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The Shower

mastrubation Boyd254 2018-03-05

  The drive home seems long, but your mind wonders back to the email you just read.   You climb into the shower and feel the warmth hit your body.   You run your hands over your shoulders as the water massages your back.   You can feel the warm water run across your body, as he gently breathes by your left ear.   Lowering his hands onto your stomach, you feel the warm water release and run between your legs.   The warm water runs across your body, coating your wet pussy and down your leg.   You grab onto the shower curtain as your body shakes.   Your sensitive body shakes as the water drips across it.

Caught at the Beach

mastrubation 18andjackin 2018-03-04

After a long day of swimming, sight seeing, and extremely hot women in bikinis, I went back to my hotel to relax. And my favorite way of relaxing is, you guessed it, to masturbate. Always one to never pass up a chance to get the high of jerking off in a public place, I turned the shower on, got on my knees, and leaned back on the wall to where my upper part of my back and my head was resting on the wall. I closed my eyes and started to remember some of those g-stringed and thonged bikinied women on the beach. I slowly opened my eyes and saw a woman wrapped in a towel at the entrance to the showers.

My New Trainer, Part One

mastrubation Sassywheels 2018-03-04

Two thoughts went through my head, “I don’t want to go outside and I am going to sweat my ass off.” As I started walking toward the door Brian grabbed a medicine ball. I bent over trying to catch my breath and when I looked behind me, Brian was standing, smiling, and staring at my ass again, but he did not try to hide it like last time. Arched my back, propped my foot slightly on the wall which opened my legs a little bit wider, cupping my free hand over my pussy and opening the petals with two fingers so that I would feel the water glide over my ass as it mingled with the slickness between my legs.


mastrubation TrinityX 2018-03-03

While I applied pressure to my wounded soft spot, the powerful surging hot water running over my skin felt like wet fingers grabbing at me from every direction. The soft pink tissue yielded so easily underneath my fingers and I felt the jolts begin to intensify and that weighted anchor would surely be back in no time. I got completely naked, turned on the shower, placed down a thick towel, sat on the floor, strategically propped my device before me, and opened my legs. My hunger building, my body needing, aching, begging for relief and I was so thirsty for it, a soft moan escaped my throat, and was thankfully cloaked by the running shower water.

My Hospital Stay: Tuesday

mastrubation countrylad81 2018-03-01

Stephen kept trying to stop thinking about her body, but the only other thing that jumped into his head was what Carol had done for him yesterday. Nina took the shower head and went all the way around his body to wash him clean. As she worked around his back she came back around to his front again, and as she brushed down his body with one of her hands it was only then she noticed his cock standing straight out. Stephen had time for a couple of deep breaths before he felt her hand working around his cock. Stephen's cock was still moist from his shower and when she began to stroke back up it made gentle 'slopping' and 'squelching' sounds.

Erica's First Time Masturbating

mastrubation Lils 2018-02-28

Twenty year old Erica Jennings closed her eyes under the warm, strong spray of her shower. Erica was decidedly curious on why Susan thought that a spray against her pussy would be pleasurable. The brown-haired woman turned the shower on and reached for the detatchable shower head. She continued lowering the shower head until it was level with the top of her pussy. She continued to slowly shift the shower head's spray up and down her slit until she could take it no more. She turned on the tap and brought her dripping pussy close to the flowing water. She brought her hand down towards her pussy gingerly to wash it and squeaked when the fire feeling got worse and more liquid gushed out.

Shower Play

mastrubation QTpie210 2018-02-27

I take the shower head and run the water across my inner thighs, so close to my tight pussy and clit. I force myself to hold my legs open as the water continues to rush out and hit my clit and my pussy. I am holding the shower head close to my pussy, my left hand has moved up and is pinching and rolling my nipples. As my orgasm slows, I take the shower head away and just let the water run over my chest and stomach. I then take the toothbrush that is still on and hold it between my pussy lips so I can still feel it on my clit.

Hunger Part III

mastrubation openzipper 2018-02-27

I lift a leg, spread a cheek and squat slightly so I can reach down between my thighs and drag the soapy exfoliator from my tailbone to the bottom of my pussy making sure to swab the skin inside my ass and to slide my finger delicately across the puckered eye. I grab the razor again and gently abrade my lips, slicing away every hint of fur that I can see or feel with my fingers from the valley where my legs meet my cunt right to the edge of my clit. Excited by my new look, I quickly rinse away any remaining oil and suds, step out of the shower and stride to the bedroom toweling myself dry.

