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She Can Make Any Man Go Crazy

mastrubation bava12 2018-11-17

I had one hand on her hip and was pressing it gently and was kissing her neck for which she started moaning a bit. Then we went to her bedroom where I made her stand against the wall and locked another kiss.Then I removed her pallu and kissed and licked her deep navel for which she was biting her lips and moaning as she was pressing my head against her navel. I started sucking her nipple and was massaging her boob as well for which she was moaning a lot and asked me to press harder. I started increasing my speed and she was moaning like hell and was screaming all crazy stuffy and she finally came with a big load and I cum in my condom.

5 Year Elder Lost Virginity

mastrubation bava12 2018-10-29

The nipples were of pink color and fully erect that are inviting me for the pleasure that I have never the mean while she also put her hand in side my boxers and started caressing my tool and exclaimed in rejoice ”Hi kitna bada hai” How Large its is? I just kissed her navel and pressing her boobs from both hands and start putting my tongure in her vagina.she was pushing my head towards her. Then I started stroking lightly and in few mins her pain was gone and the bed was spilled with red bl**d , I started increasing the speed of my stroke where I was continuously kissing and sucking her boobs and it took 30 mins to splash my cum flooded her pussy.

An Amazing Experience of My First Fingering

mastrubation jasminbetts007 2018-09-05

Then he began to go lower and started playing with my clit over my short shorts. He got up and got really close against me and slipped her hands in my shorts and started playing with my cunt. He then slipped a finger in my pussy wet and I felt so good. Then he slipped two fingers in and kept going faster and harder. Dick starts getting very hard and was rather a good size. He stopped fingering me and got on top of me and in position, with his dick in front of my very wet pussy. I began to slide his cock hard into me slowly because it was starting to hurt my tight pussy.

My Shinoukville experiences - Part I

mastrubation cbe_fuckbuddy 2018-08-29

My US girl friend has cut me off; my debit card stopped working and me starting functioning with my credit card for the first time in life. By this time, the van has moved away from the city and it was in the dark roads of rural cambodia. I just crossed my hands and started moving my fingers on her body. So without making any body movement(her relatives are sitting behind), I found the edge of her clothes and started moving inside her. Suddenly, she had started behaving like good girl and she sat away from me. The journey started again and she was sitting in the same place as were earlier(thank god!). When I started moving from the Van, she gave me a look, which I cannot get any meaning to.

My Schoolgirl Fantasy

mastrubation darkviperministry 2018-07-29

All of a sudden, I heard a sexy female voice say to me, "Hey Viper, you bad boy, you big stud." I woke up, and there was this hot girl who was dressed as a naughty schoolgirl. She walked sexy to me and she said, "I have been a very naughty and bad girl because I forgot to wear panties." And then she lifted up her skirt and showed me that she wasn't wearing any panties. Aren't you gonna spank me like the bad girl I am?" So, I lifted up her skirt and started to spank her cute and tight 18 year old ass. I started to moan like crazy, and i gripped the bed while she sucked my cock.

Girlfriend and I Part 2

mastrubation BowBow44 2018-07-27

and we were heading to her room and as soon as we got to her door she stopped kissing me and looked in her room then back at me and said "lets do it in my parents room instead" (she lived with her parents at that time) and smiled and i thought it was so hot so she led me to their room and i layed her on the bed and started pulling down her panties and she were taking off her bra and rubbing my arms and running her hands through my hair. then she cummed again and i couldnt hold it any longer and i pulled my cock out of her tight pussy and she quickly leaned up and started jerking me off and i moaned and said im cumming baby and i cummed all over her face.

caught masturbating

mastrubation JOHNFINASMITH 2018-07-19

She then started to lick up my shaft when her husband walked in and took off his clothes exposing his smooth, cut 7" cock and sat down on the couch next to me and started watching. She was moaning very load and then stopped me and said "I have to have both of you!" She quickly went over to her husband and sat on his cock, once he was all the way in she bent over a little exposing her other hole to me! Then she slowly pulled it out of her and look at me and said "Your turn!" I went and took her position as she helped me get the dildo in my ass!

Cumming in class

mastrubation male29714 2018-06-14

One summer for about a month before classes were to start, I was having sex between 6 to 7 times a day with three different girls. None of the girls knew about each other, TILL the day after school started. I was wearing sweats with no underwear, he noticed my rock solid cock was sticking straight up and pulsing with a large wet spot showing. I looked back at him and smiled, all the while trying not to have my throbbing cock cross over. For the next 15-30 seconds, my cock started to throb harder, and I knew what was coming. My friend sitting besides me noticed my throbbing cock, he knew the look on my face, and he saw the wet spot grow into a large wet patch.

