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Renee's Internship

mastrubation _O2_ 2018-12-04

I'm sure we can dream up some yummy experiments for us both to try.” Lauren had a gleam in her eye as she said that, knowing Renee didn't have a clue what she was alluding to. Lauren took her time getting ready for bed, the thoughts she'd had all day about Renee raced through her mind. It wasn't long before Renee's light was extinguished and Lauren heard faint snoring coming from the young woman's room. In her mind, Renee would at first be shocked by Lauren writhing on the bed, the blue toy working its magic between her legs, then a smile would replace the shocked expression as she walked towards Lauren to join her in achieving that blissful state.

After School Activities

mastrubation AndreaDetroit 2018-12-04

"Okay, boys and girls, before you all go, I'd like once again to thank Mr. Harrison for taking the lesson and you lot for not making things too difficult for him, and we'll look forward to seeing him next week." Throughout the classroom faces, with expressions of innate boredom, began nodding whilst others checked watches or mobile phones to see if the large clock above the door wasn't deceiving them. "Fuck, your cunt looks fucking gorgeous, Mrs. Thompson," Dean said, complimenting me, "I wouldn't mind getting me tongue into that," he continued and to be honest, that didn't sound like a bad idea.

Schoolgirl Millie and Mr Jenkins

mastrubation nutmeg 2018-11-30

It was a while later, Dean looked up and watched Millie. Dean had been staring at her, right from the way Millie licked her lips as she peeled a banana and ate it.  Dean moved his hand up and down his shaft, feeling his pre cum wet his mushroom head tip. Dean let out a very quiet groan, closing his eyes tightly as cum rushed up through his shaft and erupted like a volcano. His hand slowed down his strokes, the teacher sighed loudly with relief and opened his eyes. She thought he was sleeping but after hearing him groan a few times and his face looked weird she had to go to him and see if everything was alright.


mastrubation Shylass 2018-11-28

She prayed to her Sex God (the Lord Almighty was a frightful bore these days) that Mr. Williams would ravish her hard on her desk, and turn her into his filthy little cum-slut. Still rubbing her naughty little begging clit, she pushed another finger into herself, her walls tightening instantly against her wiggling fingers as they slid in and out, in and out, scissoring and twisting as much as the sopping white knickers would allow. Her scent hung in the air like the mist of Aphrodite getting it on with Eros on Viagra, her hips now bucking and writhing against her juice-wrinkled hands, her soaked knickers round her lovely knees, and her open ass and penetrated pussy exposed to the silent, throbbing, electric air...

Caught by my Teacher (Part 2)

mastrubation sam525332 2018-11-26

The stacks of old books lining the walls of the room made it look much smaller than it actually was. You must be wondering if I am going to tell anyone or get you into any sort of trouble. I just want you to know that I won't be telling anyone, and I guess this can be our little secret. The only thing that stopped me from going straight to the deans office is I would have to admit to masturbating in the library, something I'm sure he would not be okay with. We can obviously work things out, but you could be sort of like on call for me, you know?" I was completely shocked.

Hot for Teacher - Part Two

mastrubation MsDirtyLittleSecret 2018-11-22

I just couldn't stop thinking about Ana. The look of her lush breasts in her too tight bra filled my mind and I couldn't stop myself from fantasizing about her, so I let the thoughts come. Thinking of Ana's luscious lips parting around the head of my cock and slowly taking all of my length into her mouth made my strokes faster and my grip tighter. I turned in my term paper during class today and...I wore a skirt just as you asked." The color red came over her already rosy cheeks and I tried to hold back smile.

Schoolgirl Millie and Mr Jenkins - Ch. 2

mastrubation nutmeg 2018-11-21

Getting comfortable on the pillows, she took a slow deep breath before sliding her shaky hands down her legs and back up to her inner thighs where she spread her legs open and cupped her warm pussy. Her eyes caught something in his lap, his hand was gripping his thick penis and creamy white cum shot out that made Millie cover her mouth. Her fingers slid inside her hot wet core, causing Millie to moan out softly and buckle into her hand. Sliding down the bed and bringing her legs up, she had two long fingers inside and started to finger fuck herself. Millie felt energetic so she turned herself over on her face and knees, her hand neared her pussy and roughly slid 3 fingers inside her.

Teacher's Pet (Part 1)

mastrubation AbigailThornton 2018-11-15

I’d frigged myself over his tight teenage body twice a day for weeks and every time had been like dying and going to heaven. I just wanted to feel his cock in my hands, in my mouth. The spurt of spunk, the way he squeezed the juices out of his fading cock and abandoned his seed on the floor. I woke early and couldn’t stop thinking about Joe and his cock. I started thinking about sucking on Joe’s cock as I slipped my shorties down my legs, exposing my pussy. I’m imagining that it’s someone else’s cock; that the eyes staring into mine are filled with innocence, rather than sleepy gratitude. I’m imagining that it’s Joe’s spunk.

