching us, but I can’t tear my attention away from Beth.

My First Bukakke Experience

mastrubation pentup47 2018-11-23

My heart missed a beat when I took the magazine's call, realising that I would be able to meet my cyber-lover Gary for the first time. I did a mental checklist of the essentials; bra, white fishnets, matching suspenders and my best cream satin panties (the latter, I decided, had to be super-absorbent, in view of the copious anounts of cum which I was hoping my cyber-lover would be splashing over them.) Matching lipstick and nail varnish, plus my beloved Elie Saab scent. In no time at all, Gary and his friends were naked and all stroking lovely erections. Hank splashed over my titties, as requested; Jim creamed my thighs; and Gary expertly directed a huge load of lovely warm creamy spunk right across my face.

Mutual Pleasure

mastrubation Dave69fan 2018-11-23

My eyes follow your hands moving down over your stomach, one staying at the waistband and the other going to the hem of your short grey pleated skirt. My hand involuntary moves to stoke my bulge through my pants as you first pull your skirt to give me full view. You lay back with one hand playing with your tits and nipples and the other roaming over your legs, stomach and slipping into your wet knickers. Climbing onto the bed I move between your legs, my hand running along your inner thigh. I watch your love juices running between your legs; hear the sound of your sighs and moans, the sounds of your wanking fingers matching mine.

Why do fools fall in love… Jacie 2 (Chapter 4)

mastrubation Dane69 2018-11-22

Without thinking, Jacie lifted her foot, Laura sliding the stocking on, pulling it slowly up her leg, making sure it remained straight as she slid it up onto Jacie’s thigh. As Jacie slid her hands into the straps to pull onto her shoulders, Laura reached round cupping her breasts underneath and lifting them before adjusting the straps to enhance her cleavage. “It’s just us girls baby, keeping secrets is what we do” Sliding one hand over her breasts and the other down over her tummy to her pussy, Laura let out a quiet throaty moan as she closed her eyes. Laura seemed in a world of her own, squeezing each breast with one hand, gently pinching her nipples, whilst sliding her fingers over her wet pussy lips and round her clit.

My Daughter's Best Friend - Part 3

mastrubation John_Doe 2018-11-20

I love masturbating when I'm really horny", as her hand continued to rub at her pussy, her hips gently gyrating to her sensual touch.  "Why don't you pull out that big cock of yours, it looks like it wants to be set free?" she said. I continued to jerk off, slowly at first to flow the rush of blood into my cock to make it even harder.  Not that the sight alone of this beautiful young woman at my side masturbating for me wasn't getting the job done on it's own.  My eyes continued to switch between watching Amy rubbing her pussy, and to find her face turned towards me, as the hot breathe of her moans flowed across upon me.

A Happy Mistake

mastrubation Icarus32 2018-11-19

Kate pushed her chair back so that Kevin could see her entire body, from her tits which rose and fell hypnotically with each deep breath, to her milky thighs which were currently spread as wide as they could be, to finally her wet glistening pussy into which Kate was currently slowly sliding her two fingers. Kevin responded by immediately stripping his boxers off, revealing his rock hard cock which he promptly grasped in his right hand and began to stroke. "Hey, did that girl ever respond to your message?" Kate asked, sitting up slightly with a bit of an exhausted but curious smile on her face.

Bad Bad Boy

mastrubation nodonjuan 2018-11-18

It had been so long since I had been with a woman and was beginning to question my sexuality as recently the images of cocks in my mouth and being taken from behind by a faceless male lover had been randomly appearing in my head. Wrapping the panties around my leaking cock making sure that the stained portion made direct contact with my swollen prick I slowly rubbed them the length of my member. As the scent began to dissipate from my nostrils I placed the panties back to my nose again and inhaled for a renewed smell of some random woman's vaginal discharge. As I continued slowly massaging my cock and sniffing these strange panties I could feel a presence again.

