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Masturbating after exercise

mastrubation Patrik3838 2018-05-14

I need to drink again but I'm feeling such great, yes, I'm bad boy, I'm sweating so much but my cock is such hard and I feel such pressure, getting aroused more and more , now imagine kissing Denise and then press to her chest, love personal scent of girl sweating her body and Denise is sweating like waterfall. I cannot believe how intense I'm sweating but I feel like in heaven, I'm wiping iff my sweaty face and drink some water and now I will fuck Denise to the end, And Adrian is smart boy he knows I love to smell his body.

My Fantasy

mastrubation zammzamm 2018-03-04

This thought redirected the blood in my body from one head to another and I soon found my hand sliding down my body and slowly into my pants. My dick was rising and my hand, which no longer seemed to be in my control began, to slowly slide up my shaft and as it reached the head I could feel the blood rushing away from the brain that gave me self-control and rushing to head that would could force my toes to curl and my entire body to spasm in agony and Ecstasy. As my hands got closer and closer to touching the only drenched piece of fabric that separated her body from the air my heart beat faster and faster.

Quid Pro Quo - Part 1: I Do Her

mastrubation Tummywarmer 2018-03-04

Let me love you right here on the beach, in the warm sunshine." Trailing kisses down her neck to her throat, shoulder and finally to her bare breast, I part my lips and gently suck the distended, brown nipple into my mouth. I raise my head from her breast and gaze at my gorgeous girl; lying nearly naked under the blue sky and blazing sun; tits bare to the world and glistening with oil and saliva; her naked tummy fluttering and quivering; sweat pouring off her pretty face, eyes tightly shut, her sweet lips murmuring wordlessly; her hands clawing and gripping the blanket beneath her; her hips pumping upward to grind her crotch into my hand; and her spasming pussy gulping at my fingers.

My Lap Dance in Canada

mastrubation Saintz 2018-03-04

It was on a cold Saturday night, I was having my after-dinner coffee, when my cousin Jona asked me if I would like to check out the bars and clubs. There were just a handful of men inside and lots of nice looking girls who were wearing as little as possible. She laughed and told me that she also gave lap dances and private shows. After a couple of minutes I told her that I was getting seriously turned on and that I would needed to cum to prevent blue balls. Lucy looked at it for a while and told me it was the first uncut cock she had ever seen.

How To Help Your Woman Squirt

mastrubation bava12 2018-03-04

The source of the fluid is not yet exactly known, but scientists think it comes from the G-spot, which is for women similar to prostate for men. While some men may have seen their women squirt, other may have been the ones who determined their female partners to try it for the first time. Being gentle is not a good thing for this type of stimulation, because some pressure is needed for reaching the squirting phase. Once the G-spot becomes harder and she goes through moments of intense pleasure, she will begin to feel something like the need to pee. If you want to take your woman to the peaks of sexual pleasure, there is no reason not to try to make her squirt.

The night my vibrator ran out of batteries

mastrubation BraveBitch 2018-03-04

I loved playing with my boobs, so I just inserted the vibrator all the way inside my pussy, squeezed my legs together, and then started to play with my boobs. I spread my legs a little wider and reached to grab the vibrator, which was still inside my pussy. I grabbed the vibrator and started fucking my pussy with it; using it as a dildo. I pulled the spoon out of my dripping wet pussy and stood very close to the corner of the table. “Ah, fuck yes, yes, fuck me hard,” I moaned, as I rubbed my pussy harder against the table and imagined my ex-husband fucking me like a good slut.

My Mirror and I

mastrubation AvaMarie 2018-03-03

I squeezed my nipple harder as I felt the hot water trickling down to my pussy. I slowly rubbed two of my fingers up and down my slit, and grabbed onto one of my breast as I did so. A nice tingly sensation ran through my body as the cool touches of my fingers rubbed against my warm pussy.  As I began to gently play with my clit with one finger, I tilted my head back a little while the pleasure took over my body. My clit was throbbing and slightly swollen, juices ran down the side of my leg from my pussy. I picked up the pace and slid my fingers in and out of my wet pussy faster and faster.

Donna in the Tree House

mastrubation michlady 2018-03-03

I loved the feeling of my fingers running up and down my arms, or the touch of my fingertips to my nipples. I hemmed and hawed a bit, but finally told her how I liked to play with my nipples. She put a nipple in her mouth and pulled her panties to the side exposing her bald pussy. Although my breasts were too small to get into my mouth like she did, my fingers found my pussy quickly and I started rubbing like never before. As I pulled the soaked panties to the side, I slipped a finger in like she had done. Just as I thought she would she me nothing else, she rubbed her pussy juice on her ass and then slid a finger in.

