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Out On The Trail

mastrubation SueEastwood 2018-02-01

As I pulled into the parking lot I happened to notice a guy unloading his bike and just beginning his way towards the trail.  By the time I unloaded my bike and prepared myself to ride he probably had a twenty minute jump on me heading out the trail. It was really a good day for a ride and with it being a weekday I knew it wouldn't be crowded. Upon arriving back to the parking lot I quickly loaded my bike and got inside my vehicle.  My pulse was racing and I began breathing in and out deeply to calm down.  Just when I was about to pull pot a thought entered my mind.  I knew which vehicle was his.  I entertained the idea of leaving him a note.  Finding a piece of paper and pen I wrote the following:

Thru The Window

mastrubation jontaric 2018-01-27

I should note that Maria's yard is fenced in with a very high privacy fence; actually the only vantage point into her yard was my window and I guess because nobody is usually home at my house during the day, she felt there was no way she would be noticed. I should also mention that for a second or two I thought of turning away and not looking at her, but there was this very strange feeling inside me, one of intense nervous excitement. It was obvious she was close to cumming and at that moment, she pulled the crotch of her suit over to the side and for the first time actually made direct contact with her pussy.

Fishing Trip with Two Poles

mastrubation fuzzy_t 2018-01-26

I had spent a lot of time soaping up my cock and giving it a good scrub while I was in the shower, so it didn’t take long at all before her hand was slippery all over from the precum that had started to make a constant stream from the little hole on the tip of my cock’s head. As I reached the point in the story where me and the other guy were edging and then pulling our hands away from our cocks at the same time, my wife wiggled her legs between mine and dropped to her knees as I spread my legs.

Lys - A Wonderfully Rebellious Woman

mastrubation goinstrong 2018-01-20

After stroking her pubic hair for awhile (still kissing her neck), I slid my fingers down the center of her mons, and found wet and warm flesh. Her pussy lips parted without hesitation, and I slid an index finger inside her young fleshy woman slit. He noticed my hands moving inside her slacks, and her hands on her belly, He said, "Maybe I better go on to the bar - you two can stay here!" Lys immediately mouthed, "Uh, Uh - Wanna Watch?" Both he and I were taken aback, but neither wanted to show our shock. Soon, Lys spit out my dick and said, "I want you inside my cunt!" NOTE: I get VERY turned on when a woman is graphic when describing body parts.

Mike, Lisa and I )MFM 3-Some)

mastrubation 2018-01-17

Running her fingers up and down the shaft slowly, tugging at my sack, cupping my balls in her warm hand, stroking my cock and the area between my balls and ass, she hit my prostate for a brief moment and I felt a ting. Hard and ready, she cupped my balls, light squeezing them, and then put her lips on the very tip of my cock before slowly sliding my entire shaft all the way down to my balls inside of her mouth. Once Mike was at his own edge, she returned to my cock to suck it a bit before she said "let's fuck. Lisa climbed on the bed and asked me how I wanted to take her pussy and fuck her, I said "Doggy style.

When I was in the seventh grade

mastrubation rcmark 2018-01-17

The guy I was going to be with me in our tent (Mark) had a very larger cock and a hairless chest. We got into our sl**ping bags and Mark ask me if I would mind if he played with my cock. He slipped his hand into my sl**ping bag and began rubbing my cock threw my under ware. I reached over a put my hand in his sl**ping bag and started to feel his hairless chest. I said sure and took his really large and hard cock out of his under ware. His cock felt so good in my hand it was hot and really hard. It felt so good to feel that large cock. I said sure and he started to lick my chest.

The Sauna - Part 2

mastrubation 57ncurious 2018-01-09

I also relished secret glances of other naked guys who stepped onto that same scale, watching them as they soaped and toweled their naked bodies in the showers. Some days, like this particular day, I was tired and entered the sauna naked and just d****d a towel over my lap for modesty. Within seconds, the second guy began touching his body; running his hands down his hairy chest – across his taut nipples. This guy dropped his glance and saw the towel that once had covered my modesty and now stretched and bobbed like a circus tent in the wind from my erection. In the bliss of the moment, we watched as the third guy suddenly recognized that something was going on in sauna right before his eyes.

My story pt2

mastrubation 2018-01-09

One night after work, I decided to stop by the mall and look for another opportunity to jack off in front of a gorgeous woman. I discovered that it was not good to flash women that work at stores or shopping centers. One night after hours of watching and waiting, I finally got an open space next to a car that three young women had earlier got out of. I backed in next to the car lined up so I would be in perfect view, pulled my pants down to my ankles, rolled my shirt up, just like you see in my "fun jo" vid, and started getting it hard.

