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The Benefits of Plasma Televison

mastrubation kitkat103 2018-11-28

Then Marla would trace little circles on her small thighs as she made her way into her moist area, rubbing her engorged clit until she came in waves. Sharon moaned deeply as she dragged her fingertips along her inner thigh, thinking of all the dirty things Marla could do to her. Sharon dipped her right fingers in her sweet little honey pot and rubbed the juices over her swollen clit. She stopped squeezing her small breasts with her left hand and furiously rubbed her clit as she stimulated her g-spot. Sharon returned to rubbing her clit with that moist hand and then slowly guided two of her fingers back into her pussy with her thumb against her clit.

The Real Winner

mastrubation Dom_with_abroomstick 2018-11-08

“Well,” said the blond, blushing slightly as she lowers her eyes to take a delicate sip of her drink, “It has been too long since I've gotten myself off.” With a laugh Meg hugged her tightly while their friend eyed Nate and me. Meg gave her pussy two more quick slaps, then drove two fingers into her pussy and started moving them quickly, She moaned wildly, if a bit theatrically, as she slide her hand up to roughly fondle one of her ample breasts. Then I felt another body brush lightly against my leg, and barely heard Meg whisper “Jesus Liz.” Dana's hips were pressed more forcefully against my face as she wildly cried “Fuck yes, finger my ass”.

The Making of a Sissy - Part Ten

mastrubation midsummerman 2018-06-02

She then stood and had Bella lick her cock for the first time; as Bella willing sucked on Ellen’s cock from the edge of the bed, the mature redhead smiled as she reached down to meet the sissy’s own yearning erection; the tips of her fingers revealing Bell’s glistening little bell-end, slick with sweet lubrication from pre-cum already. When Ellen was good and ready, she withdrew the warmed and lubricated dildo and lifted the sissy up on her knees, face in the silk, making sure her sweet little anus was pointing toward at least one of the video cameras.

Good neighbors-part 1

mastrubation flakman 2018-03-22

Well, I started to sprout a chubby and quickly said goodbye as I headed to the restroom where I found an empty stall and quickly rubbed one out. I was in the backyard trimming up the grass by the back fenced corner. It butts up against my neighbor's backyard and the fence is just the normal evenly space flat boards with about a few inches of gap between. On the other side of the fence are some smaller bushes but I have a great view of their entire backyard. So I just started to slow stroke myself as I gazed upon my little redhead's beauty. She said "Time to pick up the k**s." I watched as she gathered some of her stuff and went in her house.

The Chair Ch. 20

mastrubation Rickd_1960 2018-03-13

As she continued to kick and scream, he tossed his leg over her naked thighs to hold her legs while he fastened her wrists into the cuffs on the arms of The Chair. As he pulled the bra off her breasts, he realized that he would not be able to slide if off her arms with her cuffed to The Chair. He then knelt between her legs and began licking the lips of her pussy as she thrashed about in The Chair. The Chair continued to tantalize the redhead as the music in her ears changed to a third erotic selection. Simultaneously the music stopped and the vibrator in her pussy began "ejaculating" its warm fluid inside her.