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Out On The Trail

mastrubation SueEastwood 2018-06-15

As I pulled into the parking lot I happened to notice a guy unloading his bike and just beginning his way towards the trail.  By the time I unloaded my bike and prepared myself to ride he probably had a twenty minute jump on me heading out the trail. It was really a good day for a ride and with it being a weekday I knew it wouldn't be crowded. Upon arriving back to the parking lot I quickly loaded my bike and got inside my vehicle.  My pulse was racing and I began breathing in and out deeply to calm down.  Just when I was about to pull pot a thought entered my mind.  I knew which vehicle was his.  I entertained the idea of leaving him a note.  Finding a piece of paper and pen I wrote the following:

My University Male Relationship - Part 1

mastrubation PurplePal 2018-05-20

Mike started playfully pushing me to unbalance me and with my trousers around my knees he pushed me hard and I fell backwards onto the edge of the bed, legs over the side. As I finished I thought of Mike grabbing, flicking and smacking me and my cock started tingling and pulsing and growing hard. He played with my balls and cock for a good while but all good things cum to an end and I did cum to an end, arching my back, bucking my hips and groaning as I shot and flowed more cream onto my chest and stomach until I was sperm spent.

My first experience... Accidental Flashing

mastrubation 2018-05-19

I finally got into a stride and decided to get serious, so I went back to my bike, dropped to my knees and started pounding my throbbing cock. My cock jumped at their touch, and they giggled as it did, so I grabbed it again, got up on my knees, situated myself in front of them, and let it get harder and grow more before their eyes. Finally, the girl to my right, reached her hand up and grabbed the shaft, I moved my hand and she just held it, stroking it slowly, I could tell she was nervous, and that she'd never done this before, and I moved my cock through the hole her hand made for my cock and finished cumming.

my first time

mastrubation coasbt 2018-05-16

anyway out of the blue i am sitting playing xbox he just reaches down and grabs my balls. just as we are done talking about what happened he reaches out and again grabs my balls. not knowing what is going to happen next i break free and stop we are catching our breath. what a feeling having another guys hand on your hard cock fort he first time. the touch of him stroking me and having his cock in my hand is making me wanna cum. i tell him i am gonna cum he doesn't even hesitate just starts going faster. we are both so dazed from what we had just done he is swirling his cock head on my mixing our loads into one big mess.


mastrubation phaheid 2018-05-16

I turned over and she started massaging my front in the same way and before long her fingers lightly touched my cock in passing up and down my body. I pulled her onto the massage bed alongside me and satrted massaging her beautiful curvy and completely smooth body, her breasts felt wonderful and firm and her huge nipples were very hard. Stroking its beautiful head was clearly very pleasurable for her and very soon she was reaching for my now rock hard and engorged cock, which she equisitely rolled a ribbed condom onto, before slowly easing it into her very tight pussy.

Jerk Off Club

mastrubation 2018-05-10

I looked over and Ted was stroking his 10" cock while I continued banging his wife. I still had not cum yet after she climaxed, so I rolled over on my back and grabbed my still hard cock and started stroking with Ted. He instantly was rock hard and stroking like crazy. My cock felt huge in my hand as I started to feel my balls contract and I knew I was getting close. I kept my eyes on them as they looked at my cock waiting for the prize to shoot out. We are now trying to get a mastrubation group together once a month so we can watch each other and others cum on their own!!!

Second time

mastrubation Mitchell75xx 2018-04-19

Being completely naked and letting another man see my erect cock is exciting enough but when he put his hand round my shaft and started to slowly stroke I thought I was gonna cum instantly. After a few minutes Gary started to stroke his cock and we stood there naked and watched each other pleasuring ourselves. In fact I would love her catch us and the thought of her seeing one of her work friends completely naked stroking his cock was very exciting. Catching his breath Gary asked if I would like him to finish me off but I told him I really wanted him to watch me wank and make myself cum.

Pineapples. (Short story)

mastrubation 2018-04-19

Forcing my whole palm on it, I slowly stick my hand in his pants. I pulled away a little, my hand sitting on his small happy trail. My hand must have been cold when I touched his dick, cause he gave out a little grunt once we had contact. Feeling the need to get in a better position, I pull my hand out to position him to sit on the bed. Stroking it a little faster this time, making him curl his lower lip back a bit with a moan. Even thought it's just a hand job, I'd still get to eat his cum. That is, once I felt his pre-cum rubbing along my hand as support.