Pool service masturbation

mastrubation trevor100a 2018-01-09

Joe, that’s the guys name, took me around to several expensive homes and showed me the ropes of pool cleaning and testing and such. She then had Joe to stand by her and fan her like a servant while she watched me work on the pool. Joe and I both got tall erections and she just went along like it was normal. Joe said he loved mutual masturbation, which she had already known since she had him into it in past summers. She quickly ordered Joe to turn facing the mirror window and for him and I to place our hands on his cock and masturbate it together. I said I loved it and wanted to get closer to the mirror so I could see myself masturbate and cum.

Living with my aunt

mastrubation rooneystar 2018-01-05

After this day i was allowed to do what i wanted when i wanted.I would make her youngest daughter suck my cock while she breast fed her baby and i would fuck her oldest daughter when she overslept into the day.Now i volunteer to shovel snow but i tell my aunt meet me in the back with a big glass of hot chocolate and she can blow me and swallow. he tried video taping me in the shower but i stumbled upon to find his camera and after i took the shower i went to his room closed the door behind me and i gave him the camera and i f***ed him to suck my cock which he loved and begs for more up too this day and i plugged his butt and opened him up real good.

Taste for a Hand Job and Rim

mastrubation fantasyguy1973 2017-12-27

The porn was of this hot blond sitting on a thick hard cock buried in her asshole. I continued to rub his hole gently as I then focused on rubbing his cock with my full hand grip, pumping it up and down to his balls and then back over the tip of his head. The woman on the porn that was on was screaming her fucking brains out as that big cock continue to stretch her ass and fill her completely. He grunted he was about to cum so I went deeper in his ass with my finger and slowed my pump down.

Funny wank story

mastrubation cockstrokin1 2017-12-16

She only has a couple of pictures on the site but I was stroking pretty hard to them. When you stroke for a long time you build up a pretty good cumblast waiting to happen. I was heavily stroking, thinking of Melissa's cute ass and how good it would feel to fuck her doggy-style when I shot a short quick blast. This time however I shot high into the air (I said Melissa made me horny) and quite far to the left. I watched as the cumblast arced into the air and landed right on my laptop keyboard! Pretty impressive since my laptop was sitting about 2 feet higher than me and about 2 feet to my left.


mastrubation phaheid 2017-12-09

I turned over and she started massaging my front in the same way and before long her fingers lightly touched my cock in passing up and down my body. I pulled her onto the massage bed alongside me and satrted massaging her beautiful curvy and completely smooth body, her breasts felt wonderful and firm and her huge nipples were very hard. Stroking its beautiful head was clearly very pleasurable for her and very soon she was reaching for my now rock hard and engorged cock, which she equisitely rolled a ribbed condom onto, before slowly easing it into her very tight pussy.

Second time

mastrubation Mitchell75xx 2017-12-08

Being completely naked and letting another man see my erect cock is exciting enough but when he put his hand round my shaft and started to slowly stroke I thought I was gonna cum instantly. After a few minutes Gary started to stroke his cock and we stood there naked and watched each other pleasuring ourselves. In fact I would love her catch us and the thought of her seeing one of her work friends completely naked stroking his cock was very exciting. Catching his breath Gary asked if I would like him to finish me off but I told him I really wanted him to watch me wank and make myself cum.

My First Chat Room Experience

mastrubation LeonReed 2017-12-07

I stroked my cock right in front of the cam for her and was loving my first experience in the chat room. Her reply came over the speakers; “yeah baby, I’m watching you stroke your hard cock for me”. I kept stroking my cock as I watched her man put his entire hand in her hot wet box. When I went to bed a bit later that night, and I thought about the hot session I had that evening in the chat room, I jacked off again just thinking about how sexy WetFist101 was and how turned on I was knowing she had been watching me jack off for her.

Waiting for a Friend

mastrubation elofantmann 2017-12-04

Apparently the tight crotch of my jeans placed just enough pressure at the right spots that my penis started to wake up. It felt good to relieve the pressure building inside my jeans. I moved my hands over the cock head and then down to the ridge right under the cockhead. Then I stroked my cock upwards, pulling the loose skin around my cockhead and shaft upward. At first pointing to the sky, then she moved it to her chest as if she was saying into the phone, "They wanted ME." As she talked more I rubbed my cock harder. My cock throbbed a last time, oozed out a few more drops of white cum, and made my whole fucking day worthwhile.

My First Mutual JO with another Guy

mastrubation 2017-12-04

I put an ad in Craig's List asking for a guy close to my age (61) to join me for a JO session and maybe mutual touching/stroking. Anyway, last week, my wife was away for a few days so I contacted one of they guys who said he had never touched another man's cock and, (like me) was keen to see what mutual JO was like. I popped 1/2 a Viagra and started stroking my self before he arrived, so I wouldn't appear as a soft cock old guy! His foreskin started to tighten and pull around his cock head he stroked his cock, now wet with pre-cum.. I asked him if he'd like to cum on my cock and balls.

