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How to Softly Kill Time Before Work

mastrubation maldragon666 2018-12-04

I slipped the blanket off my body and put an extra pillow under my head grabbed my tools and began by rubbing my hands over my voluptuous body, feeling all my curves and my 40D breasts and how my tank top and lacy panties laid nicely against body. I concentrated my hands on my panties and I could feel my freshly shaved slit already oozed through silky material, probably from all my steamy dreams. I started to massage my mound through my panties and I let out a slight moan and then entered under the lace. I grabbed them with both of my hands and lightly pinched and squeezed, slowing my breaths, while my orgasms still made me twitch.

The First Time (The Monica 'Verse)

mastrubation Emerys 2018-12-03

And yet I couldn't deny the wetness between my thighs, or the strange heat that had begun to spread there since the first sight of a fully naked man and woman had appeared on screen. I had watched, avidly, as a man's fingers dipped in between one woman's legs, stroking her vagina with long swipes of his large fingers, and squirmed. When the man finally slipped a finger inside her and the woman threw her head back and gasped, I stood up from my computer chair and slipped out of my panties, ignoring the wet spot that had spread on the middle strap. I opened my eyes and as the woman gyrated on the man's fingers I stroked myself.

Exhaustion and Masturbation

mastrubation Adreyanna 2018-11-29

My body brushing hard against the railing for support, I pull myself up the last stair and suddenly stop short as I feel a sharp tug at my waist band and a stiff breeze across my upper outer thigh. I spread my legs as wide as I can - so unladylike like, such a dirty girl - and whimper as the forceful jet of water ravages my tiny little wet pussy. Being found on the floor of my shower, in a puddle of water, my legs spread wide and my pussy plainly visible, my throbbing clit and swollen nipples and labia, my shame unable to be hidden.

Winter's touch

mastrubation MalicetheDevil 2018-11-25

My cock feels electric with the excitement as I pull harder and faster, the moments of a climax are coming but not close enough to stop. The air wraps me like the blankets but free and liberating I almost hope someone is seeing as I feel my cock in my hand. The car passes, and I quickly strip away and begin to play again. Its almost over, I feel it coming, I hear you moaning louder and louder in my mind. I continue stroking as my cock sprays my load into the snow, I am exhausted, but as I get my coat and enter my room I strip away again. I feel another excitement build and the play begins again....

Susan Looks After Herself

mastrubation daffy 2018-11-24

Moving her hands to her neck, Susan gentle massages the tension built up from a day of stress, and contemplates the other tension she’s been feeling. Dropping her towel over the back of her armchair, Susan looks down at her soft, warm body, contemplating the desire that is firmly rooted within her pelvis. Pushing the waiting fingers past the entrance, and towards the coveted G-spot, while maintaining the steady rise of beautiful pleasure stemming from her clit, Susan feels the heightening of her mountain. Tracing her right hand away from her clit, and across her soft warm body, Susan’s nails raise goosebumps’s, as the nerves settle from the explosions and contractions that have kept rippling through.


mastrubation rebus 2018-11-23

Turning to apologise, I found myself looking into the eyes of a woman who was obviously amused at my discomfort. My thoughts took only a minute or so but were so vivid, my prick was leaking much pre-cum which was making my erection slick, enabling me to encircle it with my whole hand. She explained that at the time of our first encounter, she was in a relationship which was floundering but couldn't bring herself to make contact until she was sure it was over. I felt the heat of the liquid as it landed on my chest and then I was only aware of the pleasure coursing through my body as spasm followed spasm and my hand wanked faster and faster.

82% solo

First Time Ever Having an Orgasm

mastrubation BigBadCock 2018-11-21

So I typed it in and the first thing that came up was "RedTube home of lesbian videos" I immediately clicked on the link. They started out kissing just like the Youtube video. Then came the best part of the video; the girl had her orgasm. I pulled down my silky basketball shorts and began to pump away at the arm of my couch. I curled the pillow around my cock and began to pump. I felt my cock tighten up, and then out of nowhere, I let out an uncontrollable moan, that shuttered the windows. My body shook wildly as I felt something shoot from my cock. I woke up an hour later with my cock still covered with my goo inside the pillow.

Almost caught out

mastrubation xHollster 2018-11-16

I went on to Lush, to read a few stories to get me in the mood but the battery was low and I had left the charger up stairs. Laying on the bed, I continued to read and rub my pussy sending tingles of pleasure through my body, but it wasn't enough. I got up and open my bottom draw and pulled out my vibrator, it was small but powerful. I removed the quilt and sat down I continued with the vibrator and turned the power up. I began to suck on the dildo, then placed it at the entrance on my pussy. This was a true experience, and it gave me such a frill that I nearly got caught, thank you for reading and I hoped you enjoyed!