Inner Workings of a Woman

mastrubation Woman 2018-11-13

Her finger pushing past the soft and gentle crease that parts her lower lips, sliding over her protruding inner lips, gasping, and her hand crinkles that students paper into a tight little ball, her back hard against the chair, she pushes her body to the edge of her chair, parting her thighs wider while the butterfly hums delicately over her slit. Looking down at her, that question in his chocolaty brown eyes that all men get when meeting a woman as forward as Elle is, “Are you sure?” Smiling innocently up at him, taking his hand from her ass while grinding her hips over his, she slides it between them.

Horny Teacher

mastrubation DrippingPussy 2018-11-13

Wishing it was her small hands gripping the base and stroking me upwards, her tongue swirling around the mushroom head, tasting my precum. I'd love it if she did, but if she doesn't want to, then I guess I'd just cum on her pretty little face and perky tits instead then. "Hungry little thing aren't you, sucking me nice and hard like that. I'll keep fucking you while I cum, force my spunk out around my cock, make you feel it drip down your thighs. I feel my balls tighten and semen erupting through my penis, cum rushing up through my shaft, my cock getting even fatter. She presses her tongue to my cock head, sucks nice and hard on the mushroom tip, wanting more of my delicious spunk.

The Group Pt1

mastrubation Solidair 2018-11-11

“I have some important things to say to you and I don’t want us to be disturbed”, she said before returning to sit at her desk. “You deserve a reward for your hard work, would you like to see my tits?” She unfastened the top button of her blouse. I handled and sucked her tits, moving my mouth back and forth between them as she instructed for an age, lost in her flesh, hardly believing what I was doing. I stood and quickly her hands worked over the buttons and zip of my trousers, pushing them to my knees, drawing down my underpants. Then she stood and somewhere in the hazy waves of pleasure I found her mouth at mine, pushing in her tongue in a long snog, a hand still holding my deflating penis.

Caught by my Teacher

mastrubation sam525332 2018-11-07

I spread my pussy lips with one hand and slipped a finger inside my hole with the other. Without putting on my pants again, I went back to working on my history paper. From anyone who was walking by the door it would be incredibly obvious what I was doing in the room. I guess I hadn't heard the door open and only realized someone else was in the room when she cleared her throat. I was completely naked, covered in sweat, my hand was completely buried in my pussy, and the entire room smelled like sex. She sort of attempted to politely evade her eyes, although it was probably pointless at this point and she told me that she would see me in the library office in 5 minutes.

An Etiquette Lesson, Chapter 1 [Rachel]

mastrubation shaveitbare 2018-11-06

Come with me." She took Rachel by the hand and led her to the back of the pink room, then turned to the right and led her down a hall and through a door. Rachel's heart jumped as Christine wrapped her hands around her firm B cup boobs, but she relaxed as soon as she felt her touch. She almost moaned out loud with pleasure as the shaving cream touched her skin, as Christine gently rubbed it in to her pubic mound, her inner thighs, and last of all her pussy lips. As Cassie watched, slightly confused, Rachel exploded and gasped and smiled and heaved and her soaking wet pussy felt amazing.

Prof. Davis gets a new job 4

mastrubation TXtabber 2018-11-05

I slowly pulled forward toward the cheer room door, planning to check in with Kacey to see if she needed anything before I left for home. I’ll wait here with you, but I am not sitting on the sidewalk.” I walked over to my truck and dropped the tailgate. I’m sitting next to a gorgeous college girl and trying not to stare at the tightly stretched crotch of her cheer shorts. “I guess if I wasn’t a nice guy, I’d have left your hot little ass sitting on the sidewalk waiting for a ride.” I told her with a smile. “Kyla, you’d better come now or I’m going to pull out my cock and fuck that sweet little pussy.”

Hot for Teacher - Part One

mastrubation MsDirtyLittleSecret 2018-10-31

"Oh," he said and he looked up from his desk to smile at me, "Yes, please come in." "I wanted to make you aware that I may not have my term paper finished before classes start tomorrow." I bit my lip as I watched the Professor study me for a brief moment before sliding my hands under my skirt to take on off my red lace panties. "Very well, I'll consider it," he said as he took my panties, opened up his desk drawer and placed them inside. In the meantime, I expect that term paper to be handed in during class tomorrow, regardless of whether its finished or not.

Letter to the Professor

mastrubation ScarlettJ 2018-10-30

It’s just that when you’re stood there and I’m at the front of the class, all I can think about is what it would be like to kiss your lips. You know those moments when you look at me, and I’m sliding my pen in and out of my hot, little mouth? I was picturing your head there, your mouth and tongue fucking me until I came all over your handsome face, and glisten your chin with my squirts of pussy juice. I want you to come hard into my tight pussy, Professor. I’m sorry that I haven’t finished my essay but I’ve been busy, naked in front of my bedroom mirror, fingering and rubbing myself until I come, thinking of you and all the things we could do.