A Sissies Tale {Pretty in Pink}

mastrubation LynLorre 2017-11-25

Saliva dripped from my lips and ran was running down his thick shaft as i continued to worship his meaty lollipop.A few moments pasted and i heard him say in a breathy voice "You're gonna make me cum doing that".I looked up at him and slowly slid his cock from warm wet mouth and with a coy smile i replied "That's what 'im here creamy treat" then taking his throbbing meat back into my mouth.Another groan of pleasure came from him as i continued my lip service.I was still rubbing my sissy clitty and with my thumb and 2 fingers i gently began to stroke my small hard shaft.I started moving my head and stroking his cock more faster.My neighbor placed his hands on both sides of my head,holding my hair back as well and started moving his hips,face fucking me.I wrapped my lips tighter around his throbbing cock.Only a few moments later i let out some soft moans as my body started to tighten up cause i was about to cum.I stroked my cocklette faster and i let out a small squeal and my tiny boner started to pulse and squirt cum out the small swollen head and onto the ground.My neighbor looked down and saw the cum dripping from my dicklette and said "That's a girl" with a heavy breathy voice.I continued to work my tiny cock ,milking all the cum out.

My University Male Relationship - Part 1

mastrubation PurplePal 2017-11-17

Mike started playfully pushing me to unbalance me and with my trousers around my knees he pushed me hard and I fell backwards onto the edge of the bed, legs over the side. As I finished I thought of Mike grabbing, flicking and smacking me and my cock started tingling and pulsing and growing hard. He played with my balls and cock for a good while but all good things cum to an end and I did cum to an end, arching my back, bucking my hips and groaning as I shot and flowed more cream onto my chest and stomach until I was sperm spent.

My Housekeeper Gets Friendly

mastrubation 2017-11-17

As she stroked my cock and it got even firmer and hotter to the touch I watched through my little window under my arm to see her other hand reach up to her halter top. She looked down at my still half hard cock and said, “I see a little drop still there… I thought I cleaned that off really good?”[/i] Then as she walked towards over to me she reached down and grabbed my cock and stroked it a few times. She took hold of it and while stroking it she said, “Well, maybe next time I can do a better job of cleaning up ….” And with that she opened the door and left.

Another Set-up

mastrubation stonecoldbluff 2017-11-13

Of course that is what I wanted her to ask and that would allow me to tell her that if she didnt that there would be a good chance that I would be naked and hard if she came over unannounced. I told her it was good of her to call because I didnt want to be naked and hard when she showed up. She immediately pulled the right tit to her mouth and began to suck and lick her nipple. I stood up walked to her side on the couch and told her I wanted to cum on her nipple as she licked and sucked on them. I told her I wanted to cum on her tongue and her nipple at the same time.

Caught Masturbating

mastrubation dudeofwv 2017-11-13

i got the bottle of oil and i really coared my self good sitting there .My cock was hanging out of my shorts so i adjusted my ass and pulled my cock all the way out of the leg of my shorts and i stroked it a few times and i then poured oil on my cock and balls and let it lay in the sun . it felt real good getting the sun it was hot as hell and my cock liked it and it grew and got hard. I said it sure is hot out there isnt it as i reached down with both hands one pulled on my balls and the other one stroked my cock .

Lunch at the Glory Hole

mastrubation eaglefree 2017-11-10

He leaned over and asked “You feel like getting fucked?” My response was “Nope.” He shoved his cock back through the hole and I started sucking and swallowing as much as I could. Into my mouth it went and I could taste the pre cum on his cock head and I figured that I’d get a tasty treat in a few minutes. I sucked on his nice hard cock and was bobbing trying to get in all in when he pulled out. I started sucking him more and stroking him less and after a few more minutes he again pulled out. He grunted and his cock started to spasm and spurt jet after jet of his warm cum into my mouth.

Calming Her On A Nervous Flight

mastrubation BigBoobiesBasement 2017-11-03

I knew I was going to need something to conceal my hard-on, and something to hide the fact that I wanted to stroke my cock for the entire flight. I watched her big tits bounce and shake as the plane took off down the runway and I stroked my cock wishing I could get my hands on her beautiful juggs. “Be my guest,” I replied as her hand lowered the blanket and she started rubbing my cock over my pants while keeping her eyes on me. “I think I need to pull it out,” she said, “I want to feel it in my hand.” “Oh my gawd, you taste so goood!” she moaned as she continued licking her hand clean like a cat licking her paws.