Sex is the Best Treatment Part 1 The Exam

mastrubation Johnny43 2018-11-17

Moving my finger in tiny circles over his little brown hole, I slowly increased the pressure until Randy relaxed and my finger slipped inside. Slowly I slipped my finger deeper and deeper inside him until I felt that little almond-shaped gland that I was seeking. A few moments later I placed the sopping wet pad aside and took his now steel-like, throbbing shaft in my hand, stroking it slowly as I ground my pussy against his hard, muscular thigh. “I know honey, my guy likes it too…only thing is…he helps me get off while I’m getting him off.” I felt Randy hand slip between my grinding mound and his hip bone. I felt his finger slip between my bloated pussy lips and over my sensitive little love button.

Need A Hand?

mastrubation clum 2018-11-16

Cal had literally let out a low, grumbling moan as he sat alone in his flat, gazing at the screen with his tongue lolling out and one hand unconsciously massaging the fast-growing bulge in his shorts. It was Eliza that broke the tense stillness of the moment, asking Cal, “What do you have on for the rest of the day?” Though she tried to make it sound like an innocent inquiry, her voice and foot were telling of an ulterior motive. Cal felt her go limp and slump into his hands, her head falling back against the plywood wall, and he retracted his thickly coated fingers as he lowered her to stand flat on her feet.

The Connecting Door

mastrubation Billfrank1955 2018-11-16

"Well, to be honest," Nora said, "I saw just about everything from the time you took off your shirt until you got out of bed to close the drapes." I used the lather to wash down her arms, one at a time and cleaned her hands making sure to interlace our fingers as I did. After rinsing all the soap from her face, I lathered my hands again and began to wash her collarbones and chest. Nora continued to toy with my stiffness as I changed the way I played with her nether lips by running my thumb and forefinger up and down the outsides of her lips, alternately stroking her and squeezing her lips together right above her clit, putting a nice firm pressure on it.

No Words Necessary

mastrubation TheDevilsWeakness 2018-11-14

Taking her hand in his he slides it up under the pillow, pulling her into him and gently rolling her onto her side without waking her. Strumming her nipple with his thumb til its hard, he senses her stirring. Cupping her breast in his hand he pulls her tighter to him. He moves his hand from her breast and slowly roams down her side making his way to her panties. Her hand moves to the front of his boxers feeling his arousal through the thin material. He hears her sigh as he plunges two fingers into her wetness before moving his hand back to her breast, encircling her areola with her juices, slipping and sliding her hard nipple between his fingers.

Her webcam

mastrubation iceman 2018-11-11

Her left hand goes down as she leans up to pull the robe off her other leg. She moans even louder at the taste, sucking on that finger lick a cock, Working with urgency, both hands go to her nipples to pinch and pull even harder. She's not going to do that, I can see the pleasure in her eyes, the flaring of her nose, and the movement of her tongue on her lips, her fingers and hands are so busy. She's even pausing to pinch and pull her hard clit, causing her little butt to jerk off the couch as her legs stiffen. And look at you, my Little Darling, your legs, your belly, your tits, your chin, your mouth.

Our Connection

mastrubation pixie72 2018-11-10

Imagining him, my sexy, sexy man, stroking his rock hard shaft for me makes my pussy drip. "Fuck, Heather yes." I can hear his groan in my head as he reads my words. Wishing it was you Mack, your fingers inside me, fingering me so slow, feeling my pussy grip your fingers." “Oh god babe it feels so good,” I whimper as I type the words. His sexy voice whispering in my ear, his breathing as he approaches his orgasm, his words telling me to cum for him. Oh baby, oh baby yes I am going to cum.” As soon as he hears those words his breathing gets so loud, so hard and so fast.

No Touching

mastrubation JosephWrites 2018-11-08

Jake was on top of Diane when they heard Ellie cumming loudly with Brian grunting along. Jake watched TV for a while, feeling a little awkward about being a third wheel to the two lovers, Eventually, he thought that he had given his friends enough time to do their thing so he went to his room and got into bed. Shoot your hot stuff inside my pussy when I cum." The fucking got louder and faster, and Ellie started to make her squeaking sound. "Now I want a good look at that bald pussy." Jake got up and walked around the bed, then crouched between her spread legs. Jake was dazed as he watched Ellie pull the vibrator out of her pussy and saw the creamy white cum slowly run out her.