Shower For Two (Stuart and Joanne pt2)

mastrubation rafael 2018-02-27

Of course I was hoping for an invitation but it just didn't happen and Joanne yawned and went up to her warm bed, leaving me with a pile of bedding on the lounge sofa. Joanne turned from me and let the water flow over her lathered hair. The odd thing is I felt like a little boy being washed by his mother, on the one hand, on the other, my hard horny dick felt like it was about to explode against her belly. "Nearly finished." she said and washed my scrotum like it was any other part of my body and then rubbed lather onto my throbbing erection. "Oh yes, let's!" replied Joanne with enthusiasm but I was not thinking of the film.

Shower Alone

mastrubation sweetconcubine 2018-02-26

I imagine our naked bodies touching, yours hard and long, mine soft and petite. Moaning softly in the steam of the shower, I imagine your hands on my breasts. What would it feel like for our mouths to touch, open and hot, water streaming between us? I grind against my hand and feel the heat of my pussy against my fingers. The pleasure travels inside my body, down from my hard nipple directly to my aching clit. I cum with your image in my head, imagining your body and mine joined, fucking wildly in the steam of the shower. My finger has stilled and I feel the strong contractions of my orgasm inside my pussy slow.

Everyone needs a little break now and then

mastrubation Boyd254 2018-02-26

  I was escorted into the locker room and told to change into scrubs.   Sarah was standing in front of her open locker, in a pair of scrub pants and lacey teal bra.   She ran her hands under her hair as the water coated her body.   Placing her flat hand on her body, she ran her fingers down along her pussy lips.   Her own wetness is combined with the warm water as her fingers slide deeply inside.   Standing up, Sarah places her head under the water and begins to lather her body up with shower gel.   Grabbing her panties and bra, she turned around and walked back towards her locker.

Masturbating for the first time

mastrubation Ennui 2018-02-26

I squeezed a huge amount into the sponge and began rubbing it into my collar bones and shoulders, feeling the soap run down my back was driving my pussy crazy with anticipation, I considered going to wake him up but decided against it remembering the previous nights experience. I let the sponge fall to the floor as I slipped my long fingers around my clit which I slowly started to rub in circles, it wasn't enough so I slipped my fingers into my pussy which was oozing onto my legs. I lifted my leg up onto the chair that stood just next to the shower and plunged my fingers deeper and deeper into my wet cunt whilst using my left hand to play with my boobs.

Gym time for Sasha

mastrubation sashaholden 2018-02-25

Grabbing the apricot body wash from my bag, I drizzled it down over my nipples, then lathered my taut torso, choosing to watch as it slid slowly over my blond mound, then down the front of my thighs toward my gym sneakers. Leaning up and foraging through my gym bag I could feel my thin black hair brush, then clutching at the bristles, I began thrusting the handle inside my wet hole. With my right hand squirting more of the apricot nectar upon my blond mound, I prized my pink lips open and rubbed down hard on my clit, slithering my finger from side to side on my swollen button, as the brush rammed deeper inside my thirst.

Today's shower fantasy

mastrubation KikiKyan 2018-02-25

When I straightened back up, I turned again and imagined you there, so I opened my lower lips and let the water spray right on to my pussy and clit. I kept massaging and moaning, moving my hand up, taking another finger and moving it around back, just gently to the tight rosebud as I imagine it is your tongue, rotating, licking, pushing gently inside, then pinching my breasts, taking a finger out of my aching pussy and tasting my own pungent hot juice then thrusting back inside, spreading my fingers, as I, in my mind, make myself a welcome door to you, and I writhe, call your name and "harder, fuck me, make me cum, make me yours" and I cum, hard, thrusting my hips in the air and cry loud ...

Shower Time

mastrubation Mistress_of_words 2018-02-22

I imagine you’re watching me and close my eyes as the hot water hits my naked skin. I imagine your eyes wandering up and down my body, following the falling suds as they slide over my breasts, down my stomach and on down my legs. I imagine what it would feel like to have your body pressed against my back, your arms hugging my waist, the water tumbling over your skin as well as mine. For a minute I just let the water caress my skin, sliding my hands across my stomach and down to my hips. I slide my soapy fingers over my clit and gasp, imagining it’s your hand as I rub in slow circles and slide my fingers around my opening, pressing against my swollen lips.

Shea's Dream, A True Story

mastrubation MyNameMayBeLucas 2018-02-21

The boys sitting in front of Shea continued to talk about the hook up until they got off the bus. It was almost impossible for Shea to fall asleep that night with her thoughts about locker room sex keeping her awake, but after what seemed like forever, she finally fell asleep. After a few months of this, Shea finally had the courage to ask out the boy she had a crush on and have sex for the first time, which was even better than she imagined all those days in the shower after school. Years later, Shea wondered what would have happened if she never had a dream about vigorous sex in a locker room.

