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If you go down to the woods today…

mastrubation KJessica 2018-12-02

Once satisfied completely I would readjust all my clothing so I could drive either to the shopping center or home, the smell of sex hanging in the enclosed space of the car. Before I realized it for myself, I had his penis in my mouth and was sucking him wildly while I continued to masturbate myself to a most wonderful orgasm. I do still go to my secret woodland spot and see that young man every week so we can still have our mutual masturbation encounters and sometimes we do have sex as well, but now he uses a condom if we’re going to have intercourse.

My Reawakening - Part 2

mastrubation Danunder 2018-11-30

Sally became interested in having a squirting orgasm, so we both read up on the subject, then visited an adult shop together to buy a suitable toy. It was difficult to concentrate on my game for the first few holes of a round on Saturdays when Sally worked. Sally had spread a big bath towel on the bed, saying she wanted one of my special massages. I just loved oiling her body, then massaging her slowly, starting at her neck and shoulders, working my way down her back to her hips, enjoying her soft moans of pleasure as she relaxed under my touch. The toy ejected from Sally's vagina as she slumped into the bed, shaking and sweaty.

Sexy sheets...

mastrubation Clarabelle 2018-11-29

She flicks on the bedside lamp and plonks back onto the bed, smoothing her supple body against the satin sheets, curling a cushion towards herself, cat-like. After a minute of squirming she replaces the material between her legs with a finger. Sighs, running a finger about her intimate curls. Her body's response is a silent plea. She squirms, fondling a handful of softness, licks her finger and runs it across a rosy peak. In a moment, his arms are either side of her splayed form. Body heat reaches out to cover her, even before their skin can touch. She feels him radiating warmth.  In a sweet moment of recognition she feels the weight of his cock, pressing at her smooth, wet labia. A doorway to bliss.

Tending The Gardens - Part One

mastrubation MidKnightMan 2018-11-28

His conduct as to the task at hand was admirable, as he cut right to the crux of the needs before him, asking all the right questions to save them both time, yet maintaining a relaxed and confident poise, meeting her eyes often, that had a very comforting effect on her. She noticed a flush coming over his neck and cheeks, and with that acknowledgement, discovered her own, as she felt a tremble once again and a urgent desire to feel his touch, but this time to her bare flesh. After a pause and a careful long sweeping gaze up and down, in admiration of the woman seated next to him, he smiled broadly, cleared his throat in a teasing manner, and asked what she had in mind.

The Pool

mastrubation NatashaTsarinaErotic 2018-11-28

Turning to me she said, “Well, maybe that’s what you need, an older man, none of those kids that don’t know what they want.” His other hand caressed my pussy and he said, “I think you need something more than just someone watching you.” His cock was already hard so I simply straddled him and slowly sank down until his cockhead met my pussy lips, which parted and he slid inside me. I wasn’t lying; having my pussy filled with Spanish cock and his finger in my ass, I was riding myself to the fastest orgasm of my life. When my body shook in orgasmic bliss I wanted to feel his man milk on me, so as I came I slid off him and took his cock in both of my hands.

Sex in the Hospital With Nancy

mastrubation TillMorning 2018-11-27

Nancy had been working in the department for some time when I first began my training. Eventually, over time, Nancy began to warm up to me and would albeit reluctantly, engage me in awkward conversations. After finishing, I retied my pants, turned on the faucet and began washing my hands. Nancy pulled down my underwear with her left hand and with her right hand she grabbed my stiff cock. She dried her hands, stood up, pulled up her pants and walked out of the bathroom not saying a word. Once inside the lounge she grabbed my hand and began to lead me into the bathroom. Nancy began to grab and stroke my cock again.

Making Love to Me - Part One

mastrubation annie12 2018-11-27

Baby Girl!” My fingers started moving faster and harder in my pussy as my other hand reached for my clit rubbing it slowly in circles. Oh Daddy you make your Baby Girl feel so good!” I lean up against the shower wall and allow my body to rest as I pull my hands out of my wet pussy I see them drenched in juices; juices should have been all over your cock.  It’s you telling me how bad you want and need me I race out of the shower and pick up the phone my body drenched in water and the remains of my love making.

Hard-Working Secretary

mastrubation musicandmuffins 2018-11-27

Charlotte smiled at the casual use of her name, then walked over to Tony to pick up the large and heavy box of stationary. Charlotte walked over to the small desk in the corner of the room and placed the box onto it, rifling through all the assorted bits that she ordered. She moved both legs onto the desk so her fingers could work deeper, curling them over and over her g-spot as she began to moan louder, both hands now tending her pussy as one rubbed her clit. She raised her wet fingers to her mouth and began to suck off her cum, stopping only to gasp with shock at the sight of Tony, watching at the door with his large, hard cock in his hand.

Baby Girl

mastrubation Lauradj 2018-11-25

"I like your dream sweetheart," he replied, his cock growing harder by the second.  "I can't exactly remember what it was, but you called me little girl or baby girl, I can't remember which but it was something along those lines, and well, I liked it," she said in a small voice.  "Next time I see you I'll take that fine ass of yours and watch as it turns from milky white to light pink and then red, the imprint of my hand on each cheek, and all you'll be able to do is squirm and cause a fuss as I lay you over my knee." Then I want your pussy, then that little ass of yours," he explained, rubbing himself slightly faster and squeezing.  She closed her eyes and moaned softly on her end, her hand finding it's way further down her body.

