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What I think about when I masturbate - Part 1 Almost drowned

mastrubation Quiteshygirl 2018-11-07

I suddenly come to the surface, and gasp for breath, but then another wave pulls me under. I feel myself being dragged along the sea bed, and realise that my bikini panties are being pulled down by the motion. Eventually I find the strength to pull myself to me feet, and begin to slowly pick my way across the rocks, trying to get back to the beach. I get to my feet and begin walking, totally naked, past all the people on the beach. I hear a man call out, “Lovely tits.” I cover my breasts with my arms, but I know that all the men are staring at my private parts now, and can see my shaved pussy clearly as I walk past.

The Gardeners Daughter Pt 1.

mastrubation stickyvix 2018-10-31

I made sure my hand brushed her bum as we moved away from the hug, and Esme turned and dived under the water, giving me a great view of her tanned cheeks in the little thong as she swam away. They looked so fantastic; the tanned mounds with the hard dark nipples gently moving, the mass of the breasts as they heaved up and down showing how full and perfect they were. The warm water cascaded over my body as I rubbed the coconut scented shower gel over my skin, I found myself tweaking my nipples till they were stinging before moving my hands down to my pussy. I lost count of the orgasms I gave myself, thinking about Esme, her breasts, the sight of her backstroke and her hard nipples in the sun.

Skinny Dipping

mastrubation 2018-09-02

So later that night we are still swimming at this point all three of us are naked. The water was cold that night so after I got used to the fact of two naked girls me penis shrunk from a 4in to a 1 and a half in from the cold water (really small if you don’t know). She says "you’re shrivelled up dick." I am embarrassed at this point and cover up while she goes to the kitchen to get something. I get up and run after her naked for about 2 blocks when finally stopping him and explaining what happened.She says "Its fine" and comes back to my friend’s house.