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My Wife's Past - part 2

mastrubation tcg 2018-12-03

“I know he thought I was sl**ping when he used to touch my breasts,” Stacey carried on, and my cock stiffened again, remembering Craig’ diary entries. She stopped the masturbating motions, but her soft little hand still encircled my penis as she looked away again, taking several deep breaths before starting to whisper in a quivering voice …… “But I must have managed it – to convince Craig, I mean, that I was sl**ping through it, because, one night – oh, Nick, I was so excited, and frightened – one night he – he stopped stroking the front of my panties and … and his hand went down, inside, under the elastic.

My Wife's Past - part 1

mastrubation tcg 2018-11-20

They talked for a long time and, as I listened to Stacey’s end of the conversation, my mind conjured up images of Brian fucking Craig’ sexy young wife, Bethann, and I couldn’t help getting the beginnings of a hard-on. From there, it was a short step to replacing the image of Bethann with one, in my mind, of Stacey and, as I visualized her, naked and moaning, legs apart, with Brian’s cock plunging in and out of her sweet little pussy, the surge of arousal inside me was quite overwhelming, and I had to put my glass down, as my hand started to shake with excitement.

Listening and watching the neighbors

mastrubation marcowinter030 2018-07-05

I knew her name was Stacey as I had heard Mark calling her name one night during their sex sessions which while they were happening a lot, never went on for long and I never heard her orgasm. I locked eyes with Stacey again and she was smiling as she watched us, every now and then my wife would stop sucking me to lick my balls and run her tongue along the shaft and when she did I could see Stacey staring longingly at my hard cock. She went inside to have a shower and left me sitting outside naked with my still hard cock proudly in the air when I looked up and saw Stacey taking a photo of me on her phone.

Stacey's playtime...

mastrubation 2018-01-27

As Stacey got older she was exposed to the world of toys. Stacey has actually broken a few toys over time...some with in a week of getting them. So one time she could be riding a man's face, next she could licking a clit, she could be getting fucked by two men,...the stories could take her anywhere. Stacey started playing with herself just as the lady in the story did. Stacey continued sliding her fingers in and out, bringing them up to her clit and touching it lightly. Stacey already being so turned on, sucked his cock and enjoyed every moment. So he continued finger fucking her as he jerked himself onto to her tits, while she played with his balls.

b*****r And s****r Visit A Nude Beach

mastrubation 2017-12-04

Pretty soon, his wife joined us and the three of us were talking about our trip and KU basketball when Stacey came out of the water and stood with us. Again, nothing sexual, but unbelievably hot watching her get that close to her pussy lips and rubbing it in all over just a couple of feet from Stacey and me. Stacey sat back down with her legs spread and, much like Kathy, applied the sun block to the area where her bikini had been only moments before. Stacey and I looked kind of awkward and more like b*****r and s****r the way we were standing and acting. Stacey moved over close to me and stood where her right breast was on my left arm.

Stacey's Date Night

mastrubation 2017-10-11

Having had a nice apple-shaped bottom in her twenties, Stacey could see how the ravages of time had sucked in her ass cheeks, making her buttocks hard edged and angular. Her thighs still looked lean from the months of winter skiing and raising up on her tiptoes, Stacey could see her well shaped calves she had honed by wearing high heeled shoes most of her life. Stacey’s pussy was still a healthy pink and her cunt lips looked like thin silvers of womanly flesh. Flesh was only flesh, and as long as it felt good – there was nothing wrong with having pleasure. She could tell by the young man’s side glances that he found her attractive and good looking, and smiled warmly in return.