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A Polaroid of Kristina, Part 3

mastrubation oceanrunner 2018-11-28

My eyes flew open as she smiled and continued walking past me on her way to her usual chair, as I managed a strangled, “Hi, Kristina.” Her chair was about thirty feet away, on a direct sight line with mine. The thought of how she looked underneath it made my cock stiffen, and I had to clamp down on the feeling, not wanting to get an erection in public, especially not lying on my back in a wet bathing suit. I quickly raised my knees up, hiding my erection, and I reached for my book, pretending to read as I propped it in my lap again as Mrs. Tagliaferro walked by slowly.


mastrubation Porgy87 2018-11-24

She did make him happy – she had fucked his brains out three nights ago, for example, and Ben’s cock twitched to remember that – but she didn’t have the same temperament and outlook that Ben did. Satisfied that Amanda was well asleep, Ben brought his arm back and felt his cock, which was its usual dormant self: a perfectly normal, if slightly small, penis resting its head on the right side of his groin. Ben waited a full minute without moving, but he did flex his left hand from time to time to keep his cock interested. During the minute, Ben remembered fucking Amanda very hard on Saturday night past. Suddenly Ben came, throwing a stream of cum over his right hand and onto the sheet.

For My Neighbor II - His Side

mastrubation el_henke 2018-11-24

Let me briefly remind you of what they are and look like, although I know my descriptions of these two adolescent girls were rather vivid in my earlier scribblings – of Lucy, the elder of both sisters, especially. Now with this particular girl, things were to be different, for Lucy's beaming smile and her blooming body started to have my mind filled with images intense beyond my ability to suppress them and inappropriate for a married man my age. Yet, still I could sense that the before-mentioned set of affectionate emotions I felt for young Lucy gradually came to grow far beyond what the friendly relationship between neighbors allowed to be.

Tease Me

mastrubation SecretOne96 2018-11-16

I have known Jason and Julie for a few years now and they both are very important factors in my life. Jason "accidentally" placed his hand on my upper thigh and started rubbing his thumb around in little circles. Julie is walking over to the truck covered head to toe in mud with a huge smile. A few hours later we go back to their place to get cleaned up as by this point we are all covered in mud and in desperate need of a shower. As soon as we both hear the shower running, Jason places his hand on my thigh again. Jason slowly runs his hand up my leg. To this day I am thankful that the shower never stopped running while Jason and I were having our fun.

For My Neighbor - Her Side

mastrubation el_henke 2018-11-13

I know you can keep these secrets, so dark I wouldn't even entrust them to my best friends, let alone my slutty little sister Larissa. Sure, I know (because he told me) he doesn't think much of sluts like Larissa and prefers girls – or better: women – who are more reasonable or innocent-ish or whatever you wanna call it, but what would he ever find in me? That night after getting naked, just like every time I was about to play with my little snatch, I pictured how he'd be kissing me while he'd squeeze my perky breasts. While picturing his touches, kisses, bites and licks, I was using my own hands and fingers, trying to give myself all those sensations Mr. Joules would give me in my lewd fantasy.

Nasty Fun on a Public Beach

mastrubation Toriblonde 2018-11-10

Soon enough I felt myself shuddering as my throbbing pussy gushed all inside the bathing suit. I stood up and took my towel and wiped the sand off of my legs and arms so that only my torso was covered, the same as if I was wearing my actual bathing suit. You couldn’t really see my nipples or pussy anymore, but I’m sure my butt was still totally visible despite the cheeks being covered with sand. I jumped in and was instantly turned on more, feeling my clay bathing suit erode away in the water. Now that I felt naked again I ran back to my blanket for the final time and put my real bathing suit back on.

The Call

mastrubation AlyssaLaMante 2018-11-01

I'll admit its awkward at first, all I want to do is finger my pussy and release this built up tension, but we text. I ram my fingers in and out, hard, feeling my hot pussy walls clench around them with every pound. It feels so big, a not uncomfortable ache as I work my finger in tiny circles to relax it. I dont care that it feels uncomfortable for the briefest time, I want to do this for you, to get that perfect cock twitching and spilling its sweet delicious seed. I look at you, hands still inside myself feeling the twitches of my asshole and cunt squeezing my fingers tight and releasing.

Luella's Libido

mastrubation ScarlettJ 2018-10-30

Her free hand joined the party, the tiniest of brushes along her juicy pussy lips was all it took, she squeezed her legs together and felt the delicious tremble, and pleasure and trickle of her orgasm explode, and then slowly subside. As her eyes opened in the morning, her hand instinctively reached down to play, the memory of getting herself off in the taxi kick-started the wanton need once more. She imagined herself between the insatiable young couple, his fresh cock banging her, his eyes lusting after the sight of a brand new pussy to play with. The second that her bare pussy touched the ticklish blades of grass, it was over, a shocking short but strong bolt of an orgasm arrived, she bit her hand as the spasms of joy whimpered to the end.