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The Truth Will Set You Free

mastrubation Ms_Marvelous 2018-11-23

The wind and rain on my bare 36C breasts feel amazing and my nipples react instantly. I know I am a slut but it would be nice if the whole world knew it too, that way I could be free and live how I want to live. He calls me slut over and over; his hands are on my head, pushing me down harder onto his cock. The wet grass feels great on my hard nipples and my hand slips down to my ass. They are all watching my every move and though I don’t know how long they have been there I can tell by the look on their faces they have been there long enough. Once on my knees I feel her hands on the back of my head pulling me home.

Storming passion

mastrubation CambionOfTheSouth 2018-11-15

The fingers of your right hand move over your perky tits, reach your right nipple and push it down harshly, sending jolts of electricity all over your body, from your cloudy brain to you swollen labia. You trace your left fingers up from between your unfold lips, slowly, creating a nice trail of moisture up from your body to your extended clit, and from there to your hard, thick, long dildo. You pinch your clitoris; you thrust as hard as you can the thick, rubber dildo inside, reaching your womb, as a tsunami of pleasure hits you. You pinch hard and twist your clit while you keep fucking yourself, feeling still your energy building up, until you finally pull the dildo out of yourself and fall on your bed, breathless.