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An Irresistible Co-Worker, Part One

mastrubation biggy09 2018-12-03

From that point our conversation got more and more sexual. By the time I got home I was so hard I had to take my dick out of my pants, I slowly started to stroke my cock as we texted each other. I could tell she was horny as said she had to go when she got home. It almost started to become a daily thing that when she got home she would go to her room to play with herself and the best part was, she would let me help each day. I told her, "I would start at the end of the bed kissing your feet and slowly moving my way up your sexy smooth legs until I got to your sweet pussy and I would give it one light kiss, then I would continue kissing up to your stomach."

The Doctor with the Cold Hands

mastrubation benawriter 2018-12-03

“I’m just going to schedule some of the usual tests before you leave; blood pressure, urine sample and chest x-rays, and I’ll send you the results and let you know if there is anything to be concerned about.” At first I gave no thought to exposing myself to a strange woman, but then I felt her cold hand cupping my balls. Her fingers gently rolled my balls in her cold hand and within a minute I was fully erect. It was probably my ragged breath that gave away the fact that I was about to spray her with whatever I had stored, and she let go of my balls and cupped her hand under my cock and pulled the tip down firmly, aiming it at her cupped palm.

Irrestible Co-Worker, Part Two

mastrubation biggy09 2018-11-30

She went on to explain that she was tired from softball and that she woke up in the middle of the night and had a hard time sleeping since she kept thing about our messages from the day before. She went on to tell me how she was laying on her bed just in her lingerie and slowly playing with her hot wet pussy. My cock was so hard that I had to unzip my pants to let my dick breath, and I told Kelly what I was doing.

Over the Phone with Adam

mastrubation sexnextdoor 2018-11-29

“I'm stroking my cock and I can feel it getting bigger.” The thought of Adam's cock growing sent another throb between my legs and I moaned as the throb rippled through my lower body. Adam was breathing hard into the phone now, and I could feel my pussy grow wetter with every one of his breaths. On the other end I could hear Adam breathing hard and the faint slapping sound of him stroking himself: “ugh, ugh, UGH!” I heard him moan. “FUCK YES!” Adam said in response and then he let out the loudest moan I'd ever heard from him: “AAGGHH!” “FUCCKKK!” he shouted again. A moment passed, and then Adam said: “Oh my fucking lord, baby.”


Pleasure For You

mastrubation MissMimi 2018-11-29

I squeeze my thighs together hard and caress the fullness of my breasts for a while, just imagining that you were here watching me, wanting me in the same way that I want you right now. I pinch my nipples harder, imagining your lips caressing my body as my fingers circle my clit. I imagine pleasuring you, my mouth tasting you, my tongue bringing you to an exquisite edge, my pussy enveloping your delicious cock, clenching around you and causing you to cum hard for me. I need this now, my fingers are so slick and my body begins to tremble hard, my arousal is at a high.

Imagining You, Having Me.

mastrubation MissMimi 2018-11-28

I caress my neck, my fingers slowly tracing down to the hem of my slinky nightdress, and then upwards over my soft skin, your touch makes me tingle, my nipples harden in anticipation, my breath quickens. I press my finger on my clit for a moment, I know how much you want to taste me, how much you need this. I slowly start to circle my clit, my other hand still pinching my hard nipples. I slide another finger inside, deeper, deeper, thrusting, it is you filling me, you causing my body to react this way. My other hand finds my hard clit as I plunge my fingers deeper, circling it, teasing.

My New Friend Jasmine

mastrubation babygirl39 2018-11-27

Slowly I opened the side and just stood back looking at my beautiful new Love Doll. After a little while of watching the movie, I reached over and gave her a kiss, first just on the lips and then she opened her mouth and I let my tongue enter between her luscious lips. I then asked her if I could remove her panties and bra, I could tell by her eyes that she was ready. I then turn her over on her hands and knees and enter her from behind, still inside her very wet pussy, thrusting faster this time, holding her hips. I then lay down beside her and kiss her some more, I look into her eyes and I know that I am so in love with her, and we will be lovers forever.

Masturbating To Girls

mastrubation leoalxnder 2018-11-24

I got to the point of almost cumin when I realized I didn't want to blow my load in the shower, I wanted to cum while watching porn.  The other girl's name was Amy. I overheard the name from Mia's moans. Mia started playing with her nipples as Amy was fingering her. As Amy was fingering Mia I heard a huge screech and saw Amy squirt all over the place. Amy stood up and opened the cum-soaked door and screamed. Amy got on my dick and started riding cowgirl style. Mia got on top of me with her butt in Amy's face and started kissing me. I loved how Mia forced her tongue into my mouth as Amy was fucking my cock. 

