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A Chat With Maxine Part 2

mastrubation bikerbear600 2018-12-04

None of them were particularly kinky although Ben, the guy I went out with, did like it when I sat on him and played with my clit and boobs as I shagged him.’ Max said. I wrapped my fingers around my cock and began to slowly wank myself off watching Max play with her nipples with one hand and rub her pussy through her thong with the other. I slowly wanked myself, shuddering a couple of times as the dildo in my bum gave me what I think of as small orgasms, but taking my time so I could watch Max. ‘Wow!’ I said softly as Max came for a second time, again thrusting her bum off the bed and giving me a lovely view of her clenched butt cheeks!

Nora's Tale: 3 - I Become Levi's Project

mastrubation AdventurousReader 2018-11-29

“Oh, you don’t do it on purpose, I know,” she said, blushing a little and looking away. “I don’t know what smells better, you or those brownies,” Levi said, looking at the plate in my hand. Levi pulled my hair back from my shoulders so we could both look at my body better. “Look at these lines, Norrra,” Levi said, reaching around me and tracing – without touching – the creases my sex made with my legs; the same lines as my tan. “Our little friend is shy,” Levi said, his eyes on the same spot. “Well, if you say so…” Levi buried his face deeper between my thighs, his hands gripping my ass tighter, his tongue licking more furiously.

A Polaroid of Kristina, part 6

mastrubation oceanrunner 2018-11-27

So if I got back to my apartment from Kristina’s after my parents came home from work, and I was wearing long pants and a shirt with a collar, there would be inevitable questions that I would have no reasonable answer for. My cock continued to harden, the cool air feeling crisp and pleasant on the wetness the cloth had left behind, and she looked at my erection thoughtfully. On the one hand she told me that she would have a hard time getting through the next day, but she also wanted to not see me on the following morning when we had an available chance.

Late Night at the Station - Part One

mastrubation Sexy_Bitch800 2018-11-27

My silk purple bra come off too, at the same time Kevin ripped the girls skirt off. Kevin's removed his trousers too and began lightly rubbing her wet pussy with one of his thick fingers, over her panties. "I find it really hot when a girl squirts, Amy," Kevin whispered. As he spread Amy's pussy lips, I pulled my skirt down and my panties too. Without warning, Kevin slapped Amy's cunt hard. "Oh, please!" begged Amy. That was when Kevin's fingers curled upwards, and I could tell he'd found her g- spot. "Oh god, oh god, oh god!" Amy screamed as she came hard onto Kevin's tongue I saw Kevin the whisper in Amy ear. Amy's pussy looked red and wet.

Paint Job

mastrubation HannahVanderbyl 2018-11-27

Karly thought it would be a great idea to have Nicole come by and help her with this, plus she knew absolutely nothing about anything. Though Nicole had a boyfriend and seemed totally straight, Karly could not help to be extremely attracted to her. The thought of Nicole even brushing her hands against her legs was getting Karly quite worked up. Hesitating for awhile, so that she didn't seem eager, she opened the door and there Nicole was."Hey Karly, sorry I'm late. Karly smiled, "Why thank you." she said in a british accent, which made Nicole laugh. As they rested there, Karly thought this would be the perfect opportunity to ask Nicole about her feelings, or try to seduce her.

A Different Home Alone

mastrubation GrayGhost 2018-11-26

On this day, Dana was going out with her girl friends and I was off to the doctor, dentist and the wine store. Upon arriving back at the house, I noticed Dana's car parked in the garage. I wanted to surprise Dana, so entered the house quietly. Dana was in the land of ecstasy with her head thrown back and her hands moving the buzzing vibrator. I felt Dana starting to shake and quiver as she was cumming. Dana liked to slowly deep throat my entire shaft to the hilt on the downward stroke and then to drag her teeth along it as she withdrew her mouth. Dana's tongue was doing a great job of teasing me.

Good Solutions

mastrubation Gallo 2018-11-26

Glancing at the clock as she walked into the bathroom she realised she had more than an hour to get ready for her date with Rob. Rob was her boss, and he wanted to discuss a matter over a few drinks and maybe dinner. ‘And it is this body he wants to get to know so much,’ Laura reflected in the mirror, slowly circling her mons with curious fingers. Laura reached across the table and with her index finger gently lifted his chin so his face was level and they could look into each other’s eyes. Rob looked at her directly, the defeat and the rage laying shallow in his dark eyes, and Laura saw it as her cue to continue.

Trying a taste of myself.

mastrubation TheKiltedIrishman 2018-11-25

I had been masturbating regularly for quite a while before I got the idea to try sucking myself off. I started by rolling on my back and planting my feet against the wall while my upper back was still lying down on the bed. I slowly walked my feet down the wall stretching my spine, attempting to lower my lower half closer to my face. My head pressed up against the wall and my feet dug into the wall trying to stop my downward slide. Warm sticky cum squirted into my mouth and I found at this angle I couldn't swallow, so I just held on giving my cock the warm home it needed to empty into.