The Day I Turned Lesbian

mastrubation 2018-05-31

That’s the first time I saw boobs that big and pulled her towards me and started to suck her boobs very hard and massaged her boobs with other hand she removed my t-shirt and bra we both are lying nude in the bed and laid on top of her where my boobs was rubbing her boobs and I was kissing and licking her boobs hard. Then came to her pussy and her pussy was big where my finger in not enough so took her dildo and inserted it into her pussy and stroked it hard and kept stroking and ninitha was mourning like hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

My First Real Boyfriend

mastrubation 2018-05-24

Most of them were really nice and when word got out it was four girls that moved in, well we started to meet a lot of the boys. The next night at work started a little awkward, Tom was a little shy about what had happened. We wer kissing and sucking on each other's tongues and darting them in and out of each other's mouthes when Tom started to kiss me on the ear and work his way down my neck, I didn't even try to stop him. He asked if I wanted a ride in the morning, I smiled and said he better not dump me, there was a lot more of that to come.

A night in Derby

mastrubation vickylou 2018-05-15

Withdrawing my finger i started to wank his cock with my left hand while coating the bullet with lube with my right. I started to fuck his ass with my finger and at the same time i was wanking his cock with my other hand. All the time this was happening, his heavy breathing was starting to worry me a little that and along with the shaking of his whole body, i could almost picture the police having to contact his missus about a heart attack. He grabbed my hand that was pumping his cock and started to move it faster, i decided to release my grip and let him pleasure himself so i could concentrate on his ass.

steam room experience

mastrubation flickr 2018-05-07

Steve moved position and put his cock fully inside my wanton juicy cunt, it was wonderful a man approached from above my head and asked me to wank him, I looked at Steve, he wanted me to do it, I took hold of this very large cock, belonging to a young handsome stud and I started to rub, gently at first, the other men were rubbing quite fast and hard now, Steve was still shafting me hard, and watching intently as I wanked this young stud, he put his cock into my mouth he tasted great, he was gently easing it in and out of my mouth, I was running my tongue up and down the full length of his dick, one of the men watching on come his lot, not satisfied with that he started to wank all over again, he was so close to us his come went over both of us the stud took his cock out of my mouth and positioned himself above me were I took his cock back into my hand and started to rub very hard.

Cuck development

mastrubation jack20051995 2018-04-13

I started to think back to all those times when my friends flirted a little extra with her or when that stranger in a bar tried to hit on her and pick her up. As my wife's little, pink panties lay on the floor, he starts to massage her nice, full mommy ass which eventually leads to his hand on her shaven, wet little pussy.He continues to slowly rub her clitoris and then penetrates her body with his fingers. Her pretty little mouth touches this tip of his cock, then takes it an in.I watch as my wife bobs her head up and down on his cock, knowing how good that feels and how well she does sucking.

Sexual abuse in the workplace [ true story ]

mastrubation mrjackin 2018-04-03

The next day when she came in, she told him that yes she wanted to learn the machine. When she came back from break they started running the machine again, but now he had backed off some and things were good. She said he told her to turn around and look at him, took her hand and rubbed it up and down saying stroke my cock till I cum and you keep your job. That night is when my wife opened up to me and told me the whole story , and why she had quit that job after only 4 days.

Nurse jacked me off

mastrubation kingSass 2018-03-21

well i still had been naked and all the talking of porn actually got me excited and my cock started getting hard and we tried to ignore it at first. it felt so good she stroked my cock for 10 minutes before i started to feel something "oh yeah"i whispered "make me cum" i let out again. then i hear the nurse say "let me know when you are ready to ejaculate so i can aim" "Go faster, please it feels so good" was all i could say and she did with one hand she pumped me hard and fast and right as i came i let out a big moan and she let out a little "oh" and aimed my hard prick to the bottle.

The Great Outdoors

mastrubation jackinbow 2018-03-04

And when I say freak, I mean not only do I love going out rambling but I actually get turned on finding a place where I think no one's going to come, getting my cock out and wanking with the breeze blowing around my bollocks. Then I got down to see how that cock looked without the benefit of jeans. His arse was sweaty from walking - which I love, by the way - so I just got in there and started licking. Next thing I know he's got me on the ground and is licking my bollocks while I wank off, then he kneels up and starts tossing off over me while I watch.

