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The Deep of Night

mastrubation LadyoftheRavens 2018-12-03

Settling back in the chair I look around, the empty silence outside my little circle of light reminds me that I'm alone, aroused and have hours 'til anyone is expected home. My focus moves slowly from one picture to the next my imagination bringing her to life as I see her move from one position to the next as each piece of clothing falls away. My hand moves more smoothly as pre-cum lubricates the condom, the chair creaking softly as I try to settle back relaxing. My hand moves faster, my foreskin sliding forwards and back over and across the sensitive tip which swells with each labored beat of my heart.

A Polaroid of Kristina, part 6

mastrubation oceanrunner 2018-11-27

So if I got back to my apartment from Kristina’s after my parents came home from work, and I was wearing long pants and a shirt with a collar, there would be inevitable questions that I would have no reasonable answer for. My cock continued to harden, the cool air feeling crisp and pleasant on the wetness the cloth had left behind, and she looked at my erection thoughtfully. On the one hand she told me that she would have a hard time getting through the next day, but she also wanted to not see me on the following morning when we had an available chance.

Self Discovery 2

mastrubation Kati_N_Bob 2018-11-22

When the cool water reaches my hot mound, it is like electricity, a shock wave runs through my body. I continue to eat as if nothing is happening when I feel his hand start to glide very slowly almost like he is testing me. Ken gets up and I slide in close to Andy and put my hand on his for a second to let him know I am okay. I feel Peggy’s hand move my short skirt up so her hand can reach my hot wet mound where she finds my swollen lips and clit. As our bodies come down from such an erotic high I feel Ken holding me but I am still staring at Andy as he is holding Peggy.

Brandy by the Lake

mastrubation aussiescribbler 2018-11-21

“Unless you’re embarrassed about a girl seeing your whatsit?” you laughed cheekily, as you lifted your t-shirt and pulled down your shorts to reveal a skimpy bright pink bikini with a tropical motif. “Well,” I said, hesitantly, “since we are going to spend the week here together, I suppose we will have to get over being embarrassed about being seen doing the things we usually do in private.” “Now the sight of me rubbing soap all over my nude body is liable to get you very excited,” you warned me, “so I think it would be a very good idea if you got used to the idea of tossing off in front of me now, so you’ll be prepared to do it with the minimum of embarrassment then. “All right,” you agreed, “but I’m not going to let you see anything, because I don’t think my boyfriend would like that.

Marie's Chamber

mastrubation Jason_NYC 2018-11-12

Even without Marie's room number, I would have found her just by following the trail of notes from her cello through the labyrinth of impossibly dark and narrow corridors. Although I already share a more intimate connection with Marie than with anyone else in my life, I'm suddenly aware that aside from the squeal of orgasm, I don't even know the sound her voice. "It's open, come in..." she says and I'm inside her room before it hits me that Marie has spoken in English. If anything, her lips and throat clamp my cock even more fiercely, her eyes looking up and searching mine, not just for few seconds, but for an eternity until, at last, I begin to soften inside her mouth.

Arctic Fox: Stray Wolf Part 1

mastrubation Phaypi 2018-11-05

I wasn’t really in the mood for talking about books with Sarah – that was like going into a 5 page analysis for a college course. This fantasy affected my letters in the form of a young teenager that knew nothing about the sexual side of life, asking Jack tentatively questions that bordered what I felt was wrong and vulgar. That night I lay in my bed reading his letter, and when I read the words “my cock is 6 inches long,” I felt my vagina muscles clench with a slight throb. Pulling down my pajama shorts I spread my legs and with my other hand pushed aside the panties and slowly edged one finger into my pussy.

Champagne For Two

mastrubation Milik_the_Red 2018-11-03

I can see her body begin to writhe in response to her touch, and her wet lips pull open as her breath becomes deeper. Linsey's succulent lips turn upward in appreciation, but such sweet smiles quickly turn to the open-mouthed gasps as her fingers continue to delve through the soft flesh of her weeping sex. The soft, repeating 'fwap' of my hand moving over the head of my cock fills the room, joining the wet squishing of Linsey's touch. “It feels fucking sexy,” I respond in a giggling a moan, as the perfect roll of his hips drives his cock more deeply inside me. Feeling her orgasm so hard ignites my own and I slam deep, pulling her body against me as I begin to come.