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The Nature Experience

mastrubation relaxandrelease 2018-11-23

I laid my towel on a fallen tree and began to undress. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back and, for the first time, began to really feel the rain. Water ran down my bare chest, over my abs, soaked my pubic hair, and it ran down my warm erection. My knees began to bend in the pleasure and I began to moan as my orgasm approached. If I landed on anything, I couldn't feel it as the waves of pure, intense pleasure continued to build. I also had to laugh, as I used the soaked towel to wipe the mud off, thinking about the excuse I would have to make if my grandparents saw me come back inside in soaked clothes.

The Early Morning Rain

mastrubation LePhantom99 2018-11-20

The softness of the rain and the soft warmth of her skin beneath her fingertips awakened a wetness that began deep inside her. Her hand slipped beneath the elastic of her panties to the soft smooth skin between her legs, gently pulling on the few remaining hairs until the wetness began to soak the crotch of her panties. The wave coursed through her and the rain on the window sill began to fall harder as if it knew the pleasure that she was feeling. She slid first one finger then another into her warmth, feeling the first wave of ecstasy come over her. She slipped the fingers of one hand from her soaked wetness and clutched at her breasts, kneading the nipples back into hardness.


mastrubation mustbtuesday 2018-03-07

A smile came to her face as she cupped ber breasts through the wet material, making her already stone hard nipples cry out for more attention. Needing to feel the rain directly on her skin, she peeled the gown from her, over her head and away from her body, allowing it to fall to the floor with a wet, unceremonious plop. She thrashed her head about, her wet hair slapping the sides of her face and then her back as she sat up, clenching down on her fingers. Her third cry was muffled by the crack of the very close lightning, but it also sent her over the edge, her body shook and convulsed as she felt herself floating on the wave of her orgasm...

Rivers of Rain (Poem/Mini story)

mastrubation genuineguy 2018-02-13

She watched as the beams stretch out and roll across, briefly passing by her naked self, making the rain glisten like little tiny jewels falling to the ground, dissolving on contact. Turning to the patio doors, into the lounge and through the far end window, her sight was blinded for a moment as the lights shone brightly, before suddenly and quickly, fading into the darkness as if they never existed. The moment lingered hanging in the air, and as the sky once again announced the storm to come, she looked up to the angry steel grey sky, weighted heavy with the rain cloud beneath and she smiled, knowing that the time was short.

Cold Rain Hott Solo

mastrubation 2017-10-23

The other night, I noticed that we had some rain clouds coming in and I LOVE the rain! I didn't really think to much into it at the time because I was watching a movie on TV. But, as it started to rain harder and harder, I found myself becoming very turned on! It was about 3:30 in the morning so the neighbors were all sl**ping so I decided to go to my backyard and masterubate in the rain. The cold rain coming down on me got me off so fast! Yes, I know that this is a short story, but it is straight to the point! It's supposed to rain tonight again, so I know what I'll be doing!

Rain and a need for shelter

mastrubation 2017-10-11

Feeling a little thrilled at the though of sharing a house with such a young good looking man with dark brown hair and blue eyes Amy decided to stay she slipped off to her room and took off the cycling gear she had hoped she would need when the rain stopped and slipped into a pair of short denim shorts that showed off as much leg as possible without giving a view to her bare arse, while also pulling on a tight tank top and a hoodie.