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My Best Friend's Sister: True Story, Part One

mastrubation SensualDesires83 2018-11-11

I felt guilty now because the only other girl to see my erection was my girlfriend, and here I was, hard in front of my best friend’s sister. I should have been thinking of my girlfriend instead, but with my erection pounding and having seen how my best friend’s sister was dressed and knowing just how hot she was, I was letting my erection control my emotions. I did not want my best friend walking into his room and finding me, sitting in his chair, my sexual organ hard in my hand as I stroked it. Make me cum!” My best friend's sister said and got up and grabbed a towel that was laying on the floor to clean my core from her hot body.

The Morning After

mastrubation CSX19 2018-11-03

Little did Kiara know, Jess was awake, and was peeking out of the covers, taking in the view of her topless younger sister. However, Kiara's aim was a little short, and she ended up grabbing her sisters breast, which resulted in Jess letting out a moan. Just because you've seen them doesn't mean you can touch whenever you like." This embarrassed Kiara a little, but before she could let that embarrassment take over, she jumped onto her sister and pinned her, holding Jess's arms above her head with her right hand and tickling her neck with the left. So Jess let go, and gazing at Kiara's perfect chest, she was able to compare the soft, puffy nipple, with her hard, pronounced one, and she couldn't decide which she preferred.

My Best Friend's Sister: True Story, Part Two

mastrubation SensualDesires83 2018-10-30

Slowly, I slid my finger across the soft warm moist skin of her breast, feeling the firmness of its slopes until my fingertip was in line with the pinkish round flesh that formed a perfect circle at its center. I knew she was enjoying it even without her having made a sound by watching her body and feeling inside her with my finger. So, I pulled out of her hot passage, ran my finger along her engorged sexual lips, caressing both sides with my fingertip, and felt her body sink into the bed. Returning back up to her erect clit, I touched it, using her natural wetness as lubricant and slowly, I circled the firm pink button that gave her so much pleasure.

Christina: Pranked

mastrubation Christina Samuels 2018-01-25

"Okay!" I exploded, hoping to throw her off her game and somehow win my freedom, " But if you leave me like this, I'll be burned to a crisp in no time!" "Why not call Aaron?" Deanna said, in her 'helpful' voice, "I'm sure he'd love to lend you a hand. "As straight laced as she is, I doubt she even knows what anal stimulation's all about, let alone why you get off on it the way you do!" Deanna laughed. "Please?!" I said, trying my best to fight off the next wave of orgasm.