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Alone In Her Hotel Room

mastrubation WannabeWordsmith 2018-06-27

I planned for this video to tease you as well as excite you, to represent my rising lust as our bodies become one in my head, but I want to come so badly I don't know how long I'll last. I draw my hands to the hem of the jumper and lift the front above my T-shirt bra, leaning forward slightly to accentuate my modest charms as I massage my sensitive breasts. I rub the wet patch in my knickers, grab at my engorged breasts, stroke my damp skin, and think of your sculpted body sliding alongside mine, slick with perspiration. Making sure to capture every moment on video, I bend and bring my fingers to my mouth, sucking and lapping my sweet come from them.

Quid Pro Quo - Part 2: She Does Me

mastrubation Tummywarmer 2018-06-26

Her squeezing hands cause a measure of pre-cum to ooze up and out of my cock and undoubtedly she can taste it on her lips, as she softly moans, "Mmmmmmm." This beautiful, bikini-clad girl, kneeling on a carpet of soft moss in front of me, holding my stiff penis in a love embrace, again looks up at me and says in a soft whisper, "I'm going to masturbate this lovely cock for you. My cock loses some of it's stiffness but continues to throb and Erin leans forward and begins rubbing the swollen head round-and-round on her perky little tits, her hand wrapped around the thick shaft.

Phone Sex

mastrubation Poppet 2018-06-26

“Tell me what you’re doing, I want to hear you tell me,” I moan out. I want to see.” I can feel the familiar tingle building deep inside me, aching to the core. I want to feel my cock slip down into your throat. You’ll love to finally slip inside my velvet, soft, wet pussy.” I know you’re thinking the same, I’m such a filthy girl for you. Part those legs for me wide, I want to sink balls deep inside that tight pussy. “I’m so close, I’m close to feeling myself erupt around your cock now, baby. Please, baby, don’t, oh fuck, fuck!” I lose all thoughts, unable to speak properly, needing to feel you come inside me.

Getting caught, Twice! (Chapter 2)

mastrubation xXshunikaXx 2018-06-25

"Well let's just say your mother and I used to do this kind of thing a lot when we were younger, and knowing that you can get caught any moment is such a turn on," she reached into her handbag and took out a box and threw it to me. I'd rather just be taken care of, and you seem like you have a lot of experience so I'm sure you could give me a nice orgasm with this 'long john silver'?" "Call me Kate, Shunika, and yeah I'll give you the best orgasm of your life, but only if you give me one in return!" She started walking towards me and spread the second towel I had taken from the house to dry myself off after I was done playing with myself, but I had never used it.

Alone after dinner

mastrubation Ghost 2018-06-24

When I had stroked Peter's penis last night, I had started gently, assuming that he needed a build up to a rougher rub like I did. I thought about his erect penis as I rubbed my labia and started to move my other hand over more of my body. I thought about the feeling of his penis pulsing again and again in my mouth as his cum shot out of it and slid down my throat. My legs squeezed together around my hand and I continued to pinch my nipple as waves of pleasure washed over my body. My penis had been hard all through dinner as I looked at her beautiful face and remembered touching her body earlier in the shower.

My Daughter's Best Friend - Part 3

mastrubation John_Doe 2018-06-23

I love masturbating when I'm really horny", as her hand continued to rub at her pussy, her hips gently gyrating to her sensual touch.  "Why don't you pull out that big cock of yours, it looks like it wants to be set free?" she said. I continued to jerk off, slowly at first to flow the rush of blood into my cock to make it even harder.  Not that the sight alone of this beautiful young woman at my side masturbating for me wasn't getting the job done on it's own.  My eyes continued to switch between watching Amy rubbing her pussy, and to find her face turned towards me, as the hot breathe of her moans flowed across upon me.

Australian or Danish ?

mastrubation MindFucker2 2018-06-23

I cannot stop shaking from the feelings going through me, as my fingers continue the pleasure with pinching, then flicking her nipples, as both my hands are now working together; they move down her body, undoing her pants, pushing them down enough for access to her knickers, then my hands move quickly around her hips, squeezing her sexy bum cheeks. She flicks them open quickly, watching what I am doing to her body, the reactions from my touch; my fingers are skimming across her engorged clit and pussy lips, caressing, playing, making her wet with desire. She can’t stop moaning with orgasmic pleasure, little whimpers coming from her partly open mouth, as I use the palms of my hands and fingers to move up and down her body, from her breasts across her quivering stomach, down to her pulsing pussy.

Her Landscaper

mastrubation Stoneypoint 2018-06-22

She knew one thing and that was she’d like to be able to call him a very, very close “friend.” She’d tell her friends how she went and bought the bikinis and pranced around the poolside in one of them and he’s see her and then he’d smile once he did. She looked at him and said “Relax Tyler…I’m soooo horny right now and seeing as I’m going to put on a show for you honey.” She smiled at him and finally ran a hand over her colorful bra she wore beneath the dress she had on, watching his eyes as she did it in her fantasy.