Lazy Cumday Afternoon

mastrubation RoseBarbie94 2018-03-03

I pulled harder on my nipples and squeezed them, feeling the pressure run through my body all the way down to my clit. I thought of a man with strong hands and a long hot tongue lapping at my pussy, stroking me and teasing me while his hands reached up my body and to feel my breasts, tugging on my nipples making them super hard. I then thought of a man leaning over me, pushing his hot, hard cock into me, pumping slow and deep just like my fingers were doing. My last thought was of my mystery man telling me he was about to cum as he pumped hard but slowly into me, letting his seed fill my tight hole until I had every drop with his cock twitching inside me.

Every Single Day.

mastrubation Rubik101 2018-03-01

I feel every touch, every stroke, every pause, every turn of my fingers. I used to think that it was unnatural and disgusting until I discovered that the firm clasping sensation around my finger was all part of the whole pleasurable experience. Now my whole hand is flat over my vagina, my middle finger continues to slip inside me. Faster, harder, burning, shuddering, tight, open, closing, holding, tighter, wetter, faster, Oh God, now, harder, don’t stop now, Oh yes, Oh yes, now harder, faster, pulling, squeezing, pinching, faster, harder, up and now down deeper, inside, tight, throbbing, clasping lips, wet fingers flying, hand pressing hard, nipple squeezed ferociously, breast gripped harder, pulled, vagina wide open, red, wet, gripping tight, squeezing, finger, now two fingers, two?

Quid Pro Quo - Part 2: She Does Me

mastrubation Tummywarmer 2018-03-01

Her squeezing hands cause a measure of pre-cum to ooze up and out of my cock and undoubtedly she can taste it on her lips, as she softly moans, "Mmmmmmm." This beautiful, bikini-clad girl, kneeling on a carpet of soft moss in front of me, holding my stiff penis in a love embrace, again looks up at me and says in a soft whisper, "I'm going to masturbate this lovely cock for you. My cock loses some of it's stiffness but continues to throb and Erin leans forward and begins rubbing the swollen head round-and-round on her perky little tits, her hand wrapped around the thick shaft.

Mind Orgasm

mastrubation Cнїcα 2018-03-01

He is always telling us that if we need to know something which our friends do not want to explain, we should feel free to ask him. Now that I have embarrassed myself with this little bit of history, I feel I can tell you my experience here on Lush without hesitation. One day, seemingly out of nowhere, he started talking to me with ease, as if we are sitting in the same room and he's a life-long friend. I will help you set your mind at ease of all the burdens we have talked about in our chats." I can almost feel his voice and his breath on my ear. "Close your eyes and listen to the music." Again the caress and breath on my ear as I do as he says.

A Short Masturbation Story

mastrubation ricinatl 2018-02-28

As I lay there, my mind unwilling to drift into sleep I find my thoughts turning toward visions of full sweet lips, lips wrapping themselves around the tip of my cock. Lips that are surrounding the head of my cock and slowly gliding down its shaft. It's thick and long in my hand, the skin is tanned and the head is sensitive as I glide my finger over the tip. I grab the bottle of baby oil sitting on the night stand and dribble some across my shaved pubic area, then across my shaft and onto my balls. The tingle from my stomach to my balls indicates a huge load has left my cock.

Naughty IM'in

mastrubation SirSpanksAlot80 2018-02-28

Nice and steady run you left hand slowly down to your hot, wet, mound. Spanky: I know you want to just slam your finger deep and hard into your waiting pussy but don't. Spanky: Slide your finger in a bit more nice and steady, thrusting in and out of your throbbing, wet pussy. Spanky: Rub your clit in small short circles but lightly, not to hard I want you to feel the ecstasy build up deep in you. Spanky: Now I want you to slowly, with which ever hand to rub your wet lips. Spanky: Now I want you to slowly insert two fingers nice and steady but don't thrust, just slide them in

Libation to Aeolus

mastrubation Lauradj 2018-02-28

I saw your tanned, smooth thighs and the curve of your ass as you battled with the wind while walking past me. I gripped my cock at the base and thought of you, as you walked past, looking pretty and sweet in your skirt and cute little sweater, your dark hair tied back away from your face. The third time I played the incident over in my mind, I imagined that you completely naked and walking past me on the street, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. The thought of you naked gave me cause to shudder, and my cock pulsed in my hand, which was gaining speed as I stroked, much as the wind had down as you walked past me. 

The Professional

mastrubation Gloria 2018-02-27

Dawn just smiled at him, and ran her hands over her high, pert breasts, tweaking her own hard nipples before provocatively wetting a finger in her mouth and rubbing her own clit. I joined in the fun, kissing both of them in turn and running my cunning fingers over Dawn's prominent hard clit. With a devilish flash in her green eyes and sensing the desire going on between my legs, Dawn then knelt and began licking my hard clit and working her fingers deep inside my pussy. Finally, with a firm slap from him and further finger fucking from Dawn I came big, feeling waves of ecstasy overcome my whole body and pass into my drenched pussy.

