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The Group Pt1

mastrubation Solidair 2018-11-11

“I have some important things to say to you and I don’t want us to be disturbed”, she said before returning to sit at her desk. “You deserve a reward for your hard work, would you like to see my tits?” She unfastened the top button of her blouse. I handled and sucked her tits, moving my mouth back and forth between them as she instructed for an age, lost in her flesh, hardly believing what I was doing. I stood and quickly her hands worked over the buttons and zip of my trousers, pushing them to my knees, drawing down my underpants. Then she stood and somewhere in the hazy waves of pleasure I found her mouth at mine, pushing in her tongue in a long snog, a hand still holding my deflating penis.

Letter to the Professor

mastrubation ScarlettJ 2018-10-30

It’s just that when you’re stood there and I’m at the front of the class, all I can think about is what it would be like to kiss your lips. You know those moments when you look at me, and I’m sliding my pen in and out of my hot, little mouth? I was picturing your head there, your mouth and tongue fucking me until I came all over your handsome face, and glisten your chin with my squirts of pussy juice. I want you to come hard into my tight pussy, Professor. I’m sorry that I haven’t finished my essay but I’ve been busy, naked in front of my bedroom mirror, fingering and rubbing myself until I come, thinking of you and all the things we could do.