Storming passion

mastrubation CambionOfTheSouth 2018-11-15

The fingers of your right hand move over your perky tits, reach your right nipple and push it down harshly, sending jolts of electricity all over your body, from your cloudy brain to you swollen labia. You trace your left fingers up from between your unfold lips, slowly, creating a nice trail of moisture up from your body to your extended clit, and from there to your hard, thick, long dildo. You pinch your clitoris; you thrust as hard as you can the thick, rubber dildo inside, reaching your womb, as a tsunami of pleasure hits you. You pinch hard and twist your clit while you keep fucking yourself, feeling still your energy building up, until you finally pull the dildo out of yourself and fall on your bed, breathless.

My Phantom Lover

mastrubation Sal 2018-11-13

My tongue swipes across my lips and wets them, feeling hungry I reach down and lift the fabric of my gown, I spread my legs wide and shift forward on my chair. I think you would want more, and so reaching down to my hot little cunt, I dip two fingers in deep and work them around; sliding them up and down the opening, dragging the wetness to my clitoris. I am pulled into the fantasy and before long I am pulling at and teasing my tits, I close my eyes and I can feel you standing behind me, your hand graces my shoulder and slides down the front of my nightgown. I lean back and recline in my chair; eyes closed my hips rise and feel the pressure of your engorged cock.

Me Time

mastrubation Master_Jonathan 2018-11-11

Her fingers run up and down her wet slit again, and she closes her eyes and starts to rub her clit, adding just enough pressure to cause her hips to raise up, her legs automatically spreading open wider, ready to feel the pleasure of being fucked. She trembles and quivers as she feels her fingers pressing against my sweet spot, her g-spot, her body suddenly bursting into fire and she tries to control how badly her hips want to thrust upward onto her hand over and over again. Her free hand moves to her swollen clit and begins stroking it as she applies gentle pressure, slowly sliding her fingers into her sopping pussy.

Nasty Fun on a Public Beach

mastrubation Toriblonde 2018-11-10

Soon enough I felt myself shuddering as my throbbing pussy gushed all inside the bathing suit. I stood up and took my towel and wiped the sand off of my legs and arms so that only my torso was covered, the same as if I was wearing my actual bathing suit. You couldn’t really see my nipples or pussy anymore, but I’m sure my butt was still totally visible despite the cheeks being covered with sand. I jumped in and was instantly turned on more, feeling my clay bathing suit erode away in the water. Now that I felt naked again I ran back to my blanket for the final time and put my real bathing suit back on.

Watching Ch.2

mastrubation Jennyxxx 2018-11-06

I bring my fingers to my stockings, rub my legs, my hot thighs, then I start to undo the clips holding my stockings up, I remove one slowly rolling it down my thigh and finally pulling it off my foot, I do the same with the other one, as I do so I stare into the camera, and lick my lips seductively, tasting my lipstick and the feint taste of my pussy. The sensations coursing through my pussy are almost unbearable, and then slowly, whilst I still rub my clit I start to pull the stocking from my pussy, the material rasping the sensitive skin at the entrance to my hole, I watch myself in the mirror, I can see that the stocking is wet with my juice.

Allie's Birthday Present, Part 3

mastrubation WorkAlone 2018-11-06

This is the one perk to the later shifts you’ve been working: the leisurely morning wake-ups. You tear the ribbon off the silver box, excited to open your first present of the day. Playing along with both scenes back-to-back like this is intense, it was hard enough going through them with a day in between the first time. “Hmmm, I’ll bet those’d feel amazing inside,” you think as you look at the finials on your curtain rods, the knobs on the stair handrail, the wooden spoon in the dish rack, and any one of a hundred items that never struck you as being sexual before.

My Edging Session

mastrubation Tellerman 2018-11-03

Occasionally I pick up a fresh supply of pre-cum for lubrication whilst enjoying the sensation of my hand brushing my balls held tight by my rubber cock ring. As the feeling of impending orgasm spreads throughout my groin I thrust up and down with my pelvis in time with my stroking while fantasising about my cock being buried in some tight little pussy. My head is swimming with euphoria as the orgasm begins and the intense pleasure seems to climb the shaft of my cock. The next spasm is smaller and cum oozes out this time and runs down my cock head and over my fingers and thumb.

The Bedpost

mastrubation SensualDesires83 2018-11-03

The feeling always sent shivers through my body as my pussy lips pulled apart to slide over the round oval apparatus. But as I moved upward, my body would be so aroused finally, my clit would pop out as my pussy lips stretched over the thick roundness to release the hold. Feeling the bedpost fill my wet insides, coupled with my finger diddling my most sensitive sexual organ, I moaned deeply as my orgasm formed. The quick flicking sent my body into an ecstasy and just like always, my pussy began to spasm and tighten over the wooden round oval. As my labial lips filled with stinging pulses that pressed hard against the smoothness of the bedpost, my orgasm began to fill my whole body.

