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Curious Kitten

mastrubation babygirlmindy 2018-12-04

Holding up a particularly naughty pair to her own hips, Melanie giggled at the thought of wearing such a thing to school, let alone to work. Her thoughts pressed further, imagining wearing the blindfold as well as the cuffs, and feeling as some strong lover’s body slid down hers.  Something inside her began to burn at the thought of how that must feel, and what exactly the beads were for.  Melanie laid back onto the bed and dipped her hand, along with the toy, into her panties, desperate for a more fulfilling sensation. Her moans and groans of pleasure filled the air, and her hips rocked as she worked the toy inside her fervently.

Dave and Sugar ch 1

mastrubation Kandikiss51 2018-12-04

I love fucking myself and letting a man hear the wet sounds because I knew it went from his ear straight to his cock. Harder baby, I’m rubbing my clit hard oh don’t stop baby…I’m about to cum!” Sometimes I have trouble cumming, but hell love to stroke my dick anyways, especially when I have a hot, sexy, big beautiful gal on the other end of the phone. “Ooooh God, I love doing that, when a man plays with my tits like that my fingers or his are in my cunt, and I cum harder!” Then I want you to sleep naked, and call me when you wake up, let's say around 9:30 am , my cock is so hard in the morning it needs you, as the wife won’t do a damn thing anymore.”

The Education of Cassie Parks Part III

mastrubation crazychica 2018-11-29

Cassie removed her panties and continued writhing on her bed, rubbing her clit and finger fucking herself with such gusto she failed to notice Jill come in the room. Jill standing over her, holding a twelve inch rabbit vibrator, she looked amazing in a skin tight black dress and high heels that sent the “come fuck me” message loud and clear. Seeing her sweet hairless mound, Cassie also undressed and then dove into the love hole with her fingers wanting to feel Jill’s pussy juices on her skin before inserting the vibrator and turning it on. Jacob continued to thrust deep and slow until he felt the tell tale spasm and desperate clawing of Cassie’s hand on his back to ensure she had reached her orgasm.

The Notes - Part Three

mastrubation Jayne33 2018-11-26

It didn’t help that every time I looked up at the projector screen, instead of seeing the facts of my presentation, all my mind kept replacing them with was the notes instructing me to strip. Making matters worse was that my note sender had chosen that time to increase the power at which the egg buzzed deep inside me. I found the string and gently pulled it from my body, feeling the warm gush of juice and cum flow out from my pussy, as the toy was removed. True to his word, when I returned the box with my panties had gone, in its place was the remote for the egg and a new note.

Home Alone Ch.4

mastrubation Jennyxxx 2018-11-16

Sitting back down I let my legs fall apart slightly, allowing Danni to see my wet slit, I then brought my right hand up to my mouth and seductively licked my fingers before placing it back between my legs, I started to run my fingers along my slit, they easily parted my wet lips, my left hand now joined the right and spread my juicy lips wide apart. I watched as she started to massage her nipple, tugging at it, her other hand was rubbing at her damp mount, her pussy lips were parting as she got more and more turned on, her fingers massaging her juice all over her hot pussy.

Storming passion

mastrubation CambionOfTheSouth 2018-11-15

The fingers of your right hand move over your perky tits, reach your right nipple and push it down harshly, sending jolts of electricity all over your body, from your cloudy brain to you swollen labia. You trace your left fingers up from between your unfold lips, slowly, creating a nice trail of moisture up from your body to your extended clit, and from there to your hard, thick, long dildo. You pinch your clitoris; you thrust as hard as you can the thick, rubber dildo inside, reaching your womb, as a tsunami of pleasure hits you. You pinch hard and twist your clit while you keep fucking yourself, feeling still your energy building up, until you finally pull the dildo out of yourself and fall on your bed, breathless.


mastrubation Simplicity 2018-11-10

Next, I draped a leg over the edge of the tub, opening up my pussy even more so that my fingers could easily slide along the gaping slit. I took turns playing with my nipples, rolling them between my index finger and thumb, pulling and pinching them until they ached with pleasure. At the same time, I raised my hips, pushing against my fingers, wanting them deeper inside my wet, tingling pussy. Spreading my legs wide, I pushed deeper, fucking myself furiously until my body became taut and my head fell back into the pillow, The ultimate orgasm was building, approaching like an express train, and I tensed, awaiting its arrival.