Jessie Porn Story Part 1

mastrubation agamemnon9483 2018-02-12

Emma started to suck his cock, going very fast and hard, fitting the whole thing in her mouth. Emma turned around with her hands and knees on the bed, "Put it in my ass Luke, I want every inch of you in my ass pounding me as hard as you can." said Emma. He slowly started putting his big dick in her ass before she started moaning, "OOOOHHHH YYYYYEEESSS!" yelled Emma. Emma moaning at the top of her lungs "YYYYYEEEESSSSS, FFFFUUUCCCKKK me good little b*****r," taking short brakes in between, "YYYYEEEESSSS, OOOOOHHHHH, HARDER LUKE, HARDER!" Luke started pounding her so hard, his balls started slapping up against her, he could tell she liked it by how she kept moaning.

Virginity Breakup

mastrubation sidhuputt 2018-01-30

After a while, of silence we started making our project, after locking the room as we did not want her parents to see us like this and everything was going nice thanks God for all this as I sat for the project she joined me after few minutes when I continuously asked her about various files where were the saved etc as she sat close to me I could see her cleavage clearly. She did not wanted to continue from here but and I told you'll enjoy this thing from today and after few minutes I started pushing my dick slowly and she was enjoying a lot, soon we moved to bathroom and had a sex session again from that day and we always and had a sex session in between our project work

adult theater II

mastrubation heresjonas 2018-01-24

This time she was on her knees the other man pulled his out and she began blowing them both. he came and as soon as he did she started on the other man. my experience is not quite as exotic,i was having an affair with a guy at work and one afternoon we went to a theater,cutting work.the theater was only about 25% full,anyway not long after the movie started wee started making out,i remember having my slacks removed as my man started caressing my pusssy,i had my head back and my legs d****d over the chair rests,he soon brought me to a crushing orgasm,very loudly,we ended up sneaking out shortly afterwards to avoid the others at the end of the show.

Lost My Virginity At Woods

mastrubation 2018-01-24

One day while going to take bath I heard some sound in the woods nearby when I went there I saw a couple having sex the guy was pushing his penis into the women’s pussy and pumping it hard and the women were moaning like anything. After that next day I was drying all our clothes at terrace Suriya came to the terrace and asked me to do you like porn and I got nervous and said yes. And rubbed his rod in my hairy pussy and it was so erotic and I was erotic and I started to moan like hell since we were in woods no one will hear us so he kept rubbing it.


mastrubation erik8901 2018-01-22

give me your fucking cum, I will suck up everything!" both of the girls just laughed and yelled back "CUM!", I shot my hot cum all over my face again, I was sucking up everything and said "My hot cum is very delicious", I stood up bend over with my ass towards them and hard took out my huge dildo out, I said to them "Thanks for looking" no problems they said back and laughed, I inserted my dildo again and having my panties to hold my dildo up and started going back.

Why Redheads Are Best (Part 2)

mastrubation Chris-D-R 2017-12-03

"Do you like how by bare legs feel up against yours?" she asked me, I nodded and she leaned over and started kissing me, her hands were pressing my chest and her body was sliding closer to me slowly. We both moaned as she did it fast and hard and she just sit there over my cock and kept nibbling and kissing my neck. She started moving her hips and it felt so good, her pussy pressing up against my hard cock, I leaned my head back and started moaning and she took my shirt off as I was helpless. I leaned close and started sucking her nipples over her top biting them she was moaning the entire time, all I wanted was to be inside her.

me and her

mastrubation lpharps 2017-11-27

but she kept going she had a deep down inside her pussy going through its functions in the little rabbit ears were against your clit rubbing it so lightly. Then begin to lick the shaft all the way down to the balls and she started to suck on the balls. Then I turn to her pussy especially her clit as I ran my tongue up and down her pink pussy lips and started to suck on her clit. She was saying to me oh my god oh my God keep it going please keep it going all Jesus Christ oh my God fuck me fuck me harder please harder all my God as her body began to shake and her eyes roll in the back of her head.

A night in Derby (part 1)

mastrubation vickylou 2017-11-01

Withdrawing my finger i started to wank his cock with my left hand while coating the bullet with lube with my right. I started to fuck his ass with my finger and at the same time i was wanking his cock with my other hand. All the time this was happening, his heavy breathing was starting to worry me a little that and along with the shaking of his whole body, i could almost picture the police having to contact his missus about a heart attack. He grabbed my hand that was pumping his cock and started to move it faster, i decided to release my grip and let him pleasure himself so i could concentrate on his ass.