A Forgotten Video

mastrubation onlyanalias 2018-11-01

The video view was me, on my back, legs spread, knees bent, a thick rubber cock buried in my ass. "Oh, I need your cock in my ass!" I said in a husky voice. I guess that was when I realized--had to admit, actually, like an addict confessing in a support group--that I am addicted to this lonely lovely ritual: fucking myself with rubber toys until the intense waves of sexual pleasure carry me off to the point of desperately demanding release, release that only dropping over the edge can give. I hit the play button and watched the finale--the money shot. Hips and ass rolling and twisting, furtively fucking the rubber cock, squeezing and stroking my real cock, my face and body flushed and scrunched inward in rigid tightness, impossibly long strings of gleamy-white cum bursting from my cock like fireworks.

My weekend alone part 1

mastrubation Jessie0978 2018-10-31

I reached under my bed and grabbed my laptop that I usually used for my school work and began browsing through all the skimpy outfits and sex toys that I had previously dreamt of buying and began contemplating how I could buy these and have them delivered on Friday when my parents had left and manage to get them without my brother or sister noticing. I slid the dildo out and let I hang on the wall as I lay down on the floor, I took the vibrator out my leotard before putting my legs up behind my shoulders again and seeing the baby blue diamond between my ass cheeks.

Alternate Reality at Last

mastrubation NightmareChild 2018-10-30

With excitement, I dropped my saggy and baggy jeans to the ground; my old boxers simply falling down with them. So, I skipped over to my bathroom (part of my bedroom), and grabbed my razor and a bottle of shaving cream. Sitting myself up on the sink counter, I slathered some cream on my mound and started shaving away. I grabbed it, and with my pubic hair only half shaved, shaving cream still all over it, I began to try and slide the brush handle up inside me. I then grabbed my razor, and finished shaving myself, and ran my fingers over my smooth body. I slid my hand down to my pussy and slipped a finger up inside me.

Chantilly Lace Pt. 01: The Gala

mastrubation ThelovelyCaroline 2018-04-22

I'm dancing with James, the tech guy from my office and I'm afraid the next step could leave me moaning in the middle of the dance floor like a wanton teenager. We are moving along the dance floor, the steps are smooth and practiced, but my damn panties have me panting like a dog in heat. I wonder what he would do if I told him I was flush because my panties were one step away from making me cum right here. I can feel the heat spreading to my face as I race to the ladies room. I'm so wet, but I need more so I slide two fingers into my throbbing pussy while my other hand rubs my clit with just the right amount of pressure.

Ashley's Tale Ch. 01

mastrubation VGodfrey 2018-04-15

She moved her hands away from her breasts and slid them down her stomach to hook them into her panties and slide them down her long, smooth legs. It had been a long time since she had really looked at herself in the mirror; she had always been too preoccupied with work and mounting bills to pay much attention to her appearance, but thoughts of debt and her stressful job had been banished from her mind like darkness fleeing from light as the eroticism took hold of her. She sighed, closing her eyes and biting her lower lip as she worked her fingers faster, feeling the orgasm start to build within her like a huge wave which is ready to break against a shore.

Missing You

mastrubation Roxrho 2017-12-24

I move my hand from your balls to my clit and give it a tug, making my pussy squeeze on your cock, which I then stroke the exposed shaft of, wanking the part that isn't buried inside me. My hips tilt up with your wet cock still pressed up against me, I tilt them up and down, rubbing your cock from my clit to my asshole then back again, before starting to push the head in to my ass, oh so slowly. I feel your cock start to unload deep, so deep inside me, and my orgasm stretches out through my entire body and I scream out as you dive once more into me and hold yourself deep in my ass, filling me with cum and making my body twitch in the aftermath of our fucking.


mastrubation squirtlover33 2017-12-21

As the first girl begins to squirt, I start rubbing my nipples and they get hard instantly. I think about my BFF Rachel, and how much I absolutely LOVED eating her pussy. I remember the noises she made when she came. I feel myself getting wetter and close to an orgasm, so I rub my super meaty clit. Damn, that feels so good! I pretend I am thrusting a few fingers inside of Rachel's wet pussy and I feel numerous waves of pleasure run through my body. Oh fuck, here it comes......oh I'm cumming, I'm cumming!! Fuck yes, it feels SO fuckin' good! There's plenty more where that came from, but when is the question?

Just a Dream...?

mastrubation whatsosticky 2017-11-28

Kitty thought for a moment and with a slight grin on her face, slid her fingers down over her pussy lips, which were very swollen and slippery, something she didn't realize the magnitude of until this point. She lifted her head up to look at him again, trying to examine his face in hopes to recognize him, though the thoughts of still not knowing the man fueled even more thoughts of lust of anonymous sex and even more tingling between her legs. Smiling widely with intense knowledge that he had her entire permission to fuck her and make her cum just as he said, the man grabbed the waist of her shorts and carefully but aggressively pulled them down.