Goldy Locks and The Three Behrs

mastrubation Kim 2018-11-20

Pulling her fingers out of her cunt with a wet sloppy sound, she rubbed her pearly nectar up and down the solid green shaft of the cucumber. Goldy pulled the cucumber out of her cunt, and then maneuvered the broom at an angle to where it was wedged, thrusting it's erect staff at her. Dropping her head, she continued to put pressure on her ass star, until the broom handle pushed through her tight muscle ring with an almost audible pop. Goldy felt all the air leave her lungs, as her ass hole ate the broom handle. Goldy, able to push three of her fingers inside her star, told herself that next time she was going to fuck her ass raw with something thicker.

Timing Is Everything...

mastrubation Xdaone 2018-11-19

Wondering whether or not having the house and the car was worth not being able to suck and get fucked the way she wanted to was worth it. Wanting to kiss her wasn't going to be enough for me and when her hand accidentally brushed the front of her skirt as I noticed her short reaction I knew what would soon happen. Therese laid back onto her elbows at I squeeze and rub her clit and bite her nipple releasing her orgasm once more. Slowly pulling out my cock and balls wet and sticky Therese moved forward quickly to replace her pussy with her mouth until the fluid she withdrew flowed down her throat, pulling her mouth off and squeezing her tits together to collect the rest of my semen as a souvenir.

The Drive

mastrubation BlackLeatherSkirt28 2018-11-16

Sensing her opportunity Chloe released one of her breasts to reach over and lightly stroke my cock with her finger tips as she began to move her other hand down across the black material over her belly and to the slit that was now up to her waist. Her finger emerged wet with her own juice as she brought it up to her lips and began to lick it slowly running her long pink tongue along her slender finger before guiding it into her mouth so suck it like it was a nice hard cock. She turned slightly towards me as her orgasm rolled from her fingers inside her up through her milky white tits and then to her warm wet mouth as she moaned deeply and continued to allow her inner pornstar to emerge.

Girls, Please Help

mastrubation allfours 2018-11-13

You know, the kind of satisfied that made you tingle all over and you couldn't stop smiling for ages afterwards? One thing I do know is that that night, I frigged myself silly thinking about massive cocks. For the next couple of days, every time I saw Tony I found myself smiling at what Cindy had told me, and the memory of what I'd done thinking about his cock. My head was pounding as I tried to stop myself from mentioning big cocks, but Tony artfully steered the conversation round to it without my help. He must of been watching me because when I looked back to his face, I found him grinning like he'd discovered a naughty girl with no knickers on.

Handy Jen

mastrubation magentalips 2018-11-13

She leaves Babe with Jody, the nice young baby sitter who comes in when needed from next door. Jen kneels in between the young man’s thighs then cups both of her hands to rest them casually on his privates, feeling a movement there already. Jen lets the man bury his face into her, pressing him further in from the back of his head, feeling his big breaths on her. Jen makes sure all is cleaned up and first dresses the man then slowly herself, letting her first client of the day enjoy longer the view of her voluptuously plump body. Jen breaks off a small bright pink rose from a bush in the posh garden as she leaves, holding it firmly, thorns and all, in her now very capable hands.

Entertaining Myself While The Wife Is Out

mastrubation Mysteria27 2018-11-11

I’m so hard and excited watching this woman eating this hot blond's pussy. Now the woman has four fingers up her sweet pussy and then the woman lets out a high pitched scream and starts to come. He’s pinching her enormous tits and she is fingering her sweet bald cunt, while he’s face fucking her mouth. As my beautiful wife was fucking herself with her long fingers, I was stroking my cock. I took my finger and rubbed her little clit, while I pushed my tongue through her beautiful pussy lips. I was finger fucking her faster and faster and her pussy was starting to drip a little.

Hotel Tryst

mastrubation minx63 2018-11-09

Am very aware of my arousal, from my drive here, grinding into my car seat at the thought of meeting with you again. Feeling down between my legs, my fingers slip around my pussy which is slick at the thought of having you. My face is pushed into the bed, masking my screams as I feel my orgasm build up; reaching round, I scratch your balls gently with my nails and then spank my clit, which is throbbing! As I start to scream, stiffen and shake uncontrollably, its all you can do to keep me on the bed, as I force against you violently and cum like a fucking train - feeling myself squirt all down my legs - your orgasm pulses inside me and we ride it together for what seems like ages.

Kitten: Ch. 8-10

mastrubation BlackLeatherSkirt28 2018-11-09

She raised her arms and placed her hands behind his thighs to pull him closer and let him know that she wanted his cock in her mouth. HIs cock continued to swell as it slid in and out of her warm mouth feeling her sucking and licking on it as he fucked her little face. He suddenly took out his cock and began to stroke it right in front of her face, looking at her, and waited for her to plead with him to cum for her. He looked down at her while stroking his cock with long smooth strokes, "And where does a good slut want her cum?

Malaysian Masturbation

mastrubation rxtales 2018-10-31

"I want you to put your hand in your lap and rub your pussy lips with your finger. When I realised that everyone was concentrating on something else, I became a bit bolder, and began to rub myself a little harder, my finger pressing the material of my bikini into my skin. I began rubbing myself harder, pushing my fingers into my skin, my hand moving towards my clit. I brought the hand that had been caressing my nipples to my clit and resumed rubbing it slightly harder than the previous time. "Fuck me." She whispered again, a little harder than before thinking he hadn't heard her the first time.

Patricia Becomes an Oreo Cream

mastrubation 3FingerKelly 2017-12-08

It really didn’t make any difference to her at that moment because she could feel the wetness of the boy’s hardness between her ass cheeks start to dampen her French knickers and she hoped that his cream would soak into the material and not run down her legs with that slow trickle that made her feel like a slut of the worse sort. The two boys were fully aware of her naughty reaction and she knew that they would have high-fived each other if there was enough room to get their arms up and in position.  The boy behind her moved his hand frantically between her saturated ass cheeks and she knew he was enjoying her discomfort from his finger buried inside her brown eye.