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Late Night Masturbation

mastrubation NymphWriter 2018-11-30

His breathing told me he was very much still asleep, yet his fingers kept working my nipple. The logical part of me knew I needed to get to sleep as I had to work in the morning, but the sexual being within me wanted some release. I lay in our bed, debating on just going back to sleep or getting up to watch some television in the living room when I felt his fingers on my nipple again. Well, if I wanted my husband’s fingers to keep touching my nipple the way they were, which I very much did, the toys were unreachable. My panties were still wet from my late night activities and my fingers still bore the aroma of my pussy.

Alone In Her Hotel Room

mastrubation WannabeWordsmith 2018-11-21

I planned for this video to tease you as well as excite you, to represent my rising lust as our bodies become one in my head, but I want to come so badly I don't know how long I'll last. I draw my hands to the hem of the jumper and lift the front above my T-shirt bra, leaning forward slightly to accentuate my modest charms as I massage my sensitive breasts. I rub the wet patch in my knickers, grab at my engorged breasts, stroke my damp skin, and think of your sculpted body sliding alongside mine, slick with perspiration. Making sure to capture every moment on video, I bend and bring my fingers to my mouth, sucking and lapping my sweet come from them.

Bath time massage

mastrubation story_writer 2018-11-19

Our movements along your leg become longer now, moving to along the top of your thigh, and just inside as our hands move between your groin and your knee, slowly tracing lines along your supple flesh. Lifting your leg from the water, I gently grip the muscles of your thigh, squeezing sightly as I run my hands along their length, across your knee and down to your calf. My middle finger slips into the warm hole of your cunt, before moving upwards and focusing on your clit for longer this time, alternating between between steady back and forth motions, and small circles which press and pull at the hard nub that brings you so much pleasure.

HOW TO: First Dry Prostate Orgasm

mastrubation Lashers 2018-08-21

At this point I started focusing more on the feeling I again would finish manually and the orgasms were a bit better. The urge will be strong but DO NOT TOUCH After you can cum by not touching your dick by focusing on your prostate and stomach muscles, it is time to move to the next step. This brings me to the last rule Rule #4- Be patient and hold on for the ride- The next few times I did this I got used to the mini orgasms and they really started making me go wild. Just like touching your cock too early, you don't want to have a wet orgasm too early either.

My own best lover Part #1

mastrubation StraightAnal 2018-07-13

I like most guys was my own first sex partner. Some of my fondest memories are of me touching myself in the bath tub, secretly letting the warm water gush lick my junk and taint. I didn't know why it felt so good but I just knew it did and I was hooked. Years later I would realize that I could touch myself in the privacy of my own bed room, alone at night with my imagination. I can't remember the first time I ever made myself cum but I do remember bringing myself to the brink of almost cumming with my bath tub water BJ's but i can't remember when I first actually came. This would be my only sexual outlet for years, involving simple masturbation.

Reunion with my sexy wifee

mastrubation fortheloveoffeet 2018-04-06

My God it feels amazing after so long apart to feel the warmth and juiciness of your pussy, I thrust in and out savouring the feeling, knowing I have full control over you, I keep it as slow as possible but it is not long before I can wait no more, I push my self up to ensure that the angle that I am thrusting into you is as deep as possible and then I fuck you like there is no tomorrow, faster and harder faster and harder until I cum deep inside you, lifting you off the bed, collapsing on your beautiful bound body.


mastrubation sellena 2018-03-27

The other hand she placed on his belly, gently massaging it with circular movements of her open palm. With one hand she raised his cock, while with other she cupped her fingers and start to slide them up and down, not touching the tip. She let his cock out of her hands, placing all ten fingers on it, tingling him down to the balls. With every touch on his tip, he felt light strokes going through his body and her palms were just adding to a sensation. When she felt he was about to cum, she started to stroke his hard cock with one hand, but not firmly, and at the same time making circles around his tip with her fingertips.

First fantasy story - lesbian encounter - original

mastrubation fingerpussy 2018-02-26

I touch her clit with my tongue and move it around a little, then I pull away and start to finger her clit slowly. She says she wants to feel me inside her, so I move my finger from her clit and down to her hole and slowly push it into her. I pull away again and ask her if she want two fingers, she nods, still with her eyes closed. I slowly touch her clit again with my one finger and she immediately moans loudly again, I know she's so close to orgasm. Her legs close a little and I lightly stroke her pussy with one hand and touch her body with the other.

afternoon twist.

mastrubation Penelope22 2018-01-31

The elevator opens and we step out, my hand still connected to his crotch, rubbing, feeling him get hard. He opens the door and I sit in the drivers seat, I sit with my legs outside the car and look up at him. My fingers take the zipper and slide it down, I pop the button at the top and his pants slip open. I look out the door at the cock pointing at me. With two fingers holding myself open I slide two fingers of the other hand inside my pussy. My mouth opens to catch a breath, my fingers still pressing inside my gushing pussy. I feel cum sliding down my face, my lips open, tasting his saltiness.

Tempted by b*****r (Part 6 out of 8)

mastrubation 2017-11-11

I carefully let go of his hand, and tried to go over him, but I miscalculated hoping that my knee would reach the bed behind him, I didn’t realize he was fully on the edge, so I dropped on him, with my whole body weight, and freaked out. I let the water run on my clit while I touched my breasts, convulsing in multiple powerful orgasms. Thanks to the sound of the water, the moans I couldn’t hold were covered. I got out from under the stream of water, took the plunger washed its handle and inserted it in my pussy. I couldn’t hold it anymore and exploded on the plunger, my clit pulsating crazily.

I was waiting

mastrubation naughtynicki 2017-11-01

I got up and started cleaning but I couldn't get the thought of you naked touching my breasts rubbing your prick on my lips. Knowing you wanted me to part my lips, just one flick of my warm tongue. I started vaccuming, did he touch my flower was he rubbing on it? I begin to squeeze my nipples still humping the arm of yhe couch thinking of your cock sliding between my tits while i slept. Knowing i was dripping all over the couch, Im sorry I cant wait I need to feel you please come home. I didnt touch it i just rubbed i couldnt stop i know you were using me this Morning.