My Teacher the MILF

mastrubation medicdave 2018-09-03

Opening up on the screen was a picture of Mrs. Brown laying on a bed naked. When I got home I couldn't wait to see the picture of Mrs. Brown again. Then there were also pics of Mrs. Brown sitting on a cock, and sitting on a mans face. I took out the one picture of Mrs. Brown and Mr. Olson that I had put in my backpack separate from the others and laid it on the table. After class she told me that she had talked to Mr. Olson and that I should turn over all the pictures to him and that I would not be disciplined.

Class demonstration of sex......

mastrubation vanita 2018-08-04

Then teacher told Ajay to touch my boobs and lift them and show to the class the different parts including nipples. She told the class that when the nipples grow stiff that meant the girl has become excited and when she gets excited--her pussy becomes wet. the teacher told the class that when the boy plays with the body of a girl--he becomes all excited and his cock becomes all stiff and hard. I immediately opened Ajay's pant zip and the cock sprang out like a snake--all stiff and hard--with lot of precum at it's mouth. The teacher held Ajay's cock and gave it a few strokes with her hand and showed it to the whole class to watch how the sperms were shooting out of it.

Teacher's Pet Ch. 05

mastrubation jamesofthedead 2018-07-30

"But Miss, what we're doing feels so good." She said, slowly stepping towards Miss Jones, her fingers sliding across the fading oak wood of the desks as she sidled past them. Heat that she hadn't felt since her cheating bastard of her husband had left her, branding her a prude and cold as he walked down the drive of their (now her) home, hand in hand with a woman half his age, not realising how big a cliché it all was. With one swift motion she was cradled in his arms and the next she knew she was on his desk on her back, Emily Moore and Nikki Sexton stood in the background, watching as Mr Burton parted her legs and stared into her eyes as he lined his glorious length up with her dripping pussy.

When a student wants her teacher

mastrubation brakmard 2018-07-03

Mr Stafford was fucking her by grabbing her tiny waist and pumping literally her pussy with (what appeared for Cynthia) a monster cock. During the next philosophy class when the teacher read a very boring text, she began to make various faces to a friend and she took care of getting caught by Mr Stafford when she mimed a fellatio pushing her tongue on her cheek. When he finished his phrase, the teacher pounded Cynthia's Pussy until his pelvis slapped her poor ass. Her teacher put fingers in her mouth to stifle her noise and ordered to spread her ass to let him go deeper. He stroked his pelvis against her buttocks and fucked her again by pounding his cock many times until Cynthia had her pussy gape.

Horny student1

mastrubation 2018-06-16

She was going to his house everyday after school,something around 3 o'clock.They were studying in his room , they had like 2 hours of class and always at the end of each class they chatted about everything because his parents were working.At that time he was 7years old.But as the time goes by his sexual interest was getting higher and he was looking her big tits sometimes her ass.When that time came he was 17 years old,he used to watch alot of porn,and masturbate every day.Sometimes she forgoted her glasses or cellphone in his house beacuse she was late to give another class.

My teacher

mastrubation 2018-06-10

Big saggy tits, a plumb but firm ass and long, very muscular and defined legs was the reason why this teacher was on my ''To do'' list. Wonder how shit her detention for that was, I briefly thought before picking up the page I had been working on for twenty minutes and started walking to the teachers desk at the front of the class. Her large, tanned, saggy tits were hanging down against her tight vest, giving me a full down-shirt shot of her breasts. Putting my hands in my underwear and forming a gentle grip of myself, I started stroking my cock softly to the image of my beautiful Goddess of a teacher, her tits hanging so sexily.

Me & my teacher

mastrubation 2018-05-19

Until that point I was oblivious to his body but then I started to explore him with my eyes, imagining how toned his chest was, knowing he was muscly but in a nice way, not too big, just fit and strong. For the past 8 weeks we've been studying over lunch times and stay behind school on a tues and thurs. I start to relax and find myself enjoying it.I feel his breath on my neck and my nipples harden. he's holden me so close he must feel them, i try to pull away and he holds me telling me it's ok. He starts to kiss my neck asking if I've felt my nipples stiffen before for him.

Tori and Mr Renshaw (Part 1: Tori)

mastrubation NomDePlume 2018-04-17

The day replayed through my mind like a silent movie, and my thoughts settled on Mr Renshaw. Comfortable and lost to my thoughts, my hand snaked down my body, brushing the soft plateau of my stomach as I settled beneath the sheets. Scratchy stubble against my face; manly hands moulding my tits; his hard dick in place of my fingers, fucking me. In my mind, he was making love to me, with sad, kind eyes finally gazing into mine as he breathed my name: 'Victoria'. My chest rose and fell with rapid, shallow breaths as I groped at my tits, my pussy walls clamped tight around the low-pulsing shaft.