Renee's Internship Part 2

mastrubation _O2_ 2018-02-20

“Well, in lieu of that “other” release, I work out.” Lauren looked for Renee's reaction hoping her hint wasn't too crude. “Thanks, I'll figure something out.” Renee walked to the gym fridge, grabbed a bottled water, picked up the remote, selected some music then began her treadmill session. After roughly thirty minutes Lauren walked past Renee, smiling as she did reminding her she'd be in the sauna. Renee took a spot close to Lauren, blushing a bit more as she loosened her wrap, laying it on the bench then sitting down. With that, Lauren began working her fingers over Renee's leg, kneading the muscle in one direction then another. “Do you mind me going a bit further than I was supposed to?” Lauren asked, this time more like a whisper.

The Cute Boy At Work

mastrubation dirtysweatywhore 2018-02-18

It is so hard, there is so much I love about it, but I feel like I’m never going to get it fast enough for them,” I nodded my head towards the manager’s office . No matter how hard I worked, it never feels like I make progress, and the feedback, or lack of from top management didn’t make things any easier for me. Mmmmm, that felt so nice, I hadn’t planned on getting my hair wet, but next I stood there with my head tilted back and my eyes closed to let the water spray all over my face and run down my whole body. I leaned back against the wall and redirected the shower head so the water would continue to hit my bare skin, helping me to warm up.

Don't Stop

mastrubation seeks 2018-02-18

As I slide the shower door closed behind me I feel the first needle-like jets of hot water brush my back. The bubbles feel soothing, and as I start to wash between my legs, my smooth-shaved balls and my stiffening cock I enjoy the sensation of the slippery lubricant between hand and flesh. I turn away from the water and continue to soap my cock and balls, both hands stroking and caressing. Slowly she gets unsteadily to her feet, gives me a long, lingering look then, grinning like the Cheshire cat, places her slick fingers into her mouth and slowly closes her luscious lips around them.

It's just touching...

mastrubation hardnhot18 2018-02-18

Jake stroked his hard cock in the shower as his eyes glazed over. As soon as the name popped into his head (as did her lovely face and beautiful, tanned body), Jake felt his balls tighten up just a little more, his cock swell even harder in his hand. His hand went straight to his stiff cock and he started stroking, but now taking his time, finding that he loved being on display. “Why don’t you drop that towel and join me?” Jake said, trying to match Tiffany’s original matter-of-fact tone as best he could. Tiffany this time let out a longer, almost pained moan, which Jake matched. On fire now, Jake stood, approaching Tiffany with his hand still locked onto his hard dick.

Mystery at Brackenwood - Part 1

mastrubation katie1984 2018-02-17

All the guests were either friends or business colleagues; Charles and Pamela Hartington, Anthony and Serena Atherley, Sir Richard and Lady Helen Ormsby – Gore, Peter West OBE, David and Annette Raddner, William Corby QC and his wife Nicola, Ian and Susan Atkinson and Paul and Margaret Harrison. He had a rather odd look on his face, and I wondered how he must be feeling, knowing that his hosts horny, 18 year old, blonde daughter was sitting across the table from him, with his cum all over and inside her wet, shaved pussy. Certainly the look on her face when she saw Sir Richard and I walk through the French doors into the dining room was enough to leave anyone in no doubt that she wasn’t happy.

Silk Panties for You

mastrubation silkpantygirl 2018-02-17

I stretch the panties tight between my hands, and pull the silk back and forth, up and down my pussy, soaking up more of my delicious juices. Normally, my other hand would have fingers inside, but my cunt is filled with red silk, so I tug on the panties.  I pull hard on the panties, and the sensation of the silk sliding out of my pussy, past my lips, pushes me off the orgasmic cliff. UPS will be by in an hour, and you'll have the red silk panties, soaked in my pussy juice, pressed against your face and wrapped tightly around your hard cock by ten tomorrow morning.

15 Minutes

mastrubation sarahld30 2018-02-17

He suckles on my tits as the water cascades down like a tropical waterfall and my hands are on his head gripping him tightly with fingers threaded in his wet hair. I’m pressed flat against the unforgiving surface and I move the massager directly on my clit like a hard cock, with relentless intensity, then slightly retreating, much like his rigid length sliding in and out of my tight slickness. I drop the massager, water haphazardly spraying the shower walls and my palms rest flat against the glass doors in front of me, as I try to regain my breath.

Domestic Routine

mastrubation StantonJames 2018-02-16

He leaned his hands against the shower wall and looked down as he gently thrust his cock into the confluence of the water jets. He could feel her licking the underside of his shaft and then folding her soft lips around the mushroom tip of his throbbing cock, gently sucking at it, enjoying the slightly salty taste of his pre-cum. The vibrations of the handle against her pussy reminded her of the vibrations she had felt when he had peeled down her panties, burrowed his tongue deep into her slit and licked the full length of her clit before sucking it into his mouth.