Special Bond

mastrubation Jack_Meoff55 2018-06-22

Each time before, I had become light-headed and felt like I might pass out, a sublime feeling that would add yet another delicious memory to carry with me. When you get home, a bath makes me feel like I have washed away the week. The warm water seemed to melt away the tension in my body and left me feeling clean and relaxed. I pulled myself up slightly and began to rub my face again, this time at her other breast. My body jerked as her hand slipped into my pajamas and grasped my rock-hard cock. She brushed me with the palm of her hand, then she stroked my cock head bringing her fingers down from the top like picking a mushroom.

Pornstar Cameraman

mastrubation silkywetvirgin 2018-06-22

Michelle sat on the bed with her red dildo in one hand, her other hand rubbing her fully erect nipples. She pulled the dildo out, stared erotically at the camera, and licked it sexily. She could feel the cum, it was ready to squirt out of her tight pussy. Michelle crawled over, this time her huge round ass facing the camera, and proceeded to lick the cum off. He was about to cum, and from the way Michelle was tensing her tight pussy he could tell she was, too. He took the dildo, sucked on it a few times, then turned her around and rammed it in private spot between her legs.

A Cure For Sleepless Nights

mastrubation Lauradj 2018-06-21

I hadn't noticed before how nice the sheet felt on my legs, I was too preoccupied with the heat, but now as I lay there naked, I was aware of my whole body.  The cotton sheet also felt nice on my naked breasts, especially the nipple piercing. After enjoying the feel of the sheets against my naked body and relishing the respite from the heat, I turned over to the left side, pushed my hair away from my face and neck, closed my eyes and tried to sleep. I turned over onto my back so I had better access to my breasts, and I started touching both of them, enjoying the feel of how soft the skin was, and the hardness of the nipples underneath my fingers.

Good Solutions

mastrubation Gallo 2018-06-21

Glancing at the clock as she walked into the bathroom she realised she had more than an hour to get ready for her date with Rob. Rob was her boss, and he wanted to discuss a matter over a few drinks and maybe dinner. ‘And it is this body he wants to get to know so much,’ Laura reflected in the mirror, slowly circling her mons with curious fingers. Laura reached across the table and with her index finger gently lifted his chin so his face was level and they could look into each other’s eyes. Rob looked at her directly, the defeat and the rage laying shallow in his dark eyes, and Laura saw it as her cue to continue.

Student Days: The Laundry Room

mastrubation llkop 2018-06-21

I took off my dress and threw it into the final washing machine leaving me in just my white flowery panties the darkness of the basement. I closed my eyes and crossed my legs, pressing my untouched lips against the hard surface of the washing machine. It began to violently rock back and forth so I clamped myself down as tightly as I could, pressing my crotch right on the edge and I rode that machine like it was the end of my life. But my legs got tighter and the plastic of the machine creaked underneath my hands. When my clothes were dry, I threw them back into my washing basket on top of my sex toys that I didn't even need in the end.

Fingers in the shower

mastrubation DanielleX 2018-06-21

Putting the shower nozzle back on its holder, I stand under it’s spray and squeeze a big drop of soap on to my sponge. It feels so good and I continue to massage my right breast as my right hand slips between my pussy lips and the wetness from the shower, quickly becomes the wetness inside my little love hole. I’m so worked up and I work my fingers, rubbing them around and round, making my sexy pink nodule tingle and begin to explode with fantastic feelings as my orgasm grows and yet it’s that delicious few seconds before I cum and I just want to keep it there - hold that moment.

In my wife's panties

mastrubation Ghost 2018-06-20

"Well," I thought, "I guess panties might work." Naked, I walked over to my wife's dresser and started looking through the drawers. "I'm going to be late for work," I thought as I quickly slid off the cum-filled panties and ran to wash up my still-erect member. I went back to my wife's panty drawer and grabbed a pair of lace red bikini panties to wear. This type of feminine distraction typically happens a few times a day and causes a pleasant, but only partial, erection that quickly subsides leaving just a nice male feeling of well being. I have not taken up wearing panties too often, but sometimes when my wife is away for a few days I'll slide them on with, typically, orgasmic consequences.

Disclosed Desires

mastrubation Lauradj 2018-06-20

He’d let her come up for air for a few moments, five or six seconds maximum, and then he would place his hands either side of her head and draw her back to his lap, giving her no choice but to open her mouth and take him. With the one hand on her head, he imagined pushing her down further on him and thrusting into her mouth before letting her come up for air for a few seconds, and then repeating the action. His hands slowly slipped away from her in the aftermath of the moment, and when he opened his eyes, the late afternoon sun streaming in through the bedroom window, he was well satisfied, and hoped that she would reappear to him in his fantasy sometime soon.