Phone Sex

mastrubation sillyjenny 2018-11-05

If you want to say yes, press a number once. I miss the way it gets so hard or how good your pre-cum tastes. I was thinking about waiting for you to come back and have you fuck me hard. “Oooh, that feels good baby. Mmm. Baby, my fingers feel so good. You want me to rub it in small, hard circles?" "Should I suck on it, thinking about how good my lips would feel, wrapped around your shaft?" Think of how hot, wet and tight my pussy would feel. I’m thinking about how good your cock would fill me up, as I move this dildo inside of me. "Baby, it feel so good. "Baby, it feel so good.

Longing For Your Touch

mastrubation Logan69 2018-11-04

The soft fabric felt like hands softly caressing my body as I slowly brought it up and over my head. My hands wandering up and down until I was startled back to reality by the sound of the bed turning off. I quickly dressed and left. Sitting on the hood of the car, I could feel not only the vibrations from the base of the music but the heat on my bare ass from the engine. So good that I slipped off my dress, walked back to retrieve my ring vibrator and returned to the hood of the car. It may have been my hands but in my mind he was there with me, feeling every inch of me and touching me in all the right ways.

Have Fun

mastrubation jjustjenny 2018-11-04

One of my friends, reached to pour out the last of the bottle of wine and paused just before picking it up. She turned to me in the doorway, a small smile on her face, her eyes darted to the bottle on the floor then to me. As I brought the glass into me, my eyes closed bringing the image of Red fucking herself sharper into focus. My cunt lips stretched around the bottle neck as it set my lust free. My mind on fire, fingertip less than an inch away from my star, as I envisioned Red moving the bottle from the tightness of her pussy to the impossibly small opening of her ass.


mastrubation kinkitten 2018-11-02

She concentrated on the sensation of the sheets and the touch of her hands on her skin and felt the arousal in her body rising, her breath becoming slower and shallower, her pulse quickening and a pleasant tightness beginning in the pit of her stomach. The touch to her clit made her want more, she was squirming on her bed- one hand on her clit the other pinching her right nipple, her toy in her pussy. the sensation of it against her tight inner walls sent her through the roof, she screamed, her back arched, her toes curled and her pussy muscles started contracting and juice flowed out of her and soaked the sheets.

Warren, My Prison Fantasy!

mastrubation redhotmommacita 2018-11-01

I start licking my fingers with passion, completely sucking them clean and wishing it was one of the prisoners who was doing it for me. I continue to squeeze warm water over my breasts, arching my back imagining Warren on my voluptuous body, him licking me and savoring me slowly down my body and everything in its path. massaging my way between my spread legs and my wet pussy lips, I feel my clit slowly starting to come out of it's hiding place. His hand did not stop caressing my back and his mouth suckling my swollen breast, as I continue to ride him up and down and grinding my hips on his rock hard cock.

Wish You Were Here...

mastrubation hungry_and_sleepy 2018-10-04

feeling the heavy, bulbous head bump against my clit, making me jump slightly at the contact, then sliding it further, feeling it press against me, spreading my lips wide to hug it, then sliding towards my ass... I feel my pussy respond and widen slightly around the big, bulbous head, slowly giving in to my relentless pressing and holding... Pressing the dildo tightly to me at its current depth, I attack my clit with vigour, drawing continual slippery circles, round and round, occasionally changing directions and feeling my pussy jump in reflex, and ohmygod! Slowly, I'm able to slide it an inch up and down at a time, feeling my pussy lips widen around the head as it enters and exits.

Tori and Mr Renshaw (Part 1: Tori)

mastrubation NomDePlume 2018-04-17

The day replayed through my mind like a silent movie, and my thoughts settled on Mr Renshaw. Comfortable and lost to my thoughts, my hand snaked down my body, brushing the soft plateau of my stomach as I settled beneath the sheets. Scratchy stubble against my face; manly hands moulding my tits; his hard dick in place of my fingers, fucking me. In my mind, he was making love to me, with sad, kind eyes finally gazing into mine as he breathed my name: 'Victoria'. My chest rose and fell with rapid, shallow breaths as I groped at my tits, my pussy walls clamped tight around the low-pulsing shaft.

You Should Try a Toy Rabbit!

mastrubation Hisblushingslut 2017-12-09

i've been sat here for about ten minutes with the rabbit in me set on low thinking about earlier and the sensations .. But it has the additional rabbit on the bottom that when it's settled completely inside me it nestles up and along my clit so that it's ears are at the end of my clit under my hood, stretching it open slightly. At the same time the rabbit is moving against my clit working its magic, rubbing along its length, the ears stretching and vibrating .. The vibrator rotates, bends, rocks and the balls in the shaft grind round against the walls of my cunt ... The vibrations begin to flow deep inside me .. feeling the vibrations increase and flow through me beginning to take me over ....