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The Weekend - Part Six

mastrubation mike8253 2018-11-20

She moved onto her back and I took pictures of her body while she pulled on her nipples and spread her legs, inserted her fingers into her pussy, then the vibrator, and then the handle of the hairbrush. We used the KY lube to make it look like her juices were dripping from her pussy, and took close-ups of “her juices” running down the length of her slit and dripping in long strands onto the bed. Her back arched; her body twisted and contorted with pleasure; her eyes were shut; her mouth open; and, her body twitched and jerked as she continued to drive the brush handle into her wet hole. “I couldn’t stop cumming,” she kept on saying, trying to catch her breath.

Housework That Turned Naughty

mastrubation daddystightbabygirl 2018-11-19

I slowly ran my right hand down my ribs and abdomen tracing my 24 inch waist before slowly parting my pussy lips and running my middle finger through my slit which was already wet. I took more of the dildo in my mouth sucking it like a big thick hard cock. I can usually play a bit more like this but my clit was throbbing and my cunt was tightening, begging to be fucked hard. I slowly pulled the dildo out of my cum filled pussy and licked it clean. After licking my dildo, I dug my fingers deep into my sore dilated cunt and gathered as much cum as I could.

A New Discovery

mastrubation Choenix 2018-11-18

I took out my fingers from my panties and placed them over my two swollen nipples, caressing them with all my juices, before finishing it with a sensual lick with my tongue. My hands went along the sides of my waist, as I quickly took off my panties, tossing them off the bed. The vibrator sprang to life as I turned it on to medium speed...spreading my labia with my index and middle fingers, I carefully placed my vibrator deep into my dripping pussy, going deeper and deeper. Fuuuuuuccckkkk!" I pinched my nipples tightly and for as long as I could before my eyes shut and toes curled to the point of aching.

Glitter Pussy

mastrubation solabubbles 2018-11-17

I felt my clit poking between my soft pussy lips, with my soapy hand I rubbed over my cunt lips and flicked my clit as it started to grow. With one hand twisting my hard nipple, I slipped my fingers inside my soft welcoming hole and felt my slimy juices. I eased it further inside me, my pussy was still pulsing from my orgasm and kept trying to squeeze the soap out again but it was feeling so hot. Whilst I pushed it back inside me, I started rubbing my thumb over my clit, I shifted lower in the bath and lifted my hips and bottom so I could get easy access.

Alone Time

mastrubation desperatedamsel 2018-11-17

My pussy was quickly reminding me that it had been a long time since I last toyed with it. My pussy was dripping, causing dampness on my thighs and threatening to leave a wet spot on my sheets. My pussy was squeezing gently around the toy in anticipation and I eventually started to thrust. Soft moans slid past my lips, my hips arched and my pussy dripped around the toy onto my fingers. My pussy tightened, my clit pulsated and I came hard around the toy. I couldn't bring myself to pull the toy out of me, feeling so deliciously full while my pussy continued it's slow pleasurable pulsations as my orgasmic aftershocks finished.

The Open Door

mastrubation Cyndy 2018-11-16

Closing my eyes, I pictured in my mind some of the stories I had just read, while my fingers were enjoying exploring between my legs. I wondered what it would be like to be fucked by other guys, and I thought about each guy that was in our living room, and pictured them one at a time having their way with me. It was always good having him fuck me, but this time I pictured him sitting there watching me, encouraging me, and telling the guys what I liked so they could please me. Watching Jake, I thought about what he might look like naked, and pictured him, down on his knees in front of me, fucking my pussy with his tongue.

All About Me

mastrubation victoriagirl 2018-11-15

I absolutely love my bathroom: on the right of the room is a marble countertop with two matching glass sinks, on the left of the room is a large walk in shower with a beautiful mosaic tile floor, and straight ahead of me is the best feature, a large soaking tub that can easily fit two people comfortably. While I wait for the tub to fill, I go back into the bedroom and rummage around in one of my drawers until I find what I am looking for: my lovely little black vibrator. After taking another sip of wine I put down the glass and reach instead for the little black vibrator sitting on my towel.

My new toy

mastrubation QTpie210 2018-11-15

I then went and laid on my bed and moved my hands from my nipples down to my shaved pussy lips. Just before I got out of the car for work I hit the button once on the remote and started a low buzzing in my pants. I started to second guess what I was doing, but before I could stop myself I got out of the car and headed into work, the egg still buzzing away. I went into the bathroom, pulled my pants down once I was locked into a stall, and then pulled my panties to the side and stuck my fingers in my wet dripping pussy while my egg continued to buzz on my clit.