Kinky Wife Happy Life

mastrubation apexneutral 2018-06-19

I watch her hand appear from beneath her body and again assault her lips and clit, opening her pussy for me and then sliding her two fingers back inside. She begins to fuck her pussy with the toy with deep long strokes giving me a perfect view of her juices flowing from her gorgeous lips. My wife’s gorgeous pussy has always been super tight, and the thought of her large toy penetrating her wonderful body makes my cock stiffen to greater length. She Slowly lets the latex head penetrate her body, her pussy lips stretching and sliding onto the rubber cock in slightly increasing increments. I watch her gorgeous body pounding both toys into her sweet tight pussy and ass when suddenly and uncontrollably her legs start shaking.

Our Connection

mastrubation pixie72 2018-06-19

Imagining him, my sexy, sexy man, stroking his rock hard shaft for me makes my pussy drip. "Fuck, Heather yes." I can hear his groan in my head as he reads my words. Wishing it was you Mack, your fingers inside me, fingering me so slow, feeling my pussy grip your fingers." “Oh god babe it feels so good,” I whimper as I type the words. His sexy voice whispering in my ear, his breathing as he approaches his orgasm, his words telling me to cum for him. Oh baby, oh baby yes I am going to cum.” As soon as he hears those words his breathing gets so loud, so hard and so fast.

Gym time for Sasha

mastrubation sashaholden 2018-06-19

Grabbing the apricot body wash from my bag, I drizzled it down over my nipples, then lathered my taut torso, choosing to watch as it slid slowly over my blond mound, then down the front of my thighs toward my gym sneakers. Leaning up and foraging through my gym bag I could feel my thin black hair brush, then clutching at the bristles, I began thrusting the handle inside my wet hole. With my right hand squirting more of the apricot nectar upon my blond mound, I prized my pink lips open and rubbed down hard on my clit, slithering my finger from side to side on my swollen button, as the brush rammed deeper inside my thirst.

Lost connection

mastrubation ColletteXx 2018-06-18

My hands ran down over my tummy, and then caressed my hips before I ran my fingers up the insides of my thighs, coming to rest either side of my pussy. With three fingers I began to rub my mound in a circular motion, pressing harder and feeling the short hair under my palm. Pressing my hand against me, I spread my fingers, opening my outer labia, showing Lucy my wet, pink centre. I started to finger fuck my pussy, thumb pressed on my clit to heighten the feeling. My right hand snaked up my body, pulling the pyjama top to one side and I started to caress my right breast, the nipple aroused and erect beneath my fingers.

She Milked Me

mastrubation Jason_NYC 2018-06-17

With her hands under the sheet, Su-Yun was working higher and higher along the inside of my thigh and my balls began to tingle in anticipation of being touched. Whether it was her words, or the sensation of her warm breath in my ear, her exquisite milking of my cock, the way her finger probed my virgin prostrate, or all of those things, at that very moment the most profound ejaculation of my young life rose within me. As for the massage table in the basement and Su-Yun's insanely talented hands, to this day they remains as mysterious to me as the ephemeral notes of an Asian flute solo drifting on the night wind.

Nature Lover

mastrubation babygirlmindy 2018-06-17

Absently, I run my fingers along my body, up my sides, across my belly and to my breasts--a lover's touch manifested through my own hands. My legs remain spread wide as the energy of the world sends bursts of wind to explore my bare sex, thrilling me in ways no other lover could. A sharp burst of wind finds its way across me, nearly slapping me in the face, and I can feel the intensity building within me. Independent of thought, my other hand slips behind me, pressing me face down into my pile of clothes on the rock floor, and slipping a wet finger against my pulsing star.

Mail Call - Masturbate For Me

mastrubation Poppet 2018-06-16

I’m looking at the envelope; it’s almost scary, because I don’t know what it beholds. I know you don’t always see this soft side of your Sir, but I can promise it’s here. I’m going to tease you into a wonderful delight, one I know you want. I could climax hard right now, but I hold back because I know I can’t come yet. I know you all too well, don’t I, baby?” You tease me and begin to moan louder. “Please, Sir, I want to come,” I say to the empty room, moaning it out in a hungry need. … I love you, my precious girl.” And with that the click of the tape indicates it’s over, and I’m left alone in the bath.

The Early Morning Rain

mastrubation LePhantom99 2018-06-16

The softness of the rain and the soft warmth of her skin beneath her fingertips awakened a wetness that began deep inside her. Her hand slipped beneath the elastic of her panties to the soft smooth skin between her legs, gently pulling on the few remaining hairs until the wetness began to soak the crotch of her panties. The wave coursed through her and the rain on the window sill began to fall harder as if it knew the pleasure that she was feeling. She slid first one finger then another into her warmth, feeling the first wave of ecstasy come over her. She slipped the fingers of one hand from her soaked wetness and clutched at her breasts, kneading the nipples back into hardness.