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Out On The Trail

mastrubation SueEastwood 2018-11-08

As I pulled into the parking lot I happened to notice a guy unloading his bike and just beginning his way towards the trail.  By the time I unloaded my bike and prepared myself to ride he probably had a twenty minute jump on me heading out the trail. It was really a good day for a ride and with it being a weekday I knew it wouldn't be crowded. Upon arriving back to the parking lot I quickly loaded my bike and got inside my vehicle.  My pulse was racing and I began breathing in and out deeply to calm down.  Just when I was about to pull pot a thought entered my mind.  I knew which vehicle was his.  I entertained the idea of leaving him a note.  Finding a piece of paper and pen I wrote the following:

a little bedtime story

mastrubation justshyofnympho 2018-09-20

i want you sitting, maybe with my blow job vid running. now take your cock in hand and start a nice easy stroking. you are not allowed to remove your eyes from the vid nor are you to stop stroking. i suck the right one into my mouth, warm and wet, and suckle upon you. i suck them both into my mouth and start to roll them around using lips and tongue. use my hand to keep them occupied as i lover my head to find your tight brown eye. use my tongue to run barely there circles around it. that's all i take, suck it into my hungry mouth. fill my mouth with your sweet hot cum.

I Swear, We're Not Gay - Part 2

mastrubation ndamood4sum 2018-09-19

Ricky really responded to this one, and surprised me by pulling a small bottle of baby oil out from the couch cushions and squirting some onto his dick. God, the stuff felt really fucking good but, my cock had never been touched by another man. Stroke mine for a little while?' As I rapidly approached orgasm, I found that I wanted to feel his cock in my hand more than anything; to my shock and surprise I wanted to make him cum badly. I was mere seconds away; I looked at my hand and the sight of my big b*****r's cum on my hand and wrist; the sight of his spent penis oozing sperm onto his thigh; the sight of his fist pumping my dick to orgasm pushed me over the limit.


mastrubation fuzzy_t 2018-09-16

To raise the risk level to the max, and because it makes the feelings that are building up inside that much better, I push my ass off the seat and into the air, bringing my hard cock above the sight-line of the window. Sitting with my legs spread wide and my rock hard cock glistening in the subdued light, I started a two handed action. Each time I stopped I pushed down on my cock and pointed it to the floor which brought out a stream of precum which I rubbed all around making for that enhanced, super slippery sensation!

neighbor catches me watching her

mastrubation 2018-09-15

I arrived home and opened the door to the back yard only to find my 40 year old neighbor working in her backyard wearing these tight cotton flower print shorts and matching top so loose I had a view of her boobs hanging freely. Her ass was towards me and her milky white thighs were making my dick grow, she really looked good working there. Too horny to care, i made sure she couldn't see my torso and pulled my dick out and started stroking to her apple shped ass and smooth legs. With her shirt so loose i could see her boobs hanging freely and I could even make out her nipples.

True masturbation

mastrubation Masshole 2018-09-14

cock sliding back and forth in the leg of my shorts. I got to my destination, a small wooded area on the my bike then walked a little way into the woods. I reached the rock wall at the edge of the field near I began to rub my cock come in my mouth in an open field in the middle of the Come began to stream from my cock and then began to to stroke my jizzing cock as the ropes kept coming out Both of the boys got real close to the wall and were Alas the boys left my mess and got some water and went boy with my pre come and pushed my cock into his ass.

Watching Kathy, the Ultimate Voyeur Experience

mastrubation Tommie_tomm2 2018-09-01

I pulled my pants and briefs down to better stroke my cock, and standing in front of her window, watching her naked body, stroking my shaft, I felt the usual sensation of the tightening of my balls, my cock rock hard like never before. I was at her window, my hard, slippery cock in my hand, my pants and underwear down at my ankles, when suddenly I heard a noise around the front of the house, just around the corner from me! Against my will, my cock started swelling and growing, and seeing that as a sign Billy’s head slowly moved forward, his tongue licking his lips in anticipation of receiving a cock in his warm and waiting mouth.

Lunch at the Glory Hole

mastrubation eaglefree 2018-09-01

He leaned over and asked “You feel like getting fucked?” My response was “Nope.” He shoved his cock back through the hole and I started sucking and swallowing as much as I could. Into my mouth it went and I could taste the pre cum on his cock head and I figured that I’d get a tasty treat in a few minutes. I sucked on his nice hard cock and was bobbing trying to get in all in when he pulled out. I started sucking him more and stroking him less and after a few more minutes he again pulled out. He grunted and his cock started to spasm and spurt jet after jet of his warm cum into my mouth.