Bathtub Fantasy

mastrubation 40andsexyagain 2018-11-23

As he cups my large breasts in each hand he pulls back from our kiss to look down at them, he lifts them both up, and reaches down with his beautiful mouth to suck gently on each nipple. I hear him groan as his hands tangle in my hair, I look up as I deep throat his cock and watch him throw his head back, enjoying the pleasure my tongue and mouth are giving him. My pussy is aching from imagining his beautiful body and cock so I let go of my breasts and slide my hands down my stomach to touch myself.

The Truth Will Set You Free

mastrubation Ms_Marvelous 2018-11-23

The wind and rain on my bare 36C breasts feel amazing and my nipples react instantly. I know I am a slut but it would be nice if the whole world knew it too, that way I could be free and live how I want to live. He calls me slut over and over; his hands are on my head, pushing me down harder onto his cock. The wet grass feels great on my hard nipples and my hand slips down to my ass. They are all watching my every move and though I don’t know how long they have been there I can tell by the look on their faces they have been there long enough. Once on my knees I feel her hands on the back of my head pulling me home.

The Girl Who Played With Herself

mastrubation aussiescribbler 2018-11-23

Michael opened his eyes to find the whole of Lisbeth's computer screen covered with small windows in which women of all shapes, ages and colours were shamelessly wanking, sucking on their nipples and sticking things up their bottoms. Michael laughed and began stroking his hard cock as he looked at all those horny women. "Why don't you show your girlfriends that you're a sucker for cock," he suggested, gently turning Lisbeth's head and pressing his hard-on against her lips, while taking care to rest, rather than skewer, his balls on the spikes of her dog collar. And so that is how Michael Plumfist ended up filling his girlfriend's mouth with cum while his sexy ex-gym mistress looked on and wanked off.

The Power of the Word

mastrubation TonyaL 2018-11-22

His biography caught my eye as we liked many of the same books and as I looked through his story page, I realized he was the author of several of the stories I’d read. He began asking me lots of questions about what kind of sex I had sampled in the past and what I liked most about the stories I read here. I looked forward to my nights chatting with my Sir. I bought my first vibrator and even decided to attempt to write my own story. I want you to open your legs and play with your pussy for me as I read to you but don’t cum.” 

In my Classroom

mastrubation lfrancis 2018-11-22

Sucking him hard and licking him, stopping to squeeze and kiss his balls before putting him back where she felt most satisfied moving in and out, teasing her lips and tongue to get more. Her pleasure began to build as she felt him encompass the walls of her mouth and push her tongue down with his huge, hard cock. Then he gave it to her, what she wanted, the complete fullness of his cock encompassing the walls of her mouth, signaling that he was going to let his load go and he did as he thrust himself with such deliberate intention. However, ummmmm, God, sitting in that classroom she still wasn't satisfied and she was scared she was going to lose her mind if she didn't get his cock in her mouth soon.

Oops not quite private

mastrubation jeansandtshirt 2018-11-21

Amy moved in front of his penis, sitting in between his legs, Amy took his balls into her mouth and sucked and licked making Craig squirm with pleasure, next she massaged them with her hand and put her mouth on the tip of his cock and started to suck, Craig could've come right then if he hadn't already cum not five minutes earlier. Craig welt euphoric as he saw his penis disappear inch by inch and then he hit the back of her throat, Amy gagged slightly and then started to move back up his cock, Craig lost all feeling of what was going on around him the sensation of pleasure were to much and he shot his load into her mouth and she swallowed it all.

Memories of D.J.

mastrubation KLynn 2018-11-21

You begin to approach my pussy lips with your hard dick from behind and gently ease in. You subtly slide your hand to the front of my pussy and massage my clit between your two fingers. I’m moaning loudly as you begin to rub my nipple between your thumb and index finger, almost pinching me. I’m in so much pleasure I begin squirting my juices against the shower wall. As I focus on the pictures, I begin to rub my breasts and play with my nipples until they harden. I look at another picture and begin to suck my own breasts. As I massage my pussy, I slide two fingers in between my lips to rub my clit.

Chelle's Secrets: A Prelude

mastrubation lemanruss 2018-11-19

Still, there were times that she imagined she was with the young lifeguard again instead of her boyfriend, and when he left her Sunday afternoon, her usual thoughts of sadness about the lonely week ahead were quickly assuaged by a fantasy that continued to progress in her mind. Throughout the sporadic work week, the fantasy had gone farther and farther in the times that she found to be alone (of which there were several) until finally her dirty mind had pictured a day when the lifeguard had come over and brought two of his friends, all of whom were going to fuck the hot brunette at the same time.

