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It's All About Me, I Tell Ya

mastrubation amber 2018-12-02

Yeah, I know, everyone says the brain is in charge (quite frankly I'm not so sure the brain isn't a myth) but, when I wake up, believe me, I run things, just like I am getting ready to do now. Now, I need to get to work, because things can go pretty fast at times like this. I just do what I am told and from the orders coming in to get all this stuff made, that Amber must really be getting worked up over something. But, yeah, things are getting pretty soppy and sticky around here. Hey try getting a lot of blood and really start throbbing or something to get her attentionand maybe she willshift around a little.

Coffee Shop Orgasm

mastrubation affengeil 2018-11-30

Miranda's face flushed a deep shade of crimson, and her embarrassment deepened further when she realized she was grinding her hips slightly under the table in response to the vibrator still buzzing away in her pussy. I didn't recognize you without your are you?" Heather pulled another chair up next to Miranda and continued to make inane small talk just loud enough to be heard nearby. Heather hit the second-highest setting on the remote, causing Miranda to twitch suddenly in her chair and let out another little squeak. "I want you to cum while I sit here with you, and with all of these people around." Heather paused for a moment and increased the intensity of the vibrations by one level.

Melissa - Part 1

mastrubation SKH 2018-11-27

She had already garnered the attention of several agencies; she knew they liked her perky C cup breasts and long, slender legs, but her cunt of a dad wouldn’t allow it. He instantly caught Mel’s attention, and she felt a strange and novel feeling in her pussy, almost as if it sent a pulse of pure lust through her body. The lecturer began talking, but Mel couldn’t hear what he said through this feeling of pure sexual desire. She could be in big fucking trouble, what the fuck would her dad say when he finds out his writing prodigy of a daughter has been kicked out of Uni after the first lecture?

On The Mound

mastrubation Sandrine 2018-11-26

His fingers now probe my wet pussy and I’m overcome with the need to have him inside me. “Yes, no choice,” Hideki explains as his once hard cock slowly goes limp. I needed Hideki to lick and fuck my pussy, but there was no way that was going to happen anytime soon. With game time fast approaching, I knew I would need to suffer in pleasurable silence. Feeling the arousal bloom, I slid my fingers lower, inside my wet pussy and put its wetness on my clit. Again I started to rub it, never taking my eyes off Hideki, thinking about all the times we fucked and how badly I needed to get fucked again.

Hands on Training

mastrubation Etherus 2018-11-26

Her legs were tightly together and I began to wonder if she would let me continue when I felt her hand begin to rub my cock through my pants. I used my outside fingers to splay it open a bit and slowly worked the center back and forth and till the gentle folds wetted and sucked me inside. Using the two outside fingers I spread her open revealing the tender bud and began to work it quickly with my middle finger. When her nails finally released my forearm I reached down and gathered her panties and quickly wiped the soft leather seat between her legs.

Nude in the public park

mastrubation Toriblonde 2018-11-24

The following story is about the most thrilling thing I've ever done, which is walking around a public park close to my house totally naked. One of the things I love doing to this day when I'm alone is walking around my house either in my bra and panties or totally naked. I loved to get myself hot by gently playing with myself over the spandex material before I started actually fingering. I walked into my house, put on some black spandex with no panties and a gray sports bra. I put on a blue running shirt, some black shorts over the spandex, and put my hair in a pony tail. Finally I couldn't hold in the urge anymore, and stuck my fingers into the sides of my spandex.

Wine Bar Date

mastrubation affengeil 2018-11-24

A few minutes later, she found herself standing outside a neat little wine bar tucked between a two larger establishments, looking around for her new friend, and wondering what the night would bring. As the wine continued to work its magic on Miranda, she failed to notice Heather discreetly scooting closer to her in the booth until their thighs were brushing together as they talked. Miranda felt like she was being pulled into an insulated bubble where Heather's touch was the only thing she wanted, yet remained just out of reach. Heather drew back to take in the sight of Miranda's milky thighs contrasting with the dark booth and blue panties.

It takes one to know one

mastrubation she_lies 2018-11-21

On that particular morning she was feeling especially horny - a combination of not having had the opportunity to fuck before needing to leave for work and the journey taking longer than expected giving her plenty of time to study the guys (and their packets) around her on the national rail train. Faster and faster he rubbed her clit and she could feel her orgasm rising, with his free hand he reached round and helped himself to her breasts, squeezing and pulling at her nipples. He had released her now and as the doors opened and people pushed out she looked round but he wasn’t there.

