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Ranch Hand

mastrubation Mari84 2018-12-01

Almost without thinking, slipped my own hand down the front of my panties, closed my eyes and let my fingers glide between slippery wet lips. Slowly, I opened my legs, acutely aware that even in the dim flicker of the TV, Skip could see my fingers were inside my panties, and perhaps even make out the dark, damp spot I imagined was visible on the crotch panel. Finally, Skip slipped his fingers inside his briefs and wrapped them around his cock. "I think this is going to be the best summer of my life," I whispered to hims as my head fell back into the recliner and felt Skip's warm tongue slip between my swollen labia.

Top Sports' Shop Custom Jock-strap Fitting

mastrubation Manny 2018-11-29

Clerk Patti turns to Mrs. Patterson, “We need to wait to see if the lad opens the door for some help.” Ahh, there we go....Excuse me sir, would you allow this lady to observe our fitting the supporter? Patti smiles at Mrs. Patterson, “Here we need a little lubrication.” She reaches for some clear gel and dispenses a generous amount on her right hand. Patti says as she faces Mrs. Patterson, “The design looks like a compression brief but it is all mesh and offers stronger webbing to make it a true supporting jock.

Angela Gets a Master (Part 2 of the Angela series)

mastrubation adele 2018-11-28

Having finally made the decision about how to proceed, Angela went to sleep and was ready to face her second week of work. Brenda told her that Michael had requested Angela report to the Bridgeton store for the remainder of the week. Once again, he stopped her and told her she could only talk if he gave her permission to speak or asked her a question. Angela began to massage her tits, rubbing her nipples between her thumb and forefinger, then pulling them up and stretching out her tongue to lick them. Angela pretended to work some figures up and look at the totals, then finally said the best she could do was 12.5% Angela removed her panties and Michael asked how many strokes she wanted.

Self Exploration

mastrubation Kim 2018-11-28

Looking at the results of her shaving job, she rubbed her hands up and down the now bare skin of her pussy. Trying to gasp for air as the huge orgasm rolled over her, she felt her pussy rippling on the dildo. Pushing another finger inside, she scissored them, opening her hole wide and letting it close. Letting her body adjust to the size of the cock in her ass, she sank all the way down on the toy. Envious of the toy, he tightened his hand and jacked his cock, as fast as she was working her clit. He could feel hot cum wanting to shoot up and out of his cock, which was so hard he could pound a nail into the wall with it.

Shawn's Incredible Summer

mastrubation ShawnRivers 2018-11-27

It's me," Isaac whispered fiercely in my ear as he pulled me down roughly to lay low against the ground with him. My boner was hurting from the way we were laying and I stuffed my hands into my track pants trying to get it to a more comfortable position, hoping that Isaac wouldn't notice, but he saw and started to get unzipped. Having said that, Isaac rolled his eyes and continued watching the girls, his hand moving over the fabric of his grimy boxers, stimulating himself. I closed off Isaac's existence and focused instead on the girls, watching their curvaceous bodies jiggle and bounce around as they pranced about in the watering hole as free as forest sprites.

My Pleasure Is You

mastrubation Trainman2k 2018-11-27

You glance back down and see me still slowly stroking and rubbing my finger over the fat flange of my rock hard pole and know that I am working myself very near to orgasm. As you listen to me coax my balls closer and closer to forcing their load out in what you know will be several forceful and massive gushes, you slip your finger into your wetness and tease your hard clit. Seeing the load of cum I had discharged made you wish it was at least going in your throat, but you were pleased as you looked again at the monitor and saw the cum covered picture displayed there.

Stroke Break

mastrubation DirtyMindedMinx 2018-11-24

I’ve never seen her in the masturbation room before, and she looks like she’s a little lost. Danielle is down on her elbows, her ass in the air, while Spencer watches his spooge run down over her asshole, along the wet channel between her distended pussy lips, and drip onto the carpet. We finally become quiet just in time to hear Michelle go off in her own corner of the room, bounding up and down on the churning sybian like she’s about to win the Kentucky Derby. I watch her mop up the remainder of the lady cum from between her legs while Margaret continues making love to her double-dong, and Rick’s rubber pussy makes slurpy sounds as he does his best to impregnate the thing.

The Girl Who Played With Herself

mastrubation aussiescribbler 2018-11-23

Michael opened his eyes to find the whole of Lisbeth's computer screen covered with small windows in which women of all shapes, ages and colours were shamelessly wanking, sucking on their nipples and sticking things up their bottoms. Michael laughed and began stroking his hard cock as he looked at all those horny women. "Why don't you show your girlfriends that you're a sucker for cock," he suggested, gently turning Lisbeth's head and pressing his hard-on against her lips, while taking care to rest, rather than skewer, his balls on the spikes of her dog collar. And so that is how Michael Plumfist ended up filling his girlfriend's mouth with cum while his sexy ex-gym mistress looked on and wanked off.

