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Ranch Hand

mastrubation Mari84 2018-12-01

Almost without thinking, slipped my own hand down the front of my panties, closed my eyes and let my fingers glide between slippery wet lips. Slowly, I opened my legs, acutely aware that even in the dim flicker of the TV, Skip could see my fingers were inside my panties, and perhaps even make out the dark, damp spot I imagined was visible on the crotch panel. Finally, Skip slipped his fingers inside his briefs and wrapped them around his cock. "I think this is going to be the best summer of my life," I whispered to hims as my head fell back into the recliner and felt Skip's warm tongue slip between my swollen labia.

Disclosed Desires

mastrubation Lauradj 2018-11-30

He’d let her come up for air for a few moments, five or six seconds maximum, and then he would place his hands either side of her head and draw her back to his lap, giving her no choice but to open her mouth and take him. With the one hand on her head, he imagined pushing her down further on him and thrusting into her mouth before letting her come up for air for a few seconds, and then repeating the action. His hands slowly slipped away from her in the aftermath of the moment, and when he opened his eyes, the late afternoon sun streaming in through the bedroom window, he was well satisfied, and hoped that she would reappear to him in his fantasy sometime soon.

The Commuter: Day 10

mastrubation seemywowzza 2018-11-27

Fucking prima dona doesn't want her 500 dress wet, I said under my breath as I barely looked you up and down before closing my eyes again. With your trench coat unbuttoned and draped to the sides of both thighs, you sat there with legs wide open, sunning yourself as the sunlight kissed nearly every square inch of your heavenly body. I watched as you crossed and uncrossed your legs several times, allowing the front of the coat to open at mid-thigh. I licked my lips several times as I thought about how nice it would be to suck on those nice hard nipples. With my raging hard on pulled out through the leg opening of my shorts, I began jacking off while watching you masturbate.

Friends just want to have Fun

mastrubation KJessica 2018-11-25

When Lynn and Melanie arrived, sis and Sandra told them what they’d been up to and asked them if they wanted to join in. Sis came back up into my room to ask me if I thought I could handle four sex-starved, hungry females all at the same time and not wanting to pass up such an opportunity, I replied, “I’d sure like to try,” but I’m a little tired so if you girls don’t mind, why don’t I just invite John and Larry back over to act as backup just in case. John, Lynn, Larry, and Melanie all continued masturbating with each other, swapping around while Sandra, sis and I sat there watching them taking care of each other.

Baby Girl

mastrubation Lauradj 2018-11-25

"I like your dream sweetheart," he replied, his cock growing harder by the second.  "I can't exactly remember what it was, but you called me little girl or baby girl, I can't remember which but it was something along those lines, and well, I liked it," she said in a small voice.  "Next time I see you I'll take that fine ass of yours and watch as it turns from milky white to light pink and then red, the imprint of my hand on each cheek, and all you'll be able to do is squirm and cause a fuss as I lay you over my knee." Then I want your pussy, then that little ass of yours," he explained, rubbing himself slightly faster and squeezing.  She closed her eyes and moaned softly on her end, her hand finding it's way further down her body.

Cum in my pyjamas

mastrubation DanielleX 2018-11-21

He’s got that look of ambiguity, that’s saying I’m a gentleman, but… His throbbing hard on feels so good in my tiny hand, I can barely close my fingers around the shaft and then he’s in my pussy. I get my breath back and I turn round to face him, drawing my finger nails down his chest and then I slip to my knees and take his cock into my mouth and lick it gently, massaging his smooth balls with my right hand. My ‘jamas need washing, so I stroke him with him in my mouth and just before I sense he’s reaching his climax I stand up and hold my pyjamas open and aim his cock into them.

Timing Is Everything...

mastrubation Xdaone 2018-11-19

Wondering whether or not having the house and the car was worth not being able to suck and get fucked the way she wanted to was worth it. Wanting to kiss her wasn't going to be enough for me and when her hand accidentally brushed the front of her skirt as I noticed her short reaction I knew what would soon happen. Therese laid back onto her elbows at I squeeze and rub her clit and bite her nipple releasing her orgasm once more. Slowly pulling out my cock and balls wet and sticky Therese moved forward quickly to replace her pussy with her mouth until the fluid she withdrew flowed down her throat, pulling her mouth off and squeezing her tits together to collect the rest of my semen as a souvenir.

The Drive

mastrubation BlackLeatherSkirt28 2018-11-16

Sensing her opportunity Chloe released one of her breasts to reach over and lightly stroke my cock with her finger tips as she began to move her other hand down across the black material over her belly and to the slit that was now up to her waist. Her finger emerged wet with her own juice as she brought it up to her lips and began to lick it slowly running her long pink tongue along her slender finger before guiding it into her mouth so suck it like it was a nice hard cock. She turned slightly towards me as her orgasm rolled from her fingers inside her up through her milky white tits and then to her warm wet mouth as she moaned deeply and continued to allow her inner pornstar to emerge.