Rainy Day

mastrubation Irie 2018-11-21

I had always loved the rain, so I stood still, closed my eyes and faced the sky, feeling each drop land on my skin with a gentle kiss. As I listened to him speak I could feel a sweet tingle rise and start to dance on my pussy. I rub your pussy and I can feel your wetness through your underwear. I lick your pussy clean and kiss it tenderly, before lifting your ankles up and hold them suspended beside my head. I slam my cock hard into your pussy, and your body writhes in ecstasy. Behind me I hear the hard gasp, and feel his body relax back into his chair.

Concealed pleasure

mastrubation afreespirit 2018-11-19

Once she found a pair she started back for the shop floor but before she got there, she decided to have a bit more fun and, reaching her hand into her pocket, turned her butterfly up to middle power. Getting a couple of odd looks from the other people in the lift she moved to try and turn off the sexual device but while moving her hand she found that instead of landing on the remote control, it got pinned up against a mans crotch. By the time she had sat back up in her seat the bus had pulled to a stop and the mystery man looked at her, then stood up, turned and walked off.

Cum Dripping Classroom Fantasy Part 1

mastrubation DrippingCum 2018-11-17

He already had precum dripping out of his mushroom head, Begging to be licked up by Ms. Walbaum, John thought. That thought had opened a flood gate of images of Ms. Applebaum on her knees and now his ample cock was straining against his pants. His cock was really throbbing now and he looked around paranoid that someone would be able to see exactly how hot for the teacher he really was. At the very moment he saw her, the student behind him pushed him forward, thrusting his hips toward Ms. Applebaum and wedging his thick cock between her hot ass cheeks. Looking right at Ms. Applebaum, John began moaning and shaking as spurt after spurt of thick hot cum came shooting from his desperate cock.

Study Break, Pt.1

mastrubation zibster 2018-11-17

Thankfully it appeared that no one was there, so I dared to slide my hand into my underwear and work my fingers over my outer lips, massaging the wetness just a little bit. A deep breath in and my hand slowly started to work that one finger in and out, while my thumb massaged my slippery little clit. I could feel myself throbbing around the intrusion, moaning again I began to curl my fingers towards my belly button, moaning out again, eyes shut tight. As my hand moved faster, I started to thrust my fingers against my g-spot, making me squirm. "No no, look what you started." Professor Nelson mentioned back down to his pants, and a smirk formed on his lips, erection straining.

Need A Hand?

mastrubation clum 2018-11-16

Cal had literally let out a low, grumbling moan as he sat alone in his flat, gazing at the screen with his tongue lolling out and one hand unconsciously massaging the fast-growing bulge in his shorts. It was Eliza that broke the tense stillness of the moment, asking Cal, “What do you have on for the rest of the day?” Though she tried to make it sound like an innocent inquiry, her voice and foot were telling of an ulterior motive. Cal felt her go limp and slump into his hands, her head falling back against the plywood wall, and he retracted his thickly coated fingers as he lowered her to stand flat on her feet.

Nora's Tale: 7 - I Take Levi in My Hands

mastrubation AdventurousReader 2018-11-15

I drummed my fingers against his encased cock with gentle pressure, and Levi let out a low grunt, gripping my hand tightly. Levi gave me his arm, and we began to comb the bar slowly, looking for a decent place for me to pull out his cock. My fingers began to wander once more, and I made sure to look up at Levi consistently to see the effect of touching each inch of my skin. When the last one leaked over my fingers, my slowing rhythm seized completely, but I continued to hold his warm cock and balls gently in my hands, reluctant to finally let him go. If Levi wouldn’t even let me lick his cock tonight, he sure as hell wasn’t going to fuck me.

Inner Workings of a Woman

mastrubation Woman 2018-11-13

Her finger pushing past the soft and gentle crease that parts her lower lips, sliding over her protruding inner lips, gasping, and her hand crinkles that students paper into a tight little ball, her back hard against the chair, she pushes her body to the edge of her chair, parting her thighs wider while the butterfly hums delicately over her slit. Looking down at her, that question in his chocolaty brown eyes that all men get when meeting a woman as forward as Elle is, “Are you sure?” Smiling innocently up at him, taking his hand from her ass while grinding her hips over his, she slides it between them.

Kinky purchases and hot public masturbation

mastrubation SecretLush 2018-11-11

The feeling of the bustier tight against my skin, the panties I touched, the nipple clamps I purchased, the cute girl checking me out, the brush of my finger against my clit earlier, the thought of how many people are around me and how public I am. I bite my bottom lip to keep from moaning, and I hear the voices around me of people who have no idea that I am standing in the stall next to them, legs spread, facing the mirror in lingerie with the tags still on it, stoking my swollen clit. White and black bustier tight around my waist, new nipple clamps just tight enough on my hard nipples and the chain between my teeth, I want so badly to finger fuck myself and cum.

