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A Helping Hand

mastrubation SubcuriousMD 2018-12-01

I stroke it slowly, just to feel the heightened hardness of my cock as I think about what might be coming. It feels so good, having it constrained like that and it makes it look even bigger and thicker than its usual 7 1/2 inches. You run your hands down as you slide backward, freeing my cock from its torture. You slide up and sit right on my chest, your gorgeous pussy just inches from my lips, but out of reach. You remove the panties from my mouth and tell me to lick your toy clean. You start slowly stroking and teasing my cock. Then you take your other hand and start stroking my cock. When I'm done, you scoop up my cum and start to lick your fingers clean.

Fun Behind the Wheel

mastrubation jenna213 2018-11-30

I pulled over to the right lane and positioned my body so I was completely slouched in my seat, my ass as far forward as it could go and my legs spread wide, my juices dripping out of me in waves. I screamed out in ecstasy as I began to convulse in orgasm, my muscles sweetly clenching the mascara tube buried in the depths of my tight cunt while the vibrations of the toothbrush sent shock waves through my clit deep into my body. It was at this moment I realized that my eyes were closed, I had lost complete control of my body and my car began to steer itself toward the shoulder of the road and along the rumble strip grooves in the pavement causing my entire car to vibrate me into an even deeper orgasm.

Virgin Babe Fucks Herself - Part One

mastrubation Poppet 2018-11-28

He knows I’m a virgin, and he seems okay with it, but part of me does wonder what it would be like to have sex. I think the best idea is to use how Nicolas makes me feel when he touches me. “I don’t know what’s with you tonight, Kyra, but I like it...” His voice is pleasing, making me smile, “...Feel my lips over your jaw line, bathing you in kisses, until I reach your ear, sucking softly on it. It makes me feel naughty, sexy, turned on, satisfied, and each time, giving me that fantastic high. I know that Nicolas isn't going to be like that, but I don’t feel the need to have sex right now.

A Polaroid of Kristina, part 6

mastrubation oceanrunner 2018-11-27

So if I got back to my apartment from Kristina’s after my parents came home from work, and I was wearing long pants and a shirt with a collar, there would be inevitable questions that I would have no reasonable answer for. My cock continued to harden, the cool air feeling crisp and pleasant on the wetness the cloth had left behind, and she looked at my erection thoughtfully. On the one hand she told me that she would have a hard time getting through the next day, but she also wanted to not see me on the following morning when we had an available chance.

Cyber Lovin

mastrubation Wibbly 2018-11-27

What do you feel when watch me on cam - while your stroking you hardness and massaging your own juices into the tip of your impressive cock as you see me rub my breasts and tease my nipples through my bra until you see me let them escape for the confines of my bra and you see my big pendulus breasts bounce with their release . Do you wish you could suck each nipple in turn and stroke each breast feeling how soft and silky my skin is and the weight of each breast in your hands.. teasing probably as much as me wondering how you would feel in my mouth , how your precum tastes as I slide the tip of my tongue into your slit..

What I Saw

mastrubation TomTalbot 2018-11-27

The sensation of heat on your ass and legs while the cool breeze runs over your body is sending tingles down your inner thighs. You know you will cum fast but you do not want to, so you go slowly enjoying your body's sensations. You cannot stand, so you let the toy slide out until it is still touching your lips and then you use only your hips to move back and forth over the tip. Just inside the tip of your vagina, the toys tip is pressed against your wall and you feel it all starting to get warm and fuzzy. You can feel the wet now beginning to drip down between your legs and onto your thighs and, oh my god, to the crack of your ass.

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Sisterhood of Sin -- 4 -- Private Revelation

mastrubation LastWife 2018-11-26

"I don't think that will work with Dan. If I even touch his cock it gets hard." For example, if you hold his cock, or even just steal glimpses of it and say something like, 'I think you need a spanking,' his mouth might tell you that he wouldn't want that, but if the idea excites him, you'll know it. But since I had wondered about him as a cuckold, I wondered whether I could bring myself to clean his cock after he had fucked her or whether I would lick his cum from her pussy. I'm left wondering what to test Dan for, but I want him to know how much I love him.

Jessica's Fun

mastrubation QTpie210 2018-11-26

She moves over to the bed and before she sits down, Jessica pulls down her thong so she is now standing naked in front of her mirror. Jessica moves her right hand back to her hard pink nipples and her left hand glides along her tummy to her belly button. Jessica's moans fill the room as she teases and plays with her clit, bringing much needed pleasure to her body. Her hand moves up and twists and pulls at her nipples while she continues her pleasure on her needy pussy. Jessica keeps her wand on her sensitive clit and she slides her fingers back into her tight pussy. Her hand slides out of her pussy and up to her nipples as the wand presses against her clit sends her over the edge.

