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Bribe to Go Shopping

mastrubation Lion6000 2018-02-05

I worked long hours on Wall Street, and Marissa was a school teacher so she had plenty of time to shop and decorate the new apartment. Looking at me, Marissa told me to pay attention to the road as she slumped down a bit in her seat and applied the little vibrator to the outside of her puffy lips. The little egg made hardly any noise as Marissa moved it slowly around her lips, causing the blood flow to the region and get her even more excited. Since I gave her the vibrating egg, she had learned to master it in no time and could spend hours riding up and down the waves of pleasure the little AA batteries could provide.

Christina: Pranked

mastrubation Christina Samuels 2018-01-25

"Okay!" I exploded, hoping to throw her off her game and somehow win my freedom, " But if you leave me like this, I'll be burned to a crisp in no time!" "Why not call Aaron?" Deanna said, in her 'helpful' voice, "I'm sure he'd love to lend you a hand. "As straight laced as she is, I doubt she even knows what anal stimulation's all about, let alone why you get off on it the way you do!" Deanna laughed. "Please?!" I said, trying my best to fight off the next wave of orgasm.