A Lonely Weekend

mastrubation xanniex 2018-11-14

I close my eyes and let the scalding water cascade down my body. I know what my body longs for, but my nails dance past my sensitive, swollen lips without giving my clit the attention it so desperately craves. I know it won't take me long, but I want to prolong this pleasure. Adding more of our favorite lube, I pick a black set of beads and lightly tease my puckered hole. With vibrations on full blast, I tease my clit once, twice, yes! I keep pressure on my clit, tight circles of sweet vibration directly on my throbbing little nub, as long as I can before my legs clench together and the toys slip from my dripping fingers.

Inner Workings of a Woman

mastrubation Woman 2018-11-14

Her finger pushing past the soft and gentle crease that parts her lower lips, sliding over her protruding inner lips, gasping, and her hand crinkles that students paper into a tight little ball, her back hard against the chair, she pushes her body to the edge of her chair, parting her thighs wider while the butterfly hums delicately over her slit. Looking down at her, that question in his chocolaty brown eyes that all men get when meeting a woman as forward as Elle is, “Are you sure?” Smiling innocently up at him, taking his hand from her ass while grinding her hips over his, she slides it between them.

Morning Masturbation

mastrubation myself 2018-11-14

I like that spot where my wrist rest on the inner thigh where the leg meets the wet. The fingers smacking wet in my bed now brought me back to the masturbation. He let me suck him and work myself wet before I placed the metal tube between my legs. With intent I focused on the swelled clit in my hand and drifted off to a picture of his face in my hands that forced him down on my wet openness and thought, Maybe we'll do that tonight. He pushed me down on his cock and watched me open myself with the thing. He wanted to know if I was comfy as he fucked my face harder loving the mirror picture of cranked pussy going down on the thing.

What I Saw

mastrubation TomTalbot 2018-11-12

The sensation of heat on your ass and legs while the cool breeze runs over your body is sending tingles down your inner thighs. You know you will cum fast but you do not want to, so you go slowly enjoying your body's sensations. You cannot stand, so you let the toy slide out until it is still touching your lips and then you use only your hips to move back and forth over the tip. Just inside the tip of your vagina, the toys tip is pressed against your wall and you feel it all starting to get warm and fuzzy. You can feel the wet now beginning to drip down between your legs and onto your thighs and, oh my god, to the crack of your ass.

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The Wet Vibe - Chapter Two

mastrubation TeilaWolfe 2018-11-11

An involuntary moan escapes my lips as I sit at my desk in my sexiest black lace lingerie; a mostly see through bra that makes my boobs pop, and a tight G-string that is keeping the vibrator firmly in place inside my already soaking pussy. I moan loudly as the nerves in my nipples send little shocks through my body, right to my groin making my pussy clench around the vibrator. I let my imagination wander to thoughts of what Jon might have planned to do with me when he returns while I tease my nipples and squirm in a pool of my own arousal beneath the powerful buzz of the vibrator.

Loves my voice

mastrubation forbidden_flirt 2018-11-11

I watch as she tries the large pink dildo first, placing it just between the folds of her pussy, so when she rocks back and forth it rubs against her clit. Once the cam is in place, and she’s ready to continue, I tell her to get the little suction and set it to work on her clit again. I tell her to put a clamp over the vibe on her clit, and that in a few minutes I want her to turn it on. I tell her to stay still, with the purple dildo pushed halfway inside, and then to continue to pump the pink one four more times, then she can cum.

Watching your insatiable wife

mastrubation Babeulike 2018-11-10

Leon couldn't wait to walk into the apartment and surprise his wife. She got on her knees, put her chest on the bed, her full arse protruding arrogantly and her thighs open so her needy pussy was on full view. In no time at all his body was pressed against her arse, his two fingers slipped deep inside her sodden cunt. Her body convulsed as the stimulation pushed her into a hard orgasm, waves of pleasure pulsing through her body and her clit throbbing and contracting against his fingers. She cried out loudly and he put his free hand firmly over her mouth, muffling her exclamations of sheer, unadulterated, sexual pleasure.

Chloe's Frustration

mastrubation freakycactus 2018-11-10

Chloe woke up the next morning smiling, she sighed as she stretched imagining how much Jack would enjoy the noise, if only he were laid in bed next to her. As she did she thought of Jack moving his body over hers, lining his cock up with the entrance of her wet pussy, pushing himself inside her, feeling herself stretch around him as he pushes in further, deeper. Chloe started fucking herself with the dildo again, hard and fast, swapping hands every time her arm ached too much, until eventually she was using both, feeling herself teetering at the edge, desperate to plunge into the depths of the other side.