Chelle's Day Off (Part One)

mastrubation lemanruss 2018-11-26

'My God', she thought, 'I'm horny all the freaking time now.' It was true: Michelle had always had a high sex drive, or so she thought, but ever since she had been double-teamed by her boyfriend, Leman and her ex, Eric, her libido had been through the roof! To anyone watching she would have been an incredibly erotic sight: Her long dark hair splayed against the white sheets and pillows and her tanned, sexy body completely nude and displayed like a waiting prize for anyone lucky enough to bear witness. Standing in the steamy shower, eyes closed as she soaped her naked body, Michelle began to fantasize about the mailman.

Watching your insatiable wife

mastrubation Babeulike 2018-11-26

Leon couldn't wait to walk into the apartment and surprise his wife. She got on her knees, put her chest on the bed, her full arse protruding arrogantly and her thighs open so her needy pussy was on full view. In no time at all his body was pressed against her arse, his two fingers slipped deep inside her sodden cunt. Her body convulsed as the stimulation pushed her into a hard orgasm, waves of pleasure pulsing through her body and her clit throbbing and contracting against his fingers. She cried out loudly and he put his free hand firmly over her mouth, muffling her exclamations of sheer, unadulterated, sexual pleasure.

Loves my voice

mastrubation forbidden_flirt 2018-11-25

I watch as she tries the large pink dildo first, placing it just between the folds of her pussy, so when she rocks back and forth it rubs against her clit. Once the cam is in place, and she’s ready to continue, I tell her to get the little suction and set it to work on her clit again. I tell her to put a clamp over the vibe on her clit, and that in a few minutes I want her to turn it on. I tell her to stay still, with the purple dildo pushed halfway inside, and then to continue to pump the pink one four more times, then she can cum.

My new toy

mastrubation QTpie210 2018-11-24

I then went and laid on my bed and moved my hands from my nipples down to my shaved pussy lips. Just before I got out of the car for work I hit the button once on the remote and started a low buzzing in my pants. I started to second guess what I was doing, but before I could stop myself I got out of the car and headed into work, the egg still buzzing away. I went into the bathroom, pulled my pants down once I was locked into a stall, and then pulled my panties to the side and stuck my fingers in my wet dripping pussy while my egg continued to buzz on my clit.

The Wet Vibe - Chapter Two

mastrubation TeilaWolfe 2018-11-23

An involuntary moan escapes my lips as I sit at my desk in my sexiest black lace lingerie; a mostly see through bra that makes my boobs pop, and a tight G-string that is keeping the vibrator firmly in place inside my already soaking pussy. I moan loudly as the nerves in my nipples send little shocks through my body, right to my groin making my pussy clench around the vibrator. I let my imagination wander to thoughts of what Jon might have planned to do with me when he returns while I tease my nipples and squirm in a pool of my own arousal beneath the powerful buzz of the vibrator.

The Life of a London Heiress (First Chapter)

mastrubation Aminathius 2018-11-22

Leave the girl to find a man who is handsome and charming, it was her parents' job to make sure he was of good social and moral standing and had enough money to be able to support her. I moaned softly, feeling the silky wetness between my young, soft limbs increase; my nether regions begged for attention, but I knew that the longer I waited, the longer I prolonged my satisfaction, the better the grand finish would be and the more satisfaction would be wrought. Just imagining him brought me to the edge, and with one last gasp of pleasure, my young sex began to contract with waves of ultimate pleasure, making a stream of wetness course over my hand and leaving me absolutely breathless.

Cyber Junkie - Tea

mastrubation AltaBrwnSgr 2018-11-22

“Well, what are we talking about: a Vienna sausage or a beef polska kielbasa?” Lauren probed, grabbed the teakettle off her stove, and freshened Natalie’s tea. Natalie and Lauren were sorority sisters in undergrad and participated in the same social circles during law school. Natalie, unlike Lauren, worked her way through undergrad and law school. Lauren, please,” Natalie scoffed as her mental count landed on three. Lauren flung her caramel, five foot eight-inch curvy frame on the sofa and propped her bare feet up on the cocktail table. Lauren knew what was next and she instinctively lubed the glass plug and guided it towards her butt hole, “Now?”

Alone Time

mastrubation desperatedamsel 2018-11-22

My pussy was quickly reminding me that it had been a long time since I last toyed with it. My pussy was dripping, causing dampness on my thighs and threatening to leave a wet spot on my sheets. My pussy was squeezing gently around the toy in anticipation and I eventually started to thrust. Soft moans slid past my lips, my hips arched and my pussy dripped around the toy onto my fingers. My pussy tightened, my clit pulsated and I came hard around the toy. I couldn't bring myself to pull the toy out of me, feeling so deliciously full while my pussy continued it's slow pleasurable pulsations as my orgasmic aftershocks finished.