The Woman In The Blue Chair

mastrubation DirtyMartini 2018-11-24

As I undid my pants and began to stroke my firm member, I kept a watchful eye on the woman in the blue chair. As she held the wine glass in her right hand, her left began to rub the fabric of the chair arm. Slowly, the woman in the blue chair reached between her legs with one hand as the other hand played with her nipples. A moment later, I saw her reach down with both hands as her head arched back once again and a look of pleasure came across her face. With one hand working herself furiously, the other hand gripped the soft arm of the chair so hard you could no longer see the white tips of her nails as they dug into the fabric.

Hot for Teacher - Part Two

mastrubation MsDirtyLittleSecret 2018-11-22

I just couldn't stop thinking about Ana. The look of her lush breasts in her too tight bra filled my mind and I couldn't stop myself from fantasizing about her, so I let the thoughts come. Thinking of Ana's luscious lips parting around the head of my cock and slowly taking all of my length into her mouth made my strokes faster and my grip tighter. I turned in my term paper during class today and...I wore a skirt just as you asked." The color red came over her already rosy cheeks and I tried to hold back smile.

Long, Hot Summer - Ch. 8

mastrubation TouchOfGray 2018-11-21

“The only reason I don’t tell your mother on you for smoking is because you’re such a good fuck,” she said in a low, husky voice as I lit my cigarette. “Then,” he said, punching his time card, “she had me come over to her house this morning after her mother went to work. If you’d have come to the store an hour earlier on Saturday, when you gave your little performance, you’d have probably seen him, but he’d already left for the day by the time you showed up. I don’t know if it occurred to me at that moment, or sometime shortly thereafter: the challenge that Suzie Bowen would probably face as she made her way through the land of future lovers.

Isobelle's slippery day dream

mastrubation Clarabelle 2018-11-21

I want to be so close you can feel the warmth of my breath on your neck, so close you can't imagine anything but allowing me to help you find your release. Under the warm buzz of the shower she lets her hands wander between her legs, gently bringing herself to orgasm imagining bringing to life the suggestion she can see in the eyes of her tall, dark-haired train commuter. Isobelle excels herself, working her fingers into the warm flesh . Isobelle explodes in orgasm, feeling the tremours rack her slight frame. Isobelle half- crawls across the coarse carpet, enjoying the burn on her knees, the feel of a breeze on her lush pussy.

Stacy's Secret is Discovered

mastrubation Mercury23 2018-11-20

Michelle looked back at the screen; the movie was paused and she could still see the image of Stacy, naked, holding the vibrator, the unknown guy, also naked and erect, on the bed. For a moment Michelle thought she was going to see her sister lower herself onto her lover and ride him but as she watched Stacy move over his body she saw that she was moving past his hard penis until she was positioned over his face. Michelle panicked, knowing that if she opened the computer the first thing she saw when she hit the power button would be the frozen image of her half sister, naked, about to be fucked by the guy she was cheating on her boyfriend with.

Straight Camp

mastrubation PristineP 2018-11-19

I picked at my shepherds pie just hoping that one day they’ll listen to me when I say I’m a vegetarian. “Is this seat taken?” A small, shy looking girl asks; indicating the chair opposite me. She drained her cup of water quickly and smiled “sorry, I’ve got a big appetite…are you gunna eat that?” As she shoved even more food into her mouth I couldn’t help but wonder how she stayed so thin. I leaned forward and took hold of her cheek and kissed her lips. I pressed two fingers inside my sex, continuing to rub my clit with my palm. I couldn’t help but beam as I let my orgasm wash over me. My tenth orgasm thinking about Violet.

My New House

mastrubation zammzamm 2018-11-18

I was looking for any offers at this point and when I got an email from 2 girls that said that had a 2 bedroom place and needed a new roommate I was ecstatic. As I finished looking around the kitchen and dinning room Mindy was coming down the stairs with Sally. "Lets sit down and talk about it" Sally said trying to cover up Mindy's stall "The next part of this rule is, right now before you accept our offer, we are going to play a game of truth or dare. Truth or dare, Matt" Mindy said "Fine then, Matt truth or dare?" She said with a little bit of revenge in her voice. Mindy broke the silence with "Truth or dare?" looking directly at Sally.