Waiting for a Friend

mastrubation elofantmann 2018-04-14

Apparently the tight crotch of my jeans placed just enough pressure at the right spots that my penis started to wake up. It felt good to relieve the pressure building inside my jeans. I moved my hands over the cock head and then down to the ridge right under the cockhead. Then I stroked my cock upwards, pulling the loose skin around my cockhead and shaft upward. At first pointing to the sky, then she moved it to her chest as if she was saying into the phone, "They wanted ME." As she talked more I rubbed my cock harder. My cock throbbed a last time, oozed out a few more drops of white cum, and made my whole fucking day worthwhile.

Fast Food & Women (Flashing Story)

mastrubation 2018-04-12

A few minutes later she came up to my car and just as I hoped leaned down on both arms on my window sill giving me a fantastic view of those puppies then said, “Hi babe, what can I get you today?” I was fixated on her tits so I couldn’t help but be a wiseass so I nodded at them and said, “Can I get a pair those to go?” Looking down at her own tits she raised up for a second then leaning back down again she slapped me on the arm with her ticket book and told me, “You horny mother… well, you know what I was gonna say.

Ari Takes Control

mastrubation farmboy27 2018-04-11

Ari looked for her clothes but then remembered that she had left them in the living room. Trying to decide what to do and feeling very naked, she cracked open the door and could see Jennifer moving about the kitchen dressed in a silky looking robe. Jennifer smiled and came towards Ari. She opened the door and reached pass Ari to grab a large soft looking robe. Jennifer seemed eager to play again but Ari wasn’t sure. As Ari headed home, she was certain that Jennifer would masturbate again right away. Ari turned the light on in her room. She turned around and asked the man if he was stroking his cock.

Mike, Lisa and I )MFM 3-Some)

mastrubation 2018-04-03

Running her fingers up and down the shaft slowly, tugging at my sack, cupping my balls in her warm hand, stroking my cock and the area between my balls and ass, she hit my prostate for a brief moment and I felt a ting. Hard and ready, she cupped my balls, light squeezing them, and then put her lips on the very tip of my cock before slowly sliding my entire shaft all the way down to my balls inside of her mouth. Once Mike was at his own edge, she returned to my cock to suck it a bit before she said "let's fuck. Lisa climbed on the bed and asked me how I wanted to take her pussy and fuck her, I said "Doggy style.

neighbor catches me watching her

mastrubation 2018-03-28

I arrived home and opened the door to the back yard only to find my 40 year old neighbor working in her backyard wearing these tight cotton flower print shorts and matching top so loose I had a view of her boobs hanging freely. Her ass was towards me and her milky white thighs were making my dick grow, she really looked good working there. Too horny to care, i made sure she couldn't see my torso and pulled my dick out and started stroking to her apple shped ass and smooth legs. With her shirt so loose i could see her boobs hanging freely and I could even make out her nipples.

Thru The Window

mastrubation jontaric 2018-03-25

I should note that Maria's yard is fenced in with a very high privacy fence; actually the only vantage point into her yard was my window and I guess because nobody is usually home at my house during the day, she felt there was no way she would be noticed. I should also mention that for a second or two I thought of turning away and not looking at her, but there was this very strange feeling inside me, one of intense nervous excitement. It was obvious she was close to cumming and at that moment, she pulled the crotch of her suit over to the side and for the first time actually made direct contact with her pussy.

Amy's visit

mastrubation jhdbullet 2018-03-19

I started swimming around and of course letting her get a good look at my little ass and swimming on my back which always makes her laugh. I was starting to moan and telling her how good it felt and how hot it was stoking my cock i n front of her. I stopped stroking my cock enough to reach out and run my finger up ad down her little clit hood. She moaned "Oh my God that feels good." I went back to stroking my cock. I went back to stroking my cock really wanting her to watch as I came, I knew it was going to be a lot of cum because I was horny all morning.

Old friends - New ideas

mastrubation 2018-03-18

As we talked my one hand was hidden from her view and was stroking the head of my cock which was still sticking out of my shorts. Looking down at her hand stroking my cock I couldn't help but want to hold onto something myself. After sucking her tits enough to turn them dark red I sat back up and took a look at my cock sticking straight out of my shorts. She said she liked my cock but was afraid to go any further right now and said that it would be best if we took things a bit slow and work up to more fun.

Another Visit to The Glory Hole

mastrubation eaglefree 2018-03-16

I found a channel I liked and after watching a few minutes I took out my semi hard cock and started stroking. After a few minutes I looked through the hole and all I could see was a nice long hard cock in some guy’s hand. After watching him stroke himself for several minutes I decided it was time to slip him the finger and I placed a finger in the hole. I heard him moan and say “That feels so good.” I slowly started slipping more and more of his meat into my awaiting mouth. When I got back to my truck I sat there for a minute and remembered that nice hard juicy cock from yesterday.