The Taxi Ride

mastrubation NicandNicey 2018-11-15

When your thumb started massaging the head of my cock, you turned the tables and asked, "Are you wet yet?" You knew I was. I looked over and all but pleaded, "Can we go now?" You continued moving your hand along the length of my cock and it started to pulse. With my cock still tingling inside your mouth, you looked up at me, adjusted your position on the seat of the cab, and moved your hand between the layers of the cloth of your skirt. I was somehow able to notice the cab was moving quite slowly and looked up enough to see the cabbie enjoying the show while still trying to drive.

The Beginning

mastrubation valued_customer 2018-11-11

  It slid smoothly in and out of my mouth and my imaginary voice filled my head demanding I suck it, and telling me I must prove my love by enduring the pain in my nipples for his pleasure.   I dropped my hands to the clothes pins and pulled them stretching my nipples as I let the cock slide deep into my mouth it was soft but firm then suddenly I gagged as it touched the back of my throat and I quickly withdrew my head.   Suck it bitch the voice in my head demanded and my fingers twisted the clothes pins on my nipples till I gasped and let out a soft moan of pain and hunger.

Entertaining Myself While The Wife Is Out

mastrubation Mysteria27 2018-11-11

I’m so hard and excited watching this woman eating this hot blond's pussy. Now the woman has four fingers up her sweet pussy and then the woman lets out a high pitched scream and starts to come. He’s pinching her enormous tits and she is fingering her sweet bald cunt, while he’s face fucking her mouth. As my beautiful wife was fucking herself with her long fingers, I was stroking my cock. I took my finger and rubbed her little clit, while I pushed my tongue through her beautiful pussy lips. I was finger fucking her faster and faster and her pussy was starting to drip a little.

Kitten: Ch. 8-10

mastrubation BlackLeatherSkirt28 2018-11-09

She raised her arms and placed her hands behind his thighs to pull him closer and let him know that she wanted his cock in her mouth. HIs cock continued to swell as it slid in and out of her warm mouth feeling her sucking and licking on it as he fucked her little face. He suddenly took out his cock and began to stroke it right in front of her face, looking at her, and waited for her to plead with him to cum for her. He looked down at her while stroking his cock with long smooth strokes, "And where does a good slut want her cum?

Friends With Benefits Part Two

mastrubation Dirty786 2018-11-07

She was too caught up in the pleasure she was feeling from her wet, soft pussy and basically Stan just whipped his cock out of nowhere and started jacking off which somewhat caught her guard, but she loved what she was seeing in front of her. He thinks about how tight her pussy was and how it got tighter around his fingers as they both moaned together, starring into each other’s eyes and as she reached her orgasm and subsequently came and squirted on his hand and his bed. Without pausing Stan fucked and licked and softly rubbing her clit with his thumb, squeezing her left breast and rubbing her nipple with his thumb like and expert, as she on the on the other hand squeezed her right breast and rubbed her nipple, moaning with pleasure.

Ladies Night

mastrubation ian69 2018-11-04

I want to know if it’s as silent when you use it.” To my surprise, Ann sits down, hitches up her skirt and runs the vibe up and down her pussy, through her panties. “Go on, use the vibe inside your knickers and tell me all about it.” I pull a chair round, to face square at Ann, and sit down. “Oh shit,” says Ann, jumping a bit as she slips the vibe under her knickers and catches her clit with the buzzing tip. Jill passed a bottle of cock balm to Karen and suggested she apply some.” Ann closes her eyes at the memory, re-living the sight of his young cock, while she presses the the vibe directly on her clit once more.


mastrubation wjm 2018-10-30

I looked up from my trance-like concentration and immediately laid eyes upon 4 or 5 beautiful girls, with tight shirts and short skirts, showing just a little too much skin for any teenage boy to be able to keep a clean mind. I felt overwhelmed by lust as I imagined slowly sliding into the bustier girl’s mouth, as her friend looked on in awe. Still reeling from the embarrassment, I found that the two girls were still draped across each other and some skin revealed by the innocent slip of a shirt was enough to return my now slightly flaccid penis to full attention. Pleasuring yourself through thick school trousers is no easy task and I received a few funny glances from the girls to my left, as I desperately tried to put my embarrassment out of my head.

Carol’s Cousin Matthew!

mastrubation KJessica 2018-10-29

We both enjoyed the attention we were getting from the guys, so by the third month were not only masturbating ourselves but also each other. Carol and I did masturbate them each time; also gave them oral sex but that is nothing compared to how they aroused and stimulated Carol and I. As they penetrate my vagina and anus with the sex toys, vibrators, I either gave oral sex or masturbated them. I have at certain times jerked off two of them while getting my pussy fucked by a third and giving the fourth oral sex; that sounds ridiculous, but they are the ones who position me to be able to do that.

Susie Suckit

mastrubation Bowzer 2018-06-26

I undid Jimmy's zipper, pulled his skinny little dick out, and got to work. I slurped, I sucked, I swirled the head of his dick, and his hips began to bounce up and down. Face talking is when you get a couple of inches away from their face, filling their vision with red lips and innocent, blue eyes, and whisper really nasty things. God how they moan when I start working that prostate massager inside them. And, as they climb the final mountain, begin the surging roil of their balls, feel the ignition in their groin and the series of contractions within, I lower my head and slurp the helmet with my lips.