The Touch of a Man: Part One

mastrubation SensualDesires83 2018-11-18

She moaned as she wiggled her finger inside her hot box and took her other hand and started rubbing her clit. Rubbing her clit always made her wetter and she wanted to feel her hot natural fluid surround her finger. As she began to rub her clit in slow circles, she felt the fluid begin to flow around her finger stuck deep inside her pussy. She had moved her other hand from her clit to brace herself on the bed because the jolt was so intense and she could feel the cool air of the room drift around her hot wet pink clit as it poked out of the covering from where it usually hid.


mastrubation Kikitten 2018-11-15

He groans and reaches for the remote, turning on the T.V. Sitting up he flips through the channels going past late night infomercials and old re-run of shows that long ago ended their series. Opening the message, he sees the image of a small framed blonde girl posing naked in her bathroom at the bottom of the picture read, "Hey Liam, how about another few rounds? The women had a body any man would love to have underneath him; slim waist large full and perky double D breast and an ass just the right size to grip and pound. Liam let out a deep growl as he drew closer to finishing, the screams of the blonde ringing in his ear as he reminded himself of how he had pounded her cunt ruthlessly.

Our Meal Out

mastrubation BenjaminMcQueen101 2018-11-12

I feel your silky touch as your toes find their way up the inside of my calve gently winding a path towards my already growing dick. As my dick grows harder I feel it begging to be released, I undo my trousers and allow it breath out in the air. My dick feels like its in a silk vice and I begin to thrust my hips, fucking your feet as hard I can while sitting down. Then I explode and I can feel my burning hot cum covering your toes and feet, this makes me ejaculate even harder as I try to mark my territory. As I slip my dick back inside my trousers I look up and watch as you slip your covered feet back into your shoes.

Angel's Delight

mastrubation 0PrincessX0 2018-11-11

As she played through the previous night in her head, Angel could feel the same eagerness that she felt in the taxi; an eagerness to have Dom in her bed, with him buried deep inside her. As she imagined how he had sucked her clit into his mouth, lightly flicking the tip of his tongue over it, she placed her index and middle finger either side of her clit and slowly rubbed up and down, feeling herself getting more and more aroused. The pleasure briefly stopped when Dom replaced his fingers with his throbbing cock and Angel thought she would orgasm just from the sensation of him entering her.

To Be Touched

mastrubation Ivyvines 2018-11-11

My eyes are closed and I’m picturing strong masculine hands gently touching my skin and I finally feel turned on enough to pull my panties aside. I can’t help but think of how badly I want to be touched there and without really thinking about it, lay my head back, close my eyes and spread my legs to the imaginary masculine hand that would touch me. I can feel him spread me open and play with my pussy while I push gently on his thighs encouraging him to spread his legs. He takes my legs and pushes them up to my chest, then dives deeply into me, thrusting hard and fast needing to feel the slick friction of my wet pussy.

My Morning With Beth

mastrubation mghtmck 2018-11-08

It was time to retrieve the newspaper, so I headed to the door, looked around to see if anyone was watching; they weren’t, or at least I didn’t see them, so I went out to the curb and picked up my NY Times. I placed my newspaper in front of my shorts, covering my erection, and opened the door half way. Beth said, “It's ok.” She stared again at my penis making a tent in my shorts, then reached over and let her fingers circle the tip. She said she likes the way the head of man’s penis looks and feels. I asked Beth if she wanted anything to drink; I said I had wine. I was fully hard now and, as I moved in my chair, the head of my penis started to poke out from the legs.

The Perfect Remedy

mastrubation Mazza 2018-11-08

She slid her hand inside the v-neck of her top, under her bra and onto the hot skin of her naked breast as she remembered the feel of his weight on her body, his face close to hers, the whispering of soothing romantic words in her ear as he gently bit and nibbled her lobe, asking her if she was sure, if this was okay, was she sure that she wanted to go through with it? Firstly, he had kissed her pert nipple, licked it and then he had opened his mouth and taken it inside completely, murmuring words of encouragement the whole time, making her feel safe, wanted.

My New House (Continued)

mastrubation zammzamm 2018-11-08

She sat on my lap with her soft small butt and my rock hard dick pressed right up against her butt hole. She paused the game, got up, unzipped my pants, pulled my cock out through the hole in my underwear, pulled off her jeans leaving her in just her panties, and then sat back down on my lap. She pulled off all of her clothes, turned up the volume on the movie, and then sat back down facing me with my cock not in, but rubbing against her now soaked pussy. Sally's pussy kept rubbing up against my dick and soon I came. She pushed me on to the floor and then got in 69 position with her head on my dick and her ass in my face.

My morning with Sharon

mastrubation mghtmck 2018-11-07

I was assistant manager in a fast food restaurant in rural Ohio; Sharon was just one of our hostesses and just of high school. There was Sharon who was an odd duck, then there were the kids who had taunted her in school, and who continued to make fun of her. At the time, I didn’t understand that Sharon was allowing me to bump into her, in fact making herself available. Sharon reached back with her hand, and groped my penis through my pants. I elected to pull my zipper down and Sharon reached through the fly of my briefs and pulled my penis out.