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Donna in the Tree House

mastrubation michlady 2018-11-30

I loved the feeling of my fingers running up and down my arms, or the touch of my fingertips to my nipples. I hemmed and hawed a bit, but finally told her how I liked to play with my nipples. She put a nipple in her mouth and pulled her panties to the side exposing her bald pussy. Although my breasts were too small to get into my mouth like she did, my fingers found my pussy quickly and I started rubbing like never before. As I pulled the soaked panties to the side, I slipped a finger in like she had done. Just as I thought she would she me nothing else, she rubbed her pussy juice on her ass and then slid a finger in.

Trying a taste of myself.

mastrubation TheKiltedIrishman 2018-11-25

I had been masturbating regularly for quite a while before I got the idea to try sucking myself off. I started by rolling on my back and planting my feet against the wall while my upper back was still lying down on the bed. I slowly walked my feet down the wall stretching my spine, attempting to lower my lower half closer to my face. My head pressed up against the wall and my feet dug into the wall trying to stop my downward slide. Warm sticky cum squirted into my mouth and I found at this angle I couldn't swallow, so I just held on giving my cock the warm home it needed to empty into.

Hemerrhoids and hand jobs

mastrubation twistedtraveltales 2018-11-24

I went in there, all confidence chewed up like cows cud, and with a held back tear said, ‘Haemorrhoid cream please.’ She knew the word, I wasn’t the only man to ever ask for haemorrhoid cream. She glanced back out through the curtain, and satisfied we were alone, ‘You like I massage here too?’ She reached down through the top of my pants and took my cock in her hand. Like nothing had happened, I thanked the Ol’ boy down at reception and nodded to a Thai looking businessman with his shoes off and feet in the bowl on my way out the door.

Sylvia's Visit

mastrubation lafayettemister 2018-11-22

He began to run his hands over her chest. Her nipples were poking through her shirt and bra. "What have we here" as he lightly pinched her nipples. her eyes partly closed from the touch to her now aching buds. He continued to feel up her tits, groping them all over. As he began to play with her nipples, she arched her back and turns her head sideways. The shock of finally getting her nipple sucked caused Sylvia's back to come off the ground and she groaned with pleasure. Stu pulled her t-shirt completely off, then pulled her shorts down. While he slipped a finger into her pussy his thumb began working on her clit. Stu continued the assault between her legs, then moved his head down to suck on her nipples.


Getting caught, Again

mastrubation zibster 2018-11-13

I knew as soon as I slid my fingers into my wet, waiting pussy, I was going to be on edge as it was. It was two stories in when I slid my hand down underneath the thin fabric of my panties and a small smile formed on my lips, feeling the freshly shaved flesh underneath the layer of clothes, and the wet folds of my waiting pussy begun to drip. A small smirk formed on my lips as I worked my middle finger over my clit, rubbing it in a circle and arching up against my hand. With my hands still in my pants I slid my fingers out of myself and brought them to my lips, having just orgasmed, because of having already been so close to begin with.

It Happened One Morning

mastrubation Espresso 2018-11-10

A couple of you know my first name, what I look like, and support me when I’m having a bad day. I bend my left arm so that I can touch my left side, starting under my ribcage I rake my fingers down my side to the curve of my hip, feeling the contours and muscles of my curves, my hills and valleys. My hand finds the intersection where my hip, pelvis and thighs meet, a secret little area that I love to be caressed, licked, and bitten. I traced the edge of my pussy, teasing myself, while my other hand is still locked onto my sensitive love button. My breathing is still a bit heavy, my heart is still thumping hard, my whole body feels like it had a good workout.

A Letter to L.

mastrubation sprite 2018-11-03

I had an image of my pulling off my jeans and pumping my fingers in and out of my drenched cunt, my moans echoing off the bathroom walls or, even better, you pushing your entire hand into me while I screamed in ecstasy. The thrill that went through me as I thought of someone having witnessed my little escapade, perhaps standing just outside my window, looking in while I abused myself, eyes flying open just as I climaxed, a strangers face filling my vision… I thought about leaving my panties in the car so I could enjoy them on the way home, but thought better of it.

Me, Myself, and I

mastrubation gorgeousBITCH 2018-11-02

I can already picture how wet my pussy looks in my mirror as I slowly rub my clit... Slowly I slide my hand under my blanket and beneath my shorts until my middle finger is right above my clit. Then I grabbed my favorite coconut oil and began slowly rubbing it on each of my smooth long legs, up to my ass and pussy, then my stomach, before slathering it on both of my tits, letting my hands slide up and now each nipple. The toy began sliding around my clit as my pussy continued getting wetter and wetter.

My first time with Leather (true story)

mastrubation Ahorny1 2018-10-01

one day i came home and needed some release. i saw Leatherjunky and decited to go try out my jacket and go see what it feels like. i walked through my house naked, got the jacket in my room and put it on. it felt ssssssooooooo GOOD. i went to the bathroom and decited to looks at my self in the mirror. now i'n not really that fit but i thought i looked HOW w/ nothing but my jacket on. since i was a frequent masterbater, i didn't shoot off a think load. but i did shoot all the way to the bath tub! then i was done for the day and just gone to sl**p with my jacket on.

Caroline Knickers (True Story)

mastrubation epalef75 2018-08-02

They were Very mucky is the only way they can be described, and you could smell those easily if left on the pillow beside you, there was no need to wear them on your face, but her lace knickers and satin, would have small marks in, betraying the two exit positions between her legs, and smelled very sweet. I imagined her cunt too and could only imagine it being pretty, with suck a big arse and fine thighs framing that area. As it turned out, she has a pink cunt with a tiny tung protruding, which is very pretty, with fine hair, not a huge bush.

the true story of gs4love

mastrubation 2018-05-27

for a long time I look at all the horny women here on the forum and rub my little willy in front of the monitor. Now, I wanted to play along here so gladly and post also horny picture on the hamster. Now I poor old sausage post here every day again and again individual images from this film, I has only the one however. Therefore my request: please understand me small poor old wanker, I want only to play along in the circle of the real men however. Because nobody like my pictures anyway, I made another dozen alias-Accounts to increase the click-value. The whole day long now I clicks my pictures, to drive user into the height and the stupid believe that then…

Sexual abuse in the workplace [ true story ]

mastrubation mrjackin 2018-04-03

The next day when she came in, she told him that yes she wanted to learn the machine. When she came back from break they started running the machine again, but now he had backed off some and things were good. She said he told her to turn around and look at him, took her hand and rubbed it up and down saying stroke my cock till I cum and you keep your job. That night is when my wife opened up to me and told me the whole story , and why she had quit that job after only 4 days.