Nasty Fun on a Public Beach

mastrubation Toriblonde 2018-11-10

Soon enough I felt myself shuddering as my throbbing pussy gushed all inside the bathing suit. I stood up and took my towel and wiped the sand off of my legs and arms so that only my torso was covered, the same as if I was wearing my actual bathing suit. You couldn’t really see my nipples or pussy anymore, but I’m sure my butt was still totally visible despite the cheeks being covered with sand. I jumped in and was instantly turned on more, feeling my clay bathing suit erode away in the water. Now that I felt naked again I ran back to my blanket for the final time and put my real bathing suit back on.

A Mutually Beneficial Situation

mastrubation ready4xs 2018-11-09

She has great fashion sense, and today she was in a sleeveless, scoop-neck, floral-print sundress, and wore a pair of her trademark heels, open-toed ankle strap sandals with spike heels, that showed off her crimson toenails. I was getting very aroused, which was likely visible in my linen pants, under which I wore no underwear, as I had neglected to bring a clean pair to put on after my lunchtime workout shower. I played with Tina; it was intoxicating to feel her reach toward my finger yet denying her any pressure other than the lightest, teasing brushes. In a tight, controlled voice, Tina whispered, “Whenever we are in meetings together from now on, I’m going to remember what we’re doing.

Reading His Story

mastrubation naughtyannie 2018-11-09

The fantasy I want you to do is to read the story “cinema surprise” in a park or a train and if you become wet, masturbate to the story. I even got a bit wet in the usual place, and after the film I popped into the ladies toilets and took off my panties, which already had a little damp patch around the crotch. Kate’s fingers were now inside Sarah’s panties, rubbing at her clit and slippery pussy lips, making her orgasm too. The story finished with Sarah leaving Kate alone in the cinema; an ending which seemed just right, making the brief sexual encounter an isolated, almost dream-like, incident in Kate’s life.

Holiday Fun

mastrubation Secsi 2018-11-09

The locals are laughing at how happy our big group is, and some come to join us as shots are ordered from the man behind the bar. You hear a noise from the front of the bar and you look up to watch the group of friends. Your palm is flat against my leg, feeling the soft skin as you start to finger the lace outline of my underwear. I feel my body respond to you, and I can't help but push down into your hand. You make sure your actions are still hidden from the view of prying eyes, and you pull my underwear to the side before quickly pushing two fingers into my sopping hole.

The Mile High Club - Flying Solo

mastrubation sensualnsassy 2018-11-08

It was such a satisfying yet incredibly exciting feeling - having just made herself cum in front of her seat mate, on a full plane. The man glanced over yet again, his eyes once more roaming her body and landing on her hand in her lap. Still not sure he knew what he saw; the man took one last, longing look at her breasts with the hard nipples protruding, and started to look back at the computer, only to be rewarded with the vision of her sucking on her fingers. Every once in a while she would open her eyelids slightly, and was rewarded with the vision of the man eyeing her body, admiring her legs and breasts.

Changing room fun

mastrubation happynude 2018-11-07

I never wear a bra and normally feeling my erect and pierced nipples rubbing against my clothes and my clit hood piercing ring touching between my legs is enough to keep me in touch with my body each day but yesterday when I went shopping I really needed more. As just mentioned, I am very multi orgasmic and feeling different vibrations in my bum and cunt took me over the edge straight away and I began to come and then again straight after. I can come as often as I like with my cunt and twenty to thirty orgasms when I am fucking is normal but when I come with my clit it is like a rocket taking off, I can't stay still and have to spread my legs and wriggle like crazy as I stimulate myself or I'm stimulated by someone else.

Getting off at the exit-- Part 1

mastrubation B-17 2018-11-06

Mine are always open-- it's been like that since we started high school, and I was always the one facing the door, watching for our parents, not wanting to get caught in the act. I sat up and rubbed my eyes, and there was Geena, in the front seat, with neither pants, nor underwear, with her eyes closed and her hand between her legs. As I went on to re-explore her mouth, she decided to take matters 'into her own hands.' She, once again went for the bump that showed quite clearly through my jeans. She got through my underwear really quickly, and wrapped her small hand around my thick, dark erection.

Thrill Masturbation

mastrubation Jameskay 2018-11-05

I then loosened the tie in my tracksuit bottoms and pulled out my cock, I started to stroke it very lightly, as I was really turned on and could probably make myself cum very easily. I decided that I wanted to be completely naked, so took off my t shirt and tracksuit bottoms hung them on a tree and started my stroke my cock and balls again. I started thinking how much of a turn on it was when I had been masturbating in the village, and the thoughts of an early morning commuter looking out her window seeing my trousers down to my knees and cock in hand really got me going.