Vegas Jackoff Party

mastrubation zig074 2018-08-26

He got off the bed and soon the guy on my right was ready to cum, he took his cock from my hand moved down my body, what the hell was he doing I thought. I was soon turned over onto my back again, I could see that there were still 5 guys left in the room, 3 jumped on the bed with me, there was a really fat guy sitting in a chair, and the host who was leaning against the table stroking his cock. The big cock guy told the host to let him know when he was ready to cum, the host said ok, lifted himself up a little grabbed my hand and had me reach under his ass and start fondling his balls.

Second time

mastrubation Mitchell75xx 2018-08-23

Being completely naked and letting another man see my erect cock is exciting enough but when he put his hand round my shaft and started to slowly stroke I thought I was gonna cum instantly. After a few minutes Gary started to stroke his cock and we stood there naked and watched each other pleasuring ourselves. In fact I would love her catch us and the thought of her seeing one of her work friends completely naked stroking his cock was very exciting. Catching his breath Gary asked if I would like him to finish me off but I told him I really wanted him to watch me wank and make myself cum.

Str8 guy playdate

mastrubation 2018-08-20

I was really excited because immediatly some pre cum came oozing out of me which caused Jake to get up and take a closer look at my cock and then he sat back on the edge of the bed facing me. After stroking myself in front of Jake for about five minutes I noticed a bead of pre cum form on his cock so I got off the dresser, wiped his pre cum off on to my finger, and rubbed it in a circle under his shaft near the head. We went back and forth stroking ourselves and each other for about 30 minutes and edged as long as we could when Jake said he was going to cum, I was close too so we decided to try to finish close together.

Naked, hard erection, shooting cum on trip to FL a

mastrubation trevor100a 2018-08-17

He stoked my cock as I rummaged through my bag for sweat pants which I would need to slip on at a moment’s notice if we got pulled over and when we hit the rest stops. My cock would remain hard in between and the head would turn purple if we stopped stroking and squeezing it, problems that can arise from the Viagra, so we both kept stroking and squeezing and it was fine. I lost count of how many times I ejaculated during the who trip but managed to stay naked and hard the whole way up and then back. It was fun, felt great, and I was happy to oblige his modest fantasy of staying naked, hard and shooting cum up and back from FL.

Have you ever been so horny you just had to.......

mastrubation cumslutcouple 2018-08-15

“Or, you could get those tits out for me so I can have something to really jerk over, or better yet, give me a sloppy wet blow job would be so hot.” She hesitated, then stood up, and I was sure she was going to run out and get the store manager, but she stared straight in my eyes, and started unbuttoning her tight blouse, exposing a lacy bra which she unsnapped from the front and exposed the most beautiful, firm set of 34 b tits, which she kind of cupped together with her hands. As quickly as I was stroking she immediately took it down a notch and s-l-o-w-l-y lowered her mouth over my aching dick, swirling her tongue round the head like a lollipop and ever so slowly taking my length across her full lips, up and down, all the while looking me squarely in the eye.

Jimmy Neutron Sex Story Chapter I

mastrubation Metalotical 2018-08-09

Jimmy made a note to try to discover a way to measure that as he said “Program, Engage Intercourse.” The Machines obeyed, and a small shape came down to rest near Jimmy’s lap, it resembled an ass of lovely size that Jimmy had engendered to feel like a real skin and body. As Jimmy had programed it to, The Hologram of his Mother said “Here we Go Jimmy…” then she began the descent unto his Fully Erect Penis. “I wonder what its like Jimmy, for your Mother to fuck me, or you.” Carl said in a Daze. Slowly, Carl got on his knees, this was the first time he had done this, even touched another boys penis.

So Horny & Juicy Wet Mmmmmm

mastrubation mzpassion69 2018-08-04

Stroking my pussy very well I take both fingers and lick the creamy filling from my juicy pussy YUMMY INDEED!!!!after that wonderful shower heading to my room going to my toy case where I keep all my wonderful play toys for sexual fun time.I lay down on my bed massaging and caressing my body all over with scented flavor oil "cherry" MMmmmm my favorite,beginning to massage my pussy lips it was so juicy wet I taste my own sweet nectar MMMmmmmmm.Slowly I slide my finger inside my pussy it felt so damn good stroking very slow in & out and massaging my clit as well YES!!!.The feeling was intense moving my hips as I give a slight moan it was nothing but pure self pleasure,no one only me wishing I had a playmate with me but just me alone was good enoungh for the night of pleasure I enjoy all alone.Reaching for my toy next to me I rub my clit and gently massging my pussy with the dildo at the same time holding one tit and squeezing the nipple OH YEAH.Moving my hips as I'm massging that toy agaisnt my very wet pussy,OH YES I'am slowly sliding the dildo inside my pussy with my eyes close oh the pleasure feeling of it slowly stroking in and out deep slow strokes after stroke I'm moaning very softly.