The African Holiday

mastrubation anubis63 2018-11-22

Reluctantly I get up, straightening my swim shorts so as not to show my semi swollen cock, disappointed that I was moving away from looking at Pam’s lovely saggy breasts. She is in her mid 50’s, blonde haired and fairly short, but she has a lovely face, chubby legs and belly and as I said, such delightful, saggy breasts, topped with dark areolas and she is just about to put her sun lotion on again. Looking up and down the balconies there is nobody about and with the front of our balcony having a couple of drying towels on it so I could only be seen from the waist up I slide my hand into my shorts and gently stroke my cock, whilst waving to my wife.

Brandy by the Lake

mastrubation aussiescribbler 2018-11-21

“Unless you’re embarrassed about a girl seeing your whatsit?” you laughed cheekily, as you lifted your t-shirt and pulled down your shorts to reveal a skimpy bright pink bikini with a tropical motif. “Well,” I said, hesitantly, “since we are going to spend the week here together, I suppose we will have to get over being embarrassed about being seen doing the things we usually do in private.” “Now the sight of me rubbing soap all over my nude body is liable to get you very excited,” you warned me, “so I think it would be a very good idea if you got used to the idea of tossing off in front of me now, so you’ll be prepared to do it with the minimum of embarrassment then. “All right,” you agreed, “but I’m not going to let you see anything, because I don’t think my boyfriend would like that.

The Mistaken Masturbator

mastrubation benawriter 2018-11-21

The light went out in her bathroom and I put the ladder away in the storage shed behind my house. When I moved away from the shed I saw her standing in her lit bedroom, facing the window, seemingly waiting for me. When I did, sending spurts onto the grass below me, she smiled, clapped her hands briefly and moved away from the window. As I locked the shed and started toward the house, I looked up there and she was standing there again, naked and facing the window. “She seems nice, and you two look like twins,” I said after Dottie had driven away.

Operation Nude Beach - Part 1

mastrubation aussiescribbler 2018-11-19

Her favourite fantasy was that Sally was laying between her legs, her face only about a foot away from her pussy, as she finger-fucked herself. “You are incredibly sexy, Sally,” Ginger sighed as she surrendered to her desires, squatting down on the beach towel while pulling on her nipples with one hand and pounding her hot slippery wet pussy with the fingers of her other hand. “Let him watch and fucking worship the wank sluts!” As this defiant cry left her lips her cunt exploded like a fire hydrant drenching Sally in the warm outpourings of her lust. Ginger and Sally looked up to see a fat hairy man with a bushy red beard walking towards them.

My unknown lover

mastrubation albertagirl 2018-11-18

“Oh, yes, I see everything you do, I see when you go to bed at night, when your touching yourself, how you like to rub your clit, pulling and pinching your nipples, how your body arches as you cum.” You know you like that you can make men drool over your wet cunt, your fat ass and your hard nipples. You like knowing that you can make any man grab his cock and start stroking, wanting to fill your sweet wet cunt. Does he know how I love to have a hard cock buried in my pussy making me cum or how I love to feel my girl's mouth on my cunt and mine on hers as we fill each other's mouth with cum?


mastrubation Jennyxxx 2018-11-18

I heard Victoria moan quietly, I watched her hand move under her towel, moving towards her pussy, as I rubbed my thighs together I could feel how wet I was, my lips sliding together. I continued to watch Victoria, her pace had quickened, the black dildo moving in and out of her pussy, I could hear the slurping of her juice every time she pulled it out of her hole, befor forcing it back into her delicate hole. I wanted to cum, I moved my other hand under my skirt and started to rub my hard clit, I could feel my climax fast approaching, my pussy started to spasm on my fingers, I pushed the two fingers deep inside me and curled the tips of my fingers up, trying to stimulate my sensitive spot, deep in my pussy.

Duffle Lust

mastrubation shakethatass 2018-11-16

Lucy looked down and saw that she was sitting right on the shoulder strap of the bag. At first he seemed a bit groggy from sleep but then catching sight of Lucy humping her duffle bag in her short pink pleated skirt his eyes opened wide with a look of sheer amazement. As for her, the feeling of the cold fabric pressed against her butt and thighs, the shoulder strap rubbing against her vagina and the lustful music on her Ipod finally made her climax. After the guy had gone Lucy quickly got up, opened the bag and took out a jumper to cover the stain on the top.

Thinking of somebody else

mastrubation Hayley79 2018-11-14

I imagined him straining his young body not to cum too quickly in my mouth, as I tickled my BF's balls, called him a dirty fuck and told how I loved tasting his hard cock in my mouth. Fuck every girl you have wanked over." That did it, he was over the edge, cumming fast just as I suspected the young guy would, grunting, moaning, thinking of some other girl's body. And not knowing I was thinking of another, younger man's hard cock as I came too. I went to the shops, all the while thinking it's true, he performed for me, he knows I am a pervert who watches him naked, checks out his naked body and masturbates over him.