The Box On My Front Porch

mastrubation sexxxandfire 2018-11-22

I was excited to see the box on my front porch when I got home from work and quickly hustled it inside and set it on my kitchen table. I ordered a vibrator with ten speeds, a g-spot vibe, mild nipple clamps, a few butt plugs that vibrated and a few that didn’t and a glass dildo, a rabbit vibe and a few free porn vids topped off my box. As my orgasm overwhelmed me and I came down from my pleasure high, I knew I had better make myself earn my next orgasm and toy, so I went into the spare bedroom that I used as a home gym.

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Want to watch?

mastrubation Skarletta 2018-11-22

Stepping deeper into the cascade of steaming hot water, my blond hair is saturated and begins clinging to my body. Though I can’t see his face, I know he’s smiling as he drives two long, thick fingers into my beckoning cock hole. Near mad with desire to have Tommy’s cock slamming into my cunt, I step from the shower leaving the water running. With water dripping from my naked body, sweet nectar saturating the satin lips between my legs, I withdraw an old friend from inside an old purse, in the top of the closet. Back in the shower, hot water warming my skin again, I wet the toy cock and secure it to the back wall of the shower.

The Open Door

mastrubation Cyndy 2018-11-22

Closing my eyes, I pictured in my mind some of the stories I had just read, while my fingers were enjoying exploring between my legs. I wondered what it would be like to be fucked by other guys, and I thought about each guy that was in our living room, and pictured them one at a time having their way with me. It was always good having him fuck me, but this time I pictured him sitting there watching me, encouraging me, and telling the guys what I liked so they could please me. Watching Jake, I thought about what he might look like naked, and pictured him, down on his knees in front of me, fucking my pussy with his tongue.

Renee's Internship Part 2

mastrubation _O2_ 2018-11-22

“Well, in lieu of that “other” release, I work out.” Lauren looked for Renee's reaction hoping her hint wasn't too crude. “Thanks, I'll figure something out.” Renee walked to the gym fridge, grabbed a bottled water, picked up the remote, selected some music then began her treadmill session. After roughly thirty minutes Lauren walked past Renee, smiling as she did reminding her she'd be in the sauna. Renee took a spot close to Lauren, blushing a bit more as she loosened her wrap, laying it on the bench then sitting down. With that, Lauren began working her fingers over Renee's leg, kneading the muscle in one direction then another. “Do you mind me going a bit further than I was supposed to?” Lauren asked, this time more like a whisper.

Chloe's Frustration

mastrubation freakycactus 2018-11-21

Chloe woke up the next morning smiling, she sighed as she stretched imagining how much Jack would enjoy the noise, if only he were laid in bed next to her. As she did she thought of Jack moving his body over hers, lining his cock up with the entrance of her wet pussy, pushing himself inside her, feeling herself stretch around him as he pushes in further, deeper. Chloe started fucking herself with the dildo again, hard and fast, swapping hands every time her arm ached too much, until eventually she was using both, feeling herself teetering at the edge, desperate to plunge into the depths of the other side.

Glitter Pussy

mastrubation solabubbles 2018-11-21

I felt my clit poking between my soft pussy lips, with my soapy hand I rubbed over my cunt lips and flicked my clit as it started to grow. With one hand twisting my hard nipple, I slipped my fingers inside my soft welcoming hole and felt my slimy juices. I eased it further inside me, my pussy was still pulsing from my orgasm and kept trying to squeeze the soap out again but it was feeling so hot. Whilst I pushed it back inside me, I started rubbing my thumb over my clit, I shifted lower in the bath and lifted my hips and bottom so I could get easy access.

Angela Gets Transferred– (Part 14 of the Angela series)

mastrubation adele 2018-11-21

Angela recited her day, leaving out the details about Michael and the men in the show, and telling the story she had repeated in her head numerous times about shopping at the mall. There were already a few customers in the store, and it looked like most of the sales people were occupied, so when the next customer walked in, Angela went up to her and introduced herself. Tomorrow, she would stop at the grocery store and pick up some cleaning supplies and rubber gloves as well as a small cooler, a padlock, a package of large garbage bags a can of air freshener and some ice packs. Angela went out to the sales floor and worked her ass off the entire day.

Goldy Locks and The Three Behrs

mastrubation Kim 2018-11-20

Pulling her fingers out of her cunt with a wet sloppy sound, she rubbed her pearly nectar up and down the solid green shaft of the cucumber. Goldy pulled the cucumber out of her cunt, and then maneuvered the broom at an angle to where it was wedged, thrusting it's erect staff at her. Dropping her head, she continued to put pressure on her ass star, until the broom handle pushed through her tight muscle ring with an almost audible pop. Goldy felt all the air leave her lungs, as her ass hole ate the broom handle. Goldy, able to push three of her fingers inside her star, told herself that next time she was going to fuck her ass raw with something thicker.