Sophie's Revenge Part 3

mastrubation Mercury23 2018-11-19

But she managed to refrain from giving herself over to her true desire and instead she began to slide her hand along his length, increasing the pressure as she reached the tip, the sensation making Richie's tongue flick faster over her stiff bud; and if someone would have made her tell the truth she would have told them that right then she wanted him to come. Richie moaned as his fingers gripped the sheets and as he looked down he saw Sophie watching him, never breaking eye contact and she sucked and licked his cock. And then he moaned again, his hands moving to the silky skin of her thighs, and as he came Sophie pushed her breasts forward, angling his cock towards them, watching as he spurted, a stream of come bursting upwards to land on the top of her firm tits.

Three-Way Disaster Story

mastrubation Totem 2018-11-19

My wife and I like to have group sex. My wife started sucking his cock, while I got behind her and teased at her pussy and asshole, getting her wet, and getting her nice and opened up. "Need proof?" My wife got out of the way, and I knelt between his legs and started giving him a good, thorough cocksucking. "Tongue fuck your Daddy's asshole, faggot," he groaned, fingering his butt. The old man turned to my wife and beckoned with his hand, "Get over here, bitch, and sit on my face." "Don't come back," I said, and slammed the door in his face.

She Masturbates too Much She Thinks

mastrubation myself 2018-11-19

Holding on tight, I suck harder as the woman's fingers turn in to a hard fuck in the ass. Holding the young one in my arms, the woman enters the girl's ass with a finger. Reaching down and fingering the girl, I work my hand in to a hard thing and begin to fuck her pussy as the woman fingers her ass. The woman fingers the ass as I fuck the swollen cunt. I kiss the woman's tits and watch her work her cunt in the girl's face. Reaching in with the other hand I begin to double fuck the woman, pulling her up and off the girl. They are kissing sweetly as I open the woman's legs and taste the fucked cunt and ass.

Sleeping Pill

mastrubation littlelibrarian 2018-11-18

In real life I flutter my fingers over my vulva, feeling it slowly open. Then he starts back from the bottom, curling upwards slowly, making sure I feel every single sensation as he makes his way up. He goes back to slowly circling my clit, changing directions when he can feel himself wanting to speed up. Then he starts back from the bottom this time going just a little faster and flicking at the end instead of circling. I’m here in my bed, hand soaked, legs spread, hips almost bouncing, and finger circling fast. I wipe my hand on the end of my t-shirt and eye lids start to become heavy.

If You Like Pina Coladas

mastrubation coppershot 2018-11-18

She had a way, I don't think it was intentional, of sipping where her pointed tongue would be the first to meet the straw, followed by her juicy pink lips. A young pretty dark haired girl walked past the car and I wondered if she could see what was going on in the back seat. With that same naughty look in her eye and that same straw sipping way she covered my cock with her mouth. She began to fondle my balls with her other hand stroking them sweetly as her mouth increased the tempo on my shaft. I managed to look up for a brief moment only to see the dark haired girl who had passed us before sitting on a bench directly in view of the front seat of the car.


mastrubation Kim 2018-11-15

"Victoria's been talking out of line, questioning inappropriately, as well as causing trouble!" Charles voiced. Then, explaining what he was doing at each step, the good doctor pulled Victoria's chemise off. Victoria, now completely naked, felt like she was watching from out of her body. Victoria felt his fingers open her bottom lips. Tell me where you feel the hysteria trying to leave your body," he said, growling. Dr Reeves pulled the hood of her clit back and tapped directly on her swollen bud several times. She will need to make arrangements to see me at least three times a week," the doctor said, as he got into his carriage. Looking out the window, he peered up at Victoria's rooms and wondered what was going through her mind.

Horny Gal Knows What She Wants

mastrubation Spurtz 2018-11-15

It ended up myself, three guys, and my girl friend, Gia. She is a real hot little number and after we all got naked, she took turns jacking each cock. Her thing was watching a group of guys jack their cocks while she masturbated her clit and worked her pussy with a vibrator.  Martina told me that she wouldn't mind watching me and Gia go all the way if we were up for it and I said that would be great and would she want to join in but she said she just wanted to watch and masturbate her clit and frig herself with her vibrator. 

Phone Sex

mastrubation Poppet 2018-11-13

“Tell me what you’re doing, I want to hear you tell me,” I moan out. I want to see.” I can feel the familiar tingle building deep inside me, aching to the core. I want to feel my cock slip down into your throat. You’ll love to finally slip inside my velvet, soft, wet pussy.” I know you’re thinking the same, I’m such a filthy girl for you. Part those legs for me wide, I want to sink balls deep inside that tight pussy. “I’m so close, I’m close to feeling myself erupt around your cock now, baby. Please, baby, don’t, oh fuck, fuck!” I lose all thoughts, unable to speak properly, needing to feel you come inside me.