My Housekeeper Gets Friendly

mastrubation 2018-03-15

As she stroked my cock and it got even firmer and hotter to the touch I watched through my little window under my arm to see her other hand reach up to her halter top. She looked down at my still half hard cock and said, “I see a little drop still there… I thought I cleaned that off really good?”[/i] Then as she walked towards over to me she reached down and grabbed my cock and stroked it a few times. She took hold of it and while stroking it she said, “Well, maybe next time I can do a better job of cleaning up ….” And with that she opened the door and left.


mastrubation querico44 2018-03-13

He said "Why don't I just show you how to do it, it will be a lot easier and I'm feeling horny anyway talking about it." "OK" I said, and he slid his pants off and spred his legs out as he began rubbing his cock which soon grew from a limp 4 inches to a nice fat hardon of 6 inches in length. I watched as he stroked his hard cock and rubbed his balls, stopping briefly to spit in his hand and telling me it feels better when it's wet. "No wonder I've got a boner." I said, "You started it so why don't you finish it for me." I slid my pants down and he took my cock in his hand stroking me slowly.

My First Chat Room Experience

mastrubation LeonReed 2018-03-04

I stroked my cock right in front of the cam for her and was loving my first experience in the chat room. Her reply came over the speakers; “yeah baby, I’m watching you stroke your hard cock for me”. I kept stroking my cock as I watched her man put his entire hand in her hot wet box. When I went to bed a bit later that night, and I thought about the hot session I had that evening in the chat room, I jacked off again just thinking about how sexy WetFist101 was and how turned on I was knowing she had been watching me jack off for her.


mastrubation fuzzy_t 2018-02-24

To raise the risk level to the max, and because it makes the feelings that are building up inside that much better, I push my ass off the seat and into the air, bringing my hard cock above the sight-line of the window. Sitting with my legs spread wide and my rock hard cock glistening in the subdued light, I started a two handed action. Each time I stopped I pushed down on my cock and pointed it to the floor which brought out a stream of precum which I rubbed all around making for that enhanced, super slippery sensation!

First Dance

mastrubation creamernator 2018-02-20

My describing to Matt what it felt like to be horny was more of a rush transcript hot off the presses than a description from memory. My top two fingers touched the head of his cock first, then the next two curling around the top of his shaft, finally my thumb brushing that sensitive sweet spot where the skin of his uncut frenulum met the bottom of his slit. "Catch it," I heard him say from across the ocean fifteen years later, my hand fumbling with the paper towels as the third thick rope of my semen reached its apex a few inches above my cock.

So Horny & Juicy Wet Mmmmmm

mastrubation mzpassion69 2018-02-20

Stroking my pussy very well I take both fingers and lick the creamy filling from my juicy pussy YUMMY INDEED!!!!after that wonderful shower heading to my room going to my toy case where I keep all my wonderful play toys for sexual fun time.I lay down on my bed massaging and caressing my body all over with scented flavor oil "cherry" MMmmmm my favorite,beginning to massage my pussy lips it was so juicy wet I taste my own sweet nectar MMMmmmmmm.Slowly I slide my finger inside my pussy it felt so damn good stroking very slow in & out and massaging my clit as well YES!!!.The feeling was intense moving my hips as I give a slight moan it was nothing but pure self pleasure,no one only me wishing I had a playmate with me but just me alone was good enoungh for the night of pleasure I enjoy all alone.Reaching for my toy next to me I rub my clit and gently massging my pussy with the dildo at the same time holding one tit and squeezing the nipple OH YEAH.Moving my hips as I'm massging that toy agaisnt my very wet pussy,OH YES I'am slowly sliding the dildo inside my pussy with my eyes close oh the pleasure feeling of it slowly stroking in and out deep slow strokes after stroke I'm moaning very softly.

Another Set-up

mastrubation stonecoldbluff 2018-02-19

Of course that is what I wanted her to ask and that would allow me to tell her that if she didnt that there would be a good chance that I would be naked and hard if she came over unannounced. I told her it was good of her to call because I didnt want to be naked and hard when she showed up. She immediately pulled the right tit to her mouth and began to suck and lick her nipple. I stood up walked to her side on the couch and told her I wanted to cum on her nipple as she licked and sucked on them. I told her I wanted to cum on her tongue and her nipple at the same time.