Home Alone Ch.3

mastrubation Jennyxxx 2018-11-14

Dani left this movie on and stretched out in her chair, she lifted up the material of her night dress and bunched it up around her waist; I stood there transfixed as I watched my best friend bury a finger into her well trimmed pussy. As I continued to watch she opened her desk drawer and pulled out a large pink vibrator, bringing up to her mouth she ran her tongue up and down its full length, turning the base the vibrator buzzed into life and she ran the tip between her moist lips and up to her clit, she was running the tip around and around her wet clit and then back down to her wet cunt. Through the window I could see Danielle start to cum, the vibrator buried deep inside her, her fingers rubbing her clit, her head thrown back and then she gave a cry of ecstasy.

Nobody's Baby Angel

mastrubation Frank_Lee 2018-11-09

By the time Parker slipped into the living room where he could see most of the porch reflected in the hutch mirror, Rachel was lying on the unfolded studio bed. One hand slipped over the teacup shape of her pussy, the fan of her fingers firmly rubbing the plush slit Parker couldn’t see from where he stood. The other hand left her breast and moved down to spread and frame her pussy with long, slender fingers, while the right went again to attend to her swelling lips. Rachel’s light brown hair fanned around her on the pillow as she stretched her legs forward, bringing her thighs together to trap her hand snugly against her pussy.

Solo Experience in Santa Cruz

mastrubation lpmsa 2018-11-04

It feels good to sit with an erection, so feeling I had the green light to do the same, I began to stiffen with the occasional squeeze, pull, or brief pump of my own cock. But, just as we both achieved very full erections, a woman entered and took the right hand bench directly across from me. When she took her free hand and inserted her middle finger into her pussy, I held my free hand in front of my cock and came into the palm of my hand while she began to shudder and cum. I looked at her and she watched as I took my hand and licked the cum off my palm, her eyes as big as pie plates.

The Thrill of Almost Getting Caught

mastrubation Kim 2018-11-03

Poking my ass out, I reached between my thighs with one hand and spread my puffy lips open. I had never played with my ass before; never wanted to, but here I stood with cunt cream dribbling from my dark pink slit and my finger pushing past my sphincter. Seconds later, I felt a splash of warm fluid cover my ass cheek, and then ooze a path down the back of my thigh. My balls would be slapping your pussy, as I stretched your hole so wide that it would still be open,” he said, between moans. I had enough sense to put my phone on speaker, so I could hear him, before I set it on the bed, close to my ass.


mastrubation ANNE1974 2018-11-03

As I was driving home, I really felt like pulling my car over and reaching one hand up my skirt, feeling the tops of my black stockings and feeling my black knickers, stroking my warm pussy. I closed my eyes and moaned with pleasure as I pictured him sharing the warm shower with me, holding me close to his naked body as his finger went further into me, stroking me harder and harder until I finally had to let myself go as I felt my body tremble. I was still very wet inside and as I opened my legs wider, I stroked my hard clit, flicking my two fingers over it, moaning and moving my head from side to side as I added more pressure to the movement.

Sara Learns Something New

mastrubation TheUprightMan 2018-11-01

Sara's right hand returned, going to her other breast, while the left slipped inside the lace panties she had worn on a whim that morning. Long years of experience let her know just how and where to touch herself, and as her two fingers slid between her inner lips, her thumb covered her clit and started to move in a gentle circular motion. “Not a problem tonight, though,” she thought, as she started to move her fingers inside herself, each stroke changing the angle at which her thumb rubbed her clit. Sara realized that she still had her hand in her panties, and Jake's penis was still on display, although markedly less erect now.

Summer Of Addictive Saturdays - Part I

mastrubation FirstBlush 2018-11-01

I lathered my breasts with languid, suggestive cupping motions and let a soapy hand dive down the slippery lane over my belly until it parted and quickened my most sensitive folds, encountering a slickness that was more than a match for the shower gel in my palms. He latched on to a neighboring pleasure port, his knees so wide they touched mine, and it was my turn to watch him close his eyes and quiver and yearn on the edge. Only the darkness of my bed at night knew the furtive motions and suppressed sounds of my self-pleasuring rituals, which, of late, were nearly always fueled by the wish for my lonely neighbor to rediscover a joyous part of his life deep in the curves and hollows of my willing body.

Me and My Camera

mastrubation NoahBody 2018-10-31

I wanted it basically focused on my cock and the picture almost as if it was an afterthought. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to cum for her or for the camera. I stopped stroking my cock just long enough to massage my bloated balls. I began stroking myself again, but this time just a tad faster, I wanted to cum. In an attempt to hold off my orgasm I would stop and just let it bob for a bit, but that still didn’t prevent the pre-cum from oozing from it. Spurt after spurt of hot, white cum leapt from my prick, landing squarely on the picture, on her tits, on her pussy.