Jessica's Fun

mastrubation QTpie210 2018-11-10

She moves over to the bed and before she sits down, Jessica pulls down her thong so she is now standing naked in front of her mirror. Jessica moves her right hand back to her hard pink nipples and her left hand glides along her tummy to her belly button. Jessica's moans fill the room as she teases and plays with her clit, bringing much needed pleasure to her body. Her hand moves up and twists and pulls at her nipples while she continues her pleasure on her needy pussy. Jessica keeps her wand on her sensitive clit and she slides her fingers back into her tight pussy. Her hand slides out of her pussy and up to her nipples as the wand presses against her clit sends her over the edge.

Angela Gets Transferred– (Part 14 of the Angela series)

mastrubation adele 2018-11-09

Angela recited her day, leaving out the details about Michael and the men in the show, and telling the story she had repeated in her head numerous times about shopping at the mall. There were already a few customers in the store, and it looked like most of the sales people were occupied, so when the next customer walked in, Angela went up to her and introduced herself. Tomorrow, she would stop at the grocery store and pick up some cleaning supplies and rubber gloves as well as a small cooler, a padlock, a package of large garbage bags a can of air freshener and some ice packs. Angela went out to the sales floor and worked her ass off the entire day.

First Toy

mastrubation pkl2547 2018-11-09

The surging curiosity of what a foreign object, not my fingers, feels like in my pussy, I want to know. Her twitching figure on the bed, it looked like she was being tortured, but her face was filled with pleasure. I gently stroked the long pink vibrator that rested in the elegant box, Freestyle, it said. As soon as it stated playing the pink tube started humming, quietly seducing me to liberate my curiosity. With shivering hands I opened my playlist, I can't even control my body as I played my favourite song, Love Story. I buried my head in my pillows to keep my screams from reaching everywhere in the house as the vibrator pulsed to the beat, sending a recurring orgasm rippling through my body.

Ruby's Rabbit

mastrubation TigersBlood 2018-11-08

I needed some inspiration. So I raced back to the computer and printed off a full page color photo of your face and one of your cock glistening with pre cum (my favorite!), and carried it back to the bedroom, ready for some real deliverance. I placed your pictures on my pillow and ripped my skirt off, in a serious frenzy now to get some satisfaction out of you. I reached into my bedside drawer and pulled out some oil and my vibrator - it wasn't you, and I concede that I very much missed the opportunity of speaking to you whilst feeling this fucking horny, or better still, being able to smell and feel you in person.

Her First Barbie

mastrubation acwidow 2018-11-08

She perused the aisles aimlessly for less than a minute when the shop's hostess beckoned to her. She asked if the young lady needed assistance and began to dig deeper. A simple, "No. I'm just looking," hadn't satisfied the hostess' vigor for making her quota. She had said it and it wasn't as hard as she imagined. After a few tutorials and suggestions, she made her decision; a gadget that was highly regarded by the young hostess. She didn't want to dive in like a horny virgin on prom night, so she took her time. It was shaped like a flame, if you can imagine that. Not hot, not carnation, but Barbie pink. She looked in the mirror and nothing but satisfaction covered her mug.


mastrubation naughty_but_nice 2018-11-07

Andrea was giving me that look again; the sultry one that indicated some deep, private thought lingering behind those pretty hazel eyes. I'm sure that I'm not a lesbian, I like boys and I have never thought about another girl in that way until now. Okay, that's not technically true; I once shared a clandestine moment with a close female friend at a party, but I don't really count that because it was during a game of truth or dare. 'Andrea,' I said inside my head, 'I'd love to feel your tounge on my hot pussy'. With my free hand I began fingering myself while sucking at the other and thinking about Andréa's pussy in my face. I felt my virgin hole stretch and protest as the hard tool probed deeper, forcing its way inside.

A walk home

mastrubation machineman 2018-11-07

Suddenly I saw a glimpse of something I couldn’t clearly see, but the first thing that came into mind was a half naked woman in a long coat. I came close enough and I saw this shadow turn in to a very beautiful woman in a long coat. When she walked away, her bare leg was showing from the opening of the coat. In the bushes, the girl I was following earlier was on her back, her legs spread wide and her body naked, just partly surrounded by the long coat. Her eyes were still closed and she turned around and placed herself in such away that her behind, were in the air.

I Touched Myself All Day Long

mastrubation sensualnsassy 2018-11-06

As soon as I had navigated my way to the street, my hand was inside my pussy again, teasing, caressing, loving. Spreading my legs wide, I stopped the car for a red light and started playing openly with my pussy, bringing it to the verge of climax. Had they even glanced up they would have seen my wet, shaved pussy pushed up close to the open window – the breeze teasing it through the screen. I would slam the vibrator deep inside, and the walls of my vagina would tighten around it, building up a long, hard orgasm, only to be cut off as I pulled it out – resting as I let the cool breeze calm the spasms.