Our Mutual Masturbation

mastrubation SeanR83 2018-02-27

Melissa and I slipped the disk into the DVD player and started watching together. I wrapped my hand around my cock and gently started to jerk off. I watched and her hand slipped between her legs and started to pull and yank on her pussy lips, she parted her lips wide, displaying her yummy cunt for me. She slowly started to jerk me off once more as she slipped her other hand between her own legs. She could sense it too as she let go of her pussy and started to jerk me off with both hands. I watch from an inch away from her pussy as she clamped her hand over her cunt and started to rub it furiously.

Pornstar Cameraman

mastrubation silkywetvirgin 2018-02-26

Michelle sat on the bed with her red dildo in one hand, her other hand rubbing her fully erect nipples. She pulled the dildo out, stared erotically at the camera, and licked it sexily. She could feel the cum, it was ready to squirt out of her tight pussy. Michelle crawled over, this time her huge round ass facing the camera, and proceeded to lick the cum off. He was about to cum, and from the way Michelle was tensing her tight pussy he could tell she was, too. He took the dildo, sucked on it a few times, then turned her around and rammed it in private spot between her legs.

Good Solutions

mastrubation Gallo 2018-02-26

Glancing at the clock as she walked into the bathroom she realised she had more than an hour to get ready for her date with Rob. Rob was her boss, and he wanted to discuss a matter over a few drinks and maybe dinner. ‘And it is this body he wants to get to know so much,’ Laura reflected in the mirror, slowly circling her mons with curious fingers. Laura reached across the table and with her index finger gently lifted his chin so his face was level and they could look into each other’s eyes. Rob looked at her directly, the defeat and the rage laying shallow in his dark eyes, and Laura saw it as her cue to continue.

Home Alone -- Finally!

mastrubation zibster 2018-02-26

As I do every morning I quietly slid out of bed, adjusted my little female boxers and tank top -pulling it back down over my flat stomach as it had ridden up over night- and wandered for the bathroom. Nibbling on my lower lip I slid one hand flat down my front and parted my slick pussy lips, shifting my damp body so my knees were bent, giving me good leverage to slide my hand over the sensitive area. Rubbing that soft finger over the hardening clit, and my body started to grind against it, pushing to fingers in to my quiet waiting virgin cunt. Taking a little bit of baby oil and smoothing it over the soft vibrating tip I pushed it against my clit just to start, feeling it buzz on the already sensitive nub.

Masturbating for the first time

mastrubation Ennui 2018-02-26

I squeezed a huge amount into the sponge and began rubbing it into my collar bones and shoulders, feeling the soap run down my back was driving my pussy crazy with anticipation, I considered going to wake him up but decided against it remembering the previous nights experience. I let the sponge fall to the floor as I slipped my long fingers around my clit which I slowly started to rub in circles, it wasn't enough so I slipped my fingers into my pussy which was oozing onto my legs. I lifted my leg up onto the chair that stood just next to the shower and plunged my fingers deeper and deeper into my wet cunt whilst using my left hand to play with my boobs.

Paint Me A Picture

mastrubation wonderway 2018-02-26

“get ice, fill a bucket, bring it back to the room.” Smiling wide, she reached into the mini fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. If Chloe was honest, it had brought her better awareness of her womanhood, of where and how to touch herself, of how to have more control over her self-induced orgasms, and the nuances in his voice and silent pauses had become easier to read. “Has your day been wonderful?” Chloe heard the smile in his voice. The unexplainable immense desire to please him, to gain that acceptance, had Chloe questioning things she did throughout the day, wondering if he would approve. Reaching up, Chloe slid two fingers into her mouth. She reached into the glass and curled her fingers around a couple pieces of ice.

Getting caught, twice! [EDITED]

mastrubation xXshunikaXx 2018-02-25

"Hard not to when you're standing there like that in front of me babe." He started walking towards me and start kissing me, rubbing my pussy at the same time. He start inserting his index finger into the pussy, nice and gently, while playing with my clit with his thumb. I managed to moan out, "Fuck me now" to him, and he pushed me back on the bed and start rubbing the tip of his cock against my clit, teasing me. He lifted me up off him and lay me down on the bed and started licking it all away while playing with my clit again. We didn't hear his mother come home over my moans and now she was standing in the doorway looking right at him licking me out.

The Early Morning Rain

mastrubation LePhantom99 2018-02-25

The softness of the rain and the soft warmth of her skin beneath her fingertips awakened a wetness that began deep inside her. Her hand slipped beneath the elastic of her panties to the soft smooth skin between her legs, gently pulling on the few remaining hairs until the wetness began to soak the crotch of her panties. The wave coursed through her and the rain on the window sill began to fall harder as if it knew the pleasure that she was feeling. She slid first one finger then another into her warmth, feeling the first wave of ecstasy come over her. She slipped the fingers of one hand from her soaked wetness and clutched at her breasts, kneading the nipples back into hardness.