The New Neighbour Chapter 1

mastrubation 2018-08-02

i watched my thick hard shaft bulging at the end as it urine d to find a warm wet love hole to release its seed into...i continued to stroke my hard that moment the phone rang... slipping one finger in between your lips slowly stroking your self...i continued to watch you as you masturbated there before me... your legs spread as wide as you could go your free hand massaging your hard started to cummmm and as you did your head turned to me... and the sounds escaped your lips as you watched my thick cock shooting it seed out.....your hands were like a blur as you stroked and massaged your hot sex into a earth shattering climax....i could not stand any longer as i collapsed on the bed...

When I was in the seventh grade

mastrubation rcmark 2018-07-30

The guy I was going to be with me in our tent (Mark) had a very larger cock and a hairless chest. We got into our sl**ping bags and Mark ask me if I would mind if he played with my cock. He slipped his hand into my sl**ping bag and began rubbing my cock threw my under ware. I reached over a put my hand in his sl**ping bag and started to feel his hairless chest. I said sure and took his really large and hard cock out of his under ware. His cock felt so good in my hand it was hot and really hard. It felt so good to feel that large cock. I said sure and he started to lick my chest.

Jacking off while being watched

mastrubation bndover 2018-07-24

I lay back and enjoyed her sucking my dick for a good while and she seemed to be enjoying it too, but as I said, I was in no hurry and I wanted to enjoy jacking off in front of her, so eventually I began stroking myself again as we positioned ourselves in various ways for her to view the action and for me to enjoy playing with her huge tits. It was a little strange being the only naked person in the room, but it was fun too!, So, I stripped naked in the couple's home, lay down on the floor in front of two fully clothed people and began to stroke my dick as they watched, commented, and encouraged until I shot my load into the air and it fell back onto my dick and balls, my hand and my belly.

Masturbation Club, the second time

mastrubation NYLooking100 2018-07-23

The hosts circulated a tray of wine and beer and the party started with guys talking and munching on was not long before all the semi hard cocks were at full attention. If you were fortunate to get the guy to cum, he had to shoot on your cock. I was able to get a guy to shoot his jizz and felt it pulse on my cock and balls. We also played a game where each guy was assigned a random number and we would each pick numbers from a bowl. Anyway, had a great time and stood around long enough to see a few guys go off to other parts of their home for some other fun......judging by the moans, I assume they were enjoying themselves.

New neighbour

mastrubation rgrichyrich6 2018-07-23

As my minds eye wandered over those long, shapely legs, rounds ass, and up to her perfect breasts, I noticed my hand was now gently stroking my rapidly hardening cock. One hand stroking up and down the length, while the other worked the tip as I imagined following her into her house, not taking my eyes off that sexy ass in those shorts. Leaning back against the shower wall, both hands on my now slippery cock, I imagined doing some little job for her which she'd like to thank me for, but she says she wouldn't know how. I imagine she gets the message and, moving closer to me, reaches into my shorts and pulls out my cock.


mastrubation MarkAnon7007 2018-07-18

Then gently massaging them for a few minutes before feeding more wine, putting the glass down my hands move down from her shoulders and cup her breasts from your bra, I lean down, kiss and gently bite her alluring neck and tell her to relax. I remove the crop and slide my hands up her legs, instructing her to lift your hips, slipping her panties off taking a little time to inhale the sweet aroma and feel the moistness against my lips. As the tips hit the flesh above her stocking tops they start to explore, stroking over the smooth skin finding the edge of her moist lips and gently parting them.

i want to live in a Masturbation Commune!

mastrubation GreaseyCockBator 2018-07-10

which as "Chief" and "local highpriest" i deny my own cock any stimulation until last chosen or volunteer Semen giver..offers his seed milk on the Chieftan/HighPriest's cock..which as that chief/priest i watch, and preversely lust and chant ritual prayers, pushing my mind's lust and arousal ..anticipating the opportunity to finish my mental edging of seeing gooned bators enthusiastically dumping his semen cum on my twitching throbbing erected cum soaked i can offer the Final Ritual and Offering CUM to Priapus when i Cum masturbating my cock with my tribe's cum as my Bate Lube..

Old friends - New ideas

mastrubation 2018-07-09

As we talked my one hand was hidden from her view and was stroking the head of my cock which was still sticking out of my shorts. Looking down at her hand stroking my cock I couldn't help but want to hold onto something myself. After sucking her tits enough to turn them dark red I sat back up and took a look at my cock sticking straight out of my shorts. She said she liked my cock but was afraid to go any further right now and said that it would be best if we took things a bit slow and work up to more fun.

Another Set-up

mastrubation stonecoldbluff 2018-07-07

Of course that is what I wanted her to ask and that would allow me to tell her that if she didnt that there would be a good chance that I would be naked and hard if she came over unannounced. I told her it was good of her to call because I didnt want to be naked and hard when she showed up. She immediately pulled the right tit to her mouth and began to suck and lick her nipple. I stood up walked to her side on the couch and told her I wanted to cum on her nipple as she licked and sucked on them. I told her I wanted